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# 2 Glorious Long Waves

If you have closely followed the Asian fashion industry, then you would know many models would have such a style of hair. It is long just exactly what a beautiful lady would want for her hair. The hair is dropped to the sides with smooth waves leaving her cute face glowing with beauty and confidence.

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# 2 Glorious Long Waves

If you have closely followed the Asian fashion industry, then you would know many models would have such a style of hair. It is long just exactly what a beautiful lady would want for her hair. The hair is dropped to the sides with smooth waves leaving her cute face glowing with beauty and confidence.

# 3 The Radiant Style

Even someone partially blind would tell that this lady is exceedingly hot. The choice of color makes her stand out in a crowd. The top patch is left long and thick before being dropped downwards. The sides are faded to create a pleasant contrast. She deserves a standing ovation!

# 4 Curly Wild top

Clean shaven sides give rise to a medium-sized top. The intense of black color and curls will not go unnoticed. Nothing obscures her face, and she is deeply gorgeous in every way possible. She is ready to rock the party over the weekend, and she will likely get quite a massive share of hits from the boys.

# 5 Brilliant Peacock Inspiration

Look at the glow of her hair even from far. She has her blush expertly done and laid to the sides. It is layered with the top layer bundled into spikes. The inner section is in acute fineness and clings to her cheeks. One of the eyes is partly hidden, and you can see why she would win the crown for the miss beauty in her town.

# 6 Long Wild Curls

There are so many ways to have a lady’s curly hair spell her every beauty. But this one here is the best that could ever be. She has her rich dark hair long and then intensely curled in every twist. There is an effort to keep her face in the clear and that works out magically. No doubt she would take any beauty stage with a storm.

# 7 Lofty Hawk Impression

There is never a better attention-getter that a hawk inspired hairstyle for the ladies. Here the front sides are faded to the scalp leaving the middle part to dominate. It is tall, thick and bold at the middle. This lady will be a sight to behold, and she will not pass without stares from admirers.

# 8 Deep Hue Bob

The Asians have a way with the bob cuts in that they make them better than anyone else. She has all hair drawn downwards. It is acutely trimmed at the forehead. The back side is also trimmed but not to a large extent as the front. Some parts of the sides are left with their tips. The deep hue gives it a sleek appearance and every lady would want it on her head.

# 9 Perfect Side-Flip with Sideburns

Who can beat such a lady in a beauty contest? She has her sides trimmed and brushed to a flawless mat. It is styled to create the illusions of sideburns, and it is such a genius idea. The top flip is carefully drawn to one side leaving a trail of perfect geometry. She is beautiful, and no one can refute that.

# 10 Turbulent Cloud

Whenever there is a heavy rain cloud on the horizon, it is just like her hair. She has it deep in color and thick in mass. One section is taller than the other, and the addition of mild waves give it a complete stunning appearance. Super gorgeous would be the best description for her.

# 11 Bold Hues Cave

She has the audacity to go for the bright colors on her hair, and you can excuse her because it all works well. The hair is spread over the top forming what looks like a canopy. She is as beautiful as a peacock, and her unique style will be noticeable from far.

# 12 Dimensional Knots

Apart from the 2 knots, one at the front and the other towards the back, all other hair is faded. It is a contrast that makes her the center attention wherever she goes. No doubt that this is for the bold ladies who will not shy away from showing their beauty.

# 13 Bi-partial Style

She has her hair parted unequally and let to fall to the sides. It is left in its natural element: curly and wavy. It is long and goes beyond her shoulders. If you are the kind that never has time to deal with complicated hairstyles, this is your perfect Asian pick.

# 14 Girdled Top with Sideburns

She has a braid-like bundle that goes around her top hair section. The top patch is cropped to a thick bump with a knot at the top end. The sides are brushed to a flat impression. Sideburns additions give it an unmatched uniqueness, and the lady knows that she is gorgeous. It is a go-all event style requiring the least of your attention in retouches once you wake up every day.

# 15 Teen Girl Long Style

For the teenage girls who are beginning to grow long hair here is a perfect way to begin their journey to unrivaled beauty. The hair is set to fall freely over the shoulder and back. It is combed but not to a finer touch giving it an illusion of texture. It is a style that will be perfect for any event, and she will be overwhelmed by the compliments she will get from her friends.

# 16 Gray Canopy

Here is one of the best pieces from the asian haircuts. Her hair speaks volume of her beauty, and every lady would want such on her head. It is parted at one top corner of the head and drops like a canopy of a tree with a thickset of leaves. Its gray hue and the shiny touch make it as sleek as a metal luster. It is a hairstyle you can go anywhere with and be a scene to admire.

# 17 Dark Vanilla Bi-Part

Simplicity is the easiest way to look elegant for ladies. Here she has her dark vanilla mop parted at the top. It is then let to drop down the sides and the back in a smooth run. A lady who knows what she wants has so many ways to impress, and this is the statement she can make with such a simple style.

# 18 Trimmed Side Bob

Once more, no one does the bob style better than the Asian. The lady here has the hair equally parted at the top. It falls to the sides and then they are trimmed to a blunt ending. It is richly dark, and you can notice her from a distance. The simplicity to maintain this kind of hairdo makes it a popular choice for the ladies who never have much time at their hands.

# 19 Short Backward Crop with Scanty Bangs

When a hairstyle is good enough for the likes of Liu Wen XMango, then it would be a perfect choice for every lady who knows how to define her style. The hair is short, drawn to the back and perfectly knotted. A few scarce bangs are left on the forehead but not dense enough to obscure her beautiful face.

# 20 Medium Acute Curls

The Asian kinds of curls are intense and beautiful. They are expertly done to pronounce each strand’s details in all dimensions. One side tries a hand at curled bangs, and they run over the eye view but shy away from blocking the gorgeous face. For the stern office lady, this is her perfect choice of a hairstyle, and she will be the admiration of her subordinates.

# 21 Dimensional Top Patch

To step on the stage for a fashion pageant, your hair should be in sync with the attire you wear. How about going simple with only a multi-dimensional top patch? One section towards the front is curled while the rest is free and wild. It is a simple design that is perfect for those with thin hair who wants to make every strand count.

# 22 Flipped Blonde

If you never imagined of Asians with a taste for the blondes, then you are mistaken. Her hair is flipped to one side making a deep fall over it. The shorter side is faded to a smaller size and dragged to the back. The longer fall is trimmed to a blunt end. She exudes confidence, and her cute face can tell the tale of someone who knows that they are gorgeous.

# 23 Morning Glow

In Korea, the models know how to put their hair to better use. Here she has her hair finely combed and styled to a radiant blush. It is pulled toward the back and secured to a fixed position. There is a straight part-line that adds to the sense of style and gives her a stunning beauty that can make any gentleman blush.

# 24 Asian Intense Curls

There are still like of “Tyra Banks” from the Far East. She has her hair intensely curled giving her the appearance of a superstar. Once all the styling is done, it falls over the shoulders. Her face is untouched by a single strand, and you cannot doubt her untamed beauty.

# 25 Street Freestyle

Once more Liu Wen gives you another reason to admire the Asian styles. She has her long locks let free and long. They dance at the effect of mild wind, and the depth of her beauty cannot be explained in mere words. It is smooth at the top but acquires mild waves toward the tips.

# 26 The Pharaoh Crown

Do you remember the head crown that Egyptian Pharaohs used to wear? Her style borrows the appearance of that crown, and she has it to thank for her stunning beauty. A thick knot is made at the back, and that takes a huge chunk of her hair. The front part is divided into 2 and then styled to fall to the sides making the impression of bands around the lower jaw holding a crown in place.

# 27 Creamy Blonde Crown

For those who would love more than one bold color on their head, here you have an exceptional way to do it. The sides are dark chocolate brown and brushed towards the back. The top patch is creamy and too brushed towards the back giving the illusion of medium hair size. A few strands try to make some bangs, but they do not manage to pull a deep effect.

# 28 Faux Front Hawk with Bangs

The Faux hawks never work well with the girls but when they do they are strikingly befitting. Look at how she looks confident in this one. The hair is faded at the sides leaving the top patch to rule. It is then drawn to the front after being given a touch of browning. The hawk extends to become bangs at the forehead slightly obscuring here cute visage.

# 29 Wavy Flip

Modeling for Armani, Yue Han was an utter beauty. Her short wavy flip was glowing, and the deep dark hue gave her all there is to win the hearts of ladies. It is simply done, but you can tell the skills that have been used to give her such a deserving appearance. This is what you would refer to as angelic beauty that gives the lady all the praise she deserves.

# 30 Partly Trimmed Bob

The Asians have a way to make the bob style a sight to admire just like she has done here. The hair falls downwards all over the head. It is trimmed at the front and the front of the sides. It is left long at the back drawing all the attention to the face.

# 31 Multi-Color Beauty

One of the advantages with Asian styles is that you can choose a number of colors to add on your head and be a rocking beauty. That is exactly what the lady has done here. You can count at least three hues, and she is exceedingly gorgeous. The hair is parted to fall to opposite sides, and its radiant color scheme will not go unnoticed.

# 32 Flat Bi-Part Top

Julee Huang knows how better to hit the streets and the beauty walks. She has this flat top with an equal part. She has her long hair fall over the shoulders. The deep dark hue makes her a stand out among ladies. She is easily styled, and she can win any beauty contest without any further addition.

# 33 Super White Bob

Even the white hue is not exempted from Asian’s rich pot of hairstyles. She has her hair raced around the head in varying lengths. It is shorter on the forehead but longer at the back. The intention of short bangs does not cover the eye view, and you can see her glowing face. The white inspired shade is perfect for the bold lady as it brings out her desire to show how beautiful she is.

# 34 Wild Spikes

The rock inspiration has found its way into the Asian lady, and she can’t keep her hands off the spiky hair theme. She has her hair thinly stranded and then drawn to form an umbrella shape over her head. It is trimmed at the forehead leaving her eyes and perfect jaws showing off. Its simplicity and the trendiness will be a temptation that many ladies cannot repel.

# 35 Daring Waves

It is truly daring to have the closely designed waves all over your head. The lady has her hair glowing in a black tone. It is then styled into waves descending to the lower sides. It looks like a turbulent river. The matching black lashes, eye brows, and nail furnish makes it a complete set of a beautiful queen. No one raises a finger to deny what a gorgeous lady she is.

# 36 True Asian Canopy

Perfection is a thing that many Asian ladies have to live up to especially with their hairstyles. Here the back end the hair is longer but the length decreases towards the front. It is even shorter on the forehead with the full spread bangs. The office lady would be a perfect match for this sleek cut and she will not need much time to maintain it.

# 37 The Lady Kung Fu Short Style

The Kung Fu lady would not want her hair to be the weakness for the enemy to use. She will thus have her hair short and close to the scalp. There is a slight and minimal sweep at the front. The deep dark color makes her look like not made for the kicks and punches. A lady who wants an easy to maintain hairstyle then you have a perfect answer in this one.

# 38 Perfect Queen

For the lady at the forefront, her hair has to spell her stature. What a better way other than having the Queen-like crown. It is styled at the front to look like strands holding a crown in its place. The big and thick bump at the back gives her the qualities of a lady who know how to look perfect for high stake events. The smooth tone and rich tone are perfectly done, and she will be a scene to watch wherever she passes.

# 39 Baby Doll Smoothness

Lee Yoobi is a perfect example of how natural beauty should be. One secret of hers is in her choice of hairstyles. She has this one compounded into a doll-like smoothness. It is expertly touched to give it a sweet burn of a brown shade. Some strands are left loose, and it all tells how simplicity can be the perfect beauty statement that any lady can have.

# 40 Casual Side Sweep

Who said you should look shabby with your hair for a casual weekend out. You have an array of styles that will blend with your casual event, and you will be as glowing as the other days. This side sweep is a choice for the casual weekend. It is an effortless pick since you only need a part and a close-hair brush to give it a smooth run downwards. You can hold it in place with a clip, but you can as well leave it free.

# 41 Blonde Simple Locks

Do not be bothered by the name locks since this is not the typical locking style but refers to the free running hair. A parting line at the center lets each side fall in a smooth run. The locks are set to fall as long as the length of your hair. The creamy blonde hue makes it an attractive sight that any man will notice. The ladies will also envy your trendiness and sense of style.

# 42 Mom Girls Scarlet

The young girls will want to copy their mom’s style and, if possible, beat them at their own game. This scarlet inspired style is for the young girls. It is long and free bringing out her taste for the big beauty stage. The bangs at the forehead are trimmed to leave her perfect face in the open. You can’t help but admire her simple but attractive ensemble.

# 43 Cliffy Knot with Bangs

The back knot style still finds way into the Asian tastes. The hair is drawn towards the back then abruptly brought to a sudden halt with a knot. Some strands at the front are left free and they fall over the face as bangs. It is exquisite despite the intention to keep it simple.

# 44 Rare Pink Bloom

A lady knows when she is extremely hot and especially if this is the kind of hair she has on her head. The hue is one that will get all attention towards her. The thickness and the simple side falls are done to perfection, and there is no more she needs to be exceptional.

# 45 Elongated Ponytail

The pony is long and impressive, and any lady will not think twice of having it. The hair is entirely drawn to the back and then knotted slightly above the nape. The tail then falls over the back as long as you wish.

# 46 Simple Tapers

You do not have to struggle to look gorgeous when all that you wish for is available in Asian designs. Here you have simple cover-all tapers on the lady’s head, and you can see that she is admirable. The deep brown color gives her a burning effect that makes her noticeable from a distance. Some of the hair falls over the face but keeps away from covering her eye view. She is the perfection that any lady would want, and it is all yours if you choose.

# 47 Side Radiant Mane

If you have been kept on the red carpets such as the Oscars, then you must have noticed the style of hair common with the who-is-who ladies. The side radiant mane has found a favorite place among ladies all over the world. It is because of its smoothness, simplicity and ease to carry in on your head. There are varieties of shades you can choose from, but the most outstanding one is the golden brown.

# 48 Braided Down Falls

Her hair is left free to run down to the lowest point they can go. A braided band goes round the top keeping every strand in place. The vanilla chocolate hue is expertly chosen and brings out all there is to admire about her. It is an easy style that many stage performers would cherish, but you can have it for any other event you are planning to attend as it will seamlessly fit in any occasion.

# 49 One-Eye Beauty Peep

The style that fully obscures one eye has its strongest origin in the Asian culture. Here her hair is expertly blended in 2 different shades, and you can notice how such a mixture works to make the lady a beauty to admire. It is simply a bi-part, but the part that falls over the eye defines it classiness thus a choice for any lady who wants to stand out in a crowd.

# 50 Chinese Inspired Beauty

The Chinese ladies have a fair share of beauty and part of that is because of their blessing with fine hair that can work with a variety of hairdos. Here she has it simply rounded on her head to a spiral effect. It is given a medium size taste but what lies in there is a long mane that can fall as low as the shoulders. Nothing else would describe how cute she is other than elegance.

# 51 Goddess Crown

This is the queen of all colors as the crown she has on her head is richly blended with multiple hues. It starts with a simple bob cut, but it gets crazy with the colored decorations. She is the true goddess of hairstyles, and her boldness does not go unrewarded. None of the other Asian kinds can lay claim to being the best and true representation of the rich Asian culture better than what you see here.

# 52 Up Bun Knot

Forget about the monotonous backward knots, here is the perfect queen of the bun knots. The hair is pulled upwards at a slanting angle and ends in a super creative bun at the top. Some few strands are left hanging free on the sides and that completes her exotic taste from such a simple design.

# 53 Flawless Smooth Knot

When she featured on Vogue’s cover page, Shin Hyunji ensured that nothing was left to chance. Her hair, in particular, was what sent many ladies off their seats as they admired her smooth, flawless bloom. She had all of her hair bundled together and then drawn towards the back. It is then secured with a knot.

# 54 Trimmed White Bob

Say all that you want to say but you cannot deny the sleekness and appropriateness of this lady’s haircut. She has it in a white appearance as it makes a guarded run around the head. Just before it makes a long drop, the hair is trimmed to a blunt finish. It is generously trimmed on the forehead exposing her tempting visage to admirers.

# 55 Braid Girdle Tail

There is exclusiveness when a braid is used on a lady’s hair. She has a pair of braids running backward from both front corners of the head. They then make a confluence at the back and ends up in tail over the shoulder.

# 56 Bushy Coiffeur with Bangs

Is there any other description for his lady other than exquisite? She has her hair done like a thick bush with spikes at the forehead. The dark rich shade makes it a tempting appearance that not any lady will resist. Nothing falls beyond the ear level, and if you a looking for a way to contain your long hair then here, you have a befitting answer.

# 57 Back Bun Knot

Soo Joo has her impressive hair molded into a back bun, and it comes through as the epitome of perfection in simplicity. With a straight line partition in the middle of the head, the hair is drawn towards the back and bundled into a bun-like bump. The golden rich hue is a top selection and works well with the design.

# 58 Dark Blue Peacock

The peacock tail is the most attractive bloom you can ever see. This lady knows that, and she borrowed a thing from that. Her long hair falls all over her back. It is then touched with a dark blue tint making it a must-look for passers-by.

# 59 Defiant Undercut

In truth, this is not a real undercut, but it appears so courtesy of the color blending. All the hair is trimmed to a considerable length. It is then dyed brown at the top and dark brown chocolate at the low sides.

# 60 Back Drop with Bangs

Park Soo Jin has a way to do her long hair in a style that never disappoints. Here she has it fall to the back. At the front is a small bunch of strands that pass for bangs. She is the definition of a flawless beauty.

You have no reason not to look any lesser admirable for the event you are attending or on your daily chores. Asian hairstyles have all that you want to keep your head beautifully covered. There is all that you could ask for and keep looking as sexy as the word gets. You hair says a lot about you as a lady and keeping it stylish will bring you all that you wish for in life. Keep visiting this website for the latest hairstyle trends and you will never miss a thing for a spicy life.

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