60 Magnificent Auburn Hair Color Ideas – Many Incredible Tones

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# 2 Soft Curl Coppers

This headdress is another proof that Auburn does not need to be done on long locks for it to look good. Here the shades are a mixture of red and coppers. However, the final look is more of copper than red. And to add a touch of class to the incredible tones the hair is given some excellent soft curls at the tips.

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# 2 Soft Curl Coppers

This headdress is another proof that Auburn does not need to be done on long locks for it to look good. Here the shades are a mixture of red and coppers. However, the final look is more of copper than red. And to add a touch of class to the incredible tones the hair is given some excellent soft curls at the tips.

# 3 Color and Edgy Cuts

You can easily get this colors right, but you should not just leave it there if you want to stand out from the crowd. In this style, apart from the use of perfect shades, some intricate edgy geometric patterns are added at the back. When the locks are left to flow freely, they are well hidden, but if you want to show them off, you simply have to pull your strands up into a top bun.

# 4 Shiny Burgundy

Burgundy also makes Auburn especially if you go with its traditional look like this one. Here the strands have some incredible texture, and they have been given a perfect flat iron job to show off the shades. The shiny finish also helps make it an elegant style.

# 5 Pale Auburn with Copper Highlights

Looking at this hair, you can hardly tell its color because you can easily see reds and copper highlights. However, this is what makes this a fresh style as it brings together some of the best shades to wear for an auburn look. The strands are also immaculate, and this helps to show off the dyes better.

# 6 Strawberry Blonde Locks

If you get this color correct, and you have some long locks with some lovely texture, it can be the best style that you have ever worn. What makes it unique is that it maintains a hint of the strawberry shade regardless of the fact that blonde is the most dominant. It's a warm shade to have on your hair, but it is still vital to make sure that your locks are equally as good.

# 7 Short Bob on a Red Base

This short bob looks fantastic, and it is evident that it was made by a person who knew what they wanted to achieve. Apart from the cut, the balayage dyeing helps to create amazing copper highlights on the dark red base making this a perfect way to rock your short bob.

# 8 Exquisite Deep Red

This design is so perfect that everybody that you meet will want to know what shade it is. Although it has a hint of copper, it is mostly a dark red that comes from a sombre design, and hence, this is what gives it the soft feel. The curls also add a nice twist to the headdress.

# 9 Balayage Ombre on Layered Locks

Freehand painting is slowly replacing foils regarding how most people prefer to color their strands. And this is rightfully so given the magic that balayage can do on the hair like in this style. The freehand coloring is done using ombre to create a contrast between the roots and ends. Layering the locks helps bring out the best of this coloring technique.

# 10 Ginger Curls

If you have natural curls or like wearing them, then this is a perfect way to get your auburn hair. In this style, the locks are curly from the roots to the tips, and they are quite long, and so they have more than enough space for you to show off the wonderful ginger shades.

# 11 Auburn with Vibrant Roots and a Fringe

Although the strawberry blonde highlights used in this style are fabulous, what makes it a distinct hairstyle is the dominant base color and the neatly trimmed fringe. Adding some deep shades or shadowing the roots to make them livelier can help you create an eye-catching look like in this style.

# 12 Wavy Brunette

The shoulder length waves have more color than you can ever wish for in your hairs, and this is what makes it a top notch look. It is a dark shade of red or brunette, and it looks very natural since some ladies can have it as their natural shade.

# 13 Sexy Auburn with a Part

This hair will stand out anywhere as the stylist gets everything required for a perfect style right. The colors are fantastic as they transition from shadowed roots to lighter reds and the waves on the strands enhance their beauty further.

# 14 Warm Copper Balayage

If you have not yet tried balayage on your hair, then you are missing out as this is what makes ladies have those perfect colors nowadays. In this style, for example, this technique is used to create warm copper locks and the soft brown, red roots.

# 15 Cool Auburn Ringlets

These long crimson curls look fantastic, but this look is brought about by the tempered roots with a muted burgundy shade. Apart from the lovely curls created, tempering the roots helps to add more depth and definition to the hairdo.

# 16 Burgundy Short Bob

Having the right tones will always make you look fantastic. Apart from just considering your skin tone and tastes you should also have in mind the style that you want to wear when choosing your colors. In this style, the reds, and dark copper make this short bob a very classy headdress and so they are perfect shades for this type of style.

# 17 Copper Twisted Updo

Different tones can help you get the auburn look, but very few of them are as helpful as copper. Copper will look even more elegant when used in an attractive design like this twisted updo. Here the style helps to make the chunky copper highlights more beautiful and classy.

# 18 Vintage Auburn Look

When ladies first started to rock the auburn hair color, this is how most of them would prefer to have it. The color was used on long curly locks as it makes them look more detailed and also adds some volume. This look is still stylish, and you can have it if you have curls.

# 19 Deep Ginger

Ginger makes a great hair tone, but the only problem is that most stylists never seem to get it right. However if you get your ginger right, you will look splendid and also feel great. With this shade, you can also have another crazy tone underneath for a more exciting look.

# 20 Cranberry Red on a Blowout

If you want to go all red or brunette, you should choose a unique color like this cranberry red as you will look much better. Apart from the perfect color choice, this blowout hair looks fabulous because the dye job is done using balayage.

# 21 Retro Auburn Waves

Some ladies have beautiful natural strands, and this makes it possible for them to wear any hairdo they wish effortlessly. The retro waves in this style are a perfect example of this. And although the red and copper highlights are magnificent the quality of the waves is what makes this an elegant headdress.

# 22 Cute Golden Curls

Curly hair is one of the things that many women wish they had naturally. With this type of strands, you will never even need to do any sophisticated styling since an excellent color would be enough. And the perfect choice here is gold with a hint of copper highlights.

# 23 Simple and Trendy Locks

As much as you want to wear the Auburn hair color you should not overdo thing. You will probably not look as good as you wanted if you overdo anything. This style demonstrates just how trendy you can look by giving your locks a simple tone and doing conservative styling. This simple color is a result of original balayage, and this is also why it looks very natural.

# 24 Ombre Brown with a Hint of Red

If you have brown strands, then this is one of the best ways to get the auburn look. In this hairdo, the brown curls are given a hint of red, and the two shades blend in perfectly to create an attractive sun-kissed look. The dyeing design also contributes significantly to the looks as ombre is used to create the perfect transition from dark to light.

# 25 Golden Chestnut with Fine Curls

Golden chestnut is a lovely shade especially for ladies with a warm complexion and beautiful curls. However, you can also make this style look even more appealing by adding copper blonde highlights through the bangs and to the ends.

# 26 Ginger Ombre Bangs

The dye job for these locks is in chunks, and this is made possible by balayage. Apart from the balayage and contrast created by using ombre technique, the color choice is also magnificent. Ginger looks very attractive on the dark brown base, and it helps to create amazing chunky highlights.

# 27 Pretty Reds and Ginger

How you use the shades probably matters more than the shades. Any color can look attractive if you know how to use it and the reds and ginger on this style prove this. The hairs below have a very dark tone while those above are light. This contrast is what makes this style excellent.

# 28 Trimmed and Colored

You can almost never go wrong with copper, but you still have to get a good cut. The curly hairs in this headdress are very short, but they have been trimmed uniformly to perfection. And so the job is cut down for the copper shade as some highlights are all that is needed to create an incredible look.

# 29 Red Hot Color Melt

It is amazing how the copper and different shades of brown blend in to create this hairdo. The color melting produces a very uniform pattern and most people looking at this style will probably think that it is a simple and neatly trimmed natural hair without any dyeing.

# 30 Stunning Deep Red and Voluminous Locks

Looking at some headdresses just warms your heart as they are created skillfully with attention given even to the minor details that most people would overlook. The dark red shade used in these locks is fantastic, and it has very soft looks that will make any women want to keep them for as long as possible.

# 31 Golden Honey Blonde Streaks

If you want your style to stand out then, you have to think of something that very few ladies would think of and also have it done by someone skilled. The choice of golden honey streaks is excellent, but they would probably not look like this if balayage and ombre were not used to do the dye job.

# 32 Dark Brown with Auburn Highlights

You do not have to do much to get auburn color especially if you have some lovely natural shades such as dark brown or blonde. Rather than using different tones you can simply have auburn highlights like in this style. The highlights create this look better than most other color combinations that people use to wear this headdress.

# 33 Subdued Copper and Golden Blonde

Natural brown hair can also be used to create an Auburn-style by adding copper and blonde highlights. However, you do not have to make them very visible especially if your aim is not to have a bright look as you can have them subdued like in this style. Here they are not as bright as you would expect but still manage to create a fabulous blend.

# 34 Light Auburn Hue Sombre

This color is very soft and romantic, and it creates uniformity in your strands that can only be matched by a few other shades. The technique used to bring the softness in the style is sombre. The transition from the shadowed roots to the lighter curls (at the lower half of the strands) is very gradual. This shade will go well with most skin tones, and this is also another thing that makes it a worth trying.

# 35 Vibrant and Messy Colors Melting

To replicate this style you need to know how to do hand painting and ombre as they are what make this so attractive. The locks have a vibrant red copper base that is darker than the rest of the head. However, the transition from the dark copper base to a lighter shade is very drastic. This dyeing technique and the fact that the locks are left messy make this an outstanding headdress.

# 36 Red to Black Auburn

If you want to look good in any hairdo, or, at least, unique, you should break away from the norm. Many ladies like to play it safe by sticking with the conventional shades or dyeing techniques with their auburn designs. However, this style demonstrates that you can look good if you try something different as it starts with a dark red and drastically transitions to black. Most people would do the opposite and use ombre to change from black to red since the latter is the brighter of the two.

# 37 Noble Dark Purple

Light auburn shades are not for everyone, and so if you have a medium or dark skin tone, you will look better if you go with a dark hue. It is a fresh and pop color that is not too complicated to have provided you use balayage, and it is also very attractive, and you can be sure that you will turn heads with this style.

# 38 Short Colored Bangs

Looking at this design you will agree that a pair of scissors is the best hair tool ever. The cuts that create this Bob look very simple but the style that they create is very fancy. However, the copper and light blonde highlights in the hair also help to make the look more intricate.

# 39 Ginger Auburn with Brushed-Out Waves

Ginger is one of the best colors that you can use for the Auburn look. And what makes it unique is that you do not have to use any other shades as highlights as it is sufficient enough. In this headdress, however, it is made more fantastic by the brushed out waves as they add some detail to the shade.

# 40 The Wavy Auburn Lob

Beach waves are sexy and also one of the easiest styles to wear, and they are very convenient when you need something that can fit into a very busy schedule. However, they will work even better for you if you give them a beautiful color like this balayage dark brown with a hint of copper highlights.

# 41 Black to Blonde Ombre

Going from black to blonde can be a tough journey, but the shades that you get in between are fantastic and will make the transition worth. Even if you are not moving from black to blonde you can still create this look with a dye job. When making this design you should ensure that you clearly bring out the contrast between the dark root and light blonde strands using ombre technique.

# 42 Brown and Auburn Tones

If you have lovely long locks like these then, there are many things that you can do to them to look fantastic. One example is to combine brown and different tones of auburn to create a fun hair color that will make you look like a queen. However, use a good coloring design such as ombre or sombre for a polished look.

# 43 Chocolate Brown for a Layered Cut

A layered cut adds some volume to the hair and makes it look fuller than it is. It is especially so if you have some nice long strands. This effect can be done better by choosing an excellent color like this chocolate brown. You can have it plain like in this headdress or introduce some light color highlights to make it more attractive.

# 44 Dimensional Copper Red Highlights

Even if you are not sure what to use to get the auburn hair color you can always play it safe with copper red as you can never go wrong with this tone. This style is a perfect example because all that is needed to create an incredible look is the introduction of some nicely done free hands painting copper red highlights.

# 45 Mahogany Streaks on Layered Hair

This layered hair is cut short and cute to create some smooth locks, but this would be a very dull look without the colors. Here mahogany streaks are used to spice up the look, and they are present throughout the head, but they are distributed very keenly to ensure some uniformity and that they create a lovely pattern.

# 46 Highlighted Ombre Blowout

Just by looking at this hair you would know that it is an ombre that has been hand painted. The shades not only look unique but they are also very natural. The ombre is not just a dark to light design as you would find in other styles but some highlights are also introduced to make it more stylish.

# 47 Dark Balayage with Copper Hints

Dark tones are warmer than light ones, and they also suit almost all skin tones, and so they are perfect when looking for something simple that you want to wear for long. Here the deep chocolate brown base is also given some copper red hints just to spice up the look.

# 48 Face Framing Blonde on Red

This headdress will brighten up your face and make you look younger thanks to the dyes that it uses. The strip of blonde has a significant effect on the dark red shades that are the most dominant color in the style as it makes everything brighter. Apart from this, the face framing style also seems to work pretty well with these tones.

# 49 Simple and Chick Auburn Hair

From the loosely weaved braid at the center of the head to the color combinations, everything on this hairdo is very straightforward and simple. Simplicity is a good thing, and it can make you look refined and very classy. The locks are also nicely trimmed, and they provide an excellent surface for the brown shades in the style.

# 50 Soft Ginger with Red Tones

A bit of red in your hairs will always make you look fabulous no matter what your base color may be. Sweet ginger does pretty well even without any highlights or any other color. But, adding subtle red tones like in this style will take it a notch higher and make you look lovely.

# 51 Blonde Lowlights

Different dyes combine to create this look using balayage, but the most remarkable thing about the style is the lowlights. The natural color in this style is blonde, but lowlights are introduced to darken it especially at the roots, and the tones create a beautiful ombre design which also adds to the beauty.

# 52 Short and Sassy Mahogany Bob

You should not leave your carefully cut and styled bob looking dull as you can brighten it with a mahogany shade. The color makes the style look not only attractive but also trendy, and you can even add some copper highlights to give the strands more life.

# 53 Foxy Red on Wavy Locks

The waves in this mid-length hair are nothing short of perfect, and they are what make the colors look outstanding. For this headdress, the Foxy red is achieved by combining different tones in the style with copper and brown shades being the most dominant.

# 54 Burgundy with Caramel and Light Blonde

Even if you have never thought of trying out Auburn, a style like this will easily convince you to try as it looks very exquisite. The caramel and light blonde tones at the edge of the hair accentuate the burgundy curls in a way that will make you think that the curls have a very intricate design, but they are just a simple push back. The effect of color on a hairdo is great, and the right shades can make even a simple headdress look top notch.

# 55 Spiced Up Brunette Strands

Brunette is charming if you keep it healthy and neat but you can enhance it further with some color for a classier and modern look. In this style, for example, some highlights are added creatively to make a stunning look. The highlights use different shades of brown, and this is what makes them gorgeous since brown and brunette go well together.

# 56 Modern Copper Ombre

Copper has no limitations when it comes to creating the auburn shade of your hair as there are many ways you can use it on your strands. However, few will look better than the copper ombre on a short bob. Here it starts with a darker shade but transitions to the lighter copper tone halfway the length of the hairs, and this helps to create an eye-catching contrast.

# 57 Cute Brown Balayage

Cute should be simple enough to maintain but still elegant enough to show off and this balayage auburn hair clearly fits this definition. What makes it very cute is the fact that it is done on natural well trimmed strands, and it does not involve a lot of colors. The brown tones used are also in moderation to avoid the weird look that comes with overdoing things.

# 58 Warm Tones Shading

These curly locks have an excellent dye job with a variety of shades. However, just using many dyes is not enough to make a style attractive because how you use them also matters. The secret behind this amazing look is using the different colors sparingly and trying to spread them throughout the head.

# 59 Vintage Waves

The first thing that will catch your attention when looking at this headdress is the nature of these vintage waves and how they are styled to face frame and flow over the shoulders. However, the light brown shading with shadowed roots also makes it an incredible style that will never go out of trend.

# 60 Seductive Ombre Locks

Ladies with full and long locks only need to trim them well for some texture and use some subtle tones to create a fabulous look like this one. Here a dark red tone is used to start off the design at the roots, but this changes to light brown towards the curly ends to finish the design.

Few other colors can make you look as good as you would with the different auburn tones. And the good this is that there are very many to choose from for your hairdo. The above 60 Auburn hair color ideas are just a drop in the ocean as there are many other combinations that you can use to get the same or even more attractive look. Once you figure out the shades that you like and the final look that you want, then there are no limitations. However, just like with any other colors it is a good idea to try out different ones so that you can determine when will look best for your hair type and skin tone.

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