55 Fancy Prom Updos For Teenage Girls – Feel Great

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# 2 Messy Updo

If you have some fine strands like these, you have to do little to get a great party hairdo. In this style, the locks have been nicely trimmed for some texture then hand painted to give them a fantastic color. The styling involves roughly pushing the locks back and tying them into a loose knot on the crown.

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# 2 Messy Updo

If you have some fine strands like these, you have to do little to get a great party hairdo. In this style, the locks have been nicely trimmed for some texture then hand painted to give them a fantastic color. The styling involves roughly pushing the locks back and tying them into a loose knot on the crown.

# 3 The Loose Tendrils

The loose tendrils look almost messy, but this style is achieved by neatly arranging the strands at the back while leaving a section of the hair at the front. The hairs in front should be given a center part before pushing them back, but you should leave two locks on the opposite sides of the part that are styled to flow freely. The loose tendrils at the back are created by arranging the locks.

# 4 Open Bun Updo

When most people are creating a bun in their updo, they prefer to bring all the hairs together and fold then into the bun, but this style breaks away from the tradition. Instead of folding in the strands they are left to flow beyond the bun as a couple of free long locks.

# 5 Double-Braided Hairdo

Braids always find a way into most prom hairstyles. In fact, they come second to few others regarding the most widely used distinct style on these hairdos. Although they are mostly used to tighten things up in this hairstyle, the double braids that meet at the simple bun form an integral part of this look.

# 6 Intricate Fold-In

The design created in this hairdo looks very complicated, and it probably is if you do not know how to style it. However, it will only take a stylist or a person who knows how to make it a couple of minutes to finish it. It is created by folding in the locks in an intricate pattern at the back to create the updo. It is an incredible style for ladies who would not like to have locks handing on their beautiful dress during prom night.

# 7 Quinceanera Updo

Your hair provides you with all the tools you need to create a perfect prom look. Provided you have some nice long strands the options are unlimited for you. The quince style involves creating different patterns with your natural hair. For this particular style, simple fold in design is formed at the back, and it is enhanced by the two side braids that stretch from the front.

# 8 Waterfall Braid

A waterfall is one of the best braid hairstyles that you can wear for your prom. If you know how to make it well or have someone who can create it elegantly for you then you can be sure that you will stand out. Waterfall braid will look even more fabulous when done on long, voluminous locks.

# 9 Twisted and Curled

All the effort in this style is concentrated on the design at the back as there is no other significant styling done at the front and this is a good idea because the outcome is excellent. The strands are pushed back where they are curled and twisted creatively to create an excellent low updo.

# 10 Simple Braided Fluffy Bun

To look good on your prom night, you do not always have to go for sophisticated styles that will take you hours to wear. A simple braided fluffy bun like this one will only take a couple of minutes to make and does not require a lot of skills, but it will still look charming.

# 11 Half Up Half Down

Half up half down is one of the most popular prom updos, and most ladies love it as it is very simple to wear and equally attractive especially for those with thick strands. This style involves folding in and twisting the strands at the back to bring some order to the hair but still maintain a flow to the back.

# 12 Dutch Bubble French Braid

The dutch bubble french braid is a unique prom style that brings all the hairs together to the middle of the head to create a faux hawk inspired design. To get this hairdo, the strands are divided into chunky sections that are then weaved into a massive French braid at the middle of your head. Since the braid is too large to hold, clear rubber bands should be used to keep it in place.

# 13 Messy Short Hairs with Side Braid

Contrary to what most people think you do not have to keep very long locks to wear an amazing prom style. Short hair that is not very thick can also create a great prom wear if you know how to work with it. A perfect example of this is to create a neat side-braid while leaving the rest of the hairs messy.

# 14 The Bridesmaid Look

Bridesmaid look is a simple hairdo that involves bringing the locks to the sides and then weaving them into a loose braid that finishes up by tucking into a side bun. It is a very cool prom look if you have some nice texture and color.

# 15 Loosely-Braided Bun

A bun is almost a must have in a prom style, and this is justifiably so because it can make even the simplest or dullest hairdo look splendid. In this hairstyle, the bun is very simple with the only notable detail being a couple of loose braids around it.

# 16 Medium Length and Wavy

You do not always have to get an intricate design to look great on your prom day because what matters is how you work with your strands. The medium length strands in this hairdo are made messy and pushed back and further enhanced with some accessories.

# 17 Formal Updo Style

The formal updo is a unique style that will work perfectly for prom goers who are more conservative or are not willing to experiment with other sophisticated hairstyles. This hairdo uses natural hair, and almost no products at all for styling. To get the formal updo, you should comb your hair back and fold it into a simple bun. The bun should just be simple, and so you should not try too hard to make it neat.

# 18 Vintage Braided Updo

Braids are some of the most versatile hair designs, and they have been around for many years. This style features different types and size of braids at the back, and they are what makes this a classy hairdo. The braids are pulled together into a big bun for a neat finish and to create the vintage look. When wearing this hair, you can enhance the look with some floral hair clips.

# 19 Soft Messy Braids

The braids in this style have been weaved very creatively, and it is hard to tell that they are there because of the messy strands around them. Although the braids are what makes this an interesting updo, there is also a nicely done bun at the back that comes from folding in the messy strands.

# 20 Curly Twist

You do not have to stick with the conventional hairdos to look great on your prom. The amazing curly twist hairstyle clearly demonstrates this, and it is one style that you can be guaranteed that you will be the only person wearing anything like it at the event. It starts with dividing the hair into a couple of sections at the crown and then twisting them into a French braid before pulling everything together. It is common with many updos but what makes it unique is that instead of being tied into a bun the hairs have some amazing long curly locks.

# 21 Naturally Curly Updo

All that is done in this hairstyle is to push it back with the hands and then pull it together at the back into a medium size bun. However, what makes it look amazing is that the hairs are naturally curly, and this is still evident even after pulling them together. To look good in this style, you should make the bun slightly messy so that the curls can still be visible.

# 22 Elegant Bridal Tuck In

This hairstyle is a perfect demonstration of the concept behind updos because apart from being immaculate not even a single strand is left to flow freely. What makes it, even more, incredible is that it does not just tuck-in the hair like other conventional styles, but instead the strands are brought together in a pattern. It is a very simple style to wear as you only need to divide the crown hairs into a couple of sections, bring them together in a braid-like pattern and then finish by tucking in.

# 23 Knotted Waves

You can almost never go wrong with these hairstyles provided you have a healthy hair and know the look you want to have on your prom. In this style, for example, the wavy strands do all the magic because the only style done is the loose knot at the back. The knot does not incorporate all the locks as a few are left to flow freely and this makes the hairdo more attractive.

# 24 The Twisted Headband

Even if you do not like pulling all your strands together, or you would wish to enjoy some free flow when you go to the prom, there are still many hairdos that you can wear. The twisted headband is an example of a hairdo that helps you maintain some freedom while still looking elegant. Strands at the front are left to flow freely to the face while the headband created by a braiding brings everything else together.

# 25 Tight and Low

With some beautiful colors and texture wearing these hairdos becomes pretty simple and versatile as you have many options. The tight and low hairstyle are a perfect example of a natural style that will make you steal the show at the prom. Although the hair looks like it does not follow any particular pattern at the back, it is this that makes it a natural look.

# 26 Modern Sleek Updo

Hairstyles are always changing and in most cases they get better with time as people become more experimental and also thanks to the use of products. This particular hairstyle is very different from what you would expect to see in a prom updo, and this shows that you will stand out. The top part is gelled and neatly slicked back to form an intricate bun at the center that is tied with a band. The styling of the hairs that protrude from the band is what makes it stand out.

# 27 Twisted Blonde Hairs

Twisting is the easiest way to pull your strands together, and it is also much faster and more attractive. For these long blonde hairs, the twisting is done by pulling together the locks to the back of the head. The twisting technique makes this a perfect hairdo as it does not follow the traditional braiding that most ladies go with.

# 28 Extra Large Loose Braids

In this style, the two loose braids on the sides take up much of the hair and so you will not have a lot of hairs to style at the back. The braids are very elegant, and they join to create a fabulous pattern that will make your locks look more intricate than they are.

# 29 Fantastic Flower Braid

The flower braid is one of the prom hair updos that most ladies would wish to have but what discourages most from trying it is that it looks very complicated. However, the fact is that the beautiful flower formed by the braids at the back is easier to create than most other hairdos. All you need to do is to roll up the braids in a flower pattern, but you should have some long braids for this to be possible.

# 30 Clipped Bun

A hair clip is one of those things that ladies will always find themselves using on the hair even when they do not need it. It is probably because they come in lovely flowers and designs that can make your hairs look attractive. In this style, the hair is roughly pulled back into a loose bun, and so the clip is necessary to hold it in place.

# 31 Reverse French Twist

A reverse French twist makes a perfect hairstyle, but this particular one looks more exquisite as it uses all the strands on your head. Rather than have a thin braid running from the front to the back, it incorporates all the strands to create a massive reverse twist that finishes with a simple fold in at the back.

# 32 Massive Fishtail

If you have a very long hair, it might be pretty uncomfortable to pull it together into a tight bun, but there are still many other options you can choose for your prom. One such style is the massive fishtail that has been gently loosened to create a more relaxed hairdo.

# 33 Braided Chignon

Few other updos look better or more elegant than this. The braided chignon is one of those styles that if you wear, you will feel even better than you look. It creates wonders especially when used in long thick strands, and it adds an instant chic to any choice of outfit. To makes things even much better it is also very simple to wear.

# 34 The Vintage Updo

Long before the culture of prom was born ladies were still going for balls. During these events, it was always about the hair. An updo has always been the most preferred ball look and the Vintage is the original one that ladies used to wear. It involves pulling the hair back and styling it into simple curls. What makes it different is that it always has a beautiful clip to keep the strands in place.

# 35 Synthetic Piece

Although it always feels good to have an all natural look adding a synthetic piece can enhance your design and make you look fantastic. For this coiffure, the strands are nicely relaxed then slicked to the center of the head. The piece is added to the hair when it is pulled at the center then pinned together to create the fantastic look. In this style, the most important thing is the technique used to add the piece as this will dictate how natural it will look.

# 36 Easy Prom Bun

Here is a perfect example of an easy or non-trivial prom bun that will only take you a couple of minutes to wear. The hairdo comes from wrapping the bun with a twist but what makes it look natural is that the bangs are left loose but still folded in. Although it looks good in blonde, you can always adjust the color to meet your needs and preferences.

# 37 The Braid Band

Choosing a good coiffure does not have to be complicated because you can still look incredible with a very simple design. For this look, a simple medium size braid is created and then it is used as a band for the long pushed back strands. However, the length of the strands and their dark red tone also make this a fabulous look.

# 38 The Classic Twist

The classic twist is created by simple braiding and twisting at the back. There are two portions of twisted locks at the back that include a large one that brings together most of the hairs. A smaller braid is then made above it to create an exquisite pattern.

# 39 Triple Side Braids

A side braid will always spice up your prom updo, but this takes things a notch higher as instead of having one it has three different size and design braids on the side. The twists help to make the strands firmer, and they also create an attractive pattern. Apart from this, the convergence of the braids at the back also creates a fabulous curly mess that further enhances the looks.

# 40 Wavy Locks Curl Up

Wavy medium length locks are lovely, but you still have to build them creatively to look good on your prom day. In this hairdo, the strands are pushed back and to the sides and then finished by bringing them together in a curl up design. Color and texture also matter a lot if you intend to wear this design.

# 41 Simple and Sleek

Keeping things simple can also make you stand out and have an excellent ball. If you have some medium or long neat and healthy locks you can wear this sleek style by pulling them into a bun and using pins to hold it in place. You do not have to do any fancy styling since your natural hair will give you all the beauty you want. For this hairdo, you can leave a couple of locks hanging loosely over your face.

# 42 Thick Dutch Braid

The thick Dutch braid makes an eye-catching fashion, and it is very visible meaning that you do not have to do any further styling to look great. However, to get the best out of it, you should make it loose as it looks more attractive this way and leave out a few bangs to get a natural finish.

# 43 Tangled Low Updo

This exquisite headdress is not only suitable for the prom but any other formal occasion due to the elegance that it creates. It comprises of sophisticated textured strands that are smartly arranged at the nape of the neck. You can leave it like this as it looks sufficiently attractive or you can use a couple of jeweled pins to enhance the appearance.

# 44 Soft-Pinned Curls

Curls are perfect for any formal occasion, but this will only be so if you style them well and if you can maintain the style for long. For this look, the soft curls are pushed back and then twisted into a simple pattern at the back of the head. To ensure that they hold they are then pinned and the pins creatively covered by the curls.

# 45 Loose Waves with Double Braids

Keeping things loose at the back can also create a good prom updo, but you have to add something to bring some order in the headdress. The waves look fabulous if you have long full strands because they will form a beautiful pattern as they flow on your back. For this hairstyle, the double braids are created around the crown to accentuate the loose waves.

# 46 Red Tone Ponytail

You hair shade will play a significant role in any hairdo that you intend to wear, and it can make it a hit or miss. Although this prom style is a simple ponytail that has been French braided the color of the strands make it look incredibly fabulous. Apart from the French braiding, the only other thing done to complete the look is to sweep the ponytail to the side.

# 47 The Intricate Mix Up

The beauty with women headdresses is that they can wear almost anything and look good, provided they do it well. This complex mix-up brings together braids and waves to create a very distinct pattern. You can hardly tell the design that the style adopts because the combination looks very random and this is what makes it an interesting prom idea.

# 48 Ombre Curls

The color of these curls is what makes it perfect because it is the first thing that people notice when they look at you. Apart from the dye job the curls also have an excellent hold, and they are pulled together at the back and tied into a knot.

# 49 Half Up Blonde Curly

A special occasion requires a special headdress like this one because nothing can make you stand out like a nicely done hairdo. In this half up design, the strands at the back are pulled together to form a thick bun while those at the front are left to flow freely. The free flowing curly locks are what will catch most people attention because they also have an amazing blonde coloring.

# 50 Voluminous and Low

For thick strands styling should not be a problem even though sometimes you may not have ideas on what to do with all these hairs. And contrary to what most ladies think you do not always have to twist or braid your thick strands to look fabulous. For your event, you can neatly comb them and roll them in low at the nape of your neck for an easy to wear but still magnificent headdress.

# 51 Romantic Half Curls

The passionate half curls are neat and beautiful enough to wear to the event, but they can also make a perfect style for other formal and informal events. This everyday design involves a modest pushback top that is made into a pony at the center. The locks coming from the ponytail are curled up to finish the romantic look.

# 52 Curvaceous Lines

Elaborate twists and curvaceous lines are what characterize this hairstyle. The firm bangs are neatly arranged in an asymmetrical pattern towards the back. To make the locks look more natural some of the strands are left slightly messy.

# 53 Fancy Side Bun

This prom headdress brings together all the characteristics that define a perfect prom updo. The dark tone and perfect texture of the hair also make it fabulous. When styling, the locks should be diagonally pushed to the back, and a single braid is created by a few strands. The braid should then wrap around the side bun to finish the look.

# 54 Sleek Retro Curls

If you love curls and tight updos, then this is the style to wear for your ball. It is a stylish headdress that will not take you a lot of time to wear despite how complicated it looks. This headdress involves flipping bangs at the top of the head and then strategically placing the ends of your curls over them. You can have it plain or add some dark blue highlight for a more colorful look.

# 55 Fresh and Fun

The bangs in this hairdo have a perfect texture and color, and this makes them very easy and fun to work with, and you can create a colorful headdress almost effortlessly. For an elegant finish, they are pulled and loosely tucked in the middle. These bangs create a hairstyle that can be worn to any event you wish whether it is formal or casual.

Although you will probably get to go to many other balls, the prom only comes ones for most people, and so you should look your best. The outfit you choose and your hair are the two important things that determine how you will look at this event, but the locks are probably more important as they can draw attention from a not so attractive attire. With the 55 refined prom updos above you have no reason not look elegant as you only have to choose the one that you like most or the one that will go best with your type of strands.

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