50 Dazzling Goddess Braids For Modern Ladies – New Styling Ideas

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Ladies are always impressive when they make-do with their natural hair. Goddess braids are one of the most popular ethnic hairstyles that keep the feminine beauty without the hassle to maintain or take it to a costly stylist. If you have been wondering which of the braids will make an impression on you, here are 50 types that you can choose from and redefine your sense of beauty.

# 1 Thick Cornrows with a Knot

The hair is parted into three portions and each is styled into a thick cornrow-like shape. Between each rows there is a clear space to the skin which makes a direct contrast to the thick rows. They are triplets of beauty as they make a final knot at the drop of the nape. It is easy and simple and it will remain in perfect shape for days. 

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# 2 Goddess Circles

The hair is created into a single thick braid that runs over the head making 3 layers of circular shapes. The circle closer to the skull is smaller and the other 2 increase in size and thickness. The topmost circle falls to the back of the neck and it is a deserving look for a lady who knows to bring out her prominent features. 

# 3 Upswept Knotting

The hair is divided into equal portions. Each is braided into a short row that runs upwards. They all make a confluence at the middle top of the head where they make a knot. It is not a smooth knotting since you can pick out each of the rows. It is beautiful and will not give you the trouble of every other day maintenance.

# 4 Long Glory

A lady who has been used to be the center of attraction knows how to do it with her hair. This long hairstyle is a perfect choice that will keep all eyes on her. It is twisted at the front and then the rest is left to fall free towards the back. It falls beyond the shoulders and you can tell that this is such a creative creation. 

# 5 Scorpion Fangs

The sides and the middle patches are left in free natural hair. At the back a colorful knot snakes its way into an impressive hill of attraction. It then makes 2 fang-like rows towards the forehead. The decorations on the plaited pieces make them stand out and you can see the genius concept into this masterpiece. 

# 6 Multiple Plaits

It is smooth and refined at the lower ends but it gets beautifully messier at the top. You can see that there is a thin and thick plait and they both make undefined runs around the hair. The end result is a simplicity that even a modern lady would want for her casual looks. It does not have to be such a struggle to get your hair into true beauty when you have it all here. 

# 7 The Model Cliff

Made popular my many of the gals in the modelling industry, this is one of the top braided styles that every lady would want on their head. It is smooth at the roots and then a snaking braid takes over. It rolls upwards and then drops with grace towards back. It expresses confidence and the lady having it is heavenly beautiful.

# 8 Slanted Mohawk

It is combed to a fine mat at one side leaving the hair oozing in a beautiful fountain. A creative thick twist makes its way from the middle but it is slanted and makes a groovy finish as it moves to the back. It inspired by the famous Mohawk but this one has its way to tame the sharp top and it is all gorgeous to the last strand. 

# 9 Plaited Roundness

You can tell that a girl is beautiful by the style of her hair. The plaited roundness is such a creation that brings out all the beauty in her with a round running plait. At the front hairline it makes waves that add a beauty of its kind. 

# 10 Spotty and Thick

Two rows run towards the back and they join together at the fall of the head. They form one row towards the front. It is sleek and shiny for onlookers to take note of your sense of pomp in your style.

# 11 Black and Brown Queen

This queen has the cornrows made from black and brown and the results are dazzling. The lump at the back is impressive and bears both colors just like the rows. You would not pass guys and miss to grab their attention.

# 12 Ramming Impression

It is both soft at the parted top but rough at the edges. The ramming effect is created by the interwoven edge that forms a guarding crown around the soft patch. You will definitely have to get stops from ladies who want to know where you had your hair done.

# 13 Modern Lady

Three curved thick waves start at the front all the way to the neckline. They are touched with precision in their plaiting and you can pick out each bulge from a far. It is for the lady who has kept an eye on the changing trends.

# 14 Stylish Criss-Cross

Every row runs in its own direction but there is a synchronization that makes a top choice. The high top is layered with brownness while the back is designed into a U-shape line that adds to the stunning effect that comes with this design. 

# 15 Perfect Circle

You do not have to look at this style twice to determine whether you want it or not. It is an eye-catching impression that will find its way on to many ladies’ heads. The circle begins to form at the top and comes down to the sides where it ends with a decorative tail. The roots are smooth and create a differentiation from the rest of the hair.

# 16 Fancy Interlocks

Multiple braids rise from the low end and go high to form a thick bundle. It is styled to look like a fountain of beauty with simple interlocks but it has the stature of a super star. 

# 17 Thick Round Lock

It is brilliance at its best and you can tell that this girl truly rocks. The intertwined lock goes around the head and she covers it with a lady’s wide cap. She looks charming and the party she is attending will be the best experience. 

# 18 Straightforward Simplicity

Goddess braids can give unrivaled simplicity and you will be the talk of the town of course for the good reasons. Two thick braids start from the front all the way to the back. They end in two short pigtails at the shoulder level. The sides are smooth and styled to complement the top rows. It is such an impressive creation that you would also want on you. 

# 19 Pop Color

It is bold and beautiful and this lady knows what a gem she is with it. The hair is divided into 4 parts and each plaited to stoutness. A purple touch is added on top of each row and this is the catching effect that gals want on their head. At the forehead it is sparse and forms easy waves to add onto the beauty.

# 20 Beautiful Long Cornrows

It is thick as the rows can get and it is beautiful to the last strand. There are 2 main rows on top and they run from the front to the neck. They fall as two dazzling pigtails. Running as laterals to the 2 thick rows are smaller versions that flow to the sides. It is for the bold lady and you will be right to make the choice. 

# 21 High and Long Twists

Here it can get long and the achievement is this dalliance on the lady. The twists begin at the low end of the head and rise high in thick impression. It makes long fall over one of the shoulders and it goes as low as you may want it to go. Nothing obscures the forehead and you can see the beauty in its natural element. 

# 22 Canoping Underloop

It is thick with the braids and they cover the entire head in gorgeous blackness. At the back the braids are parted into two. One part falls over the back while the other is disguised as an underloop from the thick top canopy. It is such a sophisticated style that will get you stares from guys. 

# 23 Dreadlock Gal

They may not be the conventional dreadlocks but the style borrows a lot from it. There are scattered spots on the head from which each long lock is drawn. They fall to the sides and the back and they go way low as long as they suit your comfort. For the lady who does not want a trip to the stylist every other day then here is a ticket for it. 

# 24 Maroon Twists

If you are the kind that wants to try bold colors, here is your chance for the maroon hue. The hair is decorated with a maroon bloom and then interlaced. It goes around the head before falling to the front of one shoulder. It is left blunt at the tips and they are secured to remain intact for a long time. 

# 25 Secured Top Mop

It is thick at the top and it makes good rounds on top before dropping to long beautiful laces. The plaiting is secured with shiny metal alloys and ends up as a decoration that will not miss an intense eye. The long laces are brought to the front of the shoulders and they form a fountain of love and prettiness. 

# 26 Daring Hues

Ladies don’t shy from bright colors and they never get it wrong. There is a thick twisted mane that makes a groove around the head. The other hair is left smooth and wavy at the sides. The color is what will draw attention from passers-by. There is no doubt that this lady is naturally beautiful and the hairstyle has played so much towards that end. 

# 27 Directional Knob

It is simple with a backward flow at a thick knob at the back. The hair is rowed and weaved into a not-so-tight finish. It will not take any of your time in terms of maintenance. It comes easy and you will love the long service it will give you.

# 28 Typical Lines

The cornrows rise from the low ends and rise to the middle. There is a thick mop at the middle where the rows end after a short rise. At the front top there is a fountain that grabs attention to the hairstyle. 

# 29 Faded Sides

Long plaits at the mid head section run towards the back and they go down low. The sides are brushed into a smooth bed to create a direct contrast to the top. It is simple but radiant and a lady would not resist such a beauty. 

# 30 Brown Crown

The brownness spreads all over the head in thick spirals that make it one of the best braiding creation. Only the sides are sparse with well-spaced rows that contrast the back and middle portions. 

# 31 Flat Middle

A thick roll of braids goes round the head at the sides. The mid part is left smooth and flat in what looks like a balding effect. It is such a simplified design but will not miss a fair share of its attention once you have it on you. 

# 32 Simple and Sexy

Wouldn’t you vote for this to be the simplest yet a top braid style? The twisting bundle begins thick at the low sides and gets thinner towards the top. It finishes with a lump that is not so well tied together.

# 33 Smooth Ponytail

The ponytail never misses in most of the ladies’ top hairdos. Here the sides are combed to perfect smoothness and drawn to the back to meet the middle portion. The tail begins at the confluence of all the portions and drops to a natural smoothness that lies over one shoulder. 

# 34 High Bun n Roll

The radiant circles begin low and rise to a thick tip. It is designed to a towering impression that is a true reflection of a lady who knows what she wants in her hair. It is top and defines the feminine beauty. 

# 35 Wild Curls

This top list would not be complete without the curling effect that so many ladies love. This one begins with a thick roll at the ends and only makes two rounds. The rest of crown is left curly and each bundle of strands shows unmatched greatness. Who-is-who ladies know what to make a better use of their hair and this one way to get it easily all the time. 

# 36 The Springy Effect

Looking from a close range you will not miss to notice that the stylist tried to make it have the springy effect. A thick rim of a plait starts at the foreline towards the back. It makes curves and twists and finally ends as a thick knot at the back. This is the look that defines a fashionable woman from the general pool. 

# 37 Long and Elegant

Elegant is not such a simple value to come by but here is the easiest way you can bring that to your hair. It starts with a thick roundness that circles the head but with breaks at selected points. The top starts with two rows but they end up breaking into 4 braids that fall to the front of shoulders and run low. 

# 38 Weaving Bird

Closely woven sides and back are the trademark impression that you get from this style. They are finely done into thin lines and they make acute curves that lead to scenic patterns. The top is left as a thickness of braided hooks. There is the intention to bring about the bangs effect and it passes out to be an excellent addition. 

# 39 Ramming Horns

For the lady who does not have all the time for complex hairdos, you will get match for simplicity. The hair is parted into different random sections. Each is knotted to form a succession of lumps all around the head. It is a fantastic finish that does not need much effort to be outstanding. 

# 40 Wild Interlocks

You are right to call it a 'bad’ gal style but you can’t deny that it is such a mercurial appearance. The sides are filled with small twists probably to prepare you for the drama that is coming over the top. The middle patch is where the interweaves go wild with their locking. They form a racing top that will be easy to notice. 

# 41 Golden and Heavy Rolls

Whoever said that there is exquisiteness in simplicity then it must have been after seeing the kinds of hairstyles like these, don’t you think so? The thick rolls intertwine and rise high to a cliff tilted towards the back. The grand finale is the addition of a golden feather at one of the sides.

# 42 All-Direction Plume

You cannot define the direction that the rolls are taking and that is the mystery packed in this hairstyle. It is a definite top design that ladies would give whatever they have to get it on them. The braids go up, down, sideways, diagonally and you will love the matrix that results from here. 

# 43 Long and Intricate

Having the feeling of freedom on your hair is priceless. But you can have it with this simple hair styling. At the corners of the head, two plaits run backwards and fall free for you to play with them as you wish. The rest is smoothed to a wonder-flat mat and it is such a brilliant idea to bring to the ladies’ hair fashion.

# 44 Art of Sport

For a cheer leader, this is what will be in synch with the mood of the event. Three interlaces run over the head in slanting twists. They go on long and pass over one of the shoulders to show at the front.

# 45 Pop Colors

When you want to have some catching color on your hair then you can have that. The braids are thick and make inspiring interlocks at the middle. Other laces fall from the back and it is such a scene to behold.

# 46 Mohawk Inspiration

The fair gender can too have something close to the Mohawk that men are fond of. The sides are touched with a smooth brush and combed towards the center top. A spine-like interlocks line runs along the middle and fall over the back to as low as you may wish. 

# 47 Creative Dolls

You would think that this style befits the babies but it is also a stunner when on the real ladies. The hair is portioned into three sections and each is styled differently to make a unified appearance. It is given an aesthetic touch at the back and you can’t help but keep looking at it.

# 48 Copy of Dreads

Yes the ladies can have their way to dreads and give a bold statement about their femininity. This dread inspired style has the hair locked into strings of brown twists that fall over one side of the back. It is simple and it will remain intact for as long as you want it. 

# 49 Glorious Makeba

The lady will turn over heads wherever she passes. The braids are dazzling and thick and they do not shy away from getting long. They fall over the front of the shoulders and they will be an astounding addition to that colorful dress for the wedding you are attending. Besides, they also emphasize on what you are wearing around the neck. 

# 50 Funky Mohawk

You must have seen this with music stars such Rihanna and this tells you that this is not a common-place style. But of course it all for you if you want it! Single cornrow on each side leaves the middle patch to dominate. It glows towards the back with a rugged impression on the topside.

Now you have 50 of the best goddess braids and they will refine and redefine your looks. There is never a good way for the ladies to make a beauty statement than with their hair. If your wish is to keep tab on the best hairstyles for the modern lady, here is the perfect platform that will always bring you the cream of whatever style you are fond of.

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