80+ Gorgeous Blonde Hair Colors — Multiple Style Ideas

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Blonde hair colors are some of the advantages that those who have boasted so much about. They can do their hair in multiple styles and still look beautiful in them (there is no limitation to hold you back). There is a wide variety of choices and you will be spoiled on which one to go for. Today we will take some tour on the 80 of the best blonde colors and you will find a few that could work for you:

# 1 Mercurial Blonde Waves

It all starts with a smooth texture at the top. As it falls low it turns into beautiful waves with a faded hue. The hair falls low below the shoulders defining her feminine demeanor. The eyes are partly covered but that does not obscure here facial features.

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# 2 Brownie Blonde

Cassie Matthews always has a great hairstyle every time she shows up for an event. Here she has her side dropped to a brown blonde and you can never fault a thing about her. She is excellently groomed for any even she may be attending.

# 3 Glorious Waves

I have never seen the waves done better than with Lauren Nicole. It is a shiny brown mop and presentable for both indoor and outside events and would be suitable for casual and formal occasions. She sends a direct message that she is ready for any appointment you may want with her.

# 4 Sleek Long Curls

Her moniker is Rosie borrowed from the colorful rose blooms and that would explain why she has such a beautiful hairstyle. The hair is left to curl in acute twists that would be an attractive scene to watch. She has all that a lady would want in her head all from the color, length, and thickness.

# 5 Peacock Tail

It is not for the color that this style earns its name but it is because of its impressive length and formation. It falls all over the back in a smooth bundle with a few strands that do not fit so well. Her face is left spotless to show a contrast of what lies at the back.

# 6


You might have seen Taylor Swift flaunting such a hairstyle and you can tell that it is not just an ordinary one. The hair falls to the sides and back to a fountain that is turbulent towards the tips. It is simply one of the best blonde pieces you may want on you.

# 7 Shiny Flip

Flips are favorite choices for the women who want a distinctive style. There is a mild part line on top that unequally divides the hair. In a shiny luster, the hair drops long and elegantly over the sides and back.

# 8 Goddess of Gold

The golden luster can never go wrong in any hairstyle. It gives her confidence and the prettiness of a princess. It is long and falls over the back and you can never stop to look back when the lady passes by.

# 9 Top Loop with Double Bangs

At the top, it is looped to form a thick bump. All the strands are drawn towards the back in a fine texture. The hair is held in place with a flower decorated band. At the front, there are two bundles of bangs each at one side.

# 10 Caramel Locks

The touch of caramel in this style goes well with the lady’s complexion. It creates a radiant blush that would never go wrong for any occasion. It is simply done but the choice of shade makes it bright and befitting.

# 11 Ashen Wow

Nicole Benson is one person who loves this ashen tone and she does it better than anyone else. She has it drawn down to a long effect. Close to the tips, it is left with curls and waves to a deserving finish.

# 12 Platinum Bob

The bob hairstyles are still a favorite among many ladies. This is one here is an excellently done. It is blended with a white hue and a touch of mint green. Simple enough for you but you will pass a strong message of beauty.

# 13 Fierce Locks

It is only Britney Spears who could do it better with these ferocious locks. They are colorful and wildly done and you know that she would rock the stage in them.

# 14 Adorable Dirty Blonde

Every lady would love a style that gets lighter in color. Here is a way to have just that. It is layered and ends with sharp tips to a stunning finish. She is ready to go out looking alarmingly gorgeous.

# 15 Honey Dip Curls

The sweeter part of natural bee honey comes in this color. The curls are intense at the back. She is a real definition of a beautiful modern lady. It is simply one the best blonde styles.

# 16 Perfect Mirror Impression

It is shiny and you will be tempted to try whether you will see your reflection in it. It is in light gold shade that forms intensive twists at the back end.

# 17 Blunt-End Bob

The hair is trimmed at the tips and drawn towards the inside. It is one of the exclusive bobs that you would see with celebrities. It defines beauty in a simple sense and every lady can have it.

# 18 Rich Vanilla Sweep

Reese Witherspoon has her hair done in a vanilla tone. It is swept over the top and the sides are impressively designed. It is smooth at the roots but becomes attractively rough towards the edges.

# 19 Champagne Frizzle

One thing that would make this a preference is the intense hue that makes it an attractive spot. It is finely done rich in a champagne hue and you cannot argue when it comes to rating her highly.

# 20 Natural Brown Blonde

There is no doubt that this is the most natural brown style that many blondes would choose. It is thick and smooth in texture. The brown hue is a reminder that you can always leave your hair in its natural elements and still be a beauty to behold.

# 21 Golden Peak Locks

There is never a question when one chooses the golden hue as one of the blonde hair colors. That added to nicely done locks is the perfection you are seeing in this piece. The locks fall down low leaving a whirlwind of twists. It is such a creation that every lady would want to have.

# 22 Heavy Balayage with Light Tone

This heavy balayage selection defines the peak of how far a lady would go to bring out her good looks. She has it done in simplicity and you can never blame her choice. The hair falls over the sides and back and flow over the cheeks forming a fencing impact over her face. The front tips are in a lighter tone that adds glory to the style.

# 23 Drizzling Twists

The hair is styled into hundreds of bundles and then finely twisted to a drizzling effect. It is like looking at wavy patterns moving in circles. It is long and goes as far as the shoulders forming a defining mane. Beauty is never such a hard thing to pull up if this is one of the styles available for you to choose from.

# 24 Long Dark Blonde

You would be able to notice her outstanding hair from a distance. It is naturally stretched to fall over her back and the dark shade gives it even a more outstanding prominence. The tips are left sharp to insist on the natural look that the stylist intended. You are right to make this your pick since it is simply one of the best blonde designs.

# 25 Thick Gold Blush

For the red carpet, this lady would pass for a diva. She has her hair dropped to the sides but not to a smooth texture. It is curled and you cannot miss the impressive hue of gold in every strand. You can tell that she has nothing missing in her complexion whatever occasion she may be going for.

# 26 Braided Ash Blonde with a Rose Piece

At the first sight, you would fall in love with this style. The front part has a braid running across. The rest is parted at the center and fall by the sides. The addition of the rose decoration makes it a magnificent finish for the lady who has nothing to spare when it comes to good looks.

# 27 Gray Canopy

At the roots up to the middle, the hair is in a gray tone. It is then succeeded by a light hue that extends to the tips. There is a bulging effect towards the center and it goes low at the ends. Given the simplicity and the natural appeal of this piece, it should never a hard decision to choose this style.

# 28 Crystal Waves

The waves at the low back are intently done to be the most attractive feature. There are efforts to blend more than two colors and it comes out as you would expect with an expertly done piece. For a blonde who wants a touching differentiation, this is what you would go for and have no regrets.

# 29 Glossy Copper

Careyann Morris is not new to the world of beauty. Here she proves her point when she goes for the copper glow for her hairstyle. The bundles of strands follow different direction and in a subtle way it is confusing to define what the intention was.

# 30 M


The deep golden color is the welcoming attribute about this style made so popular by Nicole Kidman. From the top, the hair falls for a short run and ends in curls. The back is drawn long and braided into a single tailed bundle. It is a timeless selection that would fit any occasion.

# 31 Loose Bridewrap

All the hair is drawn to the back after being brushed to a smooth landing. The back is layered and each layer is twisted loosely to form a plaited impression. She is simply gorgeous and did not need much of an effort.

# 32 Ashen Ombre

For someone who would not like to have a conspicuous color then this is the best bet you can go for. It is long and left with its natural tips. Combing it to a smooth texture makes it even more attractive.

# 33 Matrix of Curls

None of the other blonde styles can beat this one when it comes to curls. All the hair is intensely curled and what you see are ripples all over. The golden hue makes it an eye-catching scene.

# 34 Radiant Balayage Fountain

You would be right to call it a bob-inspired creation because actually it is. Most of the hair lies at the back. It is smoothly dragged to the back and only acquires a wavy appeal towards the tips.

# 35 Pinky Shreds

Rachel McAdams has made the choice of the pinky shreds and she is all glorious. The blend with her hair’s natural color says a lot about her sense of fashion. It is elegantly done and you can borrow it from her.

# 36 Cat Fur Long Mane

Emma Brunette is a huge cast star and she knows how to do her hair to match with such fame. Here she has chosen the long white style that goes low below the chest. It is finely combed and no detail is missing.

# 37 Dark Hue Blonde

You cannot underestimate the sense of trendiness in this hairdo. She has her impressive locks twisted and then varied in color. The dominating hue is dark giving it a healthy and refreshed appeal.

# 38 Spring Pearls

She has her way into the blonde world with this long and exquisite choice of hairstyle. It is darker at the top but fades into a whitish hue at the low ends. It goes down long and it is a wonder creation to have on you.

# 39 Caramel Blonde

As it is typical with many blondes, you do not have to struggle to look fabulous. Here she has all that you would desire in you with this simple hairstyle. It is perfection for the modern lady.

# 40 Intense Brownie with Bangs

This is not the first time you are seeing this kind of a style on a prominent lady like Jennifer Aniston, right? It has found favor among the 'who-is who’ ladies. The sides are long and impressive. Some efforts for one side bangs are made and the end result is magnificent.

# 41 Graduation Bob

A good number of ladies are obsessed with blonde hair colors and specifically the bob type. Here is a simple bob for the blondes who want an all-occasion style. It is drawn to the back and tagged under the top mop at the tips forming a blunt appearance. The front strands are longer than the back and that creates a depth variation.

# 42 Honey Bun

The hue chosen and the designing of the hair are like a honey bun. It is dark at the inner core and blurs towards the outside. It is knotted near the drop of the head. The knot has a brighter tone than the rest of hair and that is an attractive spot that will draw attention to it.

# 43 Defined Strawberry with Copper Balayage

The strawberry shade is an amazing choice for your hair as you can see in this style. The hair falls down low in an impressive fountain. It covers the head at the sides and the back. The trimmed tips give it a blunt edge adding to its outstanding beauty.

# 44 Golden Gal

This is a modified style from the soft ombre but better in every way. The lady has kept her natural hair color close to the base hue and it is a perfect match. It is intense and darker at the top but it fades into a radiant glaze towards the tips to keep a striking contrast. There are a few pop up of other shades and she is a lovely sight. She is free whether she is on a casual or formal outing.

# 45 Wild Curls

Shakira is wild with her dance and that is not as doubt. But have you had a close look at her famous hairstyles like this one? She has the looks of a wild lady and that adds to her natural beauty. The hair is left to make hundreds of curls from the roots to the tips and it is such scene to behold.

# 46 Iced Blonde

You can never guess that this lady had warm blondes before she got these icy locks. There upward dimensions at the roots giving the style a sense of depth. It is easy to have this cut and win your way to be a notable lady. This icy touch makes it unique and you would be outstanding even in a crowd.

# 47 Blunt Bi-Part

She wanted a blunt appeal and this is what came her way. Rocking, won’t you say? It is equally parted at the top and then falls over the sides. There follows acute trimming that gives it a blunt effect. It is for those who would rather have their long hair short for simplicity and ease of maintenance.

# 48 Desirable Waves

There are those who do not want acute curls and their choice would be these easy waves. It begins at the top with a smooth tone then follows subtle waves. They are impressively done and it is understandable why many of the ladies would have it. There is an effort to make it multi-dimensional but not to a greater achievement.

# 49 Golden-Black Blend

Celebrities want a distinction when it comes to the hairstyles. This is one example of such a distinction. A blend of golden and black is not an easy one to pull through but Avril Lavigne has it in perfect prettiness. The golden shade dominates with only the blackness on a few strands in the inner layer.

# 50 Copper Brownness

If there is an easy way to have your natural brown hair then here is a perfect example. This is a balayage that will not only complement you natural hair color but will give it a healthy appeal that lacks in many styles. It brings out her beauty in a subtle way but it will not miss the attention it deserves.

# 51 Fabulous Mane

It is borrowed from the wavy family but has a better appeal. Long and wavy, this dark blonde hairdo forms a guarding effect around the neck as it falls lower than the shoulder level. It would the best choice for the outgoing gal who wants to bring out the best in her.

# 52 Shadowed Platinum

A side sweep with dimensions is ideally a top blonde style. The dominating hue is a whitish brown but with a true brown shade at the roots. It is of medium size suitable for the hands-on lady.

# 53 Blurred Bob

The natural color is a dark gray that is left at the roots. The middle and tips are blurred to a honey like shade. The blush at the back overlaps the smaller side bundles and it is such an impressive finish.

# 54 Layered Gray Chops

She would have made the choice to go for white bleach but the light gray shade is a better choice. The tips are splashed with brown to create an inspiring contrast. There are sideway bangs and they do not block her eye view.

# 55 Brilliant Strands Beauty

The platinum strands are long and divided to form bundles that go way below the shoulders. Part of them form a banding groove around the head. The contrast of shades is excellently done.

# 56 Radiant Blondes

This is from the dirty blondes but done to a shiny finish. It is deep in color underlining the intention to make it noticeable. It is naturally done to complement her beauty.

# 57 Red Inspiration

They, ladies, have the freedom of color. Here she chose the red-brown shade to decorate her heavy set hair. It lies over her shoulder like it would be on a lion’s mane. It is smooth and shiny to blend with her skin tone.

# 58 Butterfly Bloom

She has her hair done to butterfly platinum. It is snowy and curled with a braided band around the top. You cannot resist from staring at her as she passes.

# 59 Darling Flip

The flip is only at the front while the rest of hair is drawn towards the back. The creamy hue gives Cara Delevingne a tranquil appearance that you would want on your head too.

# 60 Shiny Extensions

This is one of the best pieces for the blonde type. It is smooth and shiny attracting admiration from onlookers. It is wider at the ends and such is the true definition of a beautiful lady.

# 61 Blurring Ombre

The hair is reflective and smooth in texture underlining the versatility that comes with blonde hair colors. It begins with a darker ash shade at the top then that is blurred towards the ends. From the middle to the tips, the hair acquires flawless rolls that give it a distinctive feature. It is an attention-getter and the lady is happy with her looks.

# 62 Blunted Bob

Bobs are a top choice among ladies because of their simplicity and exquisiteness. The trimmed bob is so defined that it gives a sense of fashion that a lady would want in her. It has a touch of the strawberry hue and smoothened to an attractive view. Such is the creativity of the stylist and ladies would want to have it on their heads.

# 63 Long Impressive Side Flip

Flips never go wrong especially if they are done by someone who knows what they are doing. The long flip fall over the side and goes below the shoulders. It is smooth but has some twists to give it a touching appeal. The shorter side is grooved to go to the back. The hue is a perfect match for Amanda Seyfried's skin complexion.

# 64 Thick Curls with Bangs

Emma Watson has now dropped her soft and smooth blonde and goes for a curly type. The hair is styled to a short effect as it all lies over the shoulder. It is intensely curled and the rich golden shade makes it even more attractive.

# 65 Transforming Waves

Whenever you want to change your hairstyle, you should go for something that will be beautiful that many people will not notice the transition. This is what has happened here. The hair is extremely curly and the creamy color makes it even more beautiful. This is how it should be for the trend-sensitive lady.

# 66 Pastel Bowl

The taste of the bowl cut is spiced with pastel strawberry hues of blonde hair. To add more drama to the look, a few long strands of pastel purple are left to frame the face. It is an outstanding piece that will not be common.

# 67 Creamy Touch

It is lovely from the top to the bottom and thanks to the creamy hue this is going to be a hit for many women. It is smooth at the roots but develops some nicely done twists towards the tips. This is a supermodel appearance and you can as well have it.

# 68 Copper-Based Love

Guessing right, her natural hair color is light brown. So any additions should be able to resonate with this. The copper base is what she needed to underscore her natural hue and it has worked out so well. She is beautiful to the last strand.

# 69 Long Layered Blonde

There is a mixture of color from light gray to ashen appeal. The hair is long but has a shorter top layer and a longer inner section. It is brushed to a smooth effect giving her a nice complexion to go with her skin tone. It is easy to guess why so many of the ladies would want such a style.

# 70 Scattered Look

You would not define the direction that the hair is facing. It is all scattered to different directions forming a rough impression but all in a beautiful way. It is a short kind that you would not need much time to tend to. Jennifer Lawrence has made a great choice.

# 71 Short Balayage Flip

This lady has natural hair and the only addition is a light cream that makes it more colorful. It is combed to a smooth patch that does not fall long at the sides. It is not completely without some rolls and that makes it even a more natural piece.

# 72 Baby Light Foliage

She has a baby face and she needs a style that would go well with that. The foliage falls over the sides. The back section is left with a few twists and it all ends up in a magnificent appearance.

# 73 Braided Knot Cream

The cream color is an alluring attribute that would drive you to like the hairstyle. A part from the front goes round the head and it is braided to make a knot. The underlying part is smooth and finely combed to an attractive blush.

# 74 Dalliance Waves

It is as thick as anyone would wish their hair to be. The larger section is a smooth mop that is combed to a shiny luster. The lower ends are styled into waves and it is a beauty to boast about.

# 75 Textured Bob

This is a vanilla shaded bob with some efforts to add some texture to it. It is left someway in its natural form and only added to be deep in color. It is short and fits in well with her facial shape.

# 76 Intense Honey Beauty

The color of honey is one of the best choices that Scarlett Johansson could make. It gives it freshness and an attractive aura. This is a perfection of the parted sides and has a top slot in the blonde colors.

# 77 Gorgeous Locks

They are deep in color and they miss nothing a lady would want in her hair. The back low locks are left to make curls differentiate this from the rest of the close styles.

# 78 White Love with Bangs

The hair is medium in length after a trimming at the tips. It is bundled into strands that fit into each other forming a directional sense. The bangs are designed like a flip and they do not obscure the eye view.

# 79 Brilliant Twists

This is a style borrowed from famous ladies like Madonna. The hair has hundreds of twists with a deep golden hue. They go as far as the shoulders forming boulders around the head.

# 80 Brown Variance with Silver Band

A dimensional hue begins at the top. The brown varies from deep to light tone at the tips. The hair is bound in place by a silver shining band. This Charlize Theron's hairstyle is simple and sends the message of beauty.

If you have been wondering on which blonde color to go for, now you have 80 of them to choose from. This is the ultimate website that brings you the best hairstyle trends. You will get all that you need and revamp your fashion to consciousness.

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