55 Tasteful Burgundy Hair Colors – Perfect Choices For Elegant Ladies

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Burgundy hair provides an option for everyone who wants to wear red tones. Whether you like bright or dark shades, there is a choice for you. In fact, very few other colors can offer you as much versatility as the classic burgundy. Its bold tones offer you an incredible contrast and framing for different skin tones, and they allow you to enhance any design.

Apart from the various shades, they are also quite easy to get right because they are some of the most common ones, especially with ladies. You can almost never go wrong with this type of hair, but the most important thing is to know the different options available to you. If you are thinking of trying these vibrant shades for your long or short strands, the following are 55 examples that you can consider.

# 1 Vibrant Mahogany Mocha

This color is perfect for the shy girl who would rather go for a cooler take of this shade, but this does not make it less attractive. It is an incredible idea, especially when paired with a beautiful headdress like this. Here the long locks are worked on with hot tools and finished off with some lovely waves at the back and a perfect shine. The characteristic burgundy red hues can still be visible, but they are not as detailed as in other hairdos.

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# 2 Balayage Burgundy Ombre

By using the ombre coloring techniques, you can have two different shades of this fabulous color in one hairdo. In this balayage colored design, the roots are given a dark shade and the color changes to wine red halfway to create an incredible contrast. The length and the curls at the ends help to enhance the distinction between the two ombre sections.

# 3 Crochet Braids

African American hair is incredible as it has some nice texture that gives you plenty of styling options. Although the tones make the strands look fantastic, the nicely done crochet braids make it a classy headdress. If you can figure out how to do these braids on your natural strands, then you can wear this perfect style with ease.

# 4 Cabernet Inspired Swirls

The color of this hairdo gets inspiration from the premium Cabernet winemaking grapes. These strands have the touch of class that you would expect from a wine made with these grapes, and so it is a beautiful headdress. The styling of the long locks into some simple swirls also makes this a fantastic idea to try out.

# 5 Violet Burgundy Sombre

It is not always about the red tones with these hairdos as you also add in a different color for a perfect look. In this style, the shade of choice is violet but what make it incredible are how it perfectly blends in and the coloring technique used. The strands transition from a dark shade at the roots to a lighter one at the tips is very gradual thanks to the sombre dyeing technique.

# 6 Moody Purple Fade

The locks in this style are designed to make any lady that wears them stand out from the rest. Purple is a cool color that will suit any woman whether you like bright or dull shades as it strikes a balance between the two. However, just like most others, the coloring technique is what matters and the fade done here seem to get things right.

# 7 Purple Painting Perfection

If you know how to paint your locks or have a stylist who knows how to do it right then there are no limitations to what you can wear. In this headdress, the perfectly textured locks are painted purple. It starts with dark roots and gradually transitions to a lighter and brighter tone.

# 8 Pink and Punk Undercut

Short strands also make perfect burgundy as demonstrated in this headdress. The fresh, edgy design comes from a tapered undercut perimeter, and you can have it as a textured style or smooth for a more formal wear. It makes an incredible look, especially when worn by African Americans due to their skin tone.

# 9 Red Highlights on a Long Bob

A long bob is already a fantastic headdress, but you can make it even more attractive with the introduction of some colors. In this style, red highlights are added to make the long bob look fantastic. You can also pin-up the wavy strands for the perfect burgundy finish.

# 10 Deep Burgundy for Long Layered Curls

This headdress is the real definition of burgundy, and the color is the most recognizable element of this style. It is a regular dye job that starts with a dark shade on the roots and gets lighter towards the ends. What makes it distinct is how the locks have been layered and finished with some nice curls at the tips.

# 11 Red and Pink Blend

You can combine almost any shades that you can think of and still get fantastic results if you have some well-trimmed locks. For this style pink and red are the two color choices for the highlights, and they blend perfectly well. It is a unique combination, and you can be sure that you will stand out by wearing this design.

#12 Dark Plum Hairs

The face framing style is what will catch the attention of most people in this hairdo, but several other things make it look this good. The dark plum burgundy color is essential to the things that help take this look a notch higher and the strands also have a soft, attractive appearance that will catch the attention of most ladies.

# 13 Glossy Brown

Brown is a pure shade but what makes it attractive is the fact that it offers a lot of versatility in styling. The glossy brown comes from some well trimmed layered locks that are also given a hint of burgundy to make them look fancier than other shades of brown.

# 14 Unique Red Locks

Red is the most popular shade for these headdresses, and so you will often find many ladies wearing designs that look almost all the same, but you can have a unique look by choosing this one. For this headdress, you only need to dye your locks and have them darker at the roots then finish by applying some glitters throughout for a shiny look.

# 15 Faux Locks

There are many ways to wear locks on your natural strands, but very few will look as good as this. Although the burgundy color choice will make it brighter, the design is also very creative. Sectioning of the hair and the faux locks weaving make this a fantastic headdress that you will want to keep for long.

# 16 The Lace Wig

Even if you do not have very long or perfectly textured locks, you can still wear a good burgundy style with the lace wig. This wig fits perfectly into your style and if you wear it right very few people will notice that it is not natural

# 17 Polished Burgundy Hair

Balayage hair coloring can create an amazing design especially if you have some nice length and healthy strands. In this burgundy design, the strands are silk pressed to create a smooth texture, but the dye job is what makes it a perfect headdress. It has two contrasting colors with a natural dark shade forming the base for the lighter dark red burgundy.

# 18 Edgy Purple Updo and Pattern

Purple makes a great shade, but it will only look attractive if you have a beautiful hairdo. In this particular design, the strands are neatly combed and styled into an amazing twisted updo. However, the design does not stop at the updo as it also includes some neatly shaved razor patterns on the back.

# 19 Shiny Burgundy Waves

Waves will always make a fantastic headdress if styled with a little creativity. It is especially so when done with a thick, voluminous hairs like this one. In this wavy headdress, the strands are given some intricate dark red highlights and slightly rolled into some curls at the back. To perfect the design, you can finish it with a shine.

# 20 Sassy Short Cuts

Some ladies prefer to keep short strands but regardless of the length that you like to keep wearing an attractive look is still very easy provided if you know how to go about it. This headdress is a simple short pixie cut but what makes it look beautiful is the violet highlights. The highlights blend in perfectly with the natural black color to create an impressive finish.

# 21 Natural Hair Front Wig

Contrary to what most people think you can still look natural with a front wig but you have to get the right one. A good example of this is the burgundy front wig used on this style as it not only looks very attractive but also blends in well to form a natural look that is also very easy to wear and maintain.

# 22 Sexy and Warm Push Back

The three important factors that define healthy strands are texture, length, and color. This headdress gets things spot on in all the three elements but what adds some extra spice to the look is the dark burgundy color choice. Although the long curly locks would look fantastic in almost any color, burgundy makes these look more classy and authentic.

# 23 Silk Presses Purple Perfection

Even though many women have a naturally straight or flat hair, none of it can look as fantastic as a silk-pressed one. Apart from just making the strands smoother, silk pressing also makes it easier to showcase any color that you want. In this headdress, it does a perfect job for the purple highlights on the burgundy locks. Although the purple is not very prevalent, the smoothness of the strands makes it more visible.

# 24 Vintage Burgundy Wear

A few decades ago this was the most common hairdo with ladies who liked to wear burgundy locks. It is a classic look that involves dark roots that transition to a lighter shade. This style looks best on simple designs such as a ponytail or a push back. Due to its simplicity, it is suitable for more conservative ladies that do not like to overdo things.

# 25 Fabulous Red

It is very hard to spot any flaw in this design as the wearer seems to get everything perfectly right and the best thing is that nothing looks overdone or too complicated. The perfect red shade is the focal point in the headdress, but there are also other things that play a significant role in creating the look like the wavy and curly ends.

# 26 Refined Plaiting

You do not have to follow the conventional weaving or dread-locking techniques to get perfect locks. This burgundy style demonstrates this clearly as the nicely done locks are made from a very creative twisting effect. Although this style is more popular with African American locks due to their texture, anyone can wear it provided they know how to make it and do it the right way.

# 27 Red Violet Emo Short Strands

No matter what your face shape or hair type is you can never go wrong with this hairdo as it can look great on any woman. The only thing that may be problematic to figure out is the color combination because it should be possible to see both red and violet in the headdress but this is pretty easy if you have the formula. For this style getting the Emo cut right will also be vital to perfect your looks.

# 28 Intricately Twisted Updo

Whether you are going to a prom or formal dinner, an updo is a must have, but you should have a unique one to look classier. An intricately weaved one like this is top notch. Apart from the creatively made bun what makes it a fabulous style is the color. The color in the headdress showcases burgundy at its best. By wearing it, you will want to grace more formal events just for an opportunity to have it again.

# 29 Highlighted Brown

Brown is one of the most versatile colors as it can blend in with almost any other color. Whether you have it as your natural shade or get a good dye job, it will open up many design ideas for you. In this style, for example, it is given some dark burgundy highlights to create an incredible color that works well with the medium length wavy locks.

# 30 The Red Ombre

If you have black strands, you only need one other color to wear the red ombre. This style involves a pure ombre dyeing technique where you can clearly see the contrast between the two level of dye. The dark shade starts of the style at the roots but is drastically transitions to a red shade just after a couple of inches.

# 31 Glamorous Pink

No other color brings out femininity than pink and so it will always make a perfect style if you are looking to wear something bright. In this headdress, it combines well with shades of red to create a simple but elegant look. With such a beautiful combination you only need to get the dyes right, and no other styling is necessary for a perfect finish.

# 32 Dark Wine on Wavy Strands

If you are not keen, you will mistake this hairdo for dark black with some highlights, but the actual color is a dark wine that has been done very perfectly. Red wine colors are some of the most common for burgundy styles but in most cases ladies go for lighter shades, and this is what makes this particular one unique.

# 33 The Burgundy Pixie Cuts

The burgundy pixie cuts are another perfect idea for ladies who want to wear something unique with their short strands. Most of the work in this hairdo is from the scissors trim, but the coloring is what gives it its unique look. The black strands are creatively blended in with dark red ones to create the perfect burgundy locks for the modern woman.

# 34 Deep Merlot Curls

Deep merlot is a rare color because not many ladies seem to know how to wear it correctly. Although there are many that claim to have it there is usually a very different shade of red or maroon. However, if you get the right shade on your curly locks, you can be sure that you will have a unique and high-end look.

# 35 Curly Burgundy Elegance

Sometimes burgundy is all you need to breathe some fresh life to your strands for the perfect finish and this curly headdress clearly demonstrates this. The coloring technique used may not be unique but it is correct, and this is what makes it perfect. Although it's the same color throughout the head, the difference in tone between the roots and the lower half is what makes this hairdo exclusive.

# 36 Short Versatile Fringes

There are two ways of wearing this incredible look, and both will work well for different ladies. You can have this style as a weave, or you can do it with your natural strands. Also, you can have the top section as curls or as a soft fringe. This versatility is made possible by the incredible red tone color.

# 37 Vivid Wine Colors

Wine hues are one of the biggest inspirations for burgundy strands, and there are also many of them to choose from for your locks. In this style the colors are based on darker hues and so this will be perfect for ladies who do not like to wear bright hairs. The haircut is very simple as it only involves trimming and pushing the locks back. You should also create a slightly wavy look.

# 38 Fuchsia Inspired

The purplish-red color in these strands draws inspiration from the fuchsia flower, and it shows how some stylists can get the color combinations just right. You can almost not tell what the color of this design is especially is you are not conversant with hair shading for ladies, but this is what makes this a unique idea for your strands.

# 39 Chocolate Brown Highlights

The curly locks in this design are eye-catching, and they are most likely the first thing that will catch your attention when looking at this headdress. However, they could not look this good without the nicely done dye job on the strands. Chocolate brown makes a good choice for your highlights, and this style proves this beyond any doubt.

# 40 Purple on Red Hairs

When most ladies think of having red or purple on their style what comes to their mind is a dazzling headdress, but this does not always have to be the case. If you do not like the bright looks, you can still combine dark shades of the two to create a very attractive burgundy hair. The two go very well together and if you have some nicely textured and full strands you will love this look.

# 41 Burgundy Tape-in Extension

If you do not have the right length and volume to wear the perfect burgundy, this should not worry you as there is still the option of having an extension. The tape-in extensions are perfect as they blend in well with your strands and will not look unnatural of fake. And the good thing is that you can have one in the shades that you like but purple and red look incredible.

# 42 Razor Cut Short Bangs

Short hairs are as versatile as long ones as you can wear anything that you wish provided you are creative. The razor cut bangs in this particular style are incredible as they have been trimmed to frame the face nicely with the sides carefully shaved. To make the locks more attractive, they have been given a fantastic dark brown and brunette to create lovely burgundy bangs.

# 43 Shadow Roots

Although most people will spend a lot of time in making the rest of their hair look good, you can never get any headdress right if you do not first make the roots attractive. Shadowing is the best thing that you can do to your roots to create a perfect base for any color melting that you intend to do with your locks. By making your roots darker, you will create an incredible contrast with the rest of the hair like in this style.

# 44 Face Framing Curls

Face framing is a technique that ladies use to cover facial features such as an extended forehead but this styling technique also makes a good style. Cute face framing curls like these can help you wear an exquisite headdress but like with all the others getting the shades right is vital. Here the excellent color comes from a dark red and some shades of black.

# 45 Low Key Burgundy Balayage

It is not decent to go with a very colorful design to the office, and neither is it professional. However, this does not mean that you cannot have an excellent dye job as there are plenty of options available like this low key burgundy balayage. The shades used in this headdress are simple to wear as a formal look but still colorful enough for ladies who like to dye their locks.

# 46 Pink Front Fringe

This design comes from wearing a weave, but it is still possible to have it with your natural strands. To have it on your natural locks you should flat iron your strands and then have some bright pink highlight. For styling, the hair is side parted, and a smooth front swept fringe created.

# 47 Raspberry Long Hairs

Raspberry is always a perfect color to add to your long curls but in this headdress, the way it blends in is what makes it perfect. The raspberry is the most dominant shade in this style especially at the back, but there are also some shades of black and the melting done for the two shades create a fabulous look.

# 48 The Dream Hue

What makes this an unusual hue is that some ladies have it or something close to it as their natural color. And so this means that if you wear this dark purple shade highlights, you will look more natural especially if you keep very long locks

# 49 Red Velvet Bangs

There are no limitations with the burgundy do and provided you have some strands on your head you can have anything that you wish. The red velvet fringe will be perfect for ladies that like to keep a short or medium length. Although red velvet is the main color in this headdress, it is created on a very attractive base that has a dark shadow. Apart from the coloring, the only other thing that you need to do is to side part it and push a section of the bangs over your face.

# 50 Curl Up and Dye

The curls in this headdress may not be natural, but they are perfect and even without the artificial dye job this could still make a top notch style. The burgundy element in this hairdo comes from an ombre coloring technique. The base is dark brown that drastically transitions to a dark brunette shade to create a design and contrast that is as close to perfect as it can get.

# 51 The Blonde and Red Violet Magic

Unlike in other designs, there are no limitations on the number of shades you can combine for a fantastic hairdo and so the only thing that may limit you is your creativity. This style shows this by combining red violet and blonde to create a style that you will not see anywhere else. The color melting and the shine they create makes this a top notch design that will help you stand out in any occasion you grace.

# 52 Strong Reds on Black

Hair coloring is a skill that requires some experience to perfect, and this style demonstrates this. Despite the strong reds used to create the burgundy, there are still traces of the black base color. Maintaining the dark shade helps to create a beautiful contrast between the colors, and this is what makes the style stand out.

# 53 Curly Crochet Braids

The curly crochet braids are a fancy design that you can wear for a more sophisticated look. Although they seem very complicated, they are very simple braids to make if you know how to do it. The coloring is also done creatively and naturally since each of the two sections is given a distinct color.

# 54 Voluminous Red Curls

Rather than just push back or braid your long, full strands you can go burgundy for a more appealing headdress. Here the long strands are given a dark shadow at the base, and the rest of the curls dyed deep red. Even if you do not have this type of hair, you can get the same style with a lace front wig.

# 55 Crown Burgundy Perfection

Perfection might not even be sufficient enough to describe this headdress because the person that created it knew what to do and they did it. The style starts with a dark red dye job then the hair is cut around symmetrically to appear as if the lady is wearing a crown. And the good thing with this is that even if you do not know how to get the cut and shade right, there are weaves that you can wear for the same look.

The above 55 types of burgundy hair provide you with more options than you will ever need to wear this style. Whether you have short or long, thick or thin strands, there is an option for you and the only thing that you have to do is to choose something that will work for you. If you get one that conforms to your skin tone and hair type this can be the best headdress you have ever had and so you should choose wisely.

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