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More and more ladies are slowly transitioning to caramel hair color. Whether it is because of its simple but elegant appearance or for any other reason, the fact is that many ladies appreciate it nowadays and will experiment with it at some point. Caramel is a delicious hue and is perfect for lowlights, highlights and even dip dyes but the only problem is that some ladies lack ideas on how to use this magnificent shade. However, whether you have long locks or very short strands you can still rock this shade with pride, and you only need to figure out how you want to look at the end. The following are 80 perfect caramel colors that will give some inspiration on how to use these beautiful hues.

# 1 Honey Caramel Blond

Some colors are just fabulous, and they will always make you look fantastic no matter what type of hair you have or its size. This honey blonde with a hint of caramel is a perfect example of this but in this style, the volume of the hair and the nicely done curls on the tips also add a touch of class on the look.

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# 2 Hand Painted Curls

Balayage will always make you look fantastic, and the best thing about it is that it is an almost effortless dyeing technique. The warm blonde curls in this headdress have an incredible hand painting job with some dark brown shades used as the base and streaks of light blond used to spice up the curls.

# 3 Soft Half Up with Caramel Highlights

The style that you wear will also determine how your colors look, and so you cannot afford to go wrong with the styling. This beautiful half up design helps to bring out the moderately dyed caramel strands on a dark base.

# 4 The Brunette Ombre

If you have natural brunette locks, then it will give you unlimited options when it comes to styling and coloring as it forms an excellent base color. Here the brunette hair is given an ombre coloring design to create a contrast between the dark base and the caramel highlights. The contrast is what makes it an elegant headdress.

# 5 Caramel Blonde Sombre

When painting your hair, you do not always have to create a sharp contrast between the roots and the rest of the hair to look good as you can still look fantastic with a softer transition. This smooth transition is better known as sombre, and it is what makes this caramel blonde shading look fabulous and classy.

# 6 Highlighted Dark Brown Curls

This hair is very attractive not only because of the curls but the dyeing technique used on the hair. The dark brown base has some soft highlights from light brown shades, and this helps to create an incredible caramel look.

# 7 Natural Long Bob Balayage

Nothing looks better than a healthy and well maintained natural strands, and it offers you the opportunity to wear almost any style or color that you wish. For this style balayage is used to create caramel brown shading on the wavy long bob and the shades blend in perfectly to produce an impressive style.

# 8 Fresh Flat Iron Curls

The flat iron curls in this headdress are nothing short of perfect, but this is because they have been created on some nice natural locks. However, they would not look this good without the caramel ombre. The style demonstrates that apart from just choosing a good caramel shade you should also choose an excellent dyeing technique such as ombre.

# 9 Caramel Roots Shadow

Shadowing your roots can also help you with this hair color as it forms a good base and also helps with the contrast. For these curly locks, the shadowed roots contribute to creating a smooth transition to the lighter shade at the ends, and this is what makes the strands look so polished.

# 10 Beyonce’s Dark Brown Sombre

Beyonce is exquisite, and she also has lovely strands that she uses to experiment with different looks. In this style, she chooses to go with a dark brown curly sombre that works perfectly for her skin tone. Although she uses dark brown as the base colors, it has been given some caramel highlights and a hint of blonde for a perfect finish.

# 11 Brazilian Blonde Blowout

Brazilian blowouts make a perfect headdress for ladies with short and medium length strands, but they also need some color to look even better. In this style, the blowout is given some blonde and a couple of other brown shades highlights. They are also applied using free hands painting, and this is what makes it an incredible hairdo.

# 12 Pretty Peek-a-boo

If you like to keep things simple or go moderate with your colors, then this is style will be perfect for you. Here the caramel highlights are created against a rich dark brown pop through balayage. The two shades blend in well to create a very natural and uniform look.

# 13 Honey Highlights

Caramel is the most dominant color in this headdress, but it would not look as attractive if used alone, and so it has been given some honey highlights. Although the highlights are moderate, they have an enormous impact on the style as they bring some balance to the nicely trimmed locks.

# 14 Long Layered Smooth Blowout

These locks look fantastic, and the first thing that most people will notice when looking at this style is the nicely done blowout and the long layers. However, several other things contribute to making this hair fabulous. The balayage caramel brown highlights and the root touch up are the other things that make this a trendy look.

# 15 Short Sassy Cut

Some stylists are very skilled with the scissors, and you can easily tell this by looking at this short haircut. The texture and size of the hair are perfect, and you can clearly see the design that the stylist wanted to achieve. However, the hues also help bring out the best in it as they enhance it significantly.

# 16 Jennifer Lopez with Light Caramel Shade

The light caramel shades that Jennifer Lopez uses in this style look incredible but what makes things even better is how they blend in with her skin tone. Her thick locks are equally attractive, but the colors do all the magic for her.

# 17 Sun Kissed Freelights

If you have a natural dark brown or black strands, you can lighten it with caramel highlights for an elegant and more refined look. Here the coloring should be done through balayage to create a more natural look, and you can let your locks flow freely or style them to frame your face as this also looks very attractive.

# 18 Simple and Caramelized

Caramel hair color is sufficient to give you a beautiful hairdo, and so you need not overdo your styling to look elegant because even a simple style like this one will do just fine. However, you still need to get the shades right and also do the dye job using a beautiful design such as ombre or sombre. For this, you can use foils, but if you want to look trendier, then a free hand coloring is the best.

# 19 Bleached Caramel Curls

You can also get caramel shades through bleaching, and this shows just how versatile it is. Bleached caramel curls look as good as those that you get from any other coloring technique if not better, but this is only true if you are creative enough to shadow the roots so as to create some contrast.

# 20 Lovely Brunette Locks

Caramel doesn’t have to be complicated because sometimes straight and sleek will do just fine. You can have some soft side bangs and the let the rest of the locks flow freely over your shoulders. The coloring is also very moderate as only hints of light brown and caramel can be seen on the locks.

# 21 Angelina Jolie’s Volume Boost

Angelina Jolie has lovely long locks, but the fact that it is very fine is a significant setback for her. However, she seems to overcome this problem easily by using caramel highlights to boost the volume of her hair. Looking at her long locks you will be tempted to think that they have a perfect constant volume due to their appearance, but this is just the effect created by the highlights.

# 22 Dark to Golden Sombre

Trimming your locks before dyeing is an excellent idea as it helps create a good texture that will make them look even more attractive with the colors. Apart from the quality trims done the locks in this style also have a fabulous sombre pattern with the shades gradually transitioning from a dark base to a golden hue at the tips with some hints of brown

# 23 Blondie Beach Waves Lowlights

One of the things that make caramel unique is that there are so many ways you can have it, and you only need to use your creativity and have some fine strands. For this particular style, the beach waves have some perfectly done blonde lights and what makes this a caramel color is the mode of application of the shades.

# 24 Short Bob with Honey Blonde

A short bob does not have very long strands, and so coloring should be smooth and perfect. Honey blonde looks fantastic with this short bob, and it blends in perfectly with the brown base color. The fact that the highlights are throughout the head also makes this a fantastic caramel headdress.

# 25 Long Sombre Hairs

Every woman dreams of having long locks, but the lengthy strands can look flat or dead if there is no accentuation. It does not make any sense to go through all the effort to get long locks and then leave them looking boring. By adding exquisite sombre highlights on your brunette locks, you can lighten them up like in this style and then add some loose curls to complete the look.

# 26 Side Braided Pops of Blonde

The easiest way to get the caramel hair color is by using different shades of blonde like in this headdress. Combining different tones of blonde is pretty easy, and there are also many to choose from, but the trick is distributing them well on the head. For this style, a side braid is also weaved to add a twist to the already lovely style.

# 27 Brunette Caramel Balayage

Playing around with colors is fun, and it will always help you get a unique hairstyle. The caramel balayage done on this hair demonstrates the immense effect that creative dyeing can have on your strands. These brunette strands are fragile and would be very troublesome to style or to make into different hairdos but the caramel color makes them attractive enough, and so you need not do anything else to them.

# 28 Softening Hair with Hues

Dark brown locks of any length will look charming and softer by adding some caramel hues. Jessica Biel knows this, and it works pretty well for her because she looks gorgeous with the caramel hues on here dark brown strands. The strands also look softer and lovelier and for this style, she has the option to use permanent or washable dyes because they both have the same effect.

# 29 Caramel for Dark Locks

Multi-tonal hair is on trend, and so this is the high time to lighten up your dark strands with some caramel highlights like these. Apart from the effect that they have on your hair, they can also brighten up your face and make you feel confident. You can experience these wonderful shades with some lovely beach waves or even straight locks.

# 30 Brown Hair Perfection

The only base color that is more popular than Brown is black, and so you can be sure that if you decide to have it that you will not look unique. However, you can still create a perfect look with your brown base with some caramel highlight and also by leaving your loose curls slightly messy.

# 31 Soft Brushed-Out Waves

Soft brushed out waves look fabulous in a natural blonde hair, but the tones in the hair also help create this perfect look. It is a balayage coloring design that has the different tones of blonde applied in the sombre design. The color starts off as a dark blonde shade at the roots and gradually transitions to a lighter blonde at the brushed out waves.

# 32 Lightening Caramel Ombre

The contrast between the dark brown roots and the caramel strands is fantastic, and it creates a headdress that will make you stand out anywhere you go. These medium length strands look amazing thanks to the lightening effect of caramel and the fact that the colors have been applied using free hands dyeing technique.

# 33 Face Framing Caramel Streaks

These dark brown locks are already lovely in their natural color, but it's always a good idea to spice them up with a different hue to look trendier and to brighten them up. Here the nicely trimmed face-framing locks are given some amazing caramel streaks that blend in well with the natural tone. The locks also have loose curls at the tips for a perfect finish.

# 34 The Chocolate Dimension

Chocolate Brown is not only very attractive, but also a fresh hair color, and you can make it even more fantastic with some caramel highlights. However, the highlights are created through color melting technique, and so they form a very uniform pattern with the natural hair colors. This appearance is achieved by hand painting the locks.

# 35 Messy Caramel Blonde

The styling of these locks into some loose, messy curls at the back helps to showcase the caramel blonde tone much better. Apart from the blonde shade, the hair starts off with dark roots for some contrast. It is an incredible style that you can wear when you are not feeling like going for something too fancy.

# 36 Sombre Bright Lights

Having some multiple colors on your locks can help create an incredible look especially if the shades that you choose work well together as in this style. Here some shades of blonde and brown combine well with the caramel to create a unique and very trendy headdress that you can wear for any length and type.

# 37 Warm Balayage Color Melt

The color melt in this brunette hair is fantastic as everything blends in perfect. However, this is only made possible by the fact that the combination involves shades that usually look good together. The fundamental tones in this hair are caramel blonde and the brunette that is that base color.

# 38 Layered Bob

A short layered bob creates an additional surface for colors, and it also makes it possible to do some creative designs such as having some colors peeking from below. However, in this style, the dye job is kept moderate, and it only used light brown and blonde to create the caramel look. If you style your short layered bob right then, the hues will create a very attractive pattern.

# 39 Wavy Bronde Highlights

Bronde comes from combining brown and blonde, and it is one of the best combinations you can ever wish for your hair. Different shades of blonde and brown blend in perfectly and you can never go wrong with them when you want the caramel look. What makes the two perfect for use as a caramel color is the fact that caramel is a hint of both shades is. Although bronde can look good on any hair, it has a distinctive look when used on wavy locks like these.

# 40 Tangerine Highlight on Natural Waves

The fabulous ombre highlights are fused smoothly in these natural waves seamlessly to create an elegant look that will make a lady look more modern and also help her keep with the trend. The tangerine streaks bind the chocolate brown natural hair color and the caramel to create some harmony in the headdress.

# 41 Layers and Baby Lights

If you take time and get a good cut or trim you will never go wrong with your look because this creates a good starting point for any style that you wish to wear. For this style, the strands are neatly trimmed into layers, and since they are already very attractive, the only other thing needed to create an eye-catching look is the introduction of some soft caramel baby lights.

# 42 Beachy Leave-in Brunette

This look is perfect for ladies who like to give their strands some freedom and also those that love the outdoors. The waves are trimmed well to create an almost messy look that gives them the outdoor feel. However, the leave-in brunette tone and the hints of blonde distributed throughout the head are what make this style worth trying.

# 43 Smooth Caramel Hue Transition

The wearer of these loose curls wouldn’t have asked for a better color because the smooth transition created by the caramel hues is perfect. In this style, the locks start with a dark shade and then changes slowly to a lighter tone to create a complete sombre design.

# 44 Bouncy Bronde Bob

Whether you like short hairs or not it will be very hard not to like this bouncy bronde bob. The haircut is what starts of the style, and then the strands are shadowed at the roots before being given the characteristic brunette and blonde highlights. A Shallow center part also helps to show off the dark and perfectly shadowed roots.

# 45 Textured Waves with Braided Crown

This headdress is magnificent, but several things make it look as attractive as it is. The first thing is the nicely textured loose waves that also have a simple braid on the crown. Other things that make it a polished look are the colors that consist of a dark brown base and caramel highlights. The fact that it is also made using balayage also makes it a great hairdo.

# 46 Soft Glowing Caramel

Modern hair dyes are more on the natural, polished and clean side. This headdress captures all these things, and it is an accurate reflection of the look a modern woman strives to get. The long layers in this style have been carefully dyed using the free hand painting technique with no foils or caps required. It manages to bring out all the individual hues used perfectly with the caramel lights being the dominant tone.

# 47 Gisele Bundchen’s Dark Brown Locks with Caramel Streaks

Gisele’s dark brown locks accentuate her face perfectly and make her beautiful face look charming. To spice up her amazing locks, she also adds in some intricate caramel streaks that may be hard to notice if you do not look keenly. The length of her locks also makes them look fantastic.

# 48 Soft Subtle Dark Brown

Some ladies prefer to keep their strands as dark as possible, and so this headdress will be perfect for them. The dominant shade in the style is the dark brown, but it transitions delicately to light brown at the ends with some hints of caramel highlights.

# 49 Sun Kissed Golden Locks

Balayage is arguably the best thing to have ever happened to hair dyeing as it helps ladies get looks that they wouldn't get before. And this hand painting technique also makes hair look way much better than foils. These sun-kissed golden locks are a perfect example of this. The long locks are intricately highlighted to create a caramel hair color that you will want to keep for a long time.

# 50 The Bronde Balayage Elegance

Looking at this style you will know just why bronde has become very popular in the last few years. This shade strikes a perfect balance between blonde, brown and brunette and it is an excellent idea when you do not want to have too much of any of the three shades. In this style, it is also applied to create a soft look that comes from the change from darker hues to lighter ones as you move from the roots.

# 51 Caramel Latte Brown

Although this hair has more than one shade, it looks like it is just one dull color and so it will be a perfect idea for ladies who do not wish to have different shades on their strands. The brown latte tone is also unique, and if you have it on long layers like this and finish it with a shine, you can be guaranteed of a fabulous look.

# 52 Deep Purple Ribbons on Caramel Ombre

A dark shade of purple makes a colorful headdress but if you do not want a dazzling look you can use it in moderation like in this style. You can introduce the dark purple ribbons on this caramel ombre by dyeing a couple of locks. What makes them look impressive in this style is that they are also hand painted, and this creates an exquisite look.

# 53 Seriously Gorgeous Curls

Curly strands couldn’t look better than this as it has all the essential elements that define an awesome headdress. The texture of these curls is fantastic, and they are also very full and long, but the hues used to color them are what makes this a top notch style. Although there are caramel lights throughout the head, the different shades of brown used are very classy.

# 54 Rose Gold Ombre Highlights

A shiny hair makes a lovely headdress, and the best thing about it is that it makes a lady look refined. Although you can give any design some shine, rose gold will look more fantastic than most other shades. In this ombre design, the rose gold forms the tips of the curls and the rest of the locks are a pure dark to light ombre.

# 55 Multi-Toned Blondie

With caramel, there are no limitations on the color combinations or the number of tones that you can use in one style provided you combine them well. These straight blonde locks bring together different hues to create a very polished look that you can enhance further with the cute face framing trims.

# 56 Chocolate Cherry Caramel Highlights

A good color choice is the easiest way to get a fresh look without getting very complicated styles. Chocolate Cherry is an example of a good hue choice, and it is made gorgeous with the introduction of caramel highlights on the short hair. The color combinations create an authentic look that can suit any modern woman.

# 57 Confident Caramel Strokes

Less strategy and more precision when applying colors can help a woman get an admirable and natural looking headdress. In this style the wavy hair is dyed with a lot of precision and one would even think that the shades were applied one strand at a time. It is this precision that makes it a perfect way to rock your caramel hair color.

# 58 Soft Brunette Lowlights

Soft lowlights help brings out your femininity, and they can help you create a very sexy look. The soft lowlights in this style are for a natural brunette hair that is neatly trimmed to about shoulder length. The strands are also neatly arranged and designed to make the colors more visible.

# 59 Fairytale Brunette Ombre

This color will take you some time and a lot of patience to have, and you will also need the services of a skilled and experienced stylist. However, the final results that you get are worth the wait and effort. For this style, you will need to have different shades of brown and caramel highlights, and you also have to do a perfect color melting.

# 60 Chocolate Delights

A rich chocolate brown hue that fades into a natural blonde will not only brighten your face but will also breathe some life to your summer color. This design will look particularly well when used in the firm and long locks like these. By giving these locks, a shallow center part and throwing some of them over your shoulders will make your style look impressive.

# 61 Bright Blonde and Caramel Balayage

A hint of bright blonde and caramel highlights help to make this style classy and modern. Although the strands have an excellent cut and volume, the base dark brown color would not be very dazzling without the expertly applied highlights.

# 62 Superbly Sunkissed

The natural hue in this headdress looks stunning especially when worn on medium to fair complexion. With this shading, you get to keep the roots closer to your natural tone, and it also adds some dimension to your hair with the brighter blonde tone and hence giving you that "sunkissed" look that every woman wants to have.

# 63 Messy and Perfect Braid

The sole braid in this style is very messy, and it seems as if no effort is made to make it neat. However, this messy look is one of the things that make this an interesting hairdo, but its elegance and the central point of attraction in the style is the color.

# 64 The Charged Up Caramel Look

The caramel hues in this headdress are not meant to be subtle, and so this creates what you can best describe as a charged up look. Although it is not a natural look, it is a fun one that will turn heads anywhere you go. The length of the locks and the waves also make them look detailed.

# 65 Blended Strawberry Blonde

Whether you have it on extensions or your natural strands strawberry blonde is a charming shade. This color has some very nice tint, and you can be sure that you will turn heads especially if you have some long wavy or curly locks. Another great advantage that you get by choosing to have this shade on your caramel hair is that it will require minimum maintenance, and so you can have it for a long time.

# 66 Highlighted Side Swept Bangs

It is hard to go wrong with a style if you get the cut right like in this headdress. Here the strands are neatly cut into nicely textured bangs that are side swept to finish the look. However, the short bangs would not look this attractive without the blonde and caramel color touch up.

# 67 Bright and Brown Blonde

This ombre design will always brighten your looks and give you a reason to smile even when you are not feeling like it. The style starts with dark brown roots and a center part, but the locks brighten as you move towards the ends creating an overall bright look that will also make you look younger than you are.

# 68 Caramel With a Mixture of Redwood Tones

Brown hair may seem monotonous and dull if you leave it in its natural hue and this can make your healthy long locks look dull or even ugly. However, you can easily change this with rosewood and caramel highlights. The tones used to create this magnificent look can include light cognac, chocolate notes, and rosy brown. These highlights look particularly well when used for medium brown locks like these.

# 69 Blonde Brunette for a Natural Blowout

A blowout can make a quick everyday look as it is both comfortable and elegant enough. However, spicing it up with some nice tones will take it a notch higher and make you look trendy. A good shade that you can use for this lively style is a blonde brunette. You will need different color combinations to get the shade right but the design created is worth the effort.

# 70 Dark Balayage Pieces

The effects of darkening your base are immense, and it makes it possible to wear any shade that you can think of and look outstanding. Whether you want to wear bright shades or go with dark ones like in this style darkening your base will make things easier for you. The lovely headdress in this style comes from combining different caramel hues with a brunette base color.

# 71 Playful Ombre Curls

Every woman would love to have some cute, playful curls paired with a fabulous ombre design. Curls are warm and even if you do not have naturally curly strands you can easily have them and still look as good. In this style, a beautiful light brown hue transitions through the curls to a light caramel to create a look that you can wear every day to work or just for a night out.

# 72 Spiced Up Tones

It is hard to tell the particular dye of this caramel style as it is a result of blending different shades. The color melt is splendid, and so no shade looks out of place, and you would not even see where a particular hue has been used or where it has not. Apart from the perfect color melt the long brushed out waves also make this a fantastic hairdo.

# 73 Golden Balayage Beauty

If you are thinking of going blonde or having a lighter caramel shade, then this golden shade is a perfect color idea that you can wear with ease. These golden streaks are fantastic and what makes them unique is that they are hand painted. The streaks start with shadowed roots but the transition to the beautiful golden streaks is very drastic to ensure that they are they are the most dominant shade.

# 74 Mahogany Swirls

Mahogany is an excellent accent for dark brown strands, and it also makes a lovely caramel hair color. The best thing about mahogany is the fact that it is not too bright, and so it will be very suitable for ladies who love to keep things simple. Apart from this, it also adds dimensions and some interest to you rich swirls.

# 75 Fun layers and Bouncy Curls Ombre

Any professional stylist will always advise you to get the right cuts or trims before having your strands colored as this will have a significant influence on how you look after the shading. For this headdress, the strands are cut into some fun layers and styled into bouncy curls at the back. The hand painting ombre job on the locks helps to accentuate the perfect cuts.

# 76 Extra Bold Caramel

The caramel highlights in this style are very attractive due to the pattern that the color takes and its shades. What makes this an incredible shade is that the colors used are not quite blonde or brown, and so this creates a unique tone that if you get it right, you can be sure that you will stand out from the crowd.

# 77 Clean Bob Cut

If you prefer to keep things simple with your short strands, then you can wear this simple bob cut. The strands are cut very fine and to maintain the simplicity of the look you should blend a few shades of brown with caramel to give the Bob a beautiful color.

# 78 Colorful Beachy Hairs

Color comes with freedom and so you can have any that you like provided it makes you feel good. Provided that it goes with your skin tone and hair type then you have no limits to what you can wear. This colorful beach wave demonstrates this because despite the strands being very fine you can still have different hues.

# 79 Luscious Thick Hair Caramel Lights

The volume and size of this hair are something to envy but having such lovely locks does not always guarantee that you will look fabulous. Spicing up the locks with some caramel ombre highlights is a good idea as this will ensure you of an eye-catching appearance.

# 80 Chocolate Caramel Feathers

Lighter caramel tones portray an extra-soft touch that can make any woman irresistible. The delicate chocolate brown feather like curls provide a perfect base for other tones. All you need to do is to spice them up with a lighter shade to create a top notch headdress.

From these 80 caramel hair color ideas above you can find many that will work well for your hair. All you need to do is to figure out what works for your hair type and length and also come up with the final look that you want to achieve. Unlike with other hues it does not take a lot of effort to wear a caramel shade, and so it can make a perfect everyday look.

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