60 Amazing Dark Auburn Hair Color Hues — Burning Trends

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# 2 Luscious Backfall Balayage

It is deep in hue and you can notice it from far. The top section is lighter in tone than the lower curled section that goes deeper with the color. Any lady who knows what she wants will love to have such a color and hairdo falling over her back to show for her next public appearance.

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# 2 Luscious Backfall Balayage

It is deep in hue and you can notice it from far. The top section is lighter in tone than the lower curled section that goes deeper with the color. Any lady who knows what she wants will love to have such a color and hairdo falling over her back to show for her next public appearance.

# 3 Gorgeous Wavy Vintage with Sweet Brown Lowlights

It is a simple side sweep but one that will blow away many ladies as they envy how it looks. The color is truly gorgeous and will be an attention-getter from afar. The upper portion remains close to your hair’s natural color but gets lightened up at the low ends in a glaring sweet brown.

# 4 Balayage Perfection

Creativity is one thing that makes the difference between having a great hairstyle and a bad one. Your simple balayage is indeed something to be proud of if you can give this color. Go deeper with the brownness and have some speckles from the dark shades. It is a perfect mix and you will be a beauty that every lady will want to copy.

# 5 Deep Red with Dark Dimensions

You are right to want your hair in a glowing hot color. What other hue would exceedingly be bright and hot? Of course, red is a perfect choice. But do not leave it alone; give it a touch of darkness to add some dimensions and you are sure of diva’s appearance.

# 6 Dark Ombre with Red Lowlights

You should not be a slave to your blonde. There is so much you can do with it and have a renewed look. Give it a dark treat at the top. Do not spare any strand but make it deeper and intentional. For the low ends, give it some red tone and see what an admirable lady you will be.

# 7 Long Balayage with Red Highlights

Once more, it is not yet time to give up on your balayage. You can keep it long but with a new dimension. Keep it in a black hue as the dominating attribute. On the sides and the low section give it some red touches. It is a perfect blend that will keep you getting stopovers from ladies who want to ask where you had it done.

# 8 Fresh Auburn Ombre

Your ombre is never done before you give it a freshly looking color. Here you have the choice to make it shiny but not with a bright effect. You just give it a darkened hue with some colorful highlights at designated areas and you are out to conquer the world of beauty.

# 9 Flaming Hot Auburn

You can have the bright touch if you choose your colors just like this lady. Have it in the red zone on the top but fade that as you fall to the tips. Make it darker at the low ends. Here is an easy way to stand out for the party coming next and you do not have to struggle to have it.

# 10 Glowing Ombre with a Dark Effect

When the embers of wood fire are dying down you will have the exact color as you see on her hair. It is irresistible to look at her when she passes and all because she has made the choice for this color. There is an intention to make it dull but not to a greater degree.

# 11 Black Roots with Overrunning Brown

For those who do not want to easily part with their black hair, you can leave the roots in memory of that. Give the rest of your hair a brown overhaul but not to an exceeding degree. Let your hair fall over one side and the back leaving one cheek and the face clearly exposed.

# 12 Bouncy Lighter Fountain

You can have your medium-length hair in a bouncy and lighter tone if you choose this color. It is bright enough but at the same time have some hidden darkness to blur an all-bright aura. Some waves at the low ends will be good for a finish.

# 13 Dark Bloom Sidefall

Here is a lesson for those who never believe that a side sweep would be such a great hairdo. You only need to get it right with the colors and you are out to impress in the occasion you are attending.

# 14 Trimmed Bob with Long Bangs

You bob in a darkened hue will be a match for your beautiful outfit. Have it trimmed at the tips to give a blunt end. On the forehead, give it full cover bangs and see the stares you get everywhere you pass.

# 15 Banged Balayage

Yes, you can have your balayage banged and you will be a scene to stare. The color is timid-not bright not dull- but will give your hair a fresh and healthy appeal. It is a simple design but will give you all the glory on your head.

# 16 True Auburn Unicorn

The color, length and design remain true to a typical auburn. The upper part is a little bit dull but the pink spray at the tips revives the fire in your hair. Ladies will want such a look on them and you are on your way to become a celeb.

# 17 Red Lowlight Beauty

Keep your hair roots black but let the rest take a red effect up to the tips. Part your hair into 2 and let it make a mane-like creation around your neck. It is exceedingly beautiful and you will not let it go anytime soon.

# 18 Layered Bundles with Undercover Darkness

You can bundle your hair into triple falls: front 2 sides and the back. This is the true dark auburn hair color in its best. The sides should seem like tucked into the back bundle. The color close to red is what should define your classiness and the catch about this style. If you look closely, there is some hidden dark hue within the bundles.

# 19 Auburn-Copper Transition Ombre

A 2 shade mixture on your hair is a perfect feature that will give you a proud mop on your head. Have your upper layer in a dark auburn hue. Do not go deep with it but make sure it is distinct. On the low ends, right from the middle length to the tips, give your hair a bright copper tone. This is your ticket to becoming a queen of hairstyles.

# 20 Wild Waves in Natural Hue

You should not take away all your hair’s natural color to go for an added one. Leave it close to its true hue. Here it is given a reddened effect and you can see that everything falls in place just like it was natural. It may be a simple side-by-side ombre but you cannot deny the glory it brings to your head.

# 21 Fringy Ombre

There is an alternation between dark and brighter brown forming a flawless pattern. It is a transformation that you need on your hair to give it a new desire to shine and rebrand your style. It is the appearance for all seasons and occasions.

# 22 Elegant Falling Vibes

You can give your long hair the best falling vibes with this hairdo. Divide it into 2 equal portions and allow each to fall to the sides. The upper portion should be in a deep dark hue succeeded by a lighter toned brown to create a smooth contrast.

# 23 Smooth Red Ombre

If you have been struggling with nailing a good look with your ombre you might have found a perfect answer. Give it a red glow and see how much of a revolution it will be on your hair. Smoothen it down and make the lower end more colorful than the dull top. No one will beat such a blend in whatever possible way.

# 24 Banged Balayage Waves

Who said you cannot give your balayage full face stretch bangs. You can and have it defining your every lady attribute. Just give it a brightened tone and some dark effect and you will be the center of attention. Have the hair form some mild waves for a unique taste.

# 25 Rich Auburn Creation

You can say goodbye to your blonde and walk into something better. A well-colored auburn is many times better than your monotonous blonde. Give it a dark effect but be sure to have a few highlights to avoid a dull illusion. As long as you can have 2 shades expertly blended then you do not have anything to worry about.

# 26 Dark Blush with Red Highlights

Keep your dark hair tone if that is all you wish for. But you can give it a lighter touch if you go for red speckles on some of the side strands. It is like a flame burning from the sides illuminating the big darkness. Leave the low end in their true black hue resting over the neck just like a lion’s mane.

# 27 Banged Redhead

Many ladies have a weakness when it comes to choosing the redhead auburn. They will want it again and again. If that is you, you have to be creative with how you do it. This not-so-bright design can be what you need and have a timeless aura. It is also banged in the same 2-tones at the forehead and all is perfect in every strand.

# 28 Deep Dark Red

This is the kind of treat you should hand down your hair leaving it exuding confidence and blemishes beauty. Drop your hair to a hoodie-formation over your head. Give a deep dark chocolate tone and you will see how that brings out your beauty. Comb it to a smooth tone to resonate with the color.

# 29 Angelic Auburn Curls

You cannot deny that the low back curls are the most outstanding feature in this hairstyle. Of course do not forget the choice of color that puts everything into deserving perspective. The red appeal at the top is desirable while the low dark allusion is what makes this a must-have design for many ladies.

# 30 Smooth Radiant Ombre with Bangs

The big lady names would not blink when it comes to choosing such a hairstyle. The most outstanding feature is the color that would virtually go with any choice of outfit. The red and dark mixture gives it an alluring beauty making it an easy choice to go for. The bangs fall over one eye but leave enough room to show the gorgeous face.

# 31 Rich Brown Auburn

You do not have to keep insisting on your natural hair color all the time. A change with a better and colorful dye would be an excellent way to bring in some change. Go for a brown hue and vary it from the top as you go to the low ends. It is a deserving revolution and you feel like the youthful girl you used to be.

# 32 Lovely Auburn Ombre

This is where you make the definition of a lady who knows what she wants on her head. Give your hair a depth with a dark aura and have some lowlights at the tips. It is a combination that will never betray you both in looks and trendiness.

# 33 Burned Short Side Sweep

Looking for a better way to contain your long hair? This simple side sweep will handle that for you. It is brilliant in color and the dark speckles make it even more alluring. You will be able to keep a disguise of your long hair.

# 34 Wild Red Curls

Told you what, the ladies can’t resist the red hue on their heads! Here you can have your wild curls short and in shiny red. It is a simple creation but will be top of the class.

# 35 Glowing Highlights with Dark Allusion

There is versatility in dark auburn hair color and it will always be temptation you cannot overcome. Have your hair styled to fall over your back and the sides. Give it some red glow but with a hidden edge towards a dark complexion. You will have a refined look that will be a compelling beauty and every lady in your social circles will want to have it too.

# 36 Glowing Dark Auburn Curls

If you are not ready to let go of your curly look, the auburn hair colors will not compel you to. Here you have a choice for a glowing design leaving your hair shiny and as curled as you want. The top is deeper and darker in hue and slowly transitions into blurred tone towards the ends.

# 37 Discerning Ombre with Lowlights

Leave your hair deep black in the roots and let that color dominate half the length. From midway downwards, give it a reddened tone to the tips. You can have the low ends in mild waves and you have an entirely new look. You will stand out and this is a hairdo you can go anywhere with.

# 38 Sweep-Across Beauty

You can go for a single dark color on your hair and still have it shiny and impressive. It is swept over your head to the other side. It is combed to a fine smoothness and you will have each strand giving you the confidence and assurance of beauty. Have the low ends entangled into a loose knot and you have all you desire in your hairstyle.

# 39 Dark Chocolate Rolls

This is a bold color that will be close to your natural black hair tone. Have it smooth in the upper section but let that transition into nice rolls to the tips. You have an impression of a star and your hair will be sending the right message. You have a thick attractive mane falling over your neck and you are ready to go for any occasion you have planned for.

# 40 Warm Auburn with a Honey Hue

Have your hair parted equally at the top and let if fall to the opposite sides. That is a simple ombre with the potential to take your style to a new higher end. Now the color is what gives it an edge over other hairdos. It gives it a fresh and healthy appearance. You are sure of getting stares as you pass.

# 41 Darker Auburn with Copper Panels

You can have your hair scattered over your head and that is not a problem. Of course as long as you will give it a true defining color that will make it an alluring beauty. Giving it a darker shade and copper panel highlights will be an excellent angle that will be unrivaled in trendiness and beauty. It all begins in a simple way but you will have all that you want.

# 42 Flaming Locks

Leave your roots in their natural dark hue but let the rest be a brighter hue taking over the rest. Comb your locks to a finer finish and see what you will have at the end. It is like everlasting flames surrounding your head and you know you are looking ready to rock. Your face is left in the open, confident and gorgeous.

# 43 Dark Copper Crop

Ladies love when their hair is attractive and showing beauty in every strand. Here the copper hue is giving you all the attributes of a diva. Your hair is appropriately colored with the right tone both for casual and formal situations. The curls at the low ends present a dramatic finish and all ends up in a compelling look.

# 44 Delish Ombre with Dirty Copper

If you are not a bright color enthusiast on your hair then this lady has given you a way out. Hers is a simple fall over but you can tell that it is a top class style thanks to the choice of thrilling color. Adding some turbulent waves at the low ends is definitive and a unique feature.

# 45 Rocking Dimensional Auburn

What a better way to take care of your long hair than having it cover your head in grace and in a shortened way? She has it styled to a short illusion by containing it within the nape. The bright color with a dark effect is expertly done and you can tell that she is headed to a big stage. If you want it, go for a simple design just like this one and you have all the glory you ever wanted on your head.

# 46 Elegant Auburn Highlights

Knowing where to have your highlights and the kind of hue to match with your hair is very important. Have the brighter tones alternating with your dark hair color and this is the picture you have on you. You have the choice to design your hair as you wish but curls and waves are the unbeaten choice to have all the attributes of a diva’s hair.

# 47 Dimensional Waves

You medium length hair deserves some treat to bring you the best you can ever ask for your style. Give it dimensions of color and direction to see how definitive you can be thanks to your informed hairstyle. Some little darkness is all you need to tame any overly done brightness.

# 48 Purdy Colorful Ombre

Your ombre is never a disappointment on your head. It brings you all the best you can ever ask for your hear. Here you have a darker top patch that fades towards the low ends. The lightness at the tips is like a torch that will attract some attention to your hair and that is when you know you have a praise-deserving hair.

# 49 Dark Hoodie Appearance with Red Highlights

You can keep your hair in its dark hue but make sure of one thing: add some red lights in a few strands. It serves to break the monotony and dullness but still remaining loyal to your natural hair.

# 50 Long Impressive Falls

Here is a better way to give your long hair the celebrities treat. Have it in light tone but be keen to keep some dark effect on it. You will be a stunner and all because you chose well for your hair.

# 51 Brilliant Dark Auburn Fountain

Your long hair deserves such a treat with black roots and bright colored falls. The burnt brown lights are definitely a catch for your hair and see how well it suits your new look.

# 52 Definitive Auburn Ombre

There is an array of auburn styles that can be perfect for your head but nothing is close to these precise definite chops. The hair is deep in hue with some sparkles of light on selected strands. The low ends springy rolls are another alluring feature that will give you one more reason to go for it.

# 53 Layered Backdrawn Balayage

Your long impressive hair will be a perfect fit in a layered impression. Leave it in the dark shade with a one-side light effect. It is what should be on you as you plan for your next public appearance.

# 54 Soft Dark Auburn Waves

No one knows to do their hair better than fashion models. Here Emily Marie has nailed it with her choice of modestly bright color. With a smooth texture, the hair embraces its natural elements to give you an excellent and beautiful look.

# 55 All-Shiny Auburn Peel

If you want to bring a new look to your head, here is an easy way to get started. Drop your hair to the sides keeping a dominance of the dark hue. Throw in a few brown lights and you have all it takes to be a model.

# 56 Short Banged Auburn

Your short hair is not a disgrace but a pass to greatness. Give it a touch of darkness and some copper highlights. You have a sunning design that will be an eye-turner where you go. The bangs carry with them both shades and are also short like your hair.

# 57 Auburn Ombre Fountain

Drag all your hair to fall over the back in an impressive fountain. Let it go down with a thickening allusion to form a shape like a peacock tail. The dark and bright brown combination gives you a pass to a daring look.

# 58 Trimmed Copper Strands

For a not-so-bright tone, copper strands will be a perfect choice. They are close to your hair’s natural hue and will go with an array of outfits making it easy for your wardrobe. Trim it to give it a unique appearance.

# 59 Intense Auburn with Ruby Red Hue

Do not be bothered by the light, go for the ruby red hue and see what revolution it brings on your hair. Have some waves over the back to bring a thrilling appeal. Such is a simple hairdo that will be your way to youthful looking hair.

# 60 Tangerine Curls

Curl your hair in thin strands like she has done. The glowing tangerine hue will bring all the fame on you. It is glowingly hot and you do not need anything more to pass for greatness.

You have all the choices to bring back your hair into its heydays. Pick a shade that will naturally blend with you hair’s natural hue and be on your way to a queen’s aura. It is just as easy as pointing to what you want and having it delivered to you instantly.

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