60 Cute Braids For Kids – Adorable Styles For Little Princesses

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# 2 Beaded and Braided Pigtails

This fabulous style for black kids will make every little girl happy. It shows a creative way to braid the hair very close to the scalp and the braided pigtails are also very cute. You can also add some beautiful beads to spice up the look.

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# 2 Beaded and Braided Pigtails

This fabulous style for black kids will make every little girl happy. It shows a creative way to braid the hair very close to the scalp and the braided pigtails are also very cute. You can also add some beautiful beads to spice up the look.

# 3 Crochet Braid Designs

Crochets are amazing for adults, but they will also look lovely on your little girl. Even if she does not have very thick and long hairs you can still use extensions to give her perfect braids. However, if you do not know how to do them right, you should use the services of a professional as they can be quite challenging to make.

# 4 Lovely Crown Braid

Although cornrows make a great hairstyle for your little princess, she looks prettier if you add another element of interest to her style such as a lovely crown. If she has long locks you can make the design with her hair but if not you should use some extensions.

# 5 Creative Double Braids with Fishtail

Kids have some nice healthy strands, and this makes it easier to give them unique braids like in this style. Here the design is made from two medium size side braids that meet to form a fishtail at the back. Some colorful pins are then arranged between the two braids to spice up the look.

# 6 Box Braid Pony

Box braids are fabulous if you weave them well, and you also have to come up with a unique design so that your kid can stand out. In this style, the box braids are held in a pony at the back while the crown has a simple design.

# 7 Simple and Pretty Rows

Since kids already have beautiful, healthy strands, you do not have to give them very intricate styles for them to look cute. Simple rows can also make a great style, and you will only need to tie them together at the back to finish the lovely design.

# 8 Pull-Through Braid

The massive braid in this style is very cute and also simple to make if you know how to do it. Pull through braid is made not only through weaving but also using small rubber bands to hold different sections of the long design in place. It looks particularly cute on blonde or any other bright hair color.

# 9 Stunning Princess Crown

His massive crown is gorgeous, and your little girl will love it. It is also not very intricate, and so she will not have to sit down for long before you are through. In fact, once you get used to the design it can be one of those quick hairdos that you give her on the go when you do not have a lot of time.

# 10 Braids Into Messy Buns

It is amazing just how some parents and stylists can create something simple but still very pretty on their girls head. For example, this style only involves four braids that end in two messy buns at the back. Here you only have to section her hair into four parts, braid each section and then you style them.

# 11 Lose French Braid

Lack of time should never be an excuse for not giving your kid a fabulous headdress as many designs will only take you a couple of minutes. This loose massive French braid is a good example as it brings all her hairs into one piece in the middle of the head and finishes it off with a cute fishtail at the back.

# 12 Kinky Twists for Curly Hair

This style will take more time to create, but it is worth the effort especially on African Americans. There are three parts in the design with the first one being the curly kinky twists over the forehead. The other two parts are the tightly plaited rows and twist design at the back where they end.

# 13 Heart Shaped Starburst Braid

If your kid has this style on her head, then you will be the happiest parent ever and every time you look at her you can't help but smile. The heart shape is fantastic and looks very stylish, but it will need some skills to get it right. The lovely butterfly clip at the back also adds to the beauty

# 14 Crisscrossing Plaits

Most people will probably shy away from this design because it looks very complicated. However, it is very simple, and you only need to figure out how to arrange the crisscrossing braids to create the pattern. You can be sure that the style will look great on your girl and so it is worth trying out

# 15 Dutch Braid Heart

This style comes from different sizes of Dutch braids with the smallest one creating a fabulous heart shape at the center of the head. The largest Dutch braid is used to frame it, and you will also need some pins to hold some sections of the design in place.

# 16 Curvy Cornrows with Beads

Curvy cornrows will make your kids look cute and also unique, and you can make things even better with some beads. The beads should be on the ends of the cornrows that are tied to create a fabulous design on the sides.

# 17 Fancy Reverse Pull Through Plaits

There are two reverse pull through braids in this style, but it is very detailed. The braids are tied into a high bun on the crown to create a distinct look that will make your kid feel cute and look forward to showing off her hairdo.

# 18 Natural and Simple

Whether you are creating a foundation for some crochet braids or just want to give your kid an easy and quick hairdo, then this style will be perfect. It is as simple as they get and you only need to know how to weave hair.

# 19 Lace Crown Braid

This design will be ideal when you want to create an updo as it holds everything together in an incredible crown design. It involves weaving the hairs into a lace braid made from chunky locks. Although the design is fantastic, the size of the chunky strands makes this an attractive crown style to try on your kid.

# 20 Twist Bun and French Braid

If you want your child always to look sharp, then you should learn how to do a French braid as it will give you more styling options than you will ever need. This design is a perfect example of this, and it involves a large twist bun at the top from where a French plait flows to the back.

# 21 Zigzag Plait

You can add a twist to the popular design that involves French braid flowing in the middle to the back. This style demonstrates one way to do this, and it is also very simple. All you should do is to have the weaved lock flow in a zigzag pattern rather than straight.

# 22 Cute Headband

Even if you do not have the time or you simply do not know how to create intricate styles you can still design something cute for your daughter. In this design, for example, a few strands are plaited into a headband and then the rest of the hair forms a simple bun.

# 23 Low Dutch Braids

Although it might look different, these are just ordinary Dutch braids with the only unusual thing being that they are kept low compared to other designs. They are very cute and seem to work much better for long locks. The hard part created in the middle also spices up the look and will make your girl feel confident. Although it might be a simple style, you still have to know how to weave the Dutch designs.

# 24 Neat Heidi Locks

Heidi Plaits look complicated, but most people only have issues with making then hold for an entire day especially given the fact that little girls are very active. However, to make this hairdo you only need to create two side pigtails high on the head and pin them to the head but make sure that your pins are tight enough. You should then finish the look with some cute bows.

# 25 Heart Shaped Cornrows and a Pony

The pattern in this style is stunning, and it can convince any parent to try it on their kid. Apart from the excellent heart-shaped design that the cornrows create, they are also tied to form a side pony.

# 26 Four Lace Perfection

If you know how to weave hair correctly, you can create magnificent styles effortlessly. The only things that you need in this particular design are to develop two lace braids on both sides of the head and then tie their ends at the back with a cute band or ribbon.

# 27 Rope Twists and Side Ponytail

Even if you know nothing about twists, you will have little or no trouble figuring out how to create this style. For this to look cute on your girl, you should rope twists the back and use rubber bands to style the hair into this design. The twists in this style end on the side where they join the hairs from the front to create a cute side ponytail.

# 28 Four Strand Ribbon Braids

The four strand design gives your kid a unique way to wear their favorite colors as part of their hairdo. Here you should add a ribbon on the two braids on the sides and weave them together. The ribbon adds a lovely color to the design and makes it look splendid. You should finish the style by creating a ponytail at the back using the fabric.

# 29 Wrap Around French Lace

Little girls are very choosy and conscious about how they look, and this applies in particular when it come to their hair. To make sure that you do not get a sad face or endless complaints you should give her something that will make her stand out like this French lace braid that is wrapped around to create a braided bun.

# 30 Creative Twists

This pull through inspired twist style is charming and also unique. It is a quick hairdo for a skilled person but if you have never done it before it will take you a lot of time to figure it out, and so you should make sure that you have something to keep your kid busy as you work on her hair.

# 31 Curly Braided Mohawk

The curly Mohawk in this style comes from finishing the braids at the middle section of the head rather than the back or sides that are more prevalent. Since the braids are very compact, you will not need to tie the Mohawk with anything as it is neat enough.

# 32 Dutch Updo

This chunky Dutch braid updo is both smart and cute, and it will be hard for your kid not to like it. Since it is massive it will also be easier to make but if you do not make it tight enough holding for an entire day will probably not be possible.

# 33 Side Fishtail with a Bow

A fishtail will help you get a chunky braid even if you do not have a thick hair. Making it loose makes thing interesting, and the flowing fishtail accentuates the little girls face for a cute look, and you can also add a bow to the design.

# 34 Plaited Knot Bun

This design is perfect for the outdoors when your kid just wants to go and have fun with her friends. It features two medium size braids that flow from different directions but join to create a neat knot bun at the back.

# 35 Sophisticated and Gorgeous

When looking at this style what you see is a network of small braids that join to a massive one that flows to the back. This design is gorgeous but it is quite challenging to design, and so it is one of those styles that you will have no option than to take your child to a professional.

# 36 Lacy Basket Weave Braid

The pattern in this hairdo is fantastic, and it helps to bring out a very fancy look. The basket weave braid is also designed to have a pull-through pattern that has a ribbon twisted on it. You can finish with a cute design on the back of the head where the ribbon ties the twists together.

# 37 Crochet Braid and a Side Bun

Keeping things simple will always do the trick since your little angel already has gorgeous hairs. The crochets in this style are an example of this since all that you need is to weave them into a neat pattern then tie the ends on the sides to create a twisted side bun.

# 38 Diagonal Rows with Beads

Even if you do not know how to do fancy or sophisticated styles, you can still make your little girl look beautiful by spicing up a simple style. Rather than giving her cornrows that flow to the back you can make them diagonal and finish them with some beads.

# 39 Classic Crochet Pony

The bow in this style will make your child euphoric, but the hairstyle is also top notch. A crochet bun will make a great hairdo for any little girls, and the design is also very easy as it is very straightforward. The only thing that may be tricky to make is kinky twists that protrude from the pony.

# 40 Fancy Patterns for Kids

Although children may not be very patient to sit down as you do their hair, they are also better to work on than adults as they will appreciate anything that makes them look fancy. In this style, for example, there are two French twists on the sides while two smaller ones are weaved to create a cute ladder pattern.

# 41 Braided Top Bun

This top bun is beautiful, and any kid will love to have it on their head. It is also impeccable, and easy to style since all you should do is to create a tucked-in top bun and a wrap-around twist. You can also use a ribbon to give it some color or a cute pink bow.

# 42 Side French Braid with Cute Patterns

A big side French braid is the focal point in this headdress, but it is not the only thing that makes this little princess look cute. Apart from the twist, there is also an intricate pattern created by crisscrossing locks with rubber bands to keep the design in place. The design is very creative, but the colorful bands also help to enhance the beauty.

# 43 The French Fishtail

Very few people will be able to figure out that this is just an ordinary French fishtail as it has a very creative twist. Rather than have it flowing to the back like in other styles it should be designed to go all the way down on one side and over the shoulders.

# 44 Pretty and Classy

Little girls are very sensitive to their looks, and they always want something that will make them look different, and so this design will be perfect for your little angel. Here the braid starts from the side and curves through the other side to end at the tucked-in bun at the back of the head.

# 45 The Incomplete Crown

Crown braids are beautiful but they all look the same but with a little creativity you can make your kid look different. In this style, for example, the crown is made unique by the fact that it is incomplete on one side. Rather than take it all the way round the head, you can make the weaved hair flow down from the side.

# 46 Lovely Underhand Braids

Underhand braids may not be as straightforward as other designs, but once you figure out how to do them, you will be able to create incredible designs for your little girl. In this style, for example, they are used to create a very distinct pattern that your girl will want to keep for a long time.

# 47 Flower Braid Updo

Flower braids are very detailed and fancy, and they also look very complicated to make, but they are not if you know how to go about it. Twisting your kid's locks to create some lovely flower design is very fun. And although you will probably make a couple of mistakes, if you are patient you will end up with a cute design like this one.

# 48 Fishtail Head

The fishtail is one of the most popular hairdos for little kids but there only disadvantage is that they all look the same and so your child will not feel special. However, you can make something different like in this style where the fishtail is wrapped around like a crown rather than leave it to flow like in the typical style.

# 49 Daisy Bun with Four Strand Braid

Some hairdos are beautiful, but others like this one are fantastic and in a different class from the others. It might take you a lot of time and effort to get this done, but the results will leave you happy. The daisy bun is nothing short of perfect and the four strand braids that wrap around it and flow to the back make this design look very artistic.

# 50 Rope Braids and Pigtails

To create this style you only need to know how to twist hair and this should not be a problem as it is easier than most weaving techniques. There are three sections of rope twists starting at the front. In each part, two twists should flow diagonally to the back where they are tied to create the pigtails.

# 51 Bubble Ponies with Crisscrossing Patterns

There are many cute hairstyles that you can give your kid, and you can even come up with your unique design. The bubble ponies in this style are beautiful, but they are further spiced up with some crisscrossing weaved locks between the ponies and they make this hairdo exquisite.

# 52 Low Pigtail Buns

Rather than leave the pigtails on your kid's hair flowing to the back or side like most people do you can make them different by rolling them into buns. The two low pigtail buns are very charming, and they will make your girl stand out.

# 53 The intricate Top Bun

Apart from looking gorgeous, most people will not even be able to figure out what this style is all about. The top bun is very smooth and neatly tucked in but what makes this style intricate is the braided patterns at the back of the head.

# 54 Messy Side Fishtail

This messy side fishtail does not require you to know how to braid hair since you can create the same look using elastics. It is a very simple style and will make your kids hair look chunky even if she does not have thick locks. And to give her a perfect finish you should use a cute clip or hairband at the end.

# 55 Multiple French Braids

There are many sections in this style, and they all contribute to the beauty of the design. You should weave each part into a French twist, and then join the sections to create a massive braid that flows to the back. Although the design looks stunning, it will also leave some amazing waves when you undo it.

# 56 Voluminous and Textured Crown

If your child has some nice volume and texture, this style will look perfect with her hair. It is an ordinary crown braid but what makes it look fantastic is its massive size that comes from the volume of the hair. Leaving it a little bit loose also adds some beauty to the design.

# 57 Fishtail with a Purple Bow

Apart from getting a style right, you also have to accessorize it well for your kid to look fabulous. With girls, nothing beats a colorful bow or ribbon and so you should always add one to their hairdos to make them look lovely. The fishtail in this headdress is as simple as they can get with the only extra detail being the side bun and the beautiful purple bow.

# 58 Cute Headbands

Some parents will prefer their child's hair to flow freely and naturally, but this does not mean that you cannot give then a couple of braids to enhance the free flowing locks. In this style, you should weave a couple of twists with the front strands and then wrap them over the smooth hairs to create a beautiful pattern.

# 59 Beautiful Parting

Playing around with partings will help give your kid a great hairdo. You do not always have to go for the traditional straight or diagonal parting as you can try something fancy like the curvy one in this design. Although the braids are simple French plaits, the unique sectioning makes them look different.

# 60 Braids Into a Pony

You can never go wrong with a braid that ends in a ponytail because girls not only look charming with this style but most also love it. Apart from this, it is one of the easiest designs that you can give your kid, and so it will only take you a couple of minutes. And so even if your little one is very impatient you can still make her look beautiful. You should also finish with a cute bow on the pony.

The 60 amazing braids for kids hairstyles will give you plenty of options to choose from when you are working with your kids hair. However, if you want her to look cute, you should try different designs and avoid giving her the same style over and over again. Although most parents think that they know what will look best on their children, it is vital to involve your kids in the decision on the style to give them as this will make them feel good with the hairdo.

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