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# 2 Epic Waves

If you have a lovely thick hair and maintain it correctly, it will still look good even as it grows old and the epic waves in this design are a perfect example of this. In this design, the shoulder length strands have an awesome side part and a smooth back and side sweep. They also melt into some beautiful waves on the ends to create a polished look.

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# 2 Epic Waves

If you have a lovely thick hair and maintain it correctly, it will still look good even as it grows old and the epic waves in this design are a perfect example of this. In this design, the shoulder length strands have an awesome side part and a smooth back and side sweep. They also melt into some beautiful waves on the ends to create a polished look.

# 3 Perfect Gray Mess

The simplicity of this headdress is amazing, and the fact that it is a very straightforward design makes it even more interesting than others. For this style, you only need to give your medium length curly locks some texture and then brush them out to create the messy look when you push them to the sides.

# 4 Short and Straight Blondie

Some gray hairs have a very subtle hue that looks almost blondish, and this makes them easy to style. In this hairdo, for example, you only need to trim the strands into a short, blunt Bob, give them a center part and then create a thin fringe to finish the look.

# 5 Spiky Short Pixie Haircut

Even if you do not have full long locks, you can still look elegant and stylish. Trimming the hair to just a couple of inches long is one way to do this. And to enhance this short pixie cut, you can spike up the locks.

# 6 Wavy Silver Streaks

With hair that is as attractive as this, you will never wish to have any other color besides from the gray. This design demonstrates just how creative some ladies are as it combines the gray with silver to create fantastic highlights. The waves and the length of the locks make the streaks look detailed.

# 7 Short Curly Updo

As age catches up, you may not always have time to design long locks, and you will probably not find it as necessary as it was in your younger years. However, this does not mean that you still cannot get a polished look since you can trim your curls to create this afro inspired updo that will be very easy to maintain.

# 8 Sweet and Short Taper

Tapering can also work for ladies, and it will look as good as it would on men if not better. This short gray hair leaves a couple of inches on the crown, and the sides and back are tapered short to create a fabulous pattern.

# 9 Gray Edgy Bangs

The texture of these short bangs will make you want to trim your long tresses so that you can try it out. Apart from this, they also have amazing trims that make them very edgy, and they are styled creatively to conceal any receding hairlines or an elongated forehead.

# 10 Soft Blonde Mess

This soft blonde design is another example of how easy you can style your hairs as they change color due to age. For this hairstyle, you only need to chop them short to about two or three inches but make the sides and back slightly shorter or taper them. Styling is also simple, and it involves messing up the long top with your fingers.

# 11 Cute Silver Short Bob

Although some ladies will develop this tone naturally, most have to get a dye job to wear this look. There is virtually nothing fancy with the styling since it is only a short bob with a soft part. However, what makes this a great headdress is the color melt between silver, blonde and gray. 

# 12 Layered Short Curls

Gray is such a fantastic hue, and so you do not have to wait for the change of hair color as you grow old as you can get a fresh dye job. In this design, it accentuates the short layered curls and makes them look very classy. This fantastic hue is not the most dominant in the design but is seems to work very well with the other dark tones.

# 13 Wispy Curls

The color melt between the silver and gray hues in this headdress is amazing. Apart from this, the face framing and nicely trimmed curls also make this design fabulous. And contrary to what most people think the gray tone makes the wearer of this hairdo look young.

# 14 Messy and Carefree Bangs

The only notable thing done on these strands is trimming them short to give them an edge, but the design is elegant. Since the color is natural, you only need to push the bangs to one side and then mess them up with your hands to create a beautiful look.

# 15 Wavy A-Line Bob

This elongated A-Line bob with bangs is perfect for a round face shape and for women who would like to conceal some facial features on their forehead. Apart from the face framing tresses, a few others also flow nicely to the back in a wavy pattern to create a lovely finish.

# 16 Lovely Diagonal Layers

This headdress is one of the easiest and also one of the loveliest you can have with your gray locks. It involves parting the strands on the sides and sweeping the section on the top diagonally to cover one eye. The other section should be pushed back neatly to finish the design.

# 17 Classic Short Bob

The blonde strands in this design are fragile, but the styling and color make this very hard to notice. The hairstyle has a shallow center part that helps to give the wavy strands a good flow. And they are finished by pushing them to the sides to create a subtle face framing design.

# 18 Asymmetrical and Highlighted

Silver and blonde tones work pretty well with most shades, but they look way much better with gray than most other shades. In this headdress, they help to create an amazing color melt on the straight and asymmetrical short bob. Although this design looks very fancy, it is quite simple as you only need to get the asymmetrical cut and color combination right.

# 19 Lovely Gray Swirls

To most people this hairdo will look like a couple of unkempt locks, but it involves some creative styling. The brushed out curls in this design have to be trimmed to give them some texture and create the lovely short bangs. You should them finishing by styling your short bangs around the face to showcase your beautiful colors.

# 20 Pixie Cut with Texture on the Top

You can almost count the number of strands on the top section of this headdress due to their lovely texture. Although this is an ordinary pixie haircut, the top section gets more attention than the tapered sides and back to give it its subtle appearance.

# 21 Blonde Bleach with Gray Highlights

This design is short and charming, and it shows that you do not have to keep a very long gray hair to look outstanding. Blonde is the most dominant shade in this design, but it is the gray highlights on the hair that make this headdress stand out.

# 22 Emo-Inspired Fringe

The Emo look is not a preserve of the young since anyone can have it provided they know how to style it to conform to their age. This design is a perfect example of this, and it adds a twist to the Emo look by sweeping the fringe diagonally rather than straight like in most Emo hairstyles.

# 23 Braided with a Fishtail

Ladies with gray locks will prefer to keep them short, but this does not mean that long hair does not look good in this shade. There are also as many styles for long hair as there are for short ones, but this long French braid with a fishtail is one of the best. You can leave it plain or enhance it with a cute little flower like in this design.

# 24 Pink Short Gray

This headdress is special, and you can easily tell this just by looking at it. Although it has a neat trim and styling, what makes it look unusual is the soft pink shade. The pink hue combines well with the dark gray base to create an excellent tone.

# 25 Smooth and Classy Bob

The volume of this medium length bob is fantastic, and it will make any woman happy. Since the volume is perfect styling is also very easy as you only need to figure out the final look you want to get. In this design, a center part is enough as it helps to create an exquisite face frame.

# 26 Modern and Sassy

If you prefer to have your gray locks chopped short, then you can try this sassy and modern look for older women. It starts with neatly trimmed fine strands that also have some excellent moderate waves. You should then style the locks with a side part and lift up on one section so that the waves can rest neatly on your forehead.

# 27 Dark and Layered Gray

There are many shades of gray and so if you do not like the popular one you can go for this dark hue. The hairs in this design also have a lovely asymmetry and are layered to create an excellent pattern.

# 28 Classic Gray on Blonde

Although these long locks are thin, they still look beautiful thanks to the curls, styling and most importantly their color. They are natural blonde strands, but they are spiced up with some gray streaks.

# 29 The Afro Curls

If you would prefer to go with bushy hairdos, then this is a perfect idea for you, and it will make you look great. The long medium curls have a fantastic afro inspired design, and although they form a "mountain" on your head, they still look lovely. They have a dark base color but the few gray strands in the front are what will catch most people's attention.

# 30 Long and Straight Mane

This untamed mane has some lovely colors, and any woman would love to have this type of hair. It is a beautiful natural hair, and you do not need any styling apart from creating the center part. The Sombre color pattern creates a smooth transition from the gray base to the light blonde ends to make this a classy headdress.

# 31 Trendy White Swirls

Any woman can wear a gray hairstyle but only few can be able to look this fabulous, and the best thing is that this is an all-natural strands except for the color. Even if you do not have such lovely swirls you can always make them with hot tools but the color will require some creative bleaching.

# 32 Gorgeous Gray-Mane

The long locks of this design are fantastic and help to enhance the facial features of the wearer. They are also nicely chopped and textured to give them a lovely flow. To style these beautiful strands, you need to create a soft side part and push them to the sides.

# 33 Reverse Braid and Arched Fringe

Reverse braids are very trendy, and they are also functional when you do not want to leave anything flowing on your back. In this headdress, the reverse twist also helps to enhance the appearance of the gray hues, and it combines with the short arched fringe at the front to create an eye-catching look.

# 34 Messy Push Back

This hairstyle is effortless, and you need not know anything about styling your strands to wear it. It involves trimming your tresses to a medium length and then pushing them to the back using your fingers. However, to look good in this design, you should have the right colors.

# 35 Sexy Multi-Tonal Fringe

The edges of this fringe are fabulous, and the designs used to create it from the side part are also fantastic. However, what makes this design look this good is the color blend between the different shades. The color makes the strands look full, and so it can be perfect for ladies who want their strands to look more voluminous than they are. 

# 36 Fine Strands with a Short Fringe

Thin hair can also look great, and you only need to figure out how to cut and style it. This design is a perfect example of how you can do it, and it involves leaving long bangs to flow on the sides. You can then supplement the beauty of the long locks with a neatly cut short fringe.

# 37 Neat White Layers

This color is harder to achieve than others if it does not come naturally but if you get it right, your locks will look this good. The color does all the work in this style, and so you only have to part the strands in the middle and then finish by sweeping the two sections in layers to the sides.

# 38 Light Brown Hair with Gray Highlights

One of the things that make gray a lovely hue is that it can blend in with almost any other color. It also brings out the best out of that shade by making it look detailed. In this short bob, you cannot easily spot the gray tone, but it is what makes the light brown strands look this fabulous.

# 39 Gray Pony with a Headband

This headdress is perfect for ladies with long or medium locks. It is a simple design that involves pushing your locks to the back and tying them into a loose ponytail. You should then finish the look by wrapping a headband around your head.

# 40 Shag Curls

Natural grey hair does not get better than this, and it is also as simple as you would every wish. The curls in this headdress are incredible, but the best thing about them is that they are natural as the wearer only pushes them back without any fancy styling. However, the white and gray hues also make this a top notch style.

# 41 Sweet and Sexy Waves

Keeping things simple can also help you get a sweet and sexy look like this one especially if you have some beautiful medium length grey hairs. The waves on the strands are outstanding, and they look even better where they are styled to flow on the sides.

# 42 Push Back and Twist

To wear this style you should have long locks and twist them into a French braid. You should then push all your strands to the back and then finish with a simple braid that should start from the center of the head. For your twist to look great, you should have some nice contrast between the roots and ends of your hair. 

# 43 Silvery and Voluminous

The color and volume of this design are a perfect match and with such a beautiful hair you will never wish for anything else. For this design, the colors create a fantastic pattern since the silver and blonde hues are in different sections. The volume on the strands helps to bring out the contrast between the two shades. 

# 44 Medium Curly A-Line Bob

A-Lines are the most popular type of bob as they seem to work pretty well for ladies with thick locks and also for those with thin ones. However, you do not have to stick with the traditional A-line since you can enhance yours with a subtle grey tone like in these medium curly locks.

# 45 Cropped Lovely Locks

There are very few strands of this hair, but this does not take anything from its elegance. It is a fresh style that will only take you a couple of minutes to wear. The style involves cropping your tresses short and then pushing them to the back. You should push them back with your fingers and leave a few strands so that you can get a natural finish.

# 46 Retro Grey Hairs

This old school look requires no styling at all since it is a pure natural hair. The colors come from the inevitable change of color as one grows older. However, not everyone's hair will look this good as they age because it will also depend on your texture and volume.

# 47 Short Crop Haircut

Crop haircuts are easy to trim and maintain and so they are perfect for ladies who do not have a lot of time to spare for their hair but still want to keep polished looks. This particular short crop looks fantastic due to the lovely blonde and grey shades and also the diagonal face-framing fringe.

# 48 Bold and Proud

You do not have to stress yourself trying to hide your gray locks or go to great extents to cover them up with dyes. Since this is a trendy design you can rock it with pride, and it is important to remember that nothing beats natural hair. In this design, the locks only need a ponytail at the center of the head to create a fabulous natural look.

# 49 Gorgeous Formal Gray Streaks

Whether you get a dye job or the color is a result of age you can still rock it as formal wear. For this, you need to keep it neat and straightforward because formal hairdos should not be too complicated. If you have curly strands, it will be better as you only need to leave your locks to flow naturally to the side or back.

# 50 The Brush Back

Your lovely blonde and gray highlights do not need anything fancy especially if you have short hair like this one. A simple brush back creates a nice look as it will not only bring some order to the hair but also helps to show off all your facial features.

# 51 The Massive Bow

Bows are not only a preserve of little girls since any woman that likes them can still have them. However, you should create one with your natural hair like this big one as this will look more mature than tying a bright bow on your hair. The colors on the design also help make the huge bow look fabulous.

# 52 Awesome Straight Strands

Seeing how refined this design is one would wonder why some women will shy away from their naturally grey hair if it can look this lovely. Apart from this, it is also a very simple style as the only notable thing done on the strands is to flat iron and brush them back.

# 53 Dreadlocked Bun

The massive bun in this gray hair design comes from pulling long dreadlocks to the center of the head and then rolling them into a bun. What makes this design special is how natural the tones are since you can see anything from white to gray without any artificial dye jobs.

# 54 Spicy Color Melt

It is very hard to tell the colors on this headdress since the hues blend in perfectly to create a fantastic tone. This design shows that provided you are a little creative the styling options are endless even as your hair changes color as age catches up. Here some shades of blonde are used on the natural hair to create the perfect color melt.

# 55 Stylish Bob for Older Ladies

A Bob is a very versatile hairdo, and you can adjust it to conform to your particular hair type or face shape. This particular one is perfect for older ladies with thin hair that is also changing color. It accentuates the face with some lovely waves and will make a woman look gorgeous and feel confident.

# 56 Choppy and Sassy Pixie

Some women like Melissa McBride prefer to chop their strands as short as possible and so this design will be perfect for them. This haircut also has an edgy and spiky top with some soft curls on the sides and back. The contrast of texture between the spiky top and curly nape is one of the things that make this an incredible idea to try out.

# 57 Fluffy Locks

Older women prefer to keep short hairstyles due to their ease of maintenance and so even if you do not know what to do with your gray hairs a good idea is first to trim them. And one of the most popular styles is to comb them to the sides as they will frame your face nicely like in this headdress.

# 58 Natural Noble Strands

If you are looking for something basic that will not require any intricate styling and is also very simple to maintain then this headdress is the thing for you. The strands are only about an inch long, and so you will not even need to brush them.

# 59 Blunt Layered Cuts

The colors in this hairdo are fantastic but what makes it top notch is the haircut and styling. To make this look the strands are cut to create a rounded design at the back. You should then push the lockss to the back in layers to enhance the look. Layering the locks helps to display the different colors used on them

# 60 Classic Updo

Elegant and perfect are the two best words that you can use to describe this style, and they might not even be sufficient. The colors on the locks and the styling make this a top notch design that will turn heads. Apart from the neat updo, the cute long bangs left at the front section also help to enhance the looks.

The days that ladies hard to dye their gray hair are long gone since they are now accepted as a trendy look. Whether you have them or not, you can use various color combinations to get this fantastic look. And with the many styling options available you can always be sure that you will stand out if you know how to work with your strands. The above 60 styles will guide you on what to try but ultimately how good you look will depend on your creativity.

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