50 Tremendous Homecoming Hair Designs & Ideas — Perfect Selection

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Choosing the perfect homecoming hair is one of the big decisions you have to make on this big day. It is easy for most people to choose the right dress and makeup but the hair is often an issue for some ladies. However, it should not be a problem if you know what works well for your hair type and skin tone and also understand the options available to you. If you have medium or long hair, there are many delightful styles that will accentuate your dress and help you have a homecoming party that you will remember for many years to come. The 50 designs below are a few examples of the exquisite headdresses you can wear for homecoming.

# 1 Ombre Chestnut Curls

Curls are an easy hairdo especially for ladies with naturally long curly locks. However, you should make yours unique for this exceptional occasion with some nice coloring and design. These ombre chestnut curls are a perfect example of this as they have an incredible contrast between the dark base and brighter curly ends.

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# 2 Simple Messy Updo

This messy updo shows that homecoming hairstyles do not have to be very sophisticated because even something simple can still make you stand out. Although the brown shades in this design are fabulous, the styling is very simple and only involves twisting the strands at the back into a loose and messy updo.

# 3 Trendy Side Braid

A simple braid on the side can make a big difference on your homecoming headdress. However, this will only be so if you have some lovely textured and colored locks. The blonde locks in this design are pushed back into a loose chignon and then enhanced with a cute braid on the side.

# 4 Braided Half Updo

The chocolate brown locks in this design are fabulous but what makes this a good homecoming hair idea is there styling. It is not very intricate as it only involves a center part and two braids on one section to create an updo while the other section leaves the long brown locks flowing freely to the side.

# 5 Textured and Dimensional

This half up half down design has a perfect dimension and texture, but it will take you some effort to get it right. The twisted upper section that creates the updo is easy to make, but the curls and waves will require you to use a wand and different curling irons. Apart from the styling the color and the highlights are also lovely.

# 6 Pretty Casual Twist

There are many braiding techniques that you can use to get an elegant look for your homecoming, but this is one of the best. This design involves twisting in the locks from the sides and then tying the two braids at the center of the head. You should then leave the rest of the locks to flow freely to the back. However, you should also have some subtle texture and color on your long strands for them to look this good.

# 7 Distinct Peacock Updo

Provided you keep things neat you can create a formal hair effortlessly. In this style all that you have to do it tuck in your strands at the center of the head while leaving a couple of locks at the front to flow freely on the face. To spice up the updo you should finish by clipping it with a beautiful peacock hair clip.

# 8 Delightful Curly Bun

Creating this bun will require some skills and the use of many pins. For your headdress to look this lovely, you first have to get the right color on your strands then push them into the bun. To make the curly bun, you need to curl and pin the locks in layers and leave a few of them free in the front to spice up the look.

# 9 Fabulous Hair Bow

This design is way much easier than it looks and so you can try it if you have long textured blonde locks. To make this design you should divide the hair into two sections and twist the front into a bow and use pins to hold it in place. You should also leave two long locks flowing to the back out of the bow and then just comb the back section of the head to give the strands a smooth flow.

# 10 Blondie Fishtail

Half updos are famous for homecoming, and this is not by chance since they are easy to make and also make a woman look elegant. In this design, the half updo comes from a cute fishtail braid but what makes it stand out is the unique blonde coloring with a dark base color.

# 11 Soft and Sexy Bangs

These dark brown bangs with golden highlights are beautiful, and they make an amazingly soft and sexy updo. This formal hairstyle is not very complicated if you have some cute bangs, and there is no specific way to design them. You should have a soft side part and then push the bangs to the back diagonally and pin them in place to finish the look.

# 12 Inverted Dutch Braid Crown

This headdress will only require you to weave all your strands into an inverted Dutch braid, and so it is effortless if you know how to weave your strands. The crown is splendid, and it is one of the few designs that you will not have to bother about as it will remain in place throughout the event.

# 13 Braided Headbands

Choosing the right color for your hair is as important as getting the right style. This ombre hair has a perfect shade, and so it is very easy to create an exquisite headdress from it. Here the wearer goes with two lovely braided headbands and a center part that gives an excellent flow to the rest of her hairs. The beautiful hues give the headbands a fabulous pattern when you style them on top of the other strands.

# 14 Gorgeous Rope Braids with Fishtails

If you know how to make a rope braid, then you can try out this design for your homecoming. It involves two neat rope braids wrapping around the straight and nicely colored strands. The twists also have some lovely fishtails to add some detail to the look.

# 15 Sweet Blonde Braids and Curls

With such a perfect hair, styling should never be an issue for you as the options are endless especially if your strands also have a lovely blonde hue like this one. In the design, all the strands are pushed to the back, and a crown braid is created to tie everything together and to ensure that the lovely curls flow in one direction to the back.

# 16 Awesome Pink Queen

Although Pink is not the most dominant shade in this headdress, its subtle hint makes a huge difference. The volume of the hair is also significant as it makes it look full when you twist the strands. Apart from this, there are also a few soft bangs that flow on the sides and they also enhance the look.

# 17 Charming Flower Updo

Creativity has no boundaries when it comes to hairstyles and so you only need to think of something unique and make your homecoming hair something to remember. This floral updo is as unique as it can get but will probably require some skills to get it right. However, an experienced stylist will have little trouble making it.

# 18 Simple Twisted Upstyle

This hair has various shades of brown and they are what make it lovely. However, it also has an attractive and simple styling. To style the hair, you should twist and pin the locks. You should also ensure that they are firm if you want a smooth upstyle.

# 19 Sweet Chignon with a Flower Clip

Blonde is one of the most if not the most common hair colors, and it is also very easy to dye any hair to this beautiful shade. If you have blonde locks or highlights, then you can wear this design for your homecoming. It involves brushing back your locks and then tucking them into a low chignon. You should then finish it with a cute flower clip.

# 20 Vintage Short Messy Waves

Homecoming hair does not always have to be long since you can still get a trendy and stylish look with short strands like in this headdress. However, you have to be creative to create this fashionable design and also give it some nice neat cuts to maintain the waves.

# 21 Half-up Dutch Fishtail

The dark tones of this bob length are fascinating as they blend in perfectly to create a very natural look. Although it is a medium density hair, the color makes it look fuller than it is and this is more so when you introduce a Dutch braid on one side. The inverted fishtail adds some detail to this straight hair and will ensure that you stand out in the homecoming event.

# 22 Messy and Wavy Twists

You cannot overemphasize the importance of having the right texture and color as this is the only way to get a great look. For this style, the volume, texture, and colors of the strands do all the magic, and so you only need to brush the strands back. You should then twist them slightly at the back to finish an exquisite headdress.

# 23 Silver Grey Magic

Silver and gray are not only a unique combination but also very attractive. The two shades look even more fantastic if you give them a nice design like this one. For this style, you need to pull your strands to the center of the head into a top knot then finish it by wrapping a neat braid around the knot. The dazzling effect of the silver and gray hues on the hair is hard not to notice, and so you can be sure that you will be the center of attraction in the event.

# 24 Easy Curly Locks

There is almost no styling at all in this hairdo except pushing back the curly locks and the cool twist on the crown. However, the locks are still eye-catching and perfect for any formal event thanks to their lovely color, texture and amazing curls.

# 25 Twisty Top Bun

A bun is all about twisting and tucking, but they do not all look the same. And this is not only because some women have lovely natural strands but also because they know how to make theirs look cute. This design is a perfect example of an ordinary top bun that looks unique. It is styled high at the center of the head, and it has some nice twisted design and a perfect blonde shade on a dark base color.

# 26 Classic Low Bun

If you have long straight locks and prefer something neat and classic, this low bun will work well for you. The dark tones in the hair help make this a very formal hairdo and to wear it you should brush back your locks, twist and tuck then into a neat bun.

# 27 Balayage Half Updo

The colors on these locks will make you want to keep the headdress long after the homecoming. Hand painting is not the most widely used hair coloring technique by chance as it creates incredible designs like this one. And for styling the simple twisted locks on the crown are enough to create an elegant half updo design.

# 28 Viking Fishtail Braids

Very few ladies will consider wearing this Viking inspired style to their homecoming, and so you can almost be sure that you will be the only one with this headdress on your event. The design involves weaving a couple of Dutch braids that flow to the sides and end in a fishtail and also pushing the rest of the strands on the side. Their dark brunette colors also help to give them a Viking look.

# 29 Pretty and Twisty Wrap Around

Dark brown locks with golden blonde or light brown highlights will look pretty on any woman. If you have a medium density of very voluminous hair the better as you only need a simple style like these wrap around rope twist to create a polished look.

# 30 Romantic Golden Blonde Updo with Flowers

This updo is effortless, and you can design it in any way you wish provided you just push the locks to the buck and tuck them in. The shine in the golden blonde hue gives you all the beauty that you can ever wish for in a headdress, and if you accessorize it with a couple of floral pins, you will look fantastic.

# 31 Lovely Blonde Low Chignon

Ladies use a chignon as an alternative to the traditional bun, but this does not mean that it is less attractive. In fact, it can look way much better than a bun if you design it right like in this blonde hair. To add some detail to her formal look, the wearer also leaves a few blonde locks to accentuate her beautiful face on the sides.

# 32 Glamorous Side Swept Blowout

Most ladies have tried a blowout at some point as it is a very common headdress. It also offers you many styling options, and you can use it to create a fabulous homecoming design if you do not feel like going for sophisticated styles. This particular one involves a side sweep with a couple of twisted locks at the back, and it looks incredible especially due to its blonde shade.

# 33 Elegant Braided Bun

The braided bun never goes out of trend, and it is one of the few formal designs that will look good on any woman. It is also a simple headdress as you only have to brush back your hair neatly and then twist them. You should then finish by folding the braid that you create into a tight bun.

# 34 Pull-Through Braid and Curls

Pull through braids are probably not the simplest to design but with a little practice, you can be able to create a lovely one like this one. You can have it as your simple hairstyle or use it to spice up another design like these beautiful dark brown curls.

# 35 Stunning Long Hair Bun

To wear this fantastic homecoming hair, you will only need a couple of pins since there is nothing fancy about the bun despite its elegance. However, you should also have some beautiful colors like this dark brown with some subtle highlights.

# 36 Twisty Low Pony

The lovely flower clip on this hair makes it hard to see its design, but it is a simple ponytail. What makes it look different is that it is lower than the traditional type. You should twist the pony before tying it to give the nicely colored locks a unique look.

# 37 Sleek Push Back

Most formal hairstyles involve pushing the strands to the back, but you can spice up yours with some inventiveness like in this particular headdress. These strands are styled by creating two rope twists on the sides and then joining them on the crown. To create the lovely design you should clip the rope twists to the rest of the strands.

# 38 Admirable Braid to Bun Design

Rather than just push your strands to the back into a bun you can add a touch of style to them with a braid. A simple French or rope twist on the side that ends on a braided bun will change how your hair looks and make you look trendy. You should also make the twist loose like in this style as it will look modern this way.

# 39 Twisted Side Pony

The most elegant styles are usually simple ones with a twist to make them not only more stylish but also unique. In this pony design, the difference comes from pushing the strands to the side rather than to the back and twisting them into a ponytail that flows sideways.

# 40 Chic Braided Double Buns

If you want to look unique on your homecoming party, you should not just stick to the traditional headdresses. This design is a good example of how you can look stylish with a little creativity. Here the strands are brushed back, and two neat French twists created from the sides. The braids end in two cute buns at the back to create a unique look.

# 41 Pretty Brown Bangs

The color of these strands is splendid, and it makes thing easier for the wearer because the tone will make almost any style look fabulous. In this particular hairdo, the soft brown bangs are curled and pulled back with two lovely fishtails to create a look that will increase your chances of becoming the homecoming queen by a significant margin.

# 42 Classy Braided Top Knot

Any woman that looks at this hairstyle will not think twice about getting it if she has some nice long locks. It has everything that a lady would want in her hair, and so it is a perfect homecoming idea. This magnificent design involves smooth straight locks that are pulled tightly to the crown and tucked into a neat bun. This design finishes with a single braid that wraps around the neat top knot.

# 43 Romantic Waterfall Braid

Waterfall braids are very fancy, but they are easier to make than most other types. In fact, you only need to figure out the pattern that they take, and you can make them very fast. However, for yours to look this good you should have some experience and also a medium density hair with subtle waves.

# 44 Massive French Braid and Ponytail

The balayage color on these strands is splendid and although it is sufficient to give you a top notch look you still have to give it a good design. In this hairdo, the strands are twisted into a massive French braid that ends in a simple fishtail to create a cute updo design.

# 45 Modern French Twist

This design is probably not what many people would expect to get when they go for a French twist as it is a modern variation. It looks more intricate than the traditional one, but it is also lovely. It starts with a shallow center part at the front before pulling the strands to the back where you should twist and pin them in place.

# 46 Messy Knot Updo

If you do not have a lot of time to spend on your hair but still want to look polished on your homecoming, then this is a perfect style for you. To wear this design you only need to pull the strands to the crown and tuck them into a loose knot while leaving a few free flowing locks to maintain the messy look.

# 47 Quick Roll and Twists

Although you may spend many days planning for homecoming somehow time is never enough, and so you may still need a quick hairdo even if it is for backup. This design is perfect when you need something fast as it only involves brushing the strands to the back, rolling them and pinning to create a simple but still lovely updo. Accessorizing with a cute headband will also add to the beauty of your style.

# 48 Fashionable Half Updo

This hair as an attractive Sombre color design with a smooth and gradual transition from the darker lower section to lighter ends. Apart from this, it also has some beautiful texture on the long locks. All this makes styling easy since a couple of twists on the sides to create the half updo is all that you need for a refined look.

# 49 Inventive Upstyle

You will probably not see anybody else with a similar hair if you can pull this design correctly. It is very inventive and may look sophisticated to some people, but it is very straightforward if you know what it requires. This headdress involves a reverse braid that is weaved diagonally to the side and side sweeping and pinning the curly strands.

# 50 Dutch Bubble Braid

Bubble braids can be a quick hairdo if you know how to make them as they are very easy. Apart from weaving the big Dutch braid, you also need to use rubber bands to hold the style in place. The golden highlights and the length of the locks are also essential in creating a headdress that looks as attractive as this one.

Homecoming is one of those events that define your college or university life, and if you want to make this day memorable, you should look your best. It is easier to choose a dress since it is evident what you can and cannot wear but homecoming hair may be an issue. However, with the above 50 ideas, this should also not be a problem. Whether you have full long locks or medium ones, there is still something for you from the above hairstyles.

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