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With the turn of the New Year, the long bob haircuts have become so common with the ladies who know how to make a fashion statement in simple ways. Popularly known as bob, this has so many variations and you would get one that would fit into any beauty ensemble. So, which of the 25 cuts here will be a perfect match for you? It is not a crime to pick more than one!

# 1 Messy Tips

It all begins smooth at the middle top but that change into curls at the tips. Some distance from the ends the hair makes convulsed waves and lead to the curly ends. It is impressive from all directions and you befit the event you were planning to attend. Leaving the face in the open, you can have that cute smile and the guy next will always appreciate your beauty.

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# 2 Cute Style for the Shy Gal

She does not want to be so bold with her haircut but she can never keep away her beautiful face from prying eyes. With a small part line slanted to one side, one thick portion falls and goes to as low as the shoulders. It is not combed to a fine finish but you can see that it has tried to remain modest. Her small cute face is left in the clear but you will have a look at it only when you get closer.

# 3 Dark Hood

Looking her from the back you can never have a glance at her cheeks and forehead. It is only a black thickness that you see. It is combed to a fine finish that looks like smooth fast rain drops. The neck is completely concealed and the longer ends at the front fall over the shoulders. Whatever the intention of the lady, whether it is to go for an interview or a beauty contest, she will definitely get her wish more so because her haircut makes her a perfect candidate.

# 4 Long Whirls

Dropping from the top, the hair goes to the shoulder levels. It then makes an inward groove around the neck but without obscuring it from the front. It is combed to acute smoothness and from far you may mistake it for a piece of cloth drawn across the head. Nothing stays in the way of the gorgeous facial features leaving her looking like a newly crowned queen.

# 5 Bold and Wild

The color is a thing for the ladies and when they do it, they get impressive results. This is a mixture of hues and you cannot precisely define which one dominates the look. But one thing you cannot bargain with is the splendor you are looking at. The bundles of strands roll down in flawless waves and end with sharp tips. For those who would want a daring approach, a knotted crown would be the best bet for it. You can only praise the dexterity of the stylist who brings the entire aura of prettiness in this piece.

# 6 Red Queen with Bangs

She decides to get deeply daring and you would understand why once you look at this befitting creation. One side is thicker than the other but they all bear resemblance in length and hue variation. The blowing wind would make it look like ripples of dalliance as they swing back and forth in a natural synchronization. At the forehead, the bangs lie flat and drop to the eyelashes. There is an intention not to block the eye view.

# 7 Gray-Blonde Matrix

At the roots in the middle, the hair is dark gray. You can see a thick plume that is covering the head crown. The color changes to blondeness and that is what goes to the end though with lighter variation as you go down. It goes below the shoulder level and end in bluntness. One eye has blocked the view and this is what will raise the curiosity in you.

# 8 The Diva in Her

If you have never believed the phrase that "there is a diva in every lady" then this hairstyle should challenge your opinion. She is beautiful just by having her hair parted at the center and left to fall to as far as it goes. There is a fine tooth-comb used at the top but the effect lessens as it moves down. The ends are curled and you cannot stop wondering how such a simple design could end up being such an attractive appearance.

# 9 Graduation Long Bob

Viewed from the back it is thick and colorful. The faded pink makes it a top haircut that ladies would not think twice to have on their head. At the lower neck region, it makes some overlaps of love and you would not struggle to decipher why it is ranked highly in the bob hairstyle family. At the front it leaves the face exposed to show off all the cute features endowed on the lady.

# 10 Long Fangs with Bangs

The sides and back fall in a smooth fountain. They are bundled near the end and passed over the shoulders. They are drawn long to form what looks like fangs. At the front, thick bangs form a mat that is swept across the face when it gets near the eyebrows. It has all that a lady would want in a hairstyle whether it is simplicity or magnificence.

# 11 Top Bun with Rolls

At the middle, it is as smooth as a bun due to thorough brushing. It begins to roll once it starts the fall to the sides and the back. It makes natural twists that can be seen from far. The tips are left spiky and it is such an appearance that exudes nothing less than a woman’s power to be on top of her looks.

# 12 Long Canopy

It can get long and impressive just like you can see in this lady. The hair is parted at the middle top and falls to the sides. It is combed to a precise smoothness to give it a flawless drip just like a natural fountain would be like. The hair is then given a slight push to fall over the front forming a guarding shield around the face.

# 13 Colorful Crown

A variation of blue and gray is what makes this long bob haircut a must-have for the trendy lady. The hair is drawn to a single thick bundle, finely combed and left with its tips naturally sharp. It is such a top style that will be the talk of your town. Radiant colors on ladies never go wrong and here is another chance to go bold.

# 14 Chopped Bundles with Curls

The drop begins from the tip of the head in a smooth tone. As it goes down, it begins to part in smaller portions each rolled like a meat chop. They are curly and spiky at the tips. It is leaving the hair in its natural element and it does not disappoint the girl who is looking sleek and urbane.

# 15 Layered Impression

The hair is parted into unequal portions ad this results to a layering impression. There are the falls to the opposite directions and they go as low as beyond the shoulders. The thicker side cover the entire cheek and ears while the sparse one fall behind the ear creating a contrast. They both end at the front of the temples with blunt tips. It is simple yet you cannot underestimate the overall creation of an angelic prettiness.

# 16 Fountains of Beauty

In light shades, the hair falls to the sides and goes all the way beyond the shoulders. On the rising loop, one end goes higher than the other but they both fall to the same length. This lady will get stares her way thanks to her style to keep it real and powerful with her hair. Everything is so right that she would not need any further complement to be declared a diva.

# 17 Sunset Waves

In color, this hair resembles the setting sun over the west horizon. The glow is not strong but it will still be noticeable from afar. It is thicker on one part while the other is leaner but they all remain the same in length. There is a tendency not to brush the hair and it is left with natural waves that make this a unique pick since most ladies would go for a smoother finish. The tips are not trimmed and it rests over the shoulder. Only a few strands pass over the forehead but they do not obscure anything you should want to see.

# 18 Modern Classic Flip

Hairstyles always keep pace with changing times and seasons. She has her hair flipped to one thick side and it drops almost to the shoulder level but it makes no contact. The back and sides are trimmed to a blunt finish but they are longer at the front strands. One eye (the one on the thicker side) is concealed and that gives it the modern taste of the long lob.

# 19 Beautiful Lobs

The good thing for the ladies is that a simple haircut would make her a top model without the need to do anything more. This is what such a beautiful design has done to this fair lady. A not-so-clear parting line divides the mane and each falls the opposite way. It is smooth at the top but it starts to get curly midway of the dropping length. They end up resting over the shoulders in an attractive pose that you can’t resist having a look. The face is slightly touched by strands but the bigger part is left blazing in beauty.

# 20 Grooved Cheeks

You would think that the hair is a natural part of the cheeks. It makes smooth grooves around them and you will be amazed by the many stops you get being asked who did the styling. The hair is equally portioned from the top and combed to the fine mat that follows the side falls of the head. At one end, half of the forehead is banged and this adds to the glamor in this style. It may be a simple hairdo but it achieves what a modern lady would want in her haircut.

# 21 Smooth and Elegant

Call her the queen of bobs because that is what her hairstyle says. Proportionally parted at the top, the hair drops with acute smoothness and each side ends in a unified bundle below the chin. They are pointed at the ends and that is a way to keep her exclusively pretty to the last details.

# 22 Banged Wonder Curls

It is never a convention that the lobs should be refined and smooth; you can have them curled like this lady. The patch at the top is smooth but as it begins to fall a rough tone takes over. Laces and laces of curls cover the back and sides. Short impressive bangs remain parched at the forehead and it is such a defined appealing appearance.

# 23 Blond Side Flip

The smile says that she knows that she is cute and you can attest to that. You can have the hair flipped to one side and then left to run long without any sort of trim. This is a versatile style since you can as well draw the hair to the back but this time, you give it a trim for it to adhere to the code of all other bobs.

# 24 Rounded Appearance

It is thick at the midway of the falling hair. This gives it an attractive roundness only broken at the forehead. Bundles of strands are not combed to uniformity as they are left to form layers over each other.

# 25 Wavy Haute

Bundles of strands interlace over each other and you would not clearly define what the stylist wanted to achieve. But that is the mystery in this style that would compel you to choose it. It is rough towards the ends and falls longer at the front.

How’s that now you have a list of 25 of the best long bob haircuts? You can make your choice today and bring a revolution to your femininity. The harder part has been done for you and what remains is to make a pick. Keep watch on this space for more inspiring hairstyles that will keep a fresh look on your head for every occasion you are attending.

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