65 Incredible Balayage HairStyles – New & Trendy Highlights

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# 2 Cool Blonde

Blonde is one of the most popular hair colors with women, and it is a natural color for a majority of ladies that wear it. However, any person can wear it as it is a very simple color to work with. The cool blonde creates some attractive highlights if done by an expert but the idea behind the hair is not to overdo it as this will make it look too obvious.

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# 2 Cool Blonde

Blonde is one of the most popular hair colors with women, and it is a natural color for a majority of ladies that wear it. However, any person can wear it as it is a very simple color to work with. The cool blonde creates some attractive highlights if done by an expert but the idea behind the hair is not to overdo it as this will make it look too obvious.

# 3 Curly Ombre

Curly locks look fabulous, and if you keep yours in good health, all you need to do is style them to get a perfect look. However, sometimes dye can ruin the look for you since not everyone has a perfect color but giving it an ombre look can make all the difference but you should keep the transition from the light back to the darker top as gradual as possible.

# 4 Natural Strands

Keeping the hair as natural as possible will always give you an incredible look, and it will also make you feel good about yourself knowing that you can rock your strands as they are without doing too much on them. A few highlighted ends can also spice up things while still maintaining a natural look.

# 5 Copper Balayage

With this hairdo, color choice makes all the difference no matter what type of hair you have. Copper is a unique hair choice and is also very attractive if used well. To look best in copper, you should have it throughout the head but make it darker as you move towards the crown.

# 6 Blonde Brown

Many ladies have this as their natural color and so for them, almost nothing at all is required to wear the fantastic hairdo. With the services of a skilled stylist you can also wear it but the main thing that you should watch out for is the transition from blonde at the tips to brown as you move up. Getting the gradual color change right is what will make your locks standout.

# 7 Messy Highlights

The best thing about balayage is that it allows you to color your strands how you wish to get the look that you desire. In this particular hairdo, the long strands are given some blonde highlights creatively to create a perfect messy look. The hair is perfect thanks to the mess effect of the color.

# 8 Rooted Blonde

Rooted blonde is a balayage idea that creates a natural Latin or Asian hair look. It's an incredible color and breaks out of the norm as it is not as common as the others that women prefer to wear. However, it looks better when used on long voluminous and nicely textured strands.

# 9 Ash Gray Accents

Your only limitation with hair color is your creativity and the extent you are willing to go to get the perfect look. Ash gray is used sparingly in this hair, but it still manages to create an incredible look. Apart from this, everything else is natural and this is what makes the hair amazing.

# 10 Polished Look

Adding some highlights to a medium length straight hair makes it look more elegant, and this is one of the things that ladies are looking for when choosing hairdos. There are many options that you can go with, but blonde will work pretty well for most ladies.

# 11 Dramatic Brown

The volume of this hair and the natural curly locks make it incredible, and it is hard to think of anything better than adding some color to enhance the look. The dramatic brown color choice is perfect, and it makes the curly locks look even more voluminous especially when styled forward to cover the face.

# 12 Trendy Mess

To create the trendy mess you have to choose a dye that will go well with the style or one that will blend in with your strands and enhance the look that you want. Dark colors such as brown work perfectly with this style but you should apply sparingly to ensure that the messy style remains the center of attention.

# 13 Graduated Curly Hairs

The length of this hair is what will catch the attention of most people, but there is way much more to it than this. Curly ends are nicely styled and have an excellent texture but what makes it a perfect hairdo is the color choice. The drastic color change as you move from the curly tips makes it look very attractive.

# 14 Soft Balayage

There is nothing too fancy with the dye in this hairstyle, and this is perhaps what makes it perfect. The soft balayage keeps things simple with a uniform brown color that is given slight highlights in between and finished with some classic curls at the back.

# 15 Dark Brunette

Ladies are used to the traditional brunette look, and although it looks fabulous it is very common, and all look the same. The dark brunette is a good idea to add a twist to this traditional look and is also quite simple to wear with no foils required. With this hair, you can wear almost any hairdo you can think of as it will still look great.

# 16 Balayage on Wavy Hair

If you have a wavy long or straight hair, then you can wear this hairdo effortlessly. It is a simple idea that you can do at home without any professional help, but for your locks to look attractive, you have to be keen on the color choice. Different shades of brown work well for most ladies, but you should consider your skin tone when choosing the dye to use for your wavy hair balayage.

# 17 Moderate Pastel

Pastel hair is characterized by bright colors with most ladies preferring to go for different shades of pink or purple. If you are a conservative woman or are not bold enough to wear those bright colors, you can still get a pastel by going with a soft color like brown. However, when coloring it, you should maintain the pastel design so that you can achieve the same look with your dark color.

# 18 Baby Lights

Babies have a lovely natural and healthy looking hair. The color is perfect as it has not yet gone through many years of chemicals and hot tools. Although you cannot get back this beautiful hair, you can use highlights to get the same look. The babylights in this style come from using a soft color to soften the roots of your solid colored hair.

# 19 Golden Tips

Gold is one of the most widely used colors on female hair, but not everyone knows how to use it to create a perfect look. If you want to look fabulous with any shade of gold, the good idea is to have it dark at the tips and then fade it as you move up your strands. This makes it possible to blend in perfectly with any other color you may have on your hair.

# 20 Divine Grey

If you are thinking of having a single hair color, then you can try going all gray. Grey is a perfect color that will guarantee you all the attention that you wish. Although most ladies prefer to have gray highlights as part of their natural hair color, you can dye all the strands gray to create a personalized look that you will hardly see anywhere else.

# 21 Bright Blondie Lights

Painting your hair makes it brighter and hence more attractive and it can be used to make a hairdo more detailed. If you have a dark brown hair then painting it blonde will make it look beautiful. Blonde highlights breathe some life into a dull hair, and you can further enhance it with some curls at the back.

# 22 Brown Accents

Balayage makes it possible for you to play around with unusual colors and the best thing is that you can almost never go wrong with these hairdos provided you do not overdo things. This particular style brings together the dark natural hair color and some brown accents to create a pattern that is simple enough to wear to any occasion but is also elegant enough to make you stand out from the rest.

# 23 Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry blonde is one of the best hair colors that a lady can wear especially those with very long locks as they will help showcase the color much better. The contrast created between the blonde locks and the strawberry highlights make this style a must try. However, you should go moderate with the strawberry because if you make it to dominant on the hair, it will ruin the look.

# 24 Warm Colors for Short Hairs

If you only have a couple of inches on your head, then warm colors will be perfect for you. These colors help make the short locks look more attractive than when left plain, and few people will notice how short they are. Although there are many warm colors that you can choose from, golden blonde highlights will be perfect for most women. These being common colors they are also easy to wear even if you do not have a naturally blonde hair.

# 25 Golden Honey Brown

Some colors will make you look good, but others will make you look exquisite like the golden honey brown. With this color, you have to make it darker at the roots and shade it lighter as you move towards the tips. It is a perfect idea for medium and longer hair strands.

# 26 Soft Painting

Ladies with short locks also have plenty of options to choose from when painting their hairs. However, with this length, you should keep things simple and soft as it looks more elegant this way. The strands are colored in an ombre design but since the haircut is layered the locks below are dark with polished tips. For short hair, you should concentrate on the ends since they will be more visible.

# 27 Multi-Tonal Blowdry

It will probably take you way much longer to get this balayage style than most others, but the final results are worth every minute you spend on it. The hair is a permanent blow-dry, and it already looks incredible this way, but the addition of different shades makes it, even more, amazing. However, you should use colors and shades that blend in together to avoid an awkward look.

# 28 Dark Colors Perfection

When most ladies think about dyeing their hairs what comes to their mind is bright pastel shades. Although bright colors look amazing, dark ones are just as attractive if not more appealing. Just like with other styles, you have to choose the right shade or those that go well together if you want to have more than one. A blend of dark black and brown works well for most ladies like this style, and you can use them on any hair size and type.

# 29 Balayage Locks

Some locks will require no styling at all after coloring, and you only need to push them back to finish the look. These locks are a perfect example of a style where the colors do all the magic. The strands are dark brown at the roots and are finished with polished blonde tips to create a look that you will want to keep for a long time. However, this look will only be incredible with a very long hair.

# 30 Beach Waves

Beach Waves are popular hairdos for ladies with shorter locks, but you can enhance this look with some dying. Just like any other style the choice of shades to use and how to apply them also matters a lot. The hair is painted with a profound and dark color at the top, and it is finished with some blonde highlights.

# 31 Subtle Colored

What makes this style special is that the hair color is accentuated with a layered color that matches the natural hair look. The brown highlights help to contrast the shade from the natural hair color to create an interesting play between the different shades in the locks.

# 32 Blowout Ombre

The blowout ombre demonstrates well just how versatile the balayage hair can be. Here long blowout locks are maintained, but the coloring is what makes them an eye-catching style. Apart from the natural hair look, only one other shade is used. It has a dark look at the top and light at the tips to create a distinctive hair look.

# 33 Fundamental Highlights

If you have a beautiful natural hair, you will not have to do any painting at all to wear a balayage look. Natural highlights make an incredible look, especially if the hair is healthy and kept neat like in this style. The only time that the wearer has to do any coloring on her strands is when she wants to wear a different color or enhance the appearance of the natural highlights.

# 34 Shadowed Roots

Darkening the hair roots not only helps to create a natural ombre, but it also opens up the hair for the creation of any color design that you wish. Although just shadowing roots is enough to create a gorgeous look going further and working on the rest of the strands will give you an, even more, attractive look. A good example is in this style where the strands are given a soft touch to create baby lights, and there is also a hint of lilac in the style.

# 35 Goldilocks Transition

The best hair dyes are created by a change from one style or color to another. In this style, the goldilocks gradually transition from ombre to balayage to create an exquisite look that works amazingly on long hairs. The curls at the end of the locks also create a fabulous look that you can wear for a long time without growing tired of it.

# 36 The Ice Queen

The Ice Queen hairdo comes from beach waves that get a creative dye job. Although the light shade of blonde is the most dominant color or what is most visible, there are a couple of other colors involved in creating the looks. The roots have a shadow, and there are also some moderate gold highlights on the locks. Add all these incredible styles to the curly ends and you have a fantastic look fit for a real ice queen.

# 37 Lovely Flat Strands

Combining different shades always creates an incredible hairdo like in this flat ironed push back hair. The coloring of the hair is done using various shades of brown and blonde. Although the choice of shades is spot on the application also contributes significantly to the beauty of the style. Also, the ends maintain an almost uniform blonde color to make them more attractive. When wearing a dye, you should not only get the colors right but should also apply them keenly and creatively.

# 38 Lightened Balayage

Balayage is a very versatile technique of adding some color to the hair but it is not always just about dying as there other ways to achieve a different hair color. One of the other ways is lightening using different products. If you have blonde hair lightening will make the locks look brighter than normal, and you can use this technique to create highlights by applying the product on a few strands while leaving the rest in their natural color.

# 39 Purple Magic

Bright colors make perfect hairstyles but not everyone is bold enough to wear them, but there is a solution to enjoy the beauty while still maintaining a simple style. You can color a few locks purple to create amazing highlights on your dark hairs. However, you should do it creatively so that the purple shade can blend in with the rest of the locks and not appear like a foreign addition to your head.

# 40 Silver Cuts

A pair of shears can create a fantastic hairstyle especially if they are in the hands of a skilled stylist, and there is enough hair volume and length. After doing some excellent cuts on the locks, you should not stop there as you can make your look, even more, fabulous with some lovely color. Instead of going for the widely used shades you can accentuate your nicely cut hair with a unique silver shading.

# 41 Textured Brown Makeover

This is another example of a nicely trimmed hair to create an incredible texture. After the perfect texture is created the naturally brown hair is given some highlights to finish the look. The dyeing is as perfect as the cuts, and you can see some blonde highlights at the front and others peeking through from the bottom of the locks.

# 42 Trendy Curled Balayage

After spending a lot of time choosing the right color and dying your hair it is only fair to want it to be as visible as possible. Hair is more visible when curled, and so it is a good idea to curl your locks when finishing. Curled hair turns some strands inside out and hence bringing more color to the surface meaning that the curls will make your strands appear like they have more color than they actually do.

# 43 Face Framing Highlights

It's amazing how you can do so many things with hair color provided you are creative enough. Face framing hairstyles are some of the most popular with ladies that prefer to keep long locks. However since some strands will be covering your forehead, it is important to give them a perfect color combination with some highlights. If you have dark hair, some shades of blonde or brown will work correctly for you.

# 44 Sun Kissed Elegance

This style is a perfect example of a dyed hair done properly and naturally without any foils or caps. The color choice is excellent as the different shades blend in perfectly to create some uniformity that can only be matched by a natural hair look. What makes it look elegant is that the strands are darker at the roots and brighter at the tips and hence creating a true sun-kissed appearance.

# 45 Exquisite Platinum Hair Shading

There are some colors that very few women are bold enough to experiment with because most are not sure how they would look in them. However, these colors make some of the best hair shades if used well. An example of such a color is platinum that can be worn as highlights or if you are bold enough go all platinum with your hair like in this particular hairdo.

# 46 Stunning Soft Roots

Although this hairstyle has some very healthy locks and right color choice what makes it stand out is how the colors are used on the strands. The fine root color melts in perfectly into a cool blonde, and the transition from one to the other is so gradual, and you would hardly notice the boundary in the hair between the color levels.

# 47 Plain and Simple

Many ladies know that the best styles come from not overdoing things or by keeping them as simple as possible. The same also applies to hair dyeing because even a simple dark and light brown combination like in this style can create a classy look. All that you should do in this style is to create two different shades of the same color and some curls at the tips to create an exquisite style that any woman will love to wear.

# 48 Smooth Chunky

Smooth chunky is a type of balayage that brings together various shades to create a fantastic contrast. Although this hairdo uses different colors, it is advisable not to overdo the contrast as this will change how the style looks. In here, smooth chunky starts with some nicely done root shade that transitions into a lightened blonde. A mid-tone copper transition color that only covers about an inch separates the two levels of colors.

# 49 The Long layers

Long layers will always make a great hairdo especially if they are trimmed by a pro but the only shortcoming with this style is that they look very plain when done on natural hair color. However, you can easily overcome this with some nice dye job. To make sure that the layers are still visible the hair uses only dark highlights with the most dominant color being the dark brown that blends in perfectly with natural hue.

# 50 Perfect Blonde Shades

If you have blonde hair, or you love this hair color, then this is the perfect style for you as it is all about the blonde. Here the roots have a dark color that gradually transitions through different shades of blonde. The hair finishes with a bright hair color at the tips.

# 51 Textured and Smokey

Adding some texture to your long locks will always make you look gorgeous. However, texture also enhances the look if you use some color on your locks and so the two go well together. Although the textured hair is good with hair dyes, it looks particularly fantastic with certain ones such as the smokey blonde in this hairdo with some traces of gray highlights.

# 52 Bright and Long Summer Blonde

These strands have a very widely used balayage color, but there are a few other characteristics that make this an incredible hairdo. The length of the hair and the brightness of the shade are the two things that make this style stand out. If you have strands that stretch all the way to the waistline like in this hair, then this is a good idea for your locks. To make the hair this bright you only need to use an enlightening product.

# 53 Medium Chocolate

When it comes to choosing hair dyes, the options are unlimited, and the only thing that will restrict you is your creativity or that of your stylist. The medium chocolate brown demonstrates this perfectly, and it combines with a light brown shade at the tips to create a unique and natural looking hairdo.

# 54 Dark and Beautiful

Dark contrasts will always look fabulous when used for any hair, and the best thing is that they go with any skin tone. However, to look good in any dark tones that you chose you should ensure that the colors blend in together. If you are not sure what to use or how to pair the colors you can play it safe with black and different shades of brown as in this style.

# 55 Dramatic Dark Red Ombre

This hairstyle is another great example of the versatility of balayage, and it also shows the freedom that the hairstyle gives you as you can experiment with different colors. Here the ombre design is made from a dark red color and is blended but remains very bold.

# 56 Sun Kissed Brunette

The length of the locks in this headdress helps to showcase the amazing balayage work done on them. This hairdo starts with a deep shade of brown on the roots. The transition to a lighter shade is so minimal that most people will not see any difference between the roots and tips. There are also some light blonde highlights created to brighten them up. 

# 57 Caramel and Chocolate Waves

Caramel and chocolate are a match made in heaven and having the two colors in one style makes it twice appealing and will always please the eye of anyone who looks at you. However, striking a nice balance between the two as in this style is important to perfect your looks.

# 58 Dark Balayage

Bright colors appear more attractive because the human eye easily notices these shades, but dark ones also make perfect hairdos if you combine them well. In this style the base color is black, and the strands have a very deep shade at the roots. However, as you move away from the roots the locks drastically transition to a dark brown shade. 

# 59 Blonde on Short Strands

Mixing the different shades of blonde in this headdress makes these short strands look like they have a very intricate design even though there is no styling done on them. In this design, different shades of blonde are used. They are also distributed very intelligently to create a fantastic look.

# 60 Redhead Elegance

Red based balayage styles are some of the most attractive especially if you have an excellent formula for combining different shades. In this hairstyle, the base is formed by copper which is also the most dominant color. The shades get lighter towards the tips, and there are a few amber lights to spice up the looks. 

# 61 Long Dark Brown Waves

The base color for this hair is dark brown, and it has a fantastic light brown balayage coloring. This is a perfect color choice because the two shades blend in perfectly to create a more natural look that you can wear for months without needing to change or redo the dye.

# 62 Platinum and Ash Blonde Blend

This is probably the coolest combination you can ever wish for, and it is suitable for most people regardless of whether you like bright or dark shades. The hairs start with a dark shadow at the roots and unlike what you would expect in other hairdos the transition as you move lower down the strands does not eliminate the dark shades. It is made more elegant by the fact that the strands are wavy.

# 63 Lighter and Shorter

Some styles like this one will be perfect to wear for your everyday look since they go well with all seasons and will require minimal maintenance. For this hair, the base is shadowed with a dark shade while the nicely trimmed locks have light blonde and brown highlights.

# 64 Light Brown Feathers

The locks in this style are cut carefully and given a minor side part to create an elegant look. However, the dyeing design is what makes it stand out from other similar hairdos. It is darker at the base, but the wavy ends have some fantastic light brown lowlights for an incredible finish.

# 65 Shading Perfection

You can color your strands anyhow, but you will only look outstanding with the right formula choice. The dark shadow at the roots of this hairdo is nothing short of perfect but it wouldn't look this good without the soft brown highlights.

The options are unlimited with the balayage hair and so you can do more things with hair dyes and bleach than you can when using other coloring techniques. However, as demonstrated by the 55 styles above you have to choose and apply the colors keenly. And with this freedom, it is more interesting to try out different color combinations.

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