60 Marvelous Ideas for Dark Brown Hair with Highlights

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# 2 Shadow Roots Balayage Perfection

You do not have to use foils and caps to apply dye to your hair especially if you want a more natural look. This style clearly demonstrates this as the dark shades have been carefully blended in with the balayage technique to create a look that you will want to wear for a long time. The Shadowed roots start of the design by creating an excellent base color, and the highlighted dark brown strands finish off the look.

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# 2 Shadow Roots Balayage Perfection

You do not have to use foils and caps to apply dye to your hair especially if you want a more natural look. This style clearly demonstrates this as the dark shades have been carefully blended in with the balayage technique to create a look that you will want to wear for a long time. The Shadowed roots start of the design by creating an excellent base color, and the highlighted dark brown strands finish off the look.

# 3 Under Colors Designs

The purple and red highlights in this style are very attractive but what gives them an edge over others is their application technique. This headdress does not go with the conventional methods of distributing shades throughout the head to create highlights. The red and purple shades are only applied to the strands at the back to create a fantastic under color design when you brush back the locks.

# 4 Blonde Lights on a Dark Base

Dark brown creates an excellent base for other colors, and the best thing is that it goes well with almost any tone. However blonde lights seem to look more fantastic on the brown base like in this hairdo. The blonde highlights are introduced to a couple of locks to spice up the dark brown strands.

# 5 Curly Golden Streaks

Sometimes you have to use several shades on your locks to get that fantastic tone that you want like in this style. Here blonde, dark brown and golden highlights combine to create a curly look that you can only describe as magnificent.

# 6 Red Highlights Elegance

Whether you keep long or short locks, or you have a dark or light skin tone, red will look fantastic on you. And the good thing is that there are plenty of options to choose from with red tones but keeping it simple with a dark red tone on your brown strands like in this design is sufficient enough in most cases.

# 7 Jessica Alba’s Golden Lights

People know Jessica Alba for many things and apart from her talents on the big screen she also has a lovely hair. In this particular hairdo, she goes with gorgeous balayage golden highlights that accentuate her beautiful face. The style starts with shadowed roots but the transition to the brighter golden lights is drastic and hence making the contrast more appealing.

# 8 Sun Kisses Balayage Ombre

The shades in this style blend in perfectly to create a natural sun-kissed look, but all this is made possible by the free hands dyeing (balayage) and the ombre pattern. Looking at this lady most people will be tempted to think that this is her natural color due to the cool dyeing done on the brown locks.

# 9 Brunette Color Melt

Melting different shades of brown creates this magnificent headdress on the dark brown base. What makes color melting a special dyeing technique is how the different shades blend in, and it is not just about moving from dark to light like in other designs.

# 10 Subtle Red on Curly Locks

The first things that will catch the attention of most people in this headdress are the nicely twisted out curly locks. However, they would not look this amazing without the red highlights as they add some dimension to the hairs.

# 11 Dramatic Pink Ombre

If you love bright looks, then this is one of the best styles that you can wear because no other tone brings out femininity better than pink. To get the ombre design well start off with a dark brown base and then transition to pink before going all out pink on the tips for a colorful finish.

# 12 Dark Blond Baby Lights

Dark blond baby lights offer a more conservative look for ladies who do not like too much color on the hair or would not wish to make it so obvious that they have highlighted their strands. The dark blond baby lights in this design are created using the ombre technique, and they look very soft and elegant.

# 13 Brown Base Updo

The dark brown shade used as the base is the most visible in this headdress. However, the strands also have some nicely done blonde lowlights that look incredible on the long strands. If these strands were left to flow freely to the back or styled in a different way, they would still look fantastic thanks to the blonde lowlights.

# 14 Vague Strawberry Allusions

By adding some nice notes to your already fine caramel locks you get this beautiful light clean shade. This style has a hint of strawberry blonde that blends in perfectly with the dark brown base, and it is this that makes this not only an eye-catching look but also a unique one.

# 15 Intricate Curl Shading for Dark Skin Tone

When choosing a color, you should not only consider the headdress you want to wear, but also the tone of your skin. The curly updo in this hairdo has some nice texture and hold but the choice of red shading to create contrast with the natural dark color makes it a top notch style.

# 16 Copper Hint on Dark Locks

Copper hints are a good idea if you do not wish to go with dark reds for your highlights. In this style, you can hardly even notice the copper tint in the straight strands, but this is what makes it a perfect style. The copper trace provides an option for ladies with dark locks that want to wear red highlights without getting the bright and obviously colored look.

# 17 Ginger Brown Lights

The dye job in these hairs is done using the familiar foil highlighting technique that is the most widely used method for dyeing strands. Although dark brown is the base shade, the golden and ginger brown tones melt in with this shade to create an exquisite look.

# 18 Natural Blondie Curls

There are many ways to wear dark brown hair with highlights, and although most look fantastic, few will look as classy as this natural curly headdress. Although it will probably take you longer to wear the style the outcome is worth every second spent on it. It is a pure blonde balayage creation that starts with dark brown roots that transition to a lighter shade at the tips.

# 19 Blonde Winter Ombre

Choosing a shade is the easier part, applying it is where the work is and is also what determines how your strands will look. This shoulder length locks combine chocolate brown and a shade of blonde to create an incredible color melting design. The perfection in this headdress is achieved through the use of the ombre technique to dye the hair.

# 20 Highlighted Short Waves

In this hairdo, Emma Roberts proves that color can work even for short strands. Although her locks are only a couple of inches, long length will be the last thing you will notice because the strands have been given a perfect balayage job to create some fantastic light brown highlights.

# 21 The Black and Red Magic

Although black forms an excellent base for all bright colors it creates a very distinct look when combined with red. If you have some dark brown strands, these two shades can give you the perfect highlights if you have ideal shoulder length and straights strands. 

# 22 Ginger Ombre

Ginger is a unique color, but you can make yours look even more fantastic by dyeing it creatively like in this hairdo. One way to do this is to have it as highlights for your dark brown, medium length strands. And instead of just highlighting, you can use an ombre design to create a dramatic contrast between the dark brown roots and ginger ends.

# 23 Touched Up Roots for More Contrast

The roots of this style have been touched up to create an amazing contrast with the brown highlights. When wearing this headdress, the aim should be to darken the roots on your mid length and leave the rest of the hairs with a bright shade of brown highlights for a perfect contrast.

# 24 Sexy Blonde Curly Strands

Nothing can make your curly strands more attractive than some nicely done blonde highlights. The blonde lights are created on a dark brown base to create some contrast, but there are different shades of blonde used on the highlights to create perfect color melt design.

# 25 Caramel For Thick Hairs

Thick locks make a distinctive headdress, but they can still do well with some color to spice up things. Rather than keep your thick strands plain you can highlight them with a shade of caramel like in this hairdo, and they will look particularly well on a brown base. Caramel will also work well for thinner strands because the highlights can make them look fuller than they are.

# 26 Honey and Ginger Hues for a Radiant Effect

Ciara gets the honey and ginger hues spot on, and her stylist must have put a lot of thought to the selection of the shades to use on the highlights. The two shades not only help to create a fantastic highlighted design but they also work well with her skin tone. The roots have also been darkened to go with the shade of her eyebrows and to make the design even classier. 

# 27 Cherry Red Lights for a Perfect Burgundy Hair

No matter how creative you are at styling your locks you cannot get a burgundy hair without getting the tones right. In this ombre, cherry reds are used to create the burgundy look, and they look fabulous especially when the long locks are styled distinctively like in this headdress.

# 28 Subtle Cinnamon Highlights

Cinnamon highlights will blend in fabulously with your dark brown locks if you have the highlights dyed keenly and by a pro. Unlike with other shades, cinnamon looks better when used sparingly as you should just have enough shading to make it visible but the brown shade should still be the dominant tone on your hairdo. 

# 29 Face Framing Lowlights

Brown hair with blonde highlights always makes an attractive headdress, but the only problem is that most of them always look the same. However, you can make yours different with a unique face-framing cut like this one and using balayage to dye the strands instead of the traditional foils and caps.

# 30 Highlighting and Contouring

Hair contouring is a relatively new coloring technique that is slowly coming in trend, and it entails using lowlights and highlights to create an illusion of a different face shape. This dyeing technique is quite similar to balayage, but the final effect like in this style is what sets the two apart. For this headdress, the contouring done using the brown shades helps to face frame and enhance the nicely shadowed eyes.

# 31 Sombre on Gorgeous Swirls

Sombre is a refined version of the popular ombre coloring design and what makes it different is that it emphasizes on a soft look like in this hairdo. Although there is still a contrast between the roots and dark brown ends of these swirls, the colors still manage to create a soft, sombre design.

# 32 Gisele Bundchen’s Simple Blonde Highlights

If you are not sure what to do with your dark brown locks, then you can always go with blonde highlights as you will never go wrong with them. Being a trendsetter Gisele is always coming up with new styles, but her blonde highlights always seem to work best with her brown base.

# 33 The Red Chaos

With the many coloring techniques available you do not have to think of something extravagant or too fancy to stand out as demonstrated by this hairdo. Here the chocolate curls are given some reddish caramel that creates a very attractive look that is more awesome when the strands are left to flow freely.

# 34 Fishtail Balayage

Braids are very helpful when you want something stylish that you can wear relatively fast you still need to have a lovely tone for your braided fishtail to look great. And the best color to have is brown hair with blonde highlight using the balayage dyeing technique. When you braid the highlighted strands, they form a very polished look. Apart from the fishtail, there are many other braid styles you can have provided you have some beautiful colors. 

# 35 Jennifer Lopez with the Blonde Lights

Blonde highlights have always been in trend, and any lady with some healthy strands can rock them with pride. Jennifer Lopez has a nice and well textured natural hair, and so she has to do little to get an elegant style. For this style, all she needs to look gorgeous is some ammonia free blond highlight on her natural dark brown base.

# 36 Chestnut Highlights on Chocolate Locks

Chocolate locks are amazing, and they help you create a look that is easily distinguishable from the ordinary dark brown base that most ladies prefer to wear. However, you can make yours even more distinct with some intricate chestnut highlights on your curly ends like in this hairdo.

# 37 Straight and Sleek Balayage

Straightening the hairs makes them look longer and more detailed than when they are wavy or curly but adding some style on the strands will make them look sleek and classy like in this style. Here the balayage coloring technique does all the magic as it introduces the brown highlights very gently to create an incredible uniformity with the natural straight strands.

# 38 Bob Retouch for More Contrast

The grown out bob demonstrates that despite the coming of new coloring techniques foils remain the most popular as they get the job done faster, and you are sure of the results. The roots of the short bob are retouched to bring some color to the regrowth and also highlighted on the ends for more contrast.

# 39 Brunette Soft Waves

Keeping the colors soft and simple helps to create an amazing look that you can wear with confidence to any occasion. The soft brunette waves in this headdress are the product of soft ombre coloring that creates some lovely biscuit brown lowlights on the medium length and textured waves.

# 40 Purple and Blonde Streaks

The bangs in this style have been scissor cut to perfection and designed to face frame for a fantastic feminine look, but this style wouldn't be complete without a dye job. Choosing purple and blonde balayage streaks ensure that the color choice goes with the cut. These colors also blend in perfectly to create a layered medium length feminine hairdo.

# 41 Long Layered Brunette Strands with Lowlights

This long layered brunette hair has been delicately cut and colored for a unique finish. The coloring combines red highlights, blonde highlights, and some light brown lowlights on the dark brown base to create a fantastic dye job on the strands. All the colors are visible, but they are all in moderation to ensure some uniformity.

# 42 Ombre for Long Hair

Ombre highlights for long hair embraces root shadowing, but the strands are colored to lighten up as they lengthen. The ombre highlights in this style bring a dramatic flair to the dark hair, but this does not also take too much away from the thick and gorgeous natural dark brown. The ends should also be curled to finish the look and for an easy to maintain style. You can also have a center part for that extra quirk.

# 43 Auburn Red Tones

Auburn warm red tones are stunning on short locks like this one. And the secret behind such an attractive look is not to overdo things since the reddish tones look better when used moderately. Choosing a good coloring technique is also vital to get this hairdo right and provided you know how to work with colors you can use either foils or balayage.

# 44 Honey and Ginger Lowlights

A ginger blonde shade can help breath some life into a dull natural look, and it is also a very fresh color that will help you feel more comfortable with your looks. In this hairdo, the dark brown natural tone is spiced up with ginger and honey lowlights. The two shades combine well with the base color to reignite some excitement in your locks. With such beautiful tones all you need is to leave your locks flowing freely to show them off. 

# 45 Hand Painted Locks

Free hand coloring technique is in trend, and any lady who wants to get a unique, and more natural looking hair has to try this style. In this headdress, the base color is dark brown that is hand painted to transition to a lighter shade of blonde towards the ends. Although these strands are not very thick, the hand painting makes them look full.

# 46 Soft Glowing Tawny

Modern dyeing solutions like this are more aimed at maintaining a natural and refined look. Coloring does not have to look so obvious as you can still look incredible with tones that blend in with your natural dark brown strands and skin tone. For this style, all that Selena Gomez does for an eye-catching look is to darken the roots slightly to create a perfect contrast with the long light brown strands.

# 47 Glamorous Red Tone for Dark Brown Hair

Red highlights can make even the dullest strands look incredible and even if you have some fine strands you can take them a notch higher with this tone. And the best thing with red is that you do not have to overdo things because even moderate red shading on your brown locks like in this particular style creates a fabulous design that every lady would love to wear.

# 48 Ash Blonde on Long Wavy Locks

The only limitation when getting hair highlights is how creative you are and how far you are willing to go with your color choices. However, it is also important to choose a shade that will accentuate the hairdo that you want to wear. The ash blond highlights used in this style make the long wavy locks not only more attractive but also look firmer and healthier.

# 49 Razor Cut Brown Highlights

If you have thin strands, then this is a perfect headdress that you can wear for a polished and elegant look. First you should have your strands given a lovely scissor cut for a better definition and then introduce the brown highlights on the nicely cut locks for the perfect finish.

# 50 Gorgeous Copper Ombre

With a lovely hair like this, you cannot afford to go wrong with the dye choice as this will prevent you from getting the best from it. The color choice is not only perfect for this style, but the way it has been applied makes it look lovely. For a polished look ombre is used to color the strands with a darker shade maintained at the roots but transitions drastically to a lighter copper shade towards the ends.

# 51 Light Brown Highlights to Refresh the Ends

It is a good idea to create a contrast between your tips and roots as this helps you look stylish, but most people will always look at the ends to judge any headdress. Dark brown with blonde highlights looks fantastic, but you can also use light brown to refresh your ends for a more attractive finish.

# 52 Cinnamon Hues on Chocolate Brown Sombre

Although combining chocolate brown with cinnamon creates a distinct look, the way the two shades are used plays an integral part in creating this look. Sombre dyeing adds a soft touch to the traditional coloring technique and hence making this a more feminine look. The transition from the chocolate brown base to the cinnamon hues is fantastic thanks to the sombre design.

# 53 Subtle Bronde for Straight Hair

Few other shades blend in as good as brown and blonde. The two work perfectly on brown locks that they have even been nicknamed "bronde". In this design, brown forms the base for the straight strands but it transitions to a blonde shade gradually to create this eye-catching straight locks design.

# 54 Warm Brown for a Long Bob

A long bob makes a lovely headdress for short and medium length strands, but you can make yours more attractive by adding some subtle colors. An example of an excellent shade for your long bob is warm brown. What makes it perfect is the fact that it blends in with the natural color to enhance the appearance of the style without portraying the visible signs of a dye job that most ladies do not like.

# 55 Brown Sombre Balayage

The transition from the dark brown base to the lighter ends is very gradual, and this creates the soft look that is characteristic of a sombre dye job. However, this transition can only be made this good if you use free hands coloring or balayage technique. Foils can also give you the same effect, but you will have to be very skilled unlike when doing balayage.

# 56 Platinum Highlights For Simplicity and Delicacy

Jessica Biel is one of the most beautiful celebrities, and her hair is one of the main things that give her the stunning looks. Her dark brown tresses are sleek and glossy at the roots, but their texture and color completely changes towards the ends as the platinum highlights are introduced. The thinning at the ends gives her style a relaxed feeling and lightness that most women look for in hairdos. 

# 57 Short Freelights

Short hair will look more attractive if you take time and dye it with free hands to get the short Freelights look. In this headdress, the short strands have a very simple dye job but still look beautiful thanks to the light contrast created by darkening the roots. The side part and the fact that the hair has also been straightened help to spice up the look. 

# 58 Caramel Shading for a Unique Burgundy Hair

If you have a big curly hair, this is one of the best headdresses that you can wear. It involves introducing a caramel shade to the ends of the big curls with the aim of creating a unique burgundy look. This style is a perfect example of a how to wear dark brown hair with highlights without going for the typical dyeing techniques. 

# 59 Punk and Curly Red Highlights

Curls don’t get better than this as they are natural, thick and very firm. And to make things even better and to get a more distinct punk look some subtle red highlights have been creatively added to the curls. The red tone is just visible enough to create a twist to the style, but the dark tone is still the most dominant.

# 60 Jennifer Lawrence and Her Platinum Streaks

You do not have to overdo things with your dark brown hair to look attractive, and Jennifer Lawrence is a perfect example. Her medium length wavy locks are very simple as the only thing done to them is to introduce some platinum highlights. However, she still looks outstanding with the pure platinum headdress.

Dark brown is a perfect base for highlights, and it gives you the freedom to wear almost any color that you can think of, and so your creativity is what will determine how you look. The 60 styles above are only a few examples of the many types of highlights you can wear on your dark brown hair. Whether you want something bright, or you like dark contrasts, there are still many other options to choose from for your locks. But the above designs will give you some ideas on what you can have for different hair types and skin tones.

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