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# 2 Whirl Wind

It looks exactly like the middle of a whirling wind. The hair falls to the sides and back in thick formation. At the forehead, it makes a cover over one of the eyes leaving half of the face exposed in such a beauty that the lady will get stares of admiration. Celebs and others in the top echelons of stardom make it a top choice. The color is well balanced in each strand and you cannot doubt the final formation.

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# 2 Whirl Wind

It looks exactly like the middle of a whirling wind. The hair falls to the sides and back in thick formation. At the forehead, it makes a cover over one of the eyes leaving half of the face exposed in such a beauty that the lady will get stares of admiration. Celebs and others in the top echelons of stardom make it a top choice. The color is well balanced in each strand and you cannot doubt the final formation.

# 3 Gray-Brown Fountains

When the mixture of 2 agreeing colors is made then the outcome is a true expression of beauty. The top part of the falling hair is gray and shows how rich the skull is nourished to produce dark shades. As the fall continues, the hair flawlessly turns into light brown. The curls at the tip provide a dramatic finish. Even the most discerning people around you will appreciate the looks at your hair.

# 4 Broad and Thick

The likes of Angelina Jolie have tried this scenic hairstyle and it was an astounding creativity. With the dark chocolate hue deeply laced over the hair, the stylist makes it thick all around the head except the front. It falls over the shoulder and makes a resting tranquil position. Some tips flow down and it is mercurial to have such a formation over your head.

# 5 Dual-Layered Impression

The hair is parted unequally and each part falls to one side. There is a tendency to mix the dark shade with the lighter tones and the blending works in favor of the lady’s looks. It is a struggle to see the entire facial features as you will have to sweep away the guarding strands. A lady who knows what superb hairstyling means to her will not think twice to have this design on her.

# 6 Radiant Glow

If you are looking to have a few contrasting hues on your head, here is a perfect example of how to do it. Beginning with a dark complexion at the top, the color transitions to a reddish appearance that makes it to the tips. At the helms, it turns out to be wavy and curly giving the hair a natural appeal. It is for the ladies who want to have every inch of their hair making a powerful statement on their fashion conscience.

# 7 Forest Dark Chocolate

Having the natural shade of chocolate in your hair gives it the impression of permanence and durability. It looks natural even if you have made some addition to attain the results. At the top of the fountain, the hair begins in a smooth run. It goes further down and develops a myriad of waves making it an eye-catching feature. It is created to make the lady exude confidence and her femininity and that is all she gets in this package.

# 8 Dalliance Spirals

You cannot see her eyes unless you try hard and that is the mystery coming with the spiral pieces. Hair strands fall all around the head and the face is not spared this time. It is only a small opening of the hair that gets exposed and you can tell this is going to win so much applause from the menfolk.

# 9 Turbulent Low Curls

A mixture of gray and deep brown makes a stunning combination in this style. It starts smoothly at the head cliff and then turns into turbulent curls at the low ends. It is simple from the looks but the details are expertly put together to give it a top impression that women cannot resist.

# 10 The Bride Complexion

She looks ready for the black and stunning party that she got an invitation for. Her long hair falls on both sides and the shorter one is finely tuned to a smooth bed. The longer one is smooth at the top but goes down to make striking waves over the left temple. She will be a center of attraction wherever she goes and she deserves the charming compliments coming her way.

# 11 Side Flip with a Tail

The flip makes a cave-like creation on the forehead and goes on to fall over the side. It is smoothened all the way and only makes inward curves at the tips. The inner layers fall lower and end in a tail-like formation.

# 12 Pith Darkness

The middle part of an old tree is deeply dark in color and this style has borrowed that from it. It is a dark shade that many females would not have a problem choosing for their hair. The hair is not in a single unified formation but rather in small chops that form a flaking appearance. There are smooth interlocks and twists and they all complement the choice of the hue. If you do not want the conspicuous tones then here is your perfect answer.

# 13 Racy Long Curls

It is never enough to have just curls but adding a gray tone makes them outstanding. They are long and fall beyond the shoulders. The shy brown sheds make it even a recognizable style for those who would want a unique reason to choose it.

# 14 Layered Chops

At the front, the chocolate brown hair is higher than the back and sides that run low onto the shoulders. The only uniformity is of color: deep brown. There are some sparks of gray but only at a few spots not to spoil the show. This is a glorified appearance that knows no age whether it is for a lady in her 50s or early 20s.

# 15 Dark Diva

The 'who’s who’ ladies in the red carpets know that such a hairstyle will be a center of attention. No wonder many celebrities will show off this dark chocolate aura when they receive their awards or when they commemorate important times in their life. It is long and smooth thus will be an attention-getter wherever she goes. The choice of tone is specifically befitting every single strand and she will not miss a moment of happiness because she is gorgeous.

# 16 True Brownie

The true chocolate brown has its roots in what you are seeing now. It is intense thus creating an attractive scene for onlookers to notice. The hair is parted at the middle and each portion allowed to fall low to the sides. It is left wild and free to be blown by the wind. It is simple yet a word class impression that many ladies would want to have.

# 17 Stocky Short

It has a darker shade on top that fades down as it slopes towards the back. It is light brown at the low ends creating a contrast with what came first. The hair is kept short and only falls down to the neck region. It is probably trimmed to give it a blunt ending that is not any lesser attractive. The curls at the bottom are not clearly defined as they form a matrix of interlocks with no specific order but it is beautifully messy.

# 18 Pearl of Twists

It is a style common with renowned ladies and they love it because of the color and length. The dark shades dominate the appearance but the brown shreds make their presence felt. It runs low from the center of the head; first smooth but then acquires acute twists. The twists are like turbulent waves and they make it a must-have for most of the womenfolk. It is eye-catching and will not miss inquiry stares everywhere you may be going.

# 19 Angelic Curls

Having a combination of smoothness and curling is not an easy stunt to pull. But it is so expertly designed to show a flawless transition. The hair flows towards the back in a smooth fall and changes to aesthetic curls towards the bottom. It is trimmed at the tips to a blunting effect. Nothing misses in the formation thus making this a top brown style that women cannot resist.

# 20 Springy Style

It is a typical side-fall that begins at the middle of the head top. The hue is intensely dark and given a glowing touch to keep all eyes on it. Midway of the fall the hair bundles acquire spring-like shapes. They are in the shape of bouncing springs making it a genius idea for a unique finish. It is no wonder that this is a top favorite for ladies who want to express their femininity in simple forms.

# 21 Ovate Streams

From the front it looks like the sides lead to an ovate formation hence the name. The hair is combed/brushed to acute fineness and then led to fall long over the shoulders, temples and back. The blurred chocolate aura makes it a superb attention-grabber but it does not have to fight for it. This is one of the best chocolate shades that you will find with many people and you will stand out from a crowd.

# 22 Strands of Love

Ladies are the blessed gender since they have so many ways to express love. Their hair, just like this one, can be a definition of love and beauty and draw guys to them. The mop falls in a smooth fountain that gets thick in the middle. It recedes in size as it leads to the tips. It is such a heavenly send match for ladies who want to define their feminine features without having to put so much effort.

# 23 Bi-Partition

The hair is parted at the top with a short straight line and follows the sides. It is of medium length and only makes it as far as the shoulder. It is refined at the origin and left to curl naturally as it draws close to the tips. This is simplicity at its best element giving ladies the prettiness they always look for.

# 24 Perfect Maid

You cannot raise a doubting finger about her visage because she is a diva. The deep black chocolate hue is intensified to a glowing effect. This is coupled up with a smoothing touch on the hair and the results are perfection and excellence. Nothing crosses her face and you can tell that she has a skin tone that matches what is on her hair.

# 25 The Layered Inverted Bob

Say it or choose not to but she knows that her hairstyle rocks. A brown inverted bob is such a creation that goes down to every detail that a lady would want to have on her head. It is layered in what looks like flaky ice with the inner layer running lower than the upper. The tips are left spiky and that is what a trendy woman would want to have.

# 26 Rounded Knot

You will be wrong to guess that this is a short hairstyle because it is not. The rounded knot takes care of the length by binding them to a chubby effect. The shades are darker at the beginning and end with a lighter tone. If you are the kind that never wants to keep on sweeping your long hair then here you have a way to contain it.

# 27 Golden Gray

When golden makes way into a hairstyle you have no doubt that it will be a rocking effect. Here the hair runs long to the sides and back without any instance of a curl or wave. The golden glitters at some of the strands create a compelling attraction.

# 28 Shining Plume

It is just like a hot baked chocolate brown hair shinning with all the tender sweetness tempting you to bite it. The slightly dark brown hue looks like it is melting but that is an illusion to make the style more appealing. The hair is long and it is left to fall to the back way below the shoulders. It is given a blunting trim and what an excellent finish!

# 29 The Discerning Lady

There are those ladies who will not just make-do with whatever hairstyle is thrown to them; they will want to pick one that suits their preferences. The discerning style is made for their preferences and it will be an easy choice to make. Done in a hotly growing brown hue, this package drops long over the shoulder to the front. Anne Hathaway has all that she needs in her hair and that is why her smile is always on her lips.

# 30 Long and Gentle

None of the other pieces discussed in this series ever beats this one in length and sleekness. The smoothness is the first feature that will draw your attention to it. The serenity of the tone will be another addition that will make you accelerate your decision to have such a design on you. The tips are not touched but only styled to make a V-shape to add on to the exclusiveness of some sorts.

# 31 Ginger Tendrils

Long hair that rests over the shoulder is a depiction of a lady who takes pride in her hair. This one has the hair falling to comfortably rest over the shoulders and some strands fall over below. The face is not touched by a single strand to leave it showing the stunning features on her. The gingerly tone on her hair expresses exotic aura.

# 32 Elegant Variation

This is yet another piece from the long types. It has dark intensity on the top and fades as you go down. It creates a variation of shades in an unblemished way that makes it an easy choice to make. There is no doubt that it is a preference that most women would rather have since it is not complex to demand much attention once you have it.

# 33 Complete Curls

From the skull to the tip, the hair runs in curls. They are thick and intense and you would not miss to notice who has such an impressive mane over her head. Beyoncé has more than once flaunted her good looks with this style and she looks even more gorgeous than she does in other kinds. The color is creamy on the top but it gets dark and thick on the inside creating the illusion of a burning fire.

# 34 Pink-ish Shades

The chocolate types are versatile and that is why they will blend with most colors that ladies may wish to have. In this one, the ends are sprayed to a pink appearance; a direct contrast with the gray hue at the upper bundles. It is experimentation that turns out to be a dazzling outcome and ladies who want a unique kind will find this an attractive choice.

# 35 Horse Tail

Horse owners know how important it is to keep the tail healthy and shiny. The same goes for hair that wishes to borrow a thing or two from this example. The sides are shorter than the back which runs low to form a horse-like tail. The entire creation is finely combed to a glaring effect. There is no doubt that this has the potential to make it to the top tier of the best women hairstyles.

# 36 Climbing Snake

With the top looking like the head of a snake, the hair makes a spiral around the neck in a climbing manoeuvre. There are side bangs that end shorter than the rest of the mane. The smooth tone and shining brown gives it an edge over the other types. Such is a beauty for the lady with a desire to use her hair as a symbol of beauty.

# 37 Chocolate Long Bob with Curls

It is considerably long since it goes below the shoulders at the back. The top is dark gray with a flat landing while the drop to the back is slightly of a lighter shade. At the ends it is curled but the tips are trimmed to a flat effect. It is a pick for the best for those who want outstanding manes that will say a lot about trendiness and fashion.

# 38 Typical Long Drop

When you see the likes of Jess Christy choosing a style then you should know that it is a hit. The parting line partially divides the hair to sides and back falls. They go low and brought forward to lie over the chest. There is an effort to keep it a single color but there are two different shades evident even from a distance.

# 39 Ocean Tranquility

When the ocean is calm, an aura of beauty covers it. This is the attribute that has been borrowed by this hairstyle. It is still and deep in color covering every angle that it should. The top is acutely smooth and drops to a fine bed only to be spoiled by the curly lower tips. The curls run down over both temples and you can see how much attention they bring to her. It all ends in blunt tips just like it is with typical chocolate hair for the ladies.

# 40 Model Glory

Fashion models never take anything for granted when it comes to their hair. They keep it beaming so as to keep endorsements coming their way. In this package, the hair is in a single shade that runs from top to the tips. It is finely combed from the top but left to its natural tendencies once it reaches the shoulders. It is lustrous and that explains why Megan Fox would consider going for it. Your brown chocolate hair is such a blessing that should make you proud. There is so much you can do with it to define your sense of style. Celebs have found a way to bring the best in hair and so should you do the same by making a choice in the concluded list.

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