40 Best Emo Hairstyles For Girls – Highly Emotional Manic Panic Haircuts

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Emo hairstyles for girls have become quite a very popular trend in modern days. Traditionally, Emo Images are associated with emotional distress, melancholy, and loneliness. Nevertheless, many contemporary Emo adolescents and teenagers do not have that much pessimistic feelings. Rather, they claim that they are overly emotional and sensitive. Through their looks, they try to hide from the harsh surroundings. Emo hairstyle is one of the major signs to recognize an Emo. Besides black layered looks, Emo hairstyles can be very bright and creative. Here is an analysis of both classic and completely unexpected solutions of Emo hairstyles.

# 1 Deep Magenta And Purple Emo Bangs

Straightened angled bangs in different dark shades are very popular in Emo hair. Some coolest color combinations are deep purple, purple red, and dark blue. You can maintain this style very easily, but this color may fade out pretty quickly. Layers and edgy ends can provide you a rainbow look. To get this style, your hair must be long enough.

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# 2 Gorgeous Deep Purple

This emo hairstyle features short hair with an awesome deep purple color. The style is chosen carefully and it can provide you a stunning look. However, you must consider your age and facial outlines while you select a haircut. The deep purple color goes hand in hand with a short hair style. This short emo hairstyle has the power to mesmerize lots of young girls because it can provide you a remarkably distinguished look. The stylist tried to keep the flick shorter, so it will not catch in the eyes of this model. This is really a nice idea for teenage girls.

# 3 Partial Violet With A Bang

Emo style can be short, medium or long. You can decide which one is suitable for you. Colors can also be selected as per your interest. This emo style is perfect for long, straight hair with deep parting. This long haircut is really adorable, especially when you paired it with deep violet highlight. The flick is shorter enough, this hairstyle is perfect for those who have long hair.

# 4 Partial Side Parted Emo

Emo hairstyle can be done by using any color. If you like, you can select a slight brown color. Instead of deep color, you can highlight your hair in a lighter tone. If you don't like classical bangs, you can try this style. Even if you bob your hair, do not worry because your hair will surely grow back. This bang is really unique and it is helpful for getting a great face.

# 5 Voluminous Teased Black Emo

This is a classy and wonderful emo hairstyle. You can achieve this style if you have long hair. The hair is parted equally and it is placed front side. A short cut can be seen on the forehead of the model. This style is very good if you have slightly long face with fair complexion. You can also tie your hair in the upper backside.

# 6 Amazing Peachy Pink

Amazing peachy pink with dark black eye lashes! Sometimes, the dyes may fade and provide you a worn down bleached look. If this is your problem, you can try this hairstyle and shade. Bob cut increases the attraction of your face. Pretty rose lips and black attire increase the effect.

# 7 Red Style With Pointed Tip

Red hair color with gray undercoat and pointed, parted tips are really attractive for teenage girls. You can also wear accessories in different colors. Separate your hair in the side and place them front side. Makeup has a significant role in emo style. You can show off your fabulous eyes by going with a larger sweep of bangs.

# 8 Blue Pixie With Short Cut

Here is an excellent example of a simplistic emo hairstyle. Mostly, girls like to keep their hair long. But, if you want to dance with the movements of music, just cut it short. You can make it super short like this model. You can keep your natural highlights. It is also possible to add some for depth.

# 9 Super Red With Curls

This red can be superb for your hair and you can wear it for your school and workplace alike. Medium curl increases the beauty of this hair. One side of the hair is short and the other part is a little bit lengthy. The shorter side will perfectly frolic in your shoulder and you can place the longer side on your front side. You can use red lipstick and nose ring along with style.

# 10 Multi Emo Hair Color

If you want to create multiple shades on your hair, it is possible in emo style. The hair color of this girl is combined with red, black, white, rose and slight yellow. Front side is designed with rose color. Black and white are designed drawing zebra lines on the head. This style can be achieved by adding a little dimension to your hairdo.

# 11 Deep Blue And Violet Combo

This hairstyle is unique, simple and fun with tapered and layers of hair. It will playfully fall on your face. The deep blue and violet combo can provide you natural looking appearance. You can also adopt this style if you have long hair. It is suitable for girls with fair and medium complexion.

# 12 Princely Blue

You can achieve this hairstyle by cutting hair above your ears too short. Hair in the remaining part should be kept long. Hair should be kept short by curling it perfectly. You can use blue color to increase the beauty of this style.

# 13 Deep Rose and Blue Combo

In this emo style, bob cut is taken to another level with deep rose and blue combinations. This color contrast is mixed beautifully with stunning eye lashes and lip colors. Here, blue is covered partially with rose color. Hair can be separated from the side and face can be covered partially. You can adopt this emo style if you have a fair complexion.

# 14 Fantasy Uneven Emo Style

This is a combination of bob cut and shoulder cut. Your stylist makes the hair of this model as a short cut to some extent. But, you can also see some lengthy hair in this style, which allows you to place it on your face. At the same time, the short hair makes your face more attractive. The color of the hair is deep black. The smokey eyes makeup is a perfect math with this style. Your stylist can make your hair in such a way very easily.

# 15 Lovely Blue Emo

This emo hairstyle is perfect for those who have shoulder length hair. You can express your bright and strong personalities with this lovely blue hair color and style. This is helpful for standing out in the crowd. The sweeping bangs should be held one side. Slight yellow color can be applied on the bottom part of your hair.

# 16 Oh My Bangs!

This chic is obsessed with sweeping, and she looks fabulous in this style. She keeps her hair long, but at the same time decided to get beautiful bangs by cutting large chunk of it. This is more than normal, but the outcome is really stunning. The lengthy side is kept with medium curls. You can use anti-frizz spray after getting this haircut, which is helpful for making no fly-away.

# 17 Blueberry Popsicle

You can make the dye job in a magnificent style like this. If you have darker hair, you have to dye your hair blonde before considering this vivid blues. The front part should be kept upward and can use a hair band to keep your hair in that position. Bottom part of your hair can be cut in a pointed manner.

# 18 Roses Purple With Bangs

This feathery look can be achieved if you have moderate thick hair. In order to get a light looking hair, you can consider thinning your hair. Bangs should be kept in a medium length and combed to a side. A stunning hair band can be used for increasing the beauty of your face. Use rose purple color on your hair to get this emo style.

# 19 Dark and Mysterious Rose

This emo style is little more on the darker side. In order to get it, separate your hair into two equal parts. The right side should be colored with rose shades and the left side should be kept dark. The length of bangs must be up to your eyebrows. The bangs must be combed forward without separation. You can use a flowery hair band to make it more attractive. Now, the hair color of one side will be rose and the other side will be dark. You can tease your hair with a hairspray to get an attractive look.

# 20 Simple Shaggy Short Cut

You cannot see any complication in this hair style. It can be achieved if you have natural highlights. This is little longer than a classical short bob cut. Bangs should be kept forward to get a careless look. This haircut is very simple and it can be achieved in a fastest way. A lighter shade can be used to get this hair color.

# 21 Red Push With Black Undercoat

This style can be achieved if you have medium lengththick hair. This look is messy, yet glorious. Deep red color can provide you a variety of fashion statements. Undercoat should be kept black. You can use moderate curling to get this stunning look. You can use a headband to keep the hair in an elevated position. Hair should be combed backwards.

# 22 Sexy Stylish Multi Color Emo

Towel dry and straighten your hair to get this emo style. When you select emo, you have decided to be one of the few. So, you can adopt a unique style to stand out from the rest. Just provide a splash dye treatment to your hair. You can use different shades of rose, purple, blue, white and black. Blue spots can be created on off-white layers. The shade in the bottom part of off-white layer can be blue. Strands on one side can be colored with purple shades. The other side can be colored with a combination of colors such as dark, ink, purple, blue and white. Bangs should be long and it should be combed to the left side. Decorative hairpins can be used to for getting this stunning look.

# 23 Divine Frosty Blue

This is a perfect example of cooler look. Emo hairstyles for girls also include these types of divine hairstyles. You can make this hairdo by using a straightener. Blue shade can be used as a complement to the colors of your skin, and eyes. This style can be adopted if you have a fair complexion. You can try this style if you have medium hair. Separate your hair from the side and leave it freely.

# 24 Crazy Black And White

If you want to get contrasting colors in your hair, you can adopt this style. Simply dye your hair with the color that used in this picture. The front side should be colored with light white and the backside can be colored with black shades. You should have long hair to get this style. Bangs can be kept long. This is really a creative look and your can experiment with this style in a number of ways.

# 25 Multiple Colors

If you are ready to shade your hair by using multiple colors, you can use any outfit, which will perfectly match the color of your hair. Cooler blue, white and black strands are helpful for increasing the beauty of your face. The top of your hair can be kept in a crazy way. But the bottom part should be thick. This style is ideal for those with thick hair. The color of most part of your hair must be black. Bangs can be kept short. To feel like a prince, you can use the crown of prince.

# 26 Crazy Short Top

Emo style allows you to do lots of experiments with your hair. This trendy, mullet emo hairstyle is perfect if you have medium size hair. Top portion should be kept short and bottom be kept long. It means, a large portion of your hair should be kept as bob cut. You can simply throw some red color and experiment with the edges. This style is fabulous with those who have black hair.

# 27 Beautiful Pink With Braids

This gorgeous powder pink emo style can be adopted for girls with careless attitude. This is the easiest way to get a natural blonde. At first, you need to dye your hair blonde to get this style. Then, it should be shaded with soft pink. Your hair must be long to get this style. Bangs should be kept long as well. The bottom part of your hair can be kept braided. This is an ideal style to express your sensitive personality.

# 28 Rainbow Emo Color With Short Hair

This rainbow color will be undoubtedly an epitome of magnificence. In order to get this design, you can use colors such as yellow, blue, green, red, magenta, etc. Hair should be maintained at very short length. Much styling is not required to get this hairstyle. If you cut your hair from all sides, it will provide you a bob cut look. Hair should be comparatively longer near your ears. Multiple colors should be used to get a stunning look. Bangs should be designed by using deep purple colors.

# 29 Mysterious Red Blue Combo

You can try this style if you have a penchant for experimentation. This look is really chic and it can provide others around you a reason to turn their heads. To get this style, you can use deep red and yellow undercoat on the top of your hair. The bottom part should be designed with blue colors. The length of your hair should be medium to get this style. Hair can be separated from the side. Purple color can be used in the middle part.

# 30 Auburn Emo Braid

A vibrant shade of red color gives a new look at a traditional emo character. The combination of a bright auburn shade with messy braiding creates a unique emotional image yet can fit most various occasions. Most importantly, this look can be achieved without using ammonia or peroxide.

# 31 Blue Waterfall

If you are looking for a way to express the mysterious emotions whirling inside, this hairstyle can do the trick without a single word said. The soft combination of deep blue and bright turquoise embodied in an elaborately texturized cut resemble a waterfall, tranquil and powerful. This color choice will most advantageously suit girls with blue eyes and fair skin tone.

# 32 Violet Bangs With Black Braid

This look is apt for you if you have long voluminous hair. Two different colors add lots of drama to your overall appearance. Bangs should be designed with violet colors and the remaining part should be left as natural as possible. You should also keep your bangs lengthy to get this style. Black tail can be kept braided. This style is a combination of two colors, violet and black. So, you will get a unique look if you adopt this emo hairstyle.

# 33 Gorgeous Blue Green Combo In Short Hair

To get this style, you should trim your hair in varied length from all sides of your head. Thus, it provides you a sharp edge appearance. You can keep your bangs a little longer, which is helpful for making your hair voluminous. Besides, the styling can be done in all directions, so bounces come naturally. You can give a short cut in the left side and it should be designed with green color. Hair in the remaining part should be little bit lengthy, but still short. This portion can be designed with blue color. Pointed edges can increase the beauty of your hair and it can provide you a good look.

# 34 Stunning Blue Purple Combo On Medium Hair

This hairstyle is a combination of blue and purple colors. This is the best style for displaying your carefree and liberation attitude. Your hair should be straightened to get this style. Blue color can be applied on the top layer and purple color can be used in down layer. Separate your hair from the side and comb it backward direction. Just leave your hair freely, let it dance in the tunes of breeze.

# 35 Pastel Blue With Black Fringes On Forehead

A combination of various cuts can be used for getting a unique hairstyle. This short black fringe, bangs and uneven layers make the hair very stylish. You can combine the looks very beautifully to get a delicate look. You can enhance your styling if you have the right attitude. Pale blue color is the prominent color in this style. Black, together with pale blue is applied on bangs. Hair is cut little above from the shoulder. This look and style is really attractive.

# 36 Wonderful Pony With Light And Bright Purple

Do you really want to stand apart from the crowd? Then you can surely try this hairstyle. You should cut your bangs little long and it should touch to your eyebrows. Adjacent to the bangs, few strands should be kept little bit long. This portion can be colored with light purple color. The color of your bangs should light rose. Then the remaining part should be designed with deep purple color. It should be kept braided on both sides.

# 37 Amazing Violet With Blue Bangs

You should trim your hair unevenly to get this style. Heavy gel can be used to keep the strands in good shape. Sharp and uneven trims add lots of drama to the look. Proper styling is essential for preventing hair from falling flat on your face. You must have thick voluminous hair to get this style. The color of bangs can be blue and the remaining portion should be shaded with violet color.

# 38 Full Forehead with Thin Tails

Huge voluminous hair is needed for getting this style. In order to make big bangs, huge portion of your hair should be cut little longer. You can comb your hair to one side by covering your forehead completely. Hair in backside can be kept long. Blue color can be used for getting a unique impression. This style is ideal for girls with lengthy hair.

# 39 Crispy Pink

This hair style is suitable if you have long hair. This is the other easy straighten hairdo. To get this style, you can keep your bangs little longer. But the side bangs should be longer than middle parts. Various shades of pink grant this style a great combination of romance and drama.

# 40 Light Purple With Cute Bands

You need not have longer hair to achieve this style. The front portion can be kept little lengthy and the back portions can be tied to both sides in round shape. Light purple color can be used for making your style more attractive. It can provide you with quite a sweet and careless look.

Emo is the short form of emotional hardcore. This style of music developed in the 1980s and it displayed a vast range of emotions. Emo hairstyles for girls are also emotional displaying your unique characteristics, as well as a cute and sexy appeal. If you have thick hair with bangs, trying at least one of these styles is a must. Just enjoy the contrast of different colors in your hair.

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