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The asymmetrical bob will work much better than the traditional one. The blunt and symmetrical bob is very classic and perhaps also one of the most popular hairdos with women. However, it is also too regular and so may not be suitable for ladies who crave something more stylish or fancy. With the fancier design, all that you need to do is to customize your hair with some colors, curls or waves for a fantastic look. And the good thing is that it can work for most types of hairs and face shape, and you only have to find something that suits you. Although there are many designs and styles available the 50 below will give you some inspiration on how to rock this magnificent headdress.

# 1 Platinum Blonde Bob

One cannot overemphasize the importance of choosing the right color because it can make or break your style. In this short bob, the platinum blonde tone used on the short messy bangs makes all the difference. The color blends in perfectly with the skin tone to give the wearer a very classy look.

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# 2 Balayage Baby Lights

Free hand painting or balayage will always give you an incredible hair, and the best thing is that it is almost effortless as you do not even have to be very skilled to do a fantastic job on your strands. In this hairdo, this technique is used to create some awesome baby lights on brunette strands.

# 3 Purple Peek-a-boo

With a nicely trimmed asymmetrical cut, the options in styling and customizing are unlimited, and you only need to get creative. In this style, the bob is enhanced by creative dying of the dark locks to create a purple peek-a-boo design.

# 4 Straight and Simple

Sometimes the best way to get an amazing headdress is to keep things simple like in this style. Here the straight hair is given simple cuts and a touch of brown shading on the tips. For styling, you should bring the longer side of the hair to the front and over your eyes as this will create a fabulous design.

# 5 The Blue A-Line

It might be hard for some people to figure out the exact style of this headdress because the perfect color choice will take all the attention. Blue is a beautiful and bright color, and it can make even the simplest hairdo look classy, and it makes this A-line bob look more fabulous than if it was left plain.

# 6 Short and Asymmetrical

Some ladies will prefer to keep things short while still maintaining the asymmetrical look and so this style will be perfect for them. The design comes from scissor trimming the strands to just a couple of inches long. They can also be enhanced further with some colors like the purple peek-a-boo shading in this headdress.

# 7 Trendy Red Hairs

These asymmetric strands would not look this amazing without the perfect tones and coloring technique used to create them. For this style, the roots are given a dark base that gradually transitions to a lighter shade towards the ends. The transition between the different shades is created using sombre, and so it is very soft, and most people will not even notice it.

# 8 Sleek Black and Purple

If you would prefer to keep some extra length, then this is a splendid idea for you. Here the asymmetry is created by leaving one side, at least, shoulder length. The shallow side part and the way the black and purple shades blend in also make this headdress more attractive.

# 9 Textured Blonde Lob

A Lob is simply a long bob, and for your headdress to qualify as such, you have to leave it, at least, shoulder length. In this style, the locks have some amazing trims that help to give them a perfect texture. The pure blonde tone also adds to the beauty.

# 10 Sassy Razor Cut Bob

A sassy razor cut bob is an attractive look that women with round or oval face shapes can rock with pride. Here the strands are cut short in an asymmetrical design and given a shallow side part before sweeping the longer section to the sides. Apart from this, the locks also have gorgeous highlights.

# 11 Edgy Short Hair

For some ladies, it's all about the angles and this headdress seems to get this right. The shallow side part helps to create perfect designs as you can shape the strands into some nice angles that frame the face nicely to create a unique look. If you have dark straight locks, this will make a fabulous hairdo for you.

# 12 Bob Locks with Undercut

The texture of this razor cut bob locks are amazing and even without any extra styling they would still make a lovely headdress. However, in this design, they are also given some intricate undercuts and blonde shading. Apart from this, they are also styled to have a slightly messy look for a perfect finish.

# 13 Curly Asymmetry with Highlights

The best ways to enhance your bob hairdo is by adding some curls, cutting it creatively and also giving it some color. In this design, the strands are all made curly after the asymmetrical cut and finished with some attractive blonde highlight. To spice up things further the sides can be trimmed short and relaxed.

# 14 Bleached Blonde

This bob design is as simple as they get because apart from the cut the only other thing done is to bleach the strands for a blonde look. You can also add a shallow side part and push some of you locks back and the rest to the front and sideways to create a simple style

# 15 Polished Asymmetry

To create a polished look you have to choose your colors keenly and also have a perfect cut like in this style. You can also add a twist to your looks by cutting one side short, relaxing it and then giving it an edgy shape for a fabulous finishing. The ombre coloring technique and the shades used in this design also make it more eye-catching.

# 16 Wavy Bob Layers

This look combines texture and a dark color to create a very exciting style, and it is ideal for ladies who would like to thicken their locks. It is an excellent way to make your bob look more elegant without doing sophisticated styling or changing your base color.

# 17 Choppy Bob for Thin hair

What makes the asymmetric bob special is the fact that any woman can wear it even if she has very thin strands. With beautiful, small locks, you only need to cut your Bob creatively like in this style and give it a proper shade of blonde. Some undercuts, especially on the shorter side, will also help to enhance the beauty.

# 18 Green and Silver Asymmetry

Although the wavy locks in this design have a perfect size, green and silver tones also spice up the look. Apart from the beauty created by the two colors, they also make a unique combination, and so they are a perfect idea if you want something that will help you stand out.

# 19 Messy Blonde Locks

If you like blonde hair, then this is one of the best hairdos that you can ever wear. The locks have some lovely trims and texture with shadowed roots. For styling, the hair is given a shallow side part, and one of the sections swept diagonally over the face.

# 20 Textured and Graduated Brunette Bob

The strands in this style are very short, but they have an incredible texture, and they have been cut very keenly to create a graduated look. Styling is simple as they are left slightly messy but their brunette shade is what makes them a top notch look.

# 21 Icy Balayage

The free hand painting technique used in this headdress is what makes it a fantastic style. Apart from this, the shoulder length bangs also have some lovely texture and are left slightly messy to create a fabulous look.

# 22 Short and Pretty Raspberry Bangs

You do not have to create a subtle asymmetry for your Bob to look fabulous. The short bangs in this style are splendid, and the delicate raspberry highlights enhance their appearance further. Although the bangs are very short, the tones used make them very detailed and attractive.

# 23 Sharp Choppy Blonde Bob

This ombre blonde has some incredible texture and shades and although it has a very simple style it is still one of the best ways to wear you bob. For this style, you should shadow or darken the roots to create a fantastic color contrast.

# 24 Hand Painted Lob

Hand painted golden honey highlights will make your bob look sweeter and more detailed. The cuts used to create the asymmetry are also perfect, and they work pretty well for the thick locks. These strands also have some excellent waves and are pushed back to finish the look.

# 25 Magnificent Purple Head

Bright colors can transform your bob into an elaborate headdress and make you look more elegant than with the traditional design. However, you have to choose a proper shade like this purple head and also dye it correctly to make sure that the tones are uniform throughout the head.

# 26 Pretty in Pink

The soft pink and purple in this style blend in perfectly to create a stunning look. For this style, most of the hairs on the back and sides have been shaved close, but the styling of the Bob makes it hard to notice this.

# 27 Dark Geometrics

Here is another edgy asymmetrical haircut that has perfect hues and cuts. The strands have been designed to create ideal shapes, rich dark tones, and contrasting textures. To finish the look, you should create center parts and then sweep the front section forward over the forehead.

# 28 Neat Flowing Side Sweep

This haircut is magnetic but very simple, and it's hard to look away if you see a lady with silky locks cascading her shoulders. The asymmetry in the hairdo is created by making the locks edgy and styling them neatly. Although this will work best for straight strands, anyone can wear it by relaxing their hair.

# 29 Bob with a Shaved Side

With these headdresses, you have the freedom to get a little fancy so that you can have a charming look. For this particular style, the bob is spiced up by razor shaving one side of the head. The shaved sides make the design attractive, but you should make sure that it accentuates your locks well and do not overdo it to avoid getting an awkward look.

# 30 Lavender and Silver Asymmetry

The face framing designs that the strands in this headdress are the first thing that will catch most people's attention, but this is not the only thing that makes this a charming style. Silver, lavender and a hint of purple are used to give the strands a pleasant hue that any lady would want to have on her head. Although you can create this style with your thick locks, there is still the option of wearing a weave if you do not have the right hair type.

# 31 Magenta with Undercuts

With this design, you wouldn't wish for anything else for your hair, and you will probably want to keep it for long. Magenta is a warm color that makes a woman look classy with her short bob but in this style it is made more interesting by the razor shaved undercuts. The soft center part and the face framing design also make this a fantastic style.

# 32 Dramatic Front Sweep

The lack of symmetry in your hair is already a perfect style, and so you need to do little to enhance it. For this design, blonde and different shades of brown highlights are introduced to the style. And the strands are also side parted, and one section swept to the front to finish the look.

# 33 Natural Curls Asymmetry

A few trim on these natural curls is all that you need to create a charming design. The natural curls have an incredible texture, and you can shave the back shorter to ensure that all the attention remains on the longer and slightly messy top. This style will look best if your locks have a dark hue.

# 34 Thin Cool Blonde Locks

This cool blonde is one of the colors that you will get as you transition from a dark blonde or brown shade to a platinum blonde that is one of the tones that most ladies wish to have. Although this might be an in-between shade, it still looks fantastic especially when done on thin locks as it makes them look fuller and more detailed than when they have a different color.

# 35 Fresh and Edgy

This style redefines asymmetry and proves that long or very full locks are not necessary to make your Bob stand out. These short blonde strands with dark roots have some nice undercuts with some intricate razor shaved designs.

# 36 Balayage Color Fusions

Without the balayage dye job and the hard center part this style would be a simple asymmetrical bob because it does not have too much detail. The hair has two shades of brown with the roots having a darker one while the tips are light. A center part is also important as it helps to show off the contrast.

# 37 Chunky and Hot Pink A-Line Bob

The precision in this haircut is incredible, and only a pro can be able to pull it like this. Although a straight hair makes it easy to wear this style, you can have it by flat ironing any hair type. However, the cut is not enough as you also need to add some color and the shade used here is pink. Although pink is not the base color, it is the most dominant and this helps to create a very feminine look.

# 38 Bronde Beach Waves

You can never go wrong with particular shades as they go perfectly well together, and a good example of this is brown and blonde or what ladies like to call "bronde." In this headdress, they combine perfectly well to make the asymmetrical beach waves look elegant and stylish.

# 39 The Gray Updo

The cuts used to create this style may be very complicated but if you use the services of someone experienced you will look fantastic in this short updo. Here the stands are given some beautiful trim and then styled out from the center of the head. The locks also have some cool gray highlights for a nice finish.

# 40 The Sweet and Sassy Bob

Most ladies always try to go with the most sophisticated designs due to the misconception that this is the only way to get cute looks. However, a simple sweet and sassy bob like this one will still make any lady look refined and polished. Apart from the cuts the only thing done one this headdress is to give it a center part.

# 41 Silver Grey Undercuts

The depth of color in this style will make even the most conservative ladies that prefer plain looks change their mind and get a dye job. Silver gray is unique and also has a very classy look, and so if you combine it with perfect undercuts like in this style, you can be sure that you will turn heads.

# 42 Messy with Pink Baby Lights

Rugged strands have been in trend for a couple of years now and what makes most people love them is the fact that they have a very natural look. In this style, for example, the nicely cut asymmetrical short bob is made fabulous with the introduction of hints of pink highlights on the messy locks.

# 43 Red Ombre Locks

Almost no attempt at all is made to style these locks as they are left to flow freely and this creates a messy finish. However, what makes this a top notch design is the ombre coloring technique that introduces some red streaks on a dark base.

# 44 Cool Extra Short Bangs

Black is the most common hair color and perhaps the only one that can look good on any woman regardless of their skin tone. This amazing hair will look even more fabulous when used on a cool headdress like these extra short and neatly cut bangs.

# 45 White Side Sweep with Tapered Back

If you know how to play around with colors and are creative enough, you will never have any limitations when it comes to hairstyles and this design clearly demonstrates this. Here the locks at the front have a fabulous white dye job that starts half way to create a beautiful pattern when the strands are side swept. The hairs on the back are then tapered short to finish the design.

# 46 Raspberry Angled Bob

Choice if hair color will always determine how good you look no matter what style you want to wear. The raspberry and pink streaks in this style are an example of perfect color choice, and they enhance the looks of the fabulous angled bob.

# 47 Ash Gray Graduated Bob

Although ash gray can look good on almost any headdress, it will be fabulous on a graduated bob as it brings out the best in it. For this style, the strands are neatly trimmed and layered at the back and given a shallow center part. The strands on the crown are then designed forward over the forehead for a perfect finish.

# 48 Polished Red Head

Very few other bob styles can look edgier or even more attractive than this. The haircut used to create it is splendid, and the locks also have some center parts that make it possible to do the intricate styling. However, all this would not look this fabulous without the red hairs that are a result of excellent balayage.

# 49 Asymmetrical Gray Ombre

The locks in this design have an incredible style that makes it possible to show off their perfect shades. Gray is a unique color, but it will look more appealing if you use a creative technique like ombre to dye it. In this headdress, the contrast between the dark roots and gray strands make this a fabulous haircut.

# 50 Texture and Asymmetry on Beach Waves

Beach waves look fabulous when they are long and thick, but you can still get the same looks with your bob length strands. For this, you need to trim the locks carefully for some lovely texture and to make them asymmetrical. You can then finish the style with blonde or brown highlights.

Whether you like to keep short hairs, or you are trying to grow them out, the asymmetrical bob is one of the best hairdos that you can wear. It does not only look attractive but will also help draw attention away from the length of your locks no matter how short they may be. However, the best thing is that there are many styling options to choose from, and any woman can find something for their hair type and skin tone from the 50 elegant styles above.

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