80 Lovely Box Braids Styles – How To Enhance The Beauty

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# 2 Small Box Braids

Stylist dyed thin plaits in a beautiful dark-brown hue. And now you can make any do you want with them. For example, the top bun will look exquisite with your brownish hair or high ponytail with braids falling in a free fountain.

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# 2 Small Box Braids

Stylist dyed thin plaits in a beautiful dark-brown hue. And now you can make any do you want with them. For example, the top bun will look exquisite with your brownish hair or high ponytail with braids falling in a free fountain.

# 3 Unbound with Bead Embellishments

In this style, hairs are braided in small box bindings which have beautiful accessories on them. Small bead embellishments are very versatile so you can find the ones that will bring out your eyes or mix well with your make-up. The most popular are gold ones with some sparkly stones. You can only imagine how beautifully they glitter in the sun.

# 4 Perfect Cornrows

Here, two sets of cornrows are made: the first one on sides has thick and twisted binding, the second one styled with tiny worm-like rows. After that, perfect hairdo is gathered on the crown of the head and secured with a scrunchy that holds this high ponytail firmly. Only instead of falling hair, box braids are coming out of the tail.

# 5 Half Updo

Caramel braids with white highlights are divided into two sections. The top one is folded into a large bun, the rest of the hair is freely moving downwards. It is a very stylish look for the girls with dark skin tones because the combination of the caramel hair and tanned body is marvelous.

# 6 Rainbow Turns Heads

It is summer soon, so it is about time brightening up your looks, and the best way to do that is to make colorful box braids styles. There are two options for you; you can either dye your hair in rainbow hues and then get the binding done, or leave your natural color and ask the hairdresser to weave some bright fabric into your hair. Either way, starting with the cornrows these stylish braids will get you the attention of the boy you like.

# 7 Blonde Luxury

It is another fabulous style for tanned girls. This look is very sunny and cheerful, so you should call your hairdresser as soon as possible and go to the beach after that. Hair is temptingly swept to one side, and cool braids are falling on the shoulder.

# 8 Tiny Laces in Tribal Style

In this look, tiny cornrows are ending with small box braids which are then folded in the full and massive weaving. For the tribal design, the thin leather cloth was twirled around the braid. You can even make it a little bit luxuriant and add some hairpieces with precious stones on them.

# 9 Stylish Wife

To rock the entire image, bright red and stylish bandana encircles the head and leaves neatly made hair plaits fall to the back. In some way it is wife's style, only it is trendy and cool-looking due to the amazing box braids.

# 10 Simple and Quick

This look is perfect for busy ladies who do not have much time for maintaining their hair. Mane has been parted in the middle, and then top braids are brought back and secured with hairpins. It is very comfortable style because hair won’t fall on your face and won’t block the eye view.

# 11 Pink Bob with a Top Bun

Box braids can also come in short bob form, and this style is amazingly trendy. Pink folds look good on the girls with dark skin tones. For a change, you can also create a large pink bun on top of your head, and left some strands loose.

# 12 Ponytail Dalliance

Have you ever noticed how a simple high ponytail makes entire image look cute? But with the box braids, it looks even better. Instead of using a flat scrunchy you can make a twist with your strands and secure the tail in place. In this style, braids come in two colors – black and light-brown which highlights the sweet image.

# 13 Saba Hairstyle

Many years back this style was very popular in Nigeria, and it was called Saba, but now it is famous worldwide, and everyone call them box braids. They are very versatile, and you can make with your gorgeous hair whatever you want. If you are not into long plaits, then this style will suit you perfectly. Regular parting in the middle and cheekbones length braiding are the main features of the style.

# 14 Funky Punk

These smooth funky braids have been gathered in a most popular bun style which in some way resembles a wide Mohawk. It is easy to maintain, and you can wear it on special occasions or every day and always look astonishing.

# 15 Huge Ball

For this style, you should ask your hairdresser to make very long plaits because only if there are lots of them, and they are lengthy, you can create the huge bun which looks more like a ball. Try adding some garish makeup and you will attract awe glances from the passers-by.

# 16 Red-White Streams

Girls prefer to make this kind of braids out of cornrows. There are some disadvantages though because you won’t be able to do a top bun or high ponytail with this style. But in any case, the red-white streams of neatly made bindings look astonishing, and you can always go for a lower knot or thick ponytail at the nape.

# 17 Blue Highlights

All hair is divided into two sections, and the messy ponytail is made from braids on top. This fancy style is perfect for the girls with thick and dark hair. You can also add some blue highlights to your image of a fashionable rebellious lady.

# 18 Artistic Curled Bun

It is a very compilated task creating an elegant updo on the hair, and girl should consider visiting professional in this case. But, if you do bright colored box braids, you will be able to implement any style you want. For example, you can do two large buns – one on top the other one on the crown of your head. They can be either regular knots or some complex binding and twisting of the strands.

# 19 Small and Edgy

In this style, hair has three colors on it – the dark natural one, white and pink. Each braid when moving downwards is splitting into a couple of new small ones. They are not straight but made a little bit messy and edgy. It will take much more time making them than the regular bigger ones, so you have to be patient and wait while the hairdresser is doing his magic.

# 20 Twisted Tower

You have already noticed that buns made from the braids become abundant and luxuriant. But it is vital to choose perfect coloring. You can go for caramel or cream colors or combine them together in a beautiful play of different shades.

# 21 Little Hat

It is another great design which you can pull off with your box weaves and for that all you have to do is gather hair on top of the head in a shape of a cute little hat. Each strand is moving up in a reducing manner forming a braided pyramid. You can secure all the beauty with some hairpins. The rest of the mane is hanging loose.

# 22 Kanekalon Perfection

It is very hard to grow long hair: you should apply different masks and wait for them to work. But we live in a progressive world where everything happens so quickly. So if you want to make box braids but you do not wish to wait years until your hairs grow long enough, ask your hairdresser for Kanekalon plaits. Kanekalon is a synthetic fiber from which modern wigs and dreads are made, but you can also use them for making magnificent multicolored perfection.

# 23 Braided Maze

This design involves complicated braiding on your head, where each line has its precise position. It is a masterpiece with cornrows which ends with fabulous blonde weaves. Cornrows are gathered on the crown of the head and interweaved in a thick braid.

# 24 Reddish Horns

Another variation of box plaits and cornrows combo demonstrates the perfect result of laborious work. The stylist decided that it is not enough and made punky red horns, or, in other words, two cute buns on the top of the head. Be trendy with the adorable box braids styles.

# 25 Web of Snakes

Snake-like weaves are crawling on the head and forming a magnificent crown. Like a Medusa Gorgon you will charm everyone with you hairdo, only be careful, sometimes all the attention you receive wearing this style will be overwhelming, but only in a right way. An excellent job was done on this hair by a skilled hairdresser who made sure that the girl with such design will be a real goddess.

# 26 Blue Cords

These braids are done so precisely that they seem like cords protruding from the head. Lovely blue hue adds some techno style to the whole hairdo. The “cords” are twisted into a messy bun with locks sticking out of it. The folds are made small, but you can go to extremes and create large full braids.

# 27 Sweet Hairband

In this style, weaves have natural dark-brown coloring and classic below shoulder length. The braids on top form a beautiful hairband which encircles the head and enlivens all the design. Nice-looking hue and sweet style on top make this style one of the most desired images out there, and it is very easy to maintain.

# 28 Unexpected Long Bangs

Most of the times, all the hair is braided into box bindings, and there are no strands left loose, but this unusual approach denies the simplicity and classic. It has long straight bangs in front, and they are forming a side swept fringe and dropped to the side. The weaves are made from blonde colored Kanekalon to match the lady’s hair color.

# 29 Sexy Mohawk

Mohawk is not that easy to set, and usually, you need to use a lot of hair product for a firm hold to make it right. But this style is a way out of that complication. The design starts with neat cornrows on the sides and box braids on the crown of the head which have a brown color different to the black one on sides. All the weaves are brought back and firmly secured. The whole image shows off confidence and sense of style.

# 30 Diamond Rings

Chic girls know that to enhance the beauty of any hairstyle one should use embellishments or other cool accessories. Costume jewelry is ideal for that, but if you can afford it you can go for real diamond rings, and put them on your thick and rich bindings. They will sparkle amazingly in the sun and will create a gorgeous image of a real queen.

# 31 Extreme Undercut

One of the sides is extremely shaved, almost to the crown, the other one is cut above the ear, and a luxuriant bun of multicolored braids is created on top. The coolest design is suitable for smart girls who like to attract attention and who do not need to go to the official events and offices because due to the style's bright colors and rebellious buzzed sides it won’t be appropriate.

# 32 Hippies Band

Hippies used to wear flowing hair and some bright band which encircled the head. It was a great design which is occasionally worn by stylish ladies nowadays. You can also try it out on your newly made box bindings. The style is very simple, and the only thing you need to find is a bright and stylish hairband which you can put on your head.

# 33 Braided Beret

There are plenty of ways you can choose to look fantastic, and this is one of them. In this variation, box braids are folded in a cute band which resembles a black beret hat. Some bead embellishments lighten up the pitch black hair.

# 34 Braids for the Queen B

Celebrities always were and will be the trendsetters due to their crazy popularity. And Beyoncé is not an exception to that rule. When she had decided to make long light-brown box braids, girls all over the globe started terrorizing their hairdressers with the requests of making the same style as the famous singer has.

# 35 Black Kissing Pink

Ombre design is very versatile nowadays and at this point, you can even order ombre braiding hair and ask your hairdresser to set it for you. It is an excellent choice for the girls who do not have a thick mop on their heads but still wish to have those beautifully weaved plaits.

# 36 Huge Box Braids

This extreme style is splendid for young girls who can experiment with their hair as they or their mothers like. In this design, hair is divided into three sections and from each part a thick braid is made. It does not involve any fabric or other artificial hair because the girl has a thick mop of her hair on the head.

# 37 Top Hat

The weaved braids are folded in a shape of a cylinder and firmly secured with bobby pins. Some of the bindings are left untouched, and this feature is enhancing the whole beauty of the image.

# 38 Neat Transition

Large cornrows are smoothly changing into the box plaiting which is then folded into a low and big bun. The plaits come out rich and luxuriant due to the fine structure of African American hair. Styling this updo won’t take much time because as opposed to regular bindings these are made thick.

# 39 Complicated Copper Updo

Beautiful hairdressing has a complicated pattern of twisted and entwined plaits. Black and copper mane is folded in a shape of a fancy hat which covers all the hair area. This design looks sophisticated and luxuriant; you can wear it to any formal or informal event and stand out from the rest.

# 40 Gorgeous Hair Inspiration

The braids are laid in an elegant updo at the nape. Only one plait is left falling freely to the shoulder adding some cuteness to the image. The entire mane is side swept and then the larger part of it twisted into a tight knot at the back of the head. The hairdo is perfect for elegant and modern ladies who want to be stylish and classic at the same time.

# 41 Senegal Box Braids

Every girl dreams of a boys’ attention, and every girl will have it if she does the Senegal amazing plaits. They are abundant and luxuriant and can be made in any updo you like. You can quickly fold them into a high bun or make a delicate, complicated pattern from them on your head.

# 42 Black and Burgundy

This design represents the confidence and boldness of a trendy lady. Massive black-burgundy plaits are folded at the back in a half ponytail. To achieve this incredible look, you need to turn to your skilled hairdresser.

# 43 Grey and Velvety

Short bindings appear very cozy due to its velvety structure and lovely warm gray color. They are swept to one side and resemble a famous bob haircut only made from braids. Some of them are shorter than the others, and this fact makes the whole hairstyle voluminous.

# 44 Black Grey Ombre

It is another variation of ombre braiding that looks exquisite. For better look you can put on a white hairband with a stylish knot on top. You can do almost everything with such bindings, and each style is yours to take, starting with a high bun and ending with elegant and complicated updo.

# 45 Indian Style

Expensive embellishment with different coins on lace will be a great asset to any hairstyle, especially to the one which involves weaved hair. Mane is divided into two sections, and a sweet bun is created on the upper one. The lower plaits are richly flowing to the shoulders. In this style, ombre braiding hair has a beautiful black shadow on the roots and gray with a shade of purple braids.

# 46 Goddess Halo

This gorgeous and creative style involves long dark-red with red highlights plaits that are neatly laid on the crown of the head. It is shaped in a form of a massive halo, and some small braids are falling on one side resembling long bangs. With the addition of a great accessories and makeup, you will look outstanding at any party.

# 47 Purple Haze

There is no better way to enrich your hairstyle than dyeing it in some remarkable and trendy color such as purple. In this style, box braids are very long and neatly done showing the great professional work. It is not a secret that for the best result it is better to find a skilled hairdresser because the first thing people take notice of is the appearance. So your hair, makeup, and clothes have to be top notch and with this do you will get what you want.

# 48 Braided Top Bun

Black with a dark shade of purple this design is a real eye-catcher. The girl wearing it will always be popular among others because it is impossible to take eyes off it. First, the hair is side swept, and then a big top bun is made from all the braided beauty. It is essential to create this style without any visible pins as if the whole hairdo holds itself. The very best image is for a stylish gal.

# 49 Beautiful Messiness

Usually, box braids look neatly, and it is quite difficult achieving messy appearance when you are wearing them. But there is a solution, all you have to do is gather plaits on top in a half ponytail, where the braids are not coming out entirely out of a hairband. For a better look, you should leave some braids falling freely to the shoulders. The messiness on top will be accomplished due to the plaits in a circle-shape which are coming from the ponytail.

# 50 Rich Volcano

When looking at this hairstyle from above, one can see all the impressive styling done. Big braids are brought to the top and folded in a massive bun which resembles a volcano with its dark saturated brown color and crater in the middle. You can be a little bit creative and make the braids smaller, this way the bun will turn out even bigger.

# 51 Sleepy Head

Grunge is becoming more and more popular nowadays: torn jeans, messy hairstyles, and granny’s sweater are main features of the new adorable image. In this look, braids are gathered high on the top, so all the locks are falling onto the forehead, blocking the eye view. Some strands were not picked into a ponytail and left loose moving downward.

# 52 Double Bun

For this look, you should ask your hairdresser to make small box braids which will be very easy to set in different styles. You can make one huge bun or two smaller twin ones which will add some cuteness to the whole image. Do not forget to take care of your locks because it is essential for high hairdos. You should use only high-quality hair products for your neat plaits.

# 53 Metal Wire

Bead embellishments are not the only thing you could put on your hair; shiny metal wires weaved into the braids will make the entire design look exquisite and unusual. In this style, plaits are not very long and made in a bob cut shape.

# 54 Pastel Inspiration

Summer is coming and all the girl needs to think of is a sunny and cheerful hairstyles. The best way to achieve it is to dye your hair in pastel hues, or if you do not want to go through all that coloring, you can choose Kanekalon fiber which comes in different shades. To make this look even more bright, you can create a full chaotic knot on the top of your head.

# 55 Grecian Beauty

Burgundy box braids are laid firmly on the crown of the head and a hair piece in a form of an ancient tiara is beautifying the whole image. The girl should not forget about the accessories, with them even the dullest hairstyle will look unique. Mixing several different colors is also a good idea, for example, gold embellishments are looking great with bright red hair.

# 56 Curly Glam Bindings

As you probably have noticed by now that box braids do not have any small tails left, the braiding comes all the way. But in this style, curly hair tips are left untouched, and they are improving the image very much. Each binding has some distinctive color on it, so the style looks lovely, but it is not the best option for the formal events.

# 57 Queen Image

The style is very glamorous, and the embellishments play the central part in it. On the crown of the head, a large braided bun is created, it is so big that it seems like it has the same size as the head does. Luxury silver jewelry with black stones adds some mystic queen appearance. It is a great look for the sophisticated women who know how to attract attention.

# 58 Cute Unicorn Style

The sweet bun made on the top exactly above the forehead resembles a unicorn horn. It looks very gentle and cheerful in some way. The other knot is twisted on the back of the head, so they are positioned parallel one to another.

# 59 Flowery Band

Well-made long blonde box braids are richly falling downward, and they look astonishing. But in combination with the flowery band which encircles the head, the whole image is one of a million. If you are bold and stylish then this look is for you. The fancy band has red and black blossoms on it making the winning contrast to the white folding.

# 60 Heavy Tail

It is hard to call it a ponytail because it is a full horse tail – rich, thick and beautiful. It has been done exactly at the nape and falls to the back. The style is very simple, but the appearance of it will take your breath away.

# 61 Side Swept Huge Plaits

In this hairstyle, braids are swept to one side leaving the other one free of any hairs. The loosened ponytail looks massive, and the single plait is entwined around it. It won’t be very comfortable wearing this design because hair will fall to the face but nevertheless, it looks very sexy.

# 62 Purple Ball

It is another variation on a top bun made from box braids, where half of the hair is falling freely to the shoulder, and the other higher one is folded into a tight purple ball. If you add some great accessories, the image will gain the national character.

# 63 Sweet Girl

It is the easiest box braid style there is, but it looks astonishing with its neat weaved hair and bright neon blue scrunchies. All the hair left long except for a couple of plaits on top which are made in two high and cute ponytails.

# 64 Undercut Precision

The hair braided in big jumbo braids which are falling to one side. There are some sparkly embellishments added to the image, and they are enhancing the beauty of it. Sides of the head are neatly cropped, and the undercut style excellently combines with rich plaiting.

# 65 Doubled Attractiveness

The hair is braided into two large cornrows which moving and changing into long box bindings. The black hair mixes with the caramel hue, and it looks fantastic. Plaits are falling as far as the hips and even though braids are not the best option for a formal event; this image will look amazingly on some black-tie event.

# 66 Braided Crush

This weaved hair is made in a form of an asymmetrical bob, and it looks exquisite. The locks on the nape cut in a horseshoe shape are a distinctive feature of this style. Some plaits are swept to one side only making the asymmetric more visible.

# 67 Oversized French Braid

Who would not want such a sweet and luxuriant plait? It is very easy to achieve, all you have to do is request box braids from your hairdresser and then bind them in an oversized braid.

# 68 Snail Shell

In this style, weaved hair is dyed in two different colors – light and dark shade of brown, the most beneficial combo ever. Then the braids are folded on the nape in what appearance like a snail shell. The bindings in front are neatly laid in a voluminous manner. This hairdo is an excellent choice for the girls who like to party.

# 69 Trendy Inspirations

The massive plait is created on top of the head, and it is brought back in a wavy shape which is partially falling on the forehead. In the back, it is folded into the huge braided bun which resembles a chic queen style.

# 70 Massive Twist

Not every girl can be a queen, but you can with this exceptional design where all the plaits are gathered and wrapped encircling the head in a shape of a grand crown. Some bead embellishments are emphasizing on the richness of this do. You will never be out of style with such a cool twisted top.

# 71 Twisted Helmet

The options are versatile with box braiding so you should try this one because wearing it you will stand out in the crowd. Bright blue and pitch dark braids are folded in an intricate and high form on top of the head.

# 72 Circles on the Head

The folded circles are neatly moving on the head and heading downwards. They are very long and beautiful, and lovely blue hue only makes them better.

# 73 Fabulous Updo

Dark-brown plaits with one or two red ones are twisted in a massive updo on the head crown. The girl with such a hairstyle is going to some fancy party where she will have the opportunity to show off her new and fabulous design.

# 74 Red Band In-Between

In this style, all hair is divided into two broad sections, the first one on top has a twisted bun and the lower one folded into an elegant updo. Between them, a red and bright band is tied separating those two parts.

# 75 Extreme Binding

The sides are neatly shaved, and hair on top is braided into small multicolored weaves. After that, all of them are folded in a high Mohawk with some complicated twisting on it.

# 76 Complicated Folding

This is another option which you can choose for your style. In here, all plaits are gathered on the top and back of the head where they are entwined and twisted in a complicated design.

# 77 Head Flower

Red carpet requires style and beauty, and this do will give you everything. Hairs on top create a big and fancy flower shape which is firmly secured with some bobby pins. The entire look shows that the owner is trendy in every sense of the word.

# 78 Caramel on Black Background

In this style, black roots are playing a significant role of a stylish background for sweet caramel box braids. They all picked in a high and wide ponytail where all the bindings are nicely falling downward.

# 79 Sassy Chic

This style is for a bold woman who likes trying something new. The hair on top is gathered in a small and cute bun which is very similar to a tennis ball. Try it out some time and you will catch prying eyes on you.

# 80 Wide Fishtail

There is nothing unusual about this haircut but it is mesmerizing, and one cannot take the eyes off it. All the braids are weaved in a classic fishtail, which in the end appears very broad and cool-looking.

When you already came home from your hairdresser with neatly done plaits, you should consider trying some of the gorgeous 80 box braid styles described above. You can go for a crazy bun or regular fishtail, but know this – with such a challenging and luxuriant braiding your hair will always look exquisite. The main thing is to find a talented master who will do the job perfectly. After that fold them in a snail shell or leave them freely falling to the shoulders and impress your friends with a cool style you have got.

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