50 Superb Half Up Half Down Hairstyles – Lovely For Summer

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# 2 Bridal Knot

Ombre hair always looks fantastic especially if it is folded in a beautiful half updo. In this style, color is melting from the dark-brown to caramel and this transition makes a big contribution to the beauty of this hairstyle. Wavy locks are gathered in a knot on one side and left falling to the shoulder. A tiara made of flowers is enriching the whole image of a young and lovely bride.

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# 2 Bridal Knot

Ombre hair always looks fantastic especially if it is folded in a beautiful half updo. In this style, color is melting from the dark-brown to caramel and this transition makes a big contribution to the beauty of this hairstyle. Wavy locks are gathered in a knot on one side and left falling to the shoulder. A tiara made of flowers is enriching the whole image of a young and lovely bride.

# 3 Bridesmaid's Gift

For this updo, crinkly hair is first thoroughly backcombed and then it is made into a big bun on the top of the head. The falling locks are picked underneath it and clipped with Bobbi pins into a messy knot leaving the rest of the strands untouched and curly. The bangs which are falling on the forehead are also curled in a full lock and left hanging on one side of the face.

# 4 Spring Streams

These locks resemble sparkly spring streams when all the snow has melted away and left clean water everywhere, the same in this style; beautiful blonde strands are left long and falling on shoulders, and only two locks are picked from the sides and entwine together as if hugging each other in an intense embrace. Then the perfect accessory with flowers which was added to the updo only more enhancing the spring mood.

# 5 Chic Ponytail

This look can seem a little bit easy and maybe it is, but this is a definite advantage in maintaining the style. Dark-brown hair was gathered in a thick low ponytail and instead of using a scrunchy to hold it the band of hair was twisted around all full beauty and designed in a tight knot. This updo looks great on thick and healthy hair, so never forget about taking care of your strands.

# 6 Perfection for the Ball

If you have some ball ahead of you or another fancy event, this style is your number one option because along with a puffy dress this hairstyle will make you look like a gentle princess. All hairs are divided into three sections, and then two of them are wrapping the middle one in an X-shape. The whole updo is made on one side leaving the other one sleeked and beautiful.

# 7 Half Fishtail Braid

It is a messy yet stylish updo which is very easy to set; you are even able to do it by yourself. All you need to do is to weave two fishtail braids on each of the sides of your head, and then twist them together in a messy bun on the nape and let it be loose. Although, hiding a black scrunchy or using some obscure one would probably be a good idea.

# 8 Braid Band

It is another variation of a neat braiding in the half up half down hairstyles. Hair has a natural looking hue, so this style is perfect for any hair color or texture, even if you have medium length locks you still can make this work. Two sweet plaits are made and then pinned at the back of the head playing the role of a hair band.

# 9 Naughty Strands

The whole idea of this style is to create a cool updo which will look a little bit untidy due to all the strands which are falling over the ears and nape. Half of the hair is folded and pinned on the head crown with small bobby pins, and white flower is decorating the gorgeous look.

# 10 Precise Plaiting

You probably would want to ask for a hairdresser’s help to achieve this updo because locks on the nape are twisted in such a precise pattern, that it looks like a genius’s work. Then the entwined curls are turned inside creating a bulge of perfect locks.

# 11 Crisscross Design

Braids always look neat and luxuriant regardless of woman’s face shape or hair texture. Sometimes they look impeccable and straight but in this style, they are a little bit chaotic, although here, each braid has the exact placing. First one in the middle starts from the very top, and while it is moving downwards, it is transforming into three smaller ones. To give them this unkempt appearance, you need to pull each strand in braids with your fingers after the braiding.

# 12 Triangle Figure

You can also glam up your blowout hairs by putting some of them back and securing them with Bobbi Pins in a cool triangle shape. It is one of the easiest half updos so you should try it out.

# 13 Modern Scandinavia

It is another simple hair updo which you can do at home, and it won’t take much time. It is vital choosing the right hair accessory which will only enhance the beauty of the style. For this do, the set of two barrettes in captivating Scandinavian style with the sleek bar that speaks to the clean, modern design of this renowned region was used.

# 14 Fiery Torrents

The redhead girls have an unusual and captivating appearance especially considering their bright hair. If you have it long, then this style is for you. All the hairs are pulled loosely back and folded in an intricate design where each strand entwines with another one and, in the end, creates rich fiery torrents. The hair is voluminous and a bit messy, and these two facts only make it better.

# 15 Braided Helmet

Usually, half updos left the biggest part of hair hanging freely, but in this style, most of the locks are folded into multiple folds that form a braided helmet on the head. The rest of the curly hairs is falling over one shoulder giving all the attention to the gorgeous crown above.

# 16 Passionate Connection

The gentle and subtle design is suitable for any official and nonofficial event. If you want to look beautiful at your anniversary or engagement party, you should choose this style. In the look, two middle sized braids are made on the sides, and then they are pulled back and connected into a double plait.

# 17 Highlighted Hairband

This style involves uniformly cut hair which is highlighted with white locks. The fishtail braid is made on top of the head and after that, it is laid like a nice hairband as if encircling the head. Usually, half updos have hanging locks curled but in this style hair is kept straight and smooth.

# 18 Clipped Blonde Locks

There is no need for different accessories, various techniques, and approaches to achieving this style. It is very simple yet gorgeous due to its beautiful clipped locks with bobby pins. First, hair has been curled and then brushed back, after that top strands have been secured with multiple bobby pins on the nape, and the rest of the hair is left loose.

# 19 Wavy Twirls

Blonde hair is long and styled in full waves which are freely falling to the shoulders and back. After that, two curly bangs were picked from both sides and twirled until they met at the back and clipped together with a pin.

# 20 Vibrant Copper

Saturated dark locks are firstly blow-dried with some hair product for the firm hold to make the full crown and ensure that it will be kept for a while. Then, the hairs on top are gathered in a bun on the top of the head, and the thick braid is contouring bun's border.

# 21 Winter Ball

This updo is very convenient for the girls who like to dance because hair holds tightly in a fishtail and if you spin in dance, it won’t unloosen. The locks have a natural hue that is why the whole image looks innocent and gentle.

# 22 Fresh Colors

Long blonde hair with caramel balayage is backcombed and set in a raised bulge, the rest of the beautiful locks left wavy and messy and fell downward. Some flowery accessories are holding all updo in place and also enhance the finesse of it.

# 23 Greek Style

Women in ancient Greece preferred to wear a hairband and tuck all the strands under it creating an amazing neat updo. Nowadays, girls like to experiment and modify classic hairstyles. The best example is this look where hairs are tucked under the band, and then put out and hung loose. You can search for cool hairbands that are very versatile these days.

# 24 Multiple Knots

In this style, hair is divided into two sections, the lower one is left untouched and straight, the other one above it is folded in a ponytail. After that multiple knots were made of strands that are falling from the ponytail. It is a creative and unusual style that can be easily repeated.

# 25 Gray Rope Braid

For this look, a rope plait was braided on the top of the head. It looks wide and luxuriant, and locks that are falling from it are very thick and beautiful. The whole image is stylish and posh, with such design you will stand out from the rest.

# 26 Copper Flower Bed

In this style, rich dark-brown hair is folded in a beautiful knot on the nape, and it is decorated with white little flower pins. Flowing hair is laid in heavy waves on the back, in front, curly bangs are falling on the forehead, and they make the whole image look sophisticated and sweet.

# 27 Balayage Fishtail

There are plenty of ways how you can fold your hair creating a beautiful half up half down updo, but the best one is braiding, and again the options are versatile. For example, you can make a fishtail braid which will resemble a precious crown of entwined hair locks.

# 28 Curls and Twists

The most popular updo is the one that is very easy to maintain where you do not need to use any special techniques or expensive accessories, and this style is one of them. You only need to curl your locks and then secure twisted strands on one side with some pins. It is an excellent design for blondes.

# 29 Layered Waves

For this look, you will need some curling device such as curling wand which will help you to make these gorgeous waves. The size of them depends on wand’s model, so try before you buy. Then the hair on top is backcombed and made in a high bun with a bow created from strands which are falling from it. The hue in this style looks natural and stylish.

# 30 Gentle Hearts

You can always switch on your imagination and make some unique patterns of your hair. One of them can be fancy hearts that are braided into a plait. In the middle, the full and twisted locks are laid, decorated with beautiful smaller braids on the sides. This style is perfect for young girls who have a healthy and gorgeous crown of hair.

# 31 Dothraki Braids

With the beginning of a new TV-show that is called “Game of Thrones,” a lot of girls started wearing Dothraki styled braids which look very sexy and cool. It is not so difficult making them; all you need to do is a friend who can help you with that. In this look, four little braids are made from the hairs on top, and then they are connected in the back.

# 32 Dutch Style

Hair is dyed in a brown color that is moving downward and melting into blonde hue; this amazing ombre technique makes the whole image look fantastic. The hair is then divided into two sections, the upper one is folded in a ponytail, and the Dutch braid is made out of the ponytail’s hair.

# 33 Messy Bun

The whole look of this girl says that her owner is very stylish because hair folded into a messy top bun with the rest of the locks hanging loose, and this is the best style for a busy yet trendy traveler. Strands are very dark, and only a top knot has a caramel hue which looks sweet.

# 34 Delicate Rings

This design is perfect for a bride who wants to be a queen on her wedding day. The upper half of hair is folded into an intricate pattern of semicircles and then secured with beautiful yellow flower pins. It looks as if it will fall apart in abundant curly locks at any moment, but it is not going to happen because the whole beauty is held by hairpins.

# 35 Fishtail Maze

This design is a result of a competent job of a professional who spent a lot of time on his masterpiece. The upper section of hair is folded in a winding crown of twisted fishtail braids which are entwined and combine in a complicated maze. This gorgeous updo is for a happy bride.

# 36 Youthful Twist

This updo was made on wavy blonde hair by a skilled hairdresser. The thick lock was taken on top, and a twisted braid has been created from it with a knot in a shape of the circle.

# 37 Infinity Braid

Young girls are very active and lively so they move and dance a lot, which is why the best updo for them is a neatly made tight braid which will hold the entire day. In this style, Dutch infinity braiding technique is used, it differs from the other ones with circled locks which entwine, creating a luxuriant hairstyle.

# 38 Glamorous Waterfall

The magnificent waterfall is made out of thick mop of hairs in this updo. It is burgundy and falling freely to the shoulders, the hair on top is backcombed creating a big wave of shiny strands. A beautiful tiara is decorating this amazing hairdressing.

# 39 Extra Volume

Sometimes it seems as if the crown on the head is artificial so beautifully and amazingly it is done. But no, it is real and created with thick hair and skillful hands. Perfect braid is encircling the head and its tail falling on the nape, it has beautiful dark-brown color with highlighted locks.

# 40 Huge Bubble

Hair is picked on top and brought back in a large lock, after that, two scrunchies were put on the tail, dividing it into three sections. The middle one is then partially pulled out to create a bubble shape. Instead of scrunchies, you can use your hair to entwine ponytail and make this look even cooler.

# 41 Big Bow

Bows are on trend right now. Usually, girls make them on top of the head instead of a regular bun, but you can also beautify your updo with it. The hair is folded on the nape and wrapped like a valuable gift with a bow.

# 42 Veil of Mystery

Brides are prefer wearing veils to hide their gorgeous looks from the others and to save it for the future husband, but veils can also be in a shape of a band which is encircling the head, and it can be made out of the natural hair. Locks are falling freely to the shoulders accentuating the beauty on top.

# 43 Side Swept Thickness

In this hairstyle, locks are made voluminous, and they are falling over one shoulder in a complex pattern of twisted braids and strands. Curly bangs are falling on one side of the face enhancing the perfect beauty of the image.

# 44 Laid Circles

Locks on top formed in perfect little circles which create a chic half updo. On the nape sweet bow is folded, and it holds the rings in place. This style is very fragile, so you should be careful when you are dancing at your prom.

# 45 Complicated Design

It is a result of a work of a professional hairdresser, and the creation took some time. Each strand, each little braid has its perfect place, and it is securely pinned. The amazing headpiece was added to this image to make it, even more, beautiful.

# 46 Half Plaited Braid

It is very popular nowadays to make half plaited braids. The main idea behind them is to twist two strands and left one of them loose with this creating a lovely fall with a band made of hair. Two half braids meet on the nape and form a twist which holds the entire updo.

# 47 Huge Waves

Two French braids are made on the sides imitating the undercut, between them hair is styled in huge heavy waves that are randomly moving downward. Locks are dyed in natural colors and highlighted with lighter hues.

# 48 Textured Viking Look

This style looks fantastic due to a perfect combination of great colors, long locks, and professionally made updo. Hair is twisted in a precious crown which is precisely laid on top of the head. Wavy, long, and a bit messy strands are covering the back like a gentle blanket. Platinum and caramel colors create an amazing combo.

# 49 Bohemian Updo

The elegant design of this hairdressing will stand out from the rest. Everything about it is perfect and neatly made. Huge knots of hair are interlacing, and one comes out from another. Cool vintage hair accessory enhances the whole bohemian look of this updo.

# 50 Knotted Mohawk

Girls with long hair also want to wear Mohawk some time, and with this style, the dream comes true. The hair on top is divided into a couple of sections, and each section ends with a voluminous knot, in the end, they all resemble a knotted and trendy Mohawk. This updo is perfect for a high-school party or some casual event.

Every girl wants to look like a sweet and stylish princess and going to the party the most important thing is to put on a proper dress and set your hair in one of the 50 half up half down hairstyles given above. You can experiment with different braiding, starting with French and ending with old Viking one, or lay them in a shape of a crown or a hairband, and this updo will look incredibly beautiful with that strapless gown which you have chosen for some special occasion.

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