50 Eye-Catching Undercut Hairstyles For Chic Ladies – In 2016

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The popularity of short and extreme cuts such as undercut hairstyles is getting trendier with each passing day because the stereotype that only long hair looks feminine is hopelessly outdated. Shaved sides and the back of the head are particularly favored this season. The main difference between all of them is in various approaches, such as a combination of sections and hair strands made in peculiar styles. For confident ladies, regardless of face shape, complexion or hair type, it will be another feature to confirm their personality. Our top 50 creative images will definitely help you find your own look and the stylist will be glad to create a new masterpiece with your lovely hair.

# 1 Undercut Designs and Spiky Fringe

Courage is an essential feature of all extravagant women. Shaved lines and spiky peaked fringe will make a great mix of creative solutions, which will help you to show your confident and positive thinking about life. Some highlights are added to spice things up a little. This look involves one side with shaved patterns and the other side that is left untouched. The unique style is for a special lady.

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# 2 Fabulously Layered

Emphasizing merits and hiding demerits is the main goal for this image, which is based on two always advantageous aspects: asymmetry and a V-shaped neck, which are supplemented by temporal lobes that are made shorter than other hairs on the top and sides. Together, these advantages create one more - no need for special maintaining or expensive hair products. You might have to take some time choosing a great and talented stylist.

# 3 Multicolored Spikes

If you want to give the impression of a determined woman, the only thing that is required here is dyeing the strands in different colors, randomly laying them on the head. Short hair on the temples will reveal ears and visually elongate face, adding to the recklessness a bit of sophistication. Although, it is not a very good idea wearing this cut and colors to some official and serious events.

# 4 Shaved Lines Under Afro

If you have thick and curly hair than you have a lot of options how to style it the most creative ways. One of them is shaving temples and the back of the head, and then beautifying them with cool patterns around the entire section. This will allow you to spend less time on styling and more time having fun with your friends. With this unique look, you will stand out from the crowd, showing others how the provocative and optimistic person you are.

# 5 Neat Undercut

Here is yet another real and easy way to change the girl with curly hairs by making the smooth backward transition from short haircut on the sides to a thick crown on top. You’ll only need five minutes of your free time and a few drops of a good hair product for a firm hold. Brown highlights in the black hair will look outstanding and will bring some fashion into the look.

# 6 Blue Snowflake

The protest can be very unusual: you can just dye your hair in a blue color and then closely shave both your temples, leaving only a Mohawk on top. The final touch is neat patterns made in the form of snowflakes, which only emphasize the cheerful disposition of a lady who will choose this special style.

# 7 Pink Fashion

The combination of a pink hair color and Mohawk is a godsend for any woman who has decided to radically change her appearance. This style is ideal for fine hair and eliminates the need to spend a lot of hours in front of the mirror; you can just run your hands through the hair to give it a messy look. Choosing the color is also not a problem; you can go for pastel shades or be more rebellious and choose some bright dye.

# 8 Dark Layer In-Between

If the bold experiments are your strong point so you can shave the temples and back along the hairline to the neck, after that combine two resonant colors: white with black. This decision will remind others of determination and purposefulness, and the V-shaped form of scissor trimmed hair on the back of the head will confirm that, showing that you’re the person who always carries through.

# 9 Spiky Top

Cropped back of the head and fringe that is decorated with colored strands is a simple way out of the situation when the hair is unruly and difficult to maintain. However, this hairstyle is hardly suitable for formal occasions. The only thing that is required of you is to find a skilled barber, who will be able to neatly trim your hair and dye it professionally.

# 10 Cute & Lovely

In this look, hairs are lifted up. It’s only up to you what to choose: a ponytail, a braid or a bun, which will help you to reveal neatly shaved lower part of the back of the head. Professionals usually shave various patterns and figures here, but if you're not ready for this, it will be enough to trim this section uniformly in order to look stylish and cool. If you have short hair and you want to show off your newly shaved lower back of the head then all you need to do is to lift your strands up with your fingers, initially putting some forming hair product on them.

# 11 Cut Sides and Back

If you have long hair, it is a great idea to lift them up in any convenient way to open smoothly shaved strip at the lower section of the back of the head. If you have an idea in mind and a skilled stylist in your contact list, you can easily go for shaved lines or images. If you have short hair, the styling options are also unlimited; starting from chaotic strands maintained with good hair product, to smooth and slicked back hair.

# 12 Lotus Design

The high-quality art is always nice to see. And when it comes to hair styling, difficult patterns and images can amaze with their complexity and precise contours. From simple lines to portraits of important people in your life - there is no limit to perfection, and so it all depends on the imagination and the capable hands of a professional with a trimmer. The rest of the hairstyle is only the background of a masterpiece and can be as comfortable for you as you wish. In any case, all the attention will be concentrated on the pattern.

# 13 Almost Bald

In this style, hair is shaved bald on one side, although most of the time it is just left short-cropped. The line shaved from forehead to the back of the head makes the style creative. The open section can be beautified with a picture or left untouched. The rest of the hair you can dye in any color you like. For maintaining the look you don’t need any special tools.

# 14 Nice Bowl Cut

In this do, there is no single strand of hairs above the ears, so locks can be shaved or cut short. After that, a straight fringe is cropped, and hair is forming a uniform cap on the top of the head. Closely trimmed temples spice things up a little bit, they reveal cute and lovely features of a famous singer and actress Jennifer Hudson. The shaved sides make special appeal to this cut and you don’t need to spend hours on hair setting.

# 15 Crazy Waves

Stunning short haircut for the lovely and confident lady will help you to stand out in the crowd. Hair looks careless and free due to the large curled locks falling on the forehead. To achieve such perfect curls, you should apply some hair gel or mousse on your strands. If you have free time, you can style this hairdo all by yourself and save money from visiting a professional. All you need is a high-quality hair product and rollers or a curling iron.

# 16 Braided Bun

For this sophisticated look, all the hair at the top is gathered into a tight ponytail, after that it is braided into small braids, then it is twisted into the wide and luxury bun. The peculiarity of this hairdo is in the almost bald shaved back of the head. Even with such a casual style, you can look businesslike. Paired with evening make-up and colorful accessories, the look will give you confidence and you will be the queen at any party.

# 17 Stylish Bowl with Undercut

Platinum color has recently become a favorite one among the girls who know how to attract attention. This perfect bowl hairstyle hides shaved sides and back. Here you do not need a lot of styling; blow drying your hair and using a styling comb will be enough for making you look fantastic. For high-quality hair dyeing, it is better to find a good professional. Massive accessories especially long earrings will do for girls with short haircuts.

# 18 Highlighted Locks

In this look, hair is shaved at the sides and back of the head, leaving a wide Mohawk on top, emphasizing it with a shaved line. If you want to you can add a distinguish picture or a geometrical figure there. The hair on top can be colored in one or more colors. You can also take advantage of the simplicity of maintaining it and use just the hairbrush to style the cut.

# 19 Soft Touch

Braids and undercut look good together, especially with the red hair. This style involves shaved wide (approximately 3 cm) line on the lower back of the head and two neatly done braids above it. The other side of the head is left untouched, and the rest of the hair is swept over the shoulder. So, along with a cool design we have some asymmetry in this great look.

# 20 Clear Hearing

If you are a lucky owner of a thick head of hair then you can only take off a few centimeters of it from the temples along the hairline, leaving the rest of the locks intact. The style is perfect for Mohawk lovers because your long mane can be easily gathered with the help of bobby pins and some holding hair product and made into a Mohawk-like style. For even a greater look, you can dye strands in some trendy colors.

# 21 Falling Locks

If nature gave you thick and curly hair, then this hairstyle will suit you best. The the shortened sides and nape with a trimmer, making a nice fade and visually elongating your face shape. So this look is a great choice for those girls who don’t like their lovely rounded face. For styling you should use curlers and hair product, this way you'll be sure that your curls will hold all day long.

# 22 Pure Perfection

In this style, all the long hairs are swept to one side, opening the high-shaven head on a right temple. Here the undercut is visibly divided into two sections, one is shorter and shaved entirely, the other one is above and longer, approximately few millimeters long. You do not need to spend a lot of time on styling and setting this cut; all you have to do is to comb the hair on one side.

# 23 Blond Top

Messy locks on top have a nice blonde color, leaving the roots and undercut dyed in the dark hue. The fringe is made longer and it falls on the forehead in a chaotic form. Dyeing your hair in two absolutely different shades is a very creative idea, and your girlfriends will beg for your stylist’s phone number.

# 24 Voluminous Beauty

Shortly cropped temples and sideburns make this haircut unique, but the voluminous top gets all the attention. To make this pompadour-like high top, you need to blow dry your hair, applying some high-quality hair product. Top and upper part of the back of the head is lightly scissor trimmed; only the lower part of the neck, temples and sideburns shaved slightly. This hairstyle will look great on dark hair.

# 25 Curled on Top

The wavy bang will give you a desirable pretty and elegant appearance. Usually short haircuts look good with girls who have oval face shape, but due to the stylish and well-done undercut, you can visually elongate round face types. Gentle waves on top will add some lightness and trend to the image, making you look fantastic.

# 26 Messy Dreads

To make undercut even more unusual hairstyle you should ask your hairdresser to make a short fringe that will open the forehead almost entirely. On the top of the head, chaotic and long dreads are made. Undercut has always been considered as an informal cut, but with each day it becomes more and more popular, and girls try to think of some unique features to add to the style. To look even cooler you can put some iron rings on your dreads.

# 27 Curly Cap

If you have soft obedient hair and you want to attract boy’s attention, you should closely shave temples and the back of the head, leaving on top a Mohawk made from wavy strands. You can add some professionally shaved patterns on the trimmed section for a bolder look.

# 28 Cool Designs on a Red Head

If you want to show everyone that you’re a striking personality and you adore another side, then you should shave the lower part of the back of the head and lay hair in messy strands on one side, leaving the other one clear. Cool designs are a great addition to this look.

# 29 Perfect Line

It is never too late to change your image completely and fascinate people with your new look. The hard part line is making this style sexy and fashionable. Messy locks dyed in dark and light colors are lying freely on the top.

# 30 Asymmetrical Trends

Asymmetric undercuts always look stylish and a little bit unusual, because one side is shortly cropped, and the other one have chin-length hair. This hairdo looks very cute, you only need to blow dry your hair in a chaotic way using a good hair product. Gentle spikes will add sweetness to the style. Wavy long one side and faded other side will make you look like a sweet fashionable lady that you are.

# 31 Two Leveled Flat Top

Undercut can be worn not only with rich curls, cool styling or long hair but also with a precise flat top. This cut is easily made and styled especially on the African-American women’s hair due to its rigid structure. A two-level top looks like even steps, where one is made lower. The second level has clear and smooth edges and is made on the very top of the head. As a grand finale back of the head, temples and lower sides shaved with ponytail trimmer.

# 32 Heart in the Triangle

Shaved designs always make any hairdo look special. The only important thing in this case is finding a great master, who will be able to trim anything you want on the back of your head. Here we have well-done heart with faded sides in an unfinished triangle. Don’t forget to show off a little bit, revealing precisely done patterns.

# 33 Top Bun & Designs

Usually the design is shaved at the back of the head, but you also can go for a wide side picture. This style differs from others with one thing, and that is a nicely trimmed sideburns. The pattern goes up there and makes nice curving lines. There is only one shortcoming, you need to visit you hairdresser every three-four weeks in order to update the design.

# 34 Editorial Pony-Tail

Another embodiment of a combination of short-clipped hair on the sides and long mane on top, where each side cropped to 1 cm or less, and the long hairs gathered in a high ponytail. Small bobby-pins on the pony-tail hold it together. You can easily find them in different colors and sizes, so with these little helpers, you can improve your headdress. This hairdo is perfect for formal occasions where you want to look stylish and modest at the same time.

# 35 Light Version of Undercut

Sometimes girls are not ready for shaving a large section on their heads; in this case they can try a light version of the hairstyle. The hairdresser worked only at the lower part of the back of the head, where he made smooth and short shaved lines. A reverse French braid is a good complement to the image. This option is perfect for modest girls, who want to try something new, but they’re afraid to make sweeping changes and spoil their image. If the end result won’t satisfy you, you can unbraid your hair and hide the shaved section.

# 36 Dark Queen

It is widely believed that this style originally appeared among gothic girls. They prefer to make a triangle-like fringe and widely set the hair on the top. You can add some gothic black accessories to the headdress. Long black hair and shaved sides always look gorgeous.

# 37 Angelic White

White and neatly styled curls are a great choice for girls with angelic appearance. This is a classic version of an undercut where the entire lower part of the head is shortly shaved and the hair on the top is combed to one side in beautiful, snow-white strands. To achieve such effect, wet hair is combed forward, and then blow dried. Textured white strands will definitely stand out in the crowd.

# 38 Hidden Undercut

Bob haircut and slightly shaved temples are working great together. There are many options on how to vary bob, but the best one is dying your hair in an unusual bright color, where the locks will have different shades and the roots will be in dark shades. Maintaining does not require special professional attention, only a bit of patience and sense of style.

# 39 Nice French Braids

Two French braids are made to demonstrate uniformly trimmed sides. Strands dyed in different colors are making braids look good and unusual. Almost black roots enhance the beauty of this hairdo.

# 40 Pointing Arrow

The white bun looks very nice on the dark rooted background. Shaved patterns are similar to the tattoos: for both of them, you need a good imagination and creative styling, because every woman wants the design, which no one else has. Although unlike the tattoo, the pattern made of the hair can be easily changed, all you have to do is leave that section untouched for a couple of weeks. After that, your stylist will shave another creative image on your hair.

# 41 Rat Tail

This cut has a line that divides hair into two parts. The lower part has a small cute strand which looks like a short tail. The hairs on the top are left long, and you can fold them in a bun or pony-tail. The demarcation line is precise and strictly separates a very long top and neatly shaved back of the head.

# 42 Trendy Long Top

If you want to look unique and stand out in a crowd, then the ideal choice for you is a classic Mohawk. It will undoubtedly emphasize your creative personality. In addition to all of that, you don’t need to spend hours in front of the mirror styling the cut. All you need is a narrow section on top with freely falling long strands.

# 43 Chaotic Mohawk

It is another variation of a popular do. Hard part line and faded sides make this option one of the best undercut hairstyles. The messy Mohawk-like top is blow dried then swept frontwards to the forehead, one eye is completely obscured by the long textured bangs. Sexy and rockabilly looking girls will never be out of style.

# 44 Platinum Precision

To look fabulous and attract attention from the others your hairdresser should shortly crop sides of your head, and make top and nape uniform in size. We will see wide and platinum Mohawk as an end result. On one side precise wave is shaved, which is starting from the temple and moving in a nape direction. One of the lines’ curves has a tidy fade that is made underneath it. Sharp sideburns and cute side sweep add definite creativity to the look.

# 45 Full Disconnection

Shaved undulated line separates the upper and lower part of the hair. Black roots and casually died hairs demonstrate rebellious spirit. Tattoos and piercing successfully complete the image. For this kind of haircuts the girl can turn to a professional barber for help because nothing is done to the long hair on top, only shaved sides and nape show the work of a skilled master.

# 46 Street Style

Street style undercut will look great on girls with dark skin tone and black coarse hair. Chaotic round mop styled on top shows the simplicity and convenience of this cut. The hairstyle is not suitable for women with a round face shape because sides that are shaved too high make the lower part of the face look roundish.

# 47 Multicolored Mohawk

This style is suitable for girls who love attention and want everyone looking at them in awe. Cropped hair on sides and high Mohawk on top will make you stand out from the crowd. Hair dyed in different colors and precise placement demonstrates that hairdresser did an excellent job on her client’s hair.

# 48 Messy Updo

Rich dark burgundy hair color paired with a messy and stylish updo are a wonderful addition to a light undercut. V-shaped and scissor trimmed it will benefit any hairdo you choose. It is such a soft transition that the change from long to short is almost invisible.

# 49 Shaved Temple

Long, beautiful hair always looks great. But if you want to stand out from the crowd then you should show a bit determination and ask your hairdresser to shave the temple on one side. This feature will add some originality to your style, and you will have the attention from the boy you have always liked.

# 50 Gold Platinum Side Sweep

For this style, the hair is blow dried and then side swept. Here it is everything about the coloring. Platinum nape and gold top make the hairstyle very stylish. You do not need much styling, although skilled professional is required. The beauty is in color, faded nape, and spiky top.

Options for undercut hairstyle are endless. You can wear it with pretty much every type of hair and face shape. Try out our 50 best undercut hairstyles, because you deserve to be adored. While some of the ladies prefer traditional hairdos, others are not afraid of trying something new, and with the creative and innovative approach, you will be the queen of the ball or any other party.

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