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Are you a blonde looking to bring a revolution to your hairstyles? Bother no more as blonde hair with lowlights is the trendiest and classy way to give your hair freshness and the beauty it deserves. There are varieties of designs and the sure promise is that you will take your blonde to the next level of unrivaled hues and tones. Whatever your pick is, these 40 blonde creations will give you the glow and the admiration of everyone in your social circles.

# 1 Long Grey-Brown Perfection

There is no a better way to treat your blonde than giving it a blend of 2 perfect hues. Here the roots are treated to a deep grey shade. It is an impression of a healthy strong source for the follicles. The rest is left in blurred brown. You can spot it from afar an indication that this is an outstanding hairdo. 

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# 2 Iron Waves toned with Honey Caramel

A perfect tone paired with a perfect design is all it takes to give your hair a fresh look and rejuvenated appeal. The waves are gloriously done and every lady will be envious of the look. The honey caramel tone makes a fine finish that passers-by will not take their eyes off as you pass. That is what you get when you expertly combine your lowlights and you will be all smiles for whatever event you are attending.

# 3 Natural Color with Root Faded Balayage

Sarah Jessica Parker has one weapon of beauty: her hair. You can learn from her how to give your blonde a deserving treat. She has her hair in its natural hue but with an attempted fade at the roots. It is deep and dark rich at the low sides and as it goes towards the tips the tone seamlessly changes to a white inspiration. The balayage can never be done better than it has been by Jessica who inspired this specific hairdo.

# 4 Trimmed Rosy Love Lowlights

Are you struggling to bring out the best out of your blonde blush? The trimmed rose is the perfect and hassle-free way to get your wish. The hair is in a creamy-rose hue and left free to dance to every breeze splashing on your face. The trim finish makes it an exceptional choice and you are not about to see another one with your unique choice.

# 5 Deep Chocolate Dimensions

The choice of color for your hair says a lot about your trendiness and that is a statement every lady wants to make. The deep chocolate dimension speaks louder than any other blonde in this top 40 list. Each strand is generously tinted to look like a heavy laden honeycomb. The choice is not from the bright hues but that will not put it down in terms of grabbing attention.

# 6 Vanilla Glowing Soft Waves

You will love a glowing addition to your blonde and you will never be disappointed with what you have at the end of the day. Vanilla is not only yummy and tasty as a food flavor but it will be a rocking addition to your hair. It gives it a natural glow and your hair will be looking fresh even after a grueling day in the sun. 

# 7 Golden Light with Dimensions

Your long hair deserves a touch that will make it look healthy and preserved. The golden shade is your express ticket to give it back the live and exquisiteness. It is perfectly smoothened to be in sync with the hue and it all works to your glory. Do not me amazed if you get stop overs from ladies wanting to know where you got your hair done.

# 8 Balayage with Babylights

You know that being unique is a weapon that every lady desires to have. You have that chance to give your hair that unique angle with a balayage coupled up with inspiration from babylights. It is perfect in every sense and you can step out for any party or occasion in style. 

# 9 Parted and Layered Bob

You did not expect the bob style to be missing in this list. Yes, you guessed right and here you have it layered to a perfect fountain. The blurred brown hue gives it a sleek touch and you will be the admiration of everyone around you. Simply done but the overall effect is elegance at its best.

# 10 Thickset Ombre Locks

The ombre inspiration can take many forms and that is why a good number of ladies have it. The color is varied from deep light and that creates a pleasant contrast. The locks are finely done to make an impression and beauty statement.

# 11 Sunset Brown Kisses

This is the kind of impression you see at the west horizon as the sun sets. It is a rare hue that perfectly grooms your hair for the forthcoming big event. The styling to a canopy-like creation adds a touch of genius.

# 12 Light Strawberry Allusion

Nothing beats strawberry hue in making you a perfect fit for any occasion. The light choice is way better and you can be the perfect blonde you have always wanted to be. Make this simple do and you will never want anything else on your head.

# 13 Mix Shade Creation

At your own wish, you can have as many as 3 hues on your hair just like her. The deep dark to light brown shade complement each other and the final product is a glorious blonde that will be a rare gem. It is like a 3-color rainbow and it is uniquely exquisite.

# 14 Natural Honey Hues

Staying faithful to your hair’s color is one way to ensure that you never have to try hard to look beautiful. It is purely radiant and you do not need any other addition to have it looking perfect. The smooth touch of the brush gives it a further attractive dimension.

# 15 Inverted White Full Bob Foil

Age should not be a reason why you should not have your hair showing your beauty in every essence. The white inverted bob with foils just tells you that you are never too old to rekindle the love and beauty in your hair. It is a perfect hue and design that should never be a hard decision to make. 

# 16 Dark Brown to Dimensional Blonde

You can be a blonde any time and any how you want it with the rich choice of blonde hair with lowlights. Your dark brown hair should not be a limitation to your wish to be the perfect blonde that has been in your imagination. It is darker at the roots probably giving a hint of your natural color. The tips are lighter and that comes out as a perfect combination for a lady with class. 

# 17 Perfect Ombre Fountain

One thing with the ombre hues is that they never fail your sense of trendiness. It is glowing hot from far and it matches well with the lady’s skin tone. It is long and smooth and those are 2 attributes that every lady would give anything for. You just have to make the pick and you are on your way to glorious hair. 

# 18 Sassy Vanilla Trim

Have you ever seen Khloe Kardashian? Then you know that this is her natural hair color and you can as well have it. It is an easy to maintain shade as only a fine-tooth hair brush will keep it smooth and sparkling. If you want it shiny or naturally textured the choice is yours but be assured that whatever choice you make you will be a beauty to admire. The trimming is a good finish to make it an outstanding choice and give it some sense of uniqueness. 

# 19 Anti-breaking Bombay Blonde

It is a big nightmare for a lady when her hair has to break because of a poor choice of highlights. But that nightmare can be over if you get your hands on the Bombay themed blondes. Their color and tenacity will bring back your hair’s lost pride and you will have it done as you wish. Forget the breakage and welcome a new era with strong and attractive hair. 

# 20 Delighted Caramel Vanilla

Who said that only the bright hues can give you hair the kick and freshness that it deserves? Vanilla caramel may not be such a bright choice but it will deliver desirable shiny in your hair. Your long smooth bloom needs a complement and there is no better way than the vanilla touch. You can make a twist at the low ends but you have already made a bold statement with your choice of hue. 

# 21 Warm Depth Blonde with Bangs

Forget about the one dimension style that you have been stuck with for years. Give your blonde a warm touch with this hue and you will have all the shine and perfection in your hair. Every strand is heavily tinted and radiant. Brushing it to a smooth texture is a good way to finish it off in style. 

# 22 Barbie Blonde Variations

If you want a style that will adapt to different occasions then here you have the answer you have been searching. It is yellowish at the top and that dramatically changes to a white impression as the hair begins to fall over the sides. The curls at the tips make it even a bold style that will spell your entire wish to be exceptional and unique.

# 23 Mid-Day Light Balayage Curls

You can have your hair tone as light as you want it. Here is a perfect example of having it like the mid-day sunshine. Give your hair the light it deserves and leave it to do the rest for you. The addition of falling curls adds a ripple effect that reminds you that there all the glory in your blonde hair as long as you know what to do with it. 

# 24 Neutral Themed Dimensions

Keeping your hair close to its natural color pays off and you are sure to be impressive and easy going in maintaining it. The close to dark gray shade is a rich definition and style that brings back all the life kicking on your head. You have the finest silver bullet in your cards and you can always give your hair that perfect touch anytime and anywhere you want it.

# 25 Easy-to-maintain Balayage

Waking up to a tiresome drill of doing your hair is not a dream a lady would want. You want something that will be ready on the go. Here you have your concerns covered with an easy maintenance balayage. Right from the hue to the design you can see why every lady would be upbeat to have such an appearance. Dark at the top and faded brown at the tips makes it a close resemblance to your natural hue.

# 26 Deep Golden Chaos

Golden never goes wrong, especially when it is added to hair that is well maintained and only missing a dimensional angle. You are looking to a shiny appeal that tells you that going natural with your hair is never a choice in vain. It is layered and trimmed on the tips and you can’t ask for a better finish than what you have here.

# 27 Bright Blended Blonde

As you already know, your blonde is a direct ticket to a blending matrix. You can have all the choices of hues you want. This one is from the light blend of brown and you will never wish to change it once it is on you. It is combed to a smooth fountain running low beyond the shoulders. Whether you view it from the back or the sides, you will thank yourself for making such a choice of style and blend.

# 28 Vanilla Bob Inspiration

Yes, the bob is back and you have all you want in your style. It is brightly done to keep it fresh all the day. The trims and the back edge make it even a better choice for those who want their long mane contained. It is a wake-up and go hairdo and you will never have to worry about your looks. 

# 29 All-white Long Queen

White is the perfect answer to uniqueness and sleekness. You can have your long hair in a white themed tone. No variation of whatever sort and you will be the envy of your girlfriends as they want to look exactly like you.

# 30 Natural Red with Balayage Mild Lights

There is no shame in showing off your naturally red hair. To make it even bolder you need to do the balayage lights but with an edge towards the low shades. It is easy and you will have all the radiance in your perfect hair. 

# 31 Bleached Princess Curls

You cannot take away the curls from ladies because they will always find a clever way to bring them back in blonde hair with lowlights. The bleached brown appeal is attached to a wilderness of curls and you will be a stunning beauty if you have it on you. It is expertly designed and you are about to take your style a notch higher. 

# 32 Natural Dimensions with Shadowed Roots

Keeping it close to your natural hair is the easiest decision to make and you will never have any regret. It is easy to maintain and the hue never loses its potency. The roots are kept in their true element with a dark shadow.

# 33 Glorious Blended Sidefalls

There is an edge between light brown and gray but they both make a perfect partnership. It brings out all the hidden beauty behind your long hair. The slight trim keeps your hair within a maintenance grip and you will thank your stylist once you notice how easy it gets to retouch your hair.

# 34 Lowlight Beachywaves

Seemingly being blown by the beach breeze, here is the perfect hairdo that you should give your hair. It is gray at the roots and fades gradually to brownness. The seamless transition of hues tells you what a genius creation you have. The waves are in resonance with the overall theme. 

# 35 Brown-Red Double Layers

You are on point to have a blend of brown and red all in one. Brown makes the crown cover and exposes the red locks under it. It is an easy yet complicated expertise to have such a mix but it all ends well. 

# 36 Grey-White Coiffure

Once again, this is a mix of 2 great hues and they give a true definition of a bold lady. The roots to the middle length are richly gray. It then begins to fade into a white brown before ending in pure white at the tips. The curling effect at the ends finishes it off with swag for a lady who knows what she wants. 

# 37 Brunette-Blonde Bridge

It does not matter whether you are a brunette and you want to cross to the blonde turf. Here is an example of how the transition can be easy. Make the hue into a lowlight and you are on the other side. 

# 38 Transformational Curls

Being a blonde comes with the ease to do what you want with your hair. You can have the curls with a white hue but have the roots in dark shadows. It is perfect for you and for your looks.

# 39 Bold and Beauty Side Sweep

Having your hair in an alternation of black and brown is a bold move but the results are worth the risk. The side sweep nails it all and you know you are beautiful.

# 40 Whirlwind Gray Cream

The hue combination is a genius idea and you will be a rocking beauty. Leaving your hair in its natural element makes it a more appealing sight. Such is you if you make the bold blonde move.

Have you already made your pick? You have all you could ask for in your hairstyles ranging from the tone, hue, texture and all the dimensions you wish to have on your head. Be the lady you’ve always wanted to be by making the right blonde hair lowlights.

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