50 Stunning Hairstyles with Long Bangs — Newest Trends

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# 2 Deep Black with Brown Tips

Your hair’s natural color should never be given away so easily. If yours is black, you can keep it intact and only add some brown tips to break the monotony. It is a perfect combination that will be your defining moment to return glory to your hair. It is expertly touched to fit on your head and leaves your face glowing with beauty.

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# 2 Deep Black with Brown Tips

Your hair’s natural color should never be given away so easily. If yours is black, you can keep it intact and only add some brown tips to break the monotony. It is a perfect combination that will be your defining moment to return glory to your hair. It is expertly touched to fit on your head and leaves your face glowing with beauty.

# 3 Tender Silver with Brown Highlights

Your new era of bangs should not just be dull, you can make it bright. Let your natural young sliver hue dominate but fix some brown highlights within. They give a fresh and healthy aura. It is simply done but you will be amazed by how much attention it will bring on your hair.

# 4 Proud Blondie Side Bangs

Your blonde is versatile and you can add virtually anything and make it a super looking creation. Having your side bangs in the color of your hair makes a desirable uniformity. You can have the bangs making a nice curve backwards and cling on your hair. It is all blonde to the last strand and you are indeed proud of what you see in the mirror.

# 5 Sleek Hairdo with Blunted Bangs

It is dark chocolate and touched with shreds of brown. This is what the celebrity ladies love and you are about to know why. The color is sleek and will be perfect for getting attention and for the camera. The blunt bangs over the forehead add yet another feature that will make a first priority choice among many ladies. 

# 6 All Black with Lofty Side Bangs

Shining black is an ideal color for you. Have the hair smoothly curled and it will be an unmatched style in beauty and trendiness. The side bangs are also black and they loosely fall creating the impression of height. They slightly cover one eye but your face will be showing all the perfection in jaws and skin tone. 

# 7 One-Eye Peep Throwback

There was a time when obscuring one eye with bangs was popular with the ladies. You can still bring that back but this time have your hair deep in hue. Leave in your natural hue like dark and you will be impressed by the final looks. With curls at the tips and deeper colored, this is the ideal way to go out for any event.

# 8 Deep Toned Bangs

When you have your hair light in tone and color, a small deviation from that would make much of a difference. Have your back in darker taste and parch them up on the forehead to form double ways. They complement your skin tone and give you the appearance of a star.

# 9 Inverted Hour Glass with Purple Touch

The hair is perfectly trimmed at the edges. Its slight purple radiance makes it a must-have style for a lady who knows to look perfect before the cameras. The bangs cover the eye views giving it a blinding beauty appeal. Who wouldn’t want such a beauty defining cut on them? 

# 10 Black Flattop with a Banged Sweep

Whenever Rihanna tries a new style, all ladies go wild and want to have it on them. Here she has her trademark flattop all in black. She has a forehead side sweep of bangs and they leave her in glowing aura. She is the queen of styles and this one takes her beauty stakes higher.

# 11 Unique Banged Bob

Your black bob can have a cutting edge appeal if you give it a naughty banged appeal. It is styled to cover one eye and you are spot on in every way. The shiny black hue is perfect and you deserve this new revolution. 

# 12 Charcoal Inspiration

If you want to go black then you have a better way to bring it all out with a charcoal impression. It is rich and fresh looking and you do not have to worry about how you look. The bangs are pulled towards the back to make a connection with the back long roll.

# 13 Easy-Going Peekaboo

You can have your creative bangs nicely tucked under your front hair and make a thrilling look. You can have the variation of color from light brown to dark honey and each of them will be an admirable appearance.

# 14 Falling Fountain with Reddened Bangs

Have your hair deep dark at the roots to give a healthy appeal. On the fore front have it parted and touch it with close-to-red brown bangs. They give it a bright finish. It is a style to make you a gorgeous in whatever choice of outfit. 

# 15 Sweet Honeycomb

You can tell the tastiness and rich content of a honeycomb by looking at its color. The same goes for this hair with its brown gold hue. It is appealing to the eyes and refined to create a dazzling appearance. 

# 16 Thick Volume Blonde with Contours

Your blonde can take any design and give you unmatched elegance. Here it is close to a white touch but still keeps it natural shade. It is thick and the choice of bright shade gives it a contouring effect.

# 17 Long-Layered Blondy

Your blonde can be radiant if you give it a golden fried tone. Keeping it long and smooth will be a perfect pairing to suit any occasion you will be attending. The bangs are scanty but enough to give it an alluring appearance. 

# 18 Varied Ombre with Bangs

Long bangs have a way to crop into all hairstyles and make them prettier than they would be without them. Such is the case here where the hair is varied into 2 shades of dark at the roots and whiter at the tips. The bangs are deeper in brown bringing out the taste of your natural hue.

# 19 Ultra and Low Highlighted Balayage

If you want to do something creative with your hair’s base color then you can have it in double highlights. The roots can be left in their base dark hue with the middle transitioning to a lighter tone. The tips are further faded to a clearer appearance. The layers have given your hair a motion illusion and you will love how well it redefines your sense of modernity.

# 20 Honey Gold Bowl

Taylor Swift leads from the front when it comes to her trendy hairstyles. Here she is one of her finest bowl impression. It is brushed smooth downwards and the honey golden hue is an alluring feature. She has it slightly touched with a dark effect on one side. She is ever ready for the red carpet and she never gets it wrong.

# 21 Black Canopy

It is like a dark cloud over the horizon announcing a heavy downpour. At the front it is like a bowl but loses that impression at the back. Foreline bangs are short and run across and above the eyebrows. Some strands from the top fall to the front sides lower than any other section. 

# 22 Yellow Gold Front Highlights

Jennifer Lawrence is never a disappointment when it comes to leading the other ladies in choices of hairstyles. Here it is a yellow gold highlight that lies close to her oval face. She leaves the rest in its natural element and you can see how it all ends up in a beautiful creation. 

# 23 Beautiful Auburn with Sparks of Red

If you look closely at the top you will notice some efforts to add some red highlight. It is shiny and gives you a style that will be easy to fit in any occasion. The dominating theme is of your hair’s natural tone. The combination is strikingly beautiful and you are on point to have it on you.

# 24 All-White Simple Bob

Whenever white finds its way on your head then you know you will be the center of attention. Adding it to your simple bob then you are sure of a satisfying outing. It is brushed downwards to a fine tune and goes well with the whiteness. The bangs still in the same hue fall over one eye entirely obscuring it.

# 25 Highlighted Wavy Bangs

You can have your bangs in resonance with your hair not only in color but having it in waves. If your hair makes smooth curls at the tips then make your bangs the same. It is a complete uniform appearance that will be a chance to give your blonde or whatever kind of hair you have a rejuvenated appearance. 

# 26 Dimensional Balayage

Have the bangs fall as low as your eyebrows and in the same tone of your hair. Follow this by letting your hair fall to the sides and back as low as it goes. You can add some lowlights and expose them at the lower end of some selected strands. It is a simply done style but cute enough for any modern lady. 

# 27 Eye View Blocking Bangs


It is a total eye view blocking but worth the trouble. Add that to total black and thick hair and you are an adorable queen. Everything is black and that is a bold choice that will be a total contrast to your skin tone. Getting the results is all you should be concerned with and you can see it all end well. 

# 28 Bi-Part with Faux Bangs

Let your hair fall to the sides leaving it in natural shade. You do not have to get forehead bangs but you can choose the front sides to pass for such impression. It is a timid color but one that will be a stand out in a big crowd.

# 29 Fringy Strands

Those debating to or not to have bangs should have a look at this and the decision will become easy. Part of the bangs is dark at the roots but picks up the color of your hair towards the tips. The rest is left in your true brownish with precisely defined strands.

# 30 Romantic Curls

You medium sized curls are perfect for any style you want. They can cling on your scalp or make a detached formation. This is something you would want on your new look. You can have that extension on the forehead and still make it as curly as the rest. Simply done but has the potent to give you a desirable appearance. 

# 31 Black Ironed Impression

One good thing with black is that it goes easy with any outfit you put on. It can also be easy to comb to a refined finish just like she has done here. At the forehead the tips are acutely trimmed forming an inverted C-shape. The sides and back are left long guarding the smart soft face.

# 32 Long Asian Bob

Your long hair should be a source of pride if only you give it the appropriate care. Leave it in its natural hue and add a touch-up for a shiny appearance. A short bundle should make a move towards one eye only to be swept into the thick mane.

# 33 Triple Downwards Horns with Ashen Lowlights

The bangs are bluntly trimmed and in acute contrast to the 3 long horn-like extensions. They fall low in front of the shoulders. The horns are also in deep chocolate shade but are lowly highlighted in a greying tone. 

# 34 Brown-White Matrix

If you thought that there is not much you can do to your blonde then here you are proven wrong. You can have half of your hair in dull brown and the other lower half in white. It is a superb combination that will bring out your best look. 

# 35 Long Fall Blonde

You already know that your blonde is a perfect match for long bangs. Do not tamper with your natural color but leave it shiny and smooth. The bangs are in sync with general hair color but they are brightly brown at the tips. There are also some brown highlights in the main mop but well hidden behind the blonde dominance.

# 36 Forwards Faux Hawk

It is deep in white color but has a touch of golden yellow. The bangs are extended after the end of the top patch and make a curve over the face falling to the chin. It is a 'bad’ girl look but one that will give you a new look for your hairstyle revolution. 

# 37 Vanilla Perfection Waves

It is a sweet appearance that every lady will want to have on her head. It is definitive in every strand and more so because of the choice of color. The vanilla creamy hue gives it an edge over any other shade making it pleasantly attractive. The midway waves upto the low tips make it even a more thrilling style. 

# 38

Silver is a sleek hue that you cannot debate about its suitability on your hair. It may not be a warm color but it does more to keep your hair radiant. In this style, it is the only shade and it does its best to justify why it had to be used. The hair is styled into a double formation: one at the front and the other at the back. 

# 39 Asian Black Bi-Part

The first thing you notice about her style is the rich darkness in every strand. It gives an impression of healthy and well maintained hair. You will not be worried of how you appear because you have the natural blackness taking care of that. It is a simple bi-parted creation but will be a perfect way to change your hairstyle.

# 40 Providence Honeycomb

When there is the rich yellow ingredient in bees’ honey this is the color you see. Julia Roberts knows how this hue would be a perfect impression on her hair and you can see it all. It is deeply touched into every hair strand and the simplicity in styling makes it even a better choice. If you need a way to contain your long hair then here you have a perfect example.

# 41 Wild and Beautiful

You do not have to let your blonde block your way from going wild with a crazy design. Here you can have half of your hair remaining true to its natural color and then decorating the rest by making alternating black rings with white. It is like having a wild animal tail attached to your hair and you know that it is a perfect complexion. The stripes will cause a scene and you will the center of attention. 

# 42 Dull Purple Chic

If you are not the lady who prefers a very bright impression on your head, you have solution in this shade of purple. It is not the shouting type but will be easy to notice. Such is the desire every thoughtful lady wants. Let the entire front section fall as bangs and the back to be a free run of wild hair. 

# 43 White Hood

No denying that this lady is super-hot and she would win a hairstyle contest with a huge margin. The white impression is what gives her the exceptional appearance and then the way it is cut in acute edges gives her another plus. The bangs are blindly blunt but succeeded by long sides. 

# 44 Classic Side Sweep

For the wedding whether as a bride or a maid, here is the best choice of hairdo. It is timidly brown with white inspired highlights at the low ends. The band of wild twig gold Jewelry gives it a desirable appearance. This is how you should be for the important events and you will be a trend-setter for the best hairstyles. 

# 45 Chocolate Waves

Do not give up on your naturally curly hair because there are so many ways to bring life back to it. Leave it in its dirty chocolate color and give its wish for the waves. You will be a befitting beauty and you will be admirable in every way. Simplicity is one way to keep abreast with contemporary lady hairstyles and here you have a direct pass for that.

# 46 Freestyle Rhythm

As long as your hair is in its natural taste of color, leave it to do its thing. Only give it a slight brushing to remove any entangles. Trim the bangs o give them a blunt edge and have them highlighted with a reddish appeal but from the inside. 

# 47 Trimmed Colorful Bob

This is a color obsessed chic and what she does with her hair turns to be a genius creation. It is darker at the roots but loses that as it flow downwards. White with a far-distant silver shiny takes over all the way to the tips and you cannot doubt the expertise in the hand that did all this. It is then trimmed at the tips giving it a daring and unique look. 

# 48 Fried Brown with Whity Highlights

Here is one of the best hues to grace your hair and give it an exotic touch. Go for the golden brown treat and have some expertly crafted curls. The bangs are trimmed but they remain in link with your eyebrows. Leave your roots with a dark shade to create a good contrast from the rest of your hair. 

# 49 Messy Bob

You can decide to have your falling bob in a messy appearance. Contrast that with finely brushed bangs and see how it works out to a nice appearance. You will be a queen of hairstyles and ready to go for any occasion.

# 50 Rolled Side Sweep

You do not have to struggle to give your hair an admirable aura. Simply go for a side sweep and have it rolled at the ends. Let the dark color dominate but add some shreds of highlights of your choice.

You already made a pick for the best choice to work on you. Go ahead and have it on you. Be sure to choose the best hairstyle that will redefine your hair’s essence.

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