50+ Alluring Inverted Bob Hairstyles – Matching Your Personality

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You probably have seen inverted bob styles everywhere. The funny thing is that you probably never took interest to know the differences among all the bobs you have seen. Well, that might not be your mistake because what are the inverted bobs after all? You will know that shortly but the overall difference is in the technique used for each style. There is so much you can do to these cuts and that is why there is an array of varieties that you can choose from and have your hairstyle matching your personality.

# 1 Fiery Stack

The hair falls from the crown and fully obscures one side of the ear and partly the eye. It is thick and smooth but ends with sharp tips that seem like glued to the neck region. For casual or formal functions you have your beauty taken care of so you do not have to worry what others will see in you.

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# 2 Glowing Tips

If you look carefully, there is a golden yellow glow at hair tips at the back. They are the eye-catching point of the creation. The hair drops to the back and the sides and keeps away from touching the shoulders. The forehead is left untouched by a single strand and you can see the lady’s beauty in every angle.

# 3 Bleached Plume

The hair is light white but not that deep in color. It is gray at the tips to add to the play of colors. It falls thick from one half and it is impressive with the fine comb tooth that has given it a smooth finish. There is an intention to trim it at the tips and that achieves a blunt look which makes it a super bob.

# 4 Medium Blond with Bangs

It is a medium size that will be a ready-to-go style for the office lady. A big portion of the hair is drawn towards the back and it lies over the back neck slightly above the blouse collar. At one side there is a fall that is aesthetically treated to long bangs. The other side is tilted towards the back and it makes contrasting waves.

# 5 Full Bang

One side is dropped to what seems to be single wide bangs that extend from the forehead to the half of the back. It obscures one of the eyes leaving the other as the source of front view. You can tell that it is not such an easy choice but only for a lady who wants something unique.

# 6 Sunset Frenzy

It is messy, rough and curled and the results are what you are seeing: a sunset fury. The hair is left rough and with its natural entangles untouched. What adds the frenzy is the color that depicts what you see at the horizon when the sun is setting. There is a differentiation of the intensity of the hues since the low back is darker than the top and sides.

# 7 Cute Drop

For those who know how to see a good thing from afar, you would not miss to notice the cuteness that comes with this design. It drops to one side and tries to expose the ear but only a small patch is left in the clear. The bundles at one side are pooled together to form thick ends over the cheek. At the back it is trimmed and pressed to remain in touch with the skin.

# 8 Light and Gray Wind

If this is not a genius creation then you can never have something better. It is light at the tips and some shades of gray at the roots. What makes it astounding is the wind effect at the backwards sweep. It seems as if the hair is being blown to the back and that is the best aspect that makes this a top choice among ladies.

# 9 Maroon Curls

It is smooth at the front but makes some mild waves that give you a taste of the more turbulent back. It is layered into 3 portions: back, one long side and a smaller one. The sides and back are intensively curly.

# 10 Soft and Shiny

It is shiny and soft but that is spoiled by some of the strands that do not sit where they are intended. At the neck it sticks to the skin like worms and it is all attractive from every corner. It is simple but still passes the test of prettiness.

# 11 Blond Long Beauty

It can go as long as the shoulder level and then give it acute trims at the tips. It falls to one side with not-so-smooth bundles but they are synchronized to form a uniform mat. It covers one eye and that is an addition to set it aside from other types that try the same.

# 12 Blowing Fire

It is a causal bob that you can go with at the gym or your usual jog. Thick mop forms around the head but keeps away from the front. It is styled to point inwards at the ends. At the low ends it is like a blowing fire.

# 13 Smooth Hood

None of the other styles beats this one in smoothness. It is combed into acute finesse and drops flawlessly. At the back it is trimmed to an inverted C-shave. The forehead is left in the clear to show its exquisiteness.

# 14 Side Pigtail

It is another type from the smooth family but this one goes thicker and intense. It is brushed to a downward fall. The back is tilted to one side and rolled into what looks like a pigtail. It would win the catwalk if it was all about the hair.

# 15 Brown Coiffeur

The back takes dominance in this one. It is thick and creates an underloop effect where some of the top patch sinks into. From the front is a drooling thickness that ends in an extreme bluntness at the nape.

# 16 Layered Top

It is parted with a clear straight line and each portion falls to the sides. It is closely brushed to fine smoothness. It is top rated and you will see it with celebs as they make public appearances.

# 17 Light Chubs

One eye is completely covered by the large side drop. The rest is styled into thick bundles that look like ribs. It is gorgeous and unique hence a top pick for those who want to define their hair styling to outstanding differentiation.

# 18 Multi-Directional Laces

It is flat and smooth at the top but the tone changes after a short drop. Each bundle of strands takes to its own devices and points to whatever direction it desires. It is a mess of directional laces but they all end up making a stunning finish; that is a fantastic inverted bob. The gals from the wild type would want such a look on them for so many parties they are invited.

# 19 Lady Dalliance

This is a lady who will not struggle to impress the guys because the hair has done that for her. It is long at the front that covers one eye and shorter all round but do not underestimate its general length. It is only one eye that is left in the open but in there it covers a beautiful face.

# 20 Double Fountain

She would get a top vote for being unique and stylish. All the hair drops from the top middle and falls to the sides. This time it goes beyond the forehead and forms a fence-like impression around the face. Its length increases as it goes to the front. This is for the lady who wants to keep her beauty concealed from preying men.

# 21 Pink Princess

She has her hair in pink and all the attention is on her head wherever she passes. The hair is flattened from the top and runs to the sides and back. It makes calculated waves some over the other and it is intricate. You would be right to assume this bob style would deserve a standing ovation (especially form the menfolk).

# 22 Inside-Out Beauty

You would expect the light portion of the hair to be under the thick gray mop. That was the intention of the stylist to do the opposite of expectations and it has won the hearts of many ladies. It is trimmed at the nape and it lies on the skin like a natural part of it. The bottom section is smooth while the top is rough and the mix is a perfect finish.

# 23 Blazing Glory

The tone and color definitely make this a bold style for ladies who want to show their beautiful features. It is an intense right angle side sweep that entirely conceals the entire cheek and ear. At the front portion tips are left spiked but at the back they are trimmed to unsharpened ends. The lady deserves all that blazing glory on her head for the show of boldness.

# 24 Parallel Layers

A big chunk of the hair falls all around the head but it is thicker on one side than the other. It is a mixture of shades from light gray to brown and that blends so well for the final results. The topmost layer runs towards the back and only makes it as far as the back drop of the head. As it is with the bobble styles, the back neckline is clipped to remain intact and close to the skin.

# 25 Immaculate Lady

It is perfect in every angle whether you view it from the front, the sides or back. The fall from the middle is well marked and it is proportionate all round. It is wavy in all bundles but the intensity increases at the back. A not-so-thick bundle of bangs tries to run over one ear but it does not conceal it completely.

# 26 Bold Hue

You cannot deny the fact that she is bold and would not be deterred by conspicuous colors to show it. The first thing you notice would be the radiant glow of purple. It is a color for the ladies and it has been done aptly. The long fall is as low as the shoulder level and it is spiraled to fall over one of them.

# 27 Shaggy Inversion

It is not always smooth and precise with the bobs; sometimes it gets rough but not so out of hand. Here was no any intention to have a smooth mop as it is good shaggy from up to the bottom. The inner section may have tried to be smooth but the top layer spoils the show in a good way.

# 28 Long Racing Blonde

It gets long here and you can see that it is not such a bad choice. The side falls are dragged towards the front at their ends and they rest over the chest. They do not converge so it seems like there is a barricade between them.

# 29 Slight Back Tilt

There is an intention to part the hair but that does not end so well. The hair falls all around the head save the front. At the back it is slightly tilted to one side. It is not smooth and that is unique about this piece.

# 30 Thick and Bouncy

Natural curls and waves are all over the head and they look gorgeous. The thick bundles fall over the ears completely covering them. No strand makes it to the front to show the great facial features.

# 31 Browny Beauty

It is intended to fall to the sides but not to cover the ears. After a short drop to the sides, the hair is swept towards the back. It leaves her face, cheekbones and jaws in the open for admiration.

# 32 Red Happiness

A typical part line is done from one end to give a bigger share to one side. It starts smoothly at the origin but gets curly towards the tips. It is thick and layered as it makes the final races close to the ear and it does not touch the skin on the neck though it goes that low.

# 33 The Bowl Impression

It is not what you would call a bowl style but sure there is something borrowed from that iconical cut. What is missing is that the hair does not fall over the forehead but only the sides. It is not long enough to reach the shoulders probably to expose the decorated earrings.

# 34 Faux Hawk

This is not what you would call a Mohawk but there is some inspiration from it. The sides are drawn downwards while the top flows to the back with an interlocked line at the edge.

# 35 Thick and Long Bob

All around the head is a gray thickness and you would notice that a charming lady is passing-by showing off her inverted bob. It is long too and misses the shoulder by less than an inch. The only place left in the clear is the face but one eye is completely obscured. It is a top choice and ladies would love it on their head.

# 36 Proud Blonde

She has her mop gray at the roots but as you go down you will notice that she is a true blond. The hair is drawn downwards forming a smooth fountain. It is styled in a way that the group of strands at the front are longer than those at the back. It is a creative design and ladies would rather pay an arm and leg to have it (but that effort needless).

# 37 No-Seeing-You

She is saying that she does not want you to see her eyes or something to that effect. The bangs fall over her eyes blocking the front view but she can sweep them aside and see the beauty that she tries so hard to conceal. The sides and back make a grooving impression around the neck. It is sleek and you will see it in ladies who want a true definition of their femininity.

# 38 Queen of a Nature

For you who love to see nature without having the worry of messing with your hair, here is the answer you have waited for so long. It is trimmed to acute candour at the back but the bundles towards the front are left long and with sharp tips. It is a simple style to pull and be on top of the pretty game.

# 39 Wavy and Messy

It all begins well at the top only to get messy and rough at the tips. But that is not an excuse to dismiss it for being out of the contest for the exquisite bobs. It starts wide and then grows thinner and all the side strands seem to come into a confluence around the shoulder level. The lady misses nothing on her head and she must be noticing the long stare that will be coming her way.

# 40 Non-Defined Direction Curls

A small part line tries to divide the hair but its efforts are just mild and get lost in the matrix of curls. The hair runs into all directions making C-curls that have no specific formation. The face is left unperturbed and no doubt that she has the face of a model.

# 41 Blond and Pink Splendor

If you were to vote for her as the queen of beauty you would thanks to her elegant hairstyle. The inner layer is pink while the top is blond and longer. There is an intent to expose both colors and it works out just as it was intended. The tips are long at the front but shorter and blunt at the back.

# 42 Dark Richness

There is one promise with dark shades; they never fail to impress whatever the occasion. You can see how this style works magic on the lady’s head. From back you can only see endless blackness and you would be like 'I want to have such creation on me’. You can have it too since it is effortlessly simple.

# 43 Fading Falls

She has that look of a calm queen who knows that whatever she does she will still be admired. The hair falls to the sides in smoothness but it is roughed-up at the back to create some differentiation.

# 44 Simple Hairdo

None of the other bobs gets as simple as this one. It is just a line that creates a boundary and the hair falls on the opposite directions. Some brushing or combing, whichever is comfortable, is done but not to the intense flatness you would expect.

# 45 Curving Chops

It is like the hair was being chopped into long pieces: some longer than the others. All around, it is left with the tips to create an edgy appearance. One of the eyes is concealed and it comes out as genius creativity.

# 46 All-Round Plume

The head is surrounded and you would think that was a mistake but wait till you see the end results. The strands are sparse at the front but forest-thick at the sides and back. She is elegant and she will get attention on her.

# 47 Blond Bowl

It is not a typical bowl piece but there is a lot borrowed from it. She has the hair fall to the back and sides with touching smoothness. It is trimmed to slant from back to front and what an inspired finish!

# 48 The Back Coiffeur

In a single bundle, all the hair is pulled to the back and ends in lateral crosses but without a knot. It is made smooth and shiny and you can see why ladies would choose it out of the tens of styles discussed here.

# 49 Browny Dazzle

She is a dazzling queen and all that because of the brownness on her head. It is finely combed to the back and the sides. The thickness is tempting and you cannot keep your eyes off her. It is an easy hairdo but comes with an unmatched top quality.

# 50 Double Banged Bob

It covers the back head and the cheeks as it slants towards the front. At the forehead, bangs are built from the sides hence the double effect. The lower parts of her face are left in the clear and she has such outstanding attractiveness.

# 51 Triple Portioning

Her hair is portioned into 3: the back and 2 sides. Each falls to a defined direction and the result is this princess of the beauty kingdom. She would win the prettiness crown with only her looks.

You do have your own bob that suits your face and lifestyle. It never goes wrong with the bob and you have seen how versatile and stylish they can get. Keeping in sync with the best hairstyles among the ladies will never be easier, here is the sharing platform that brings you the latest information and yours is only to make a pick and shine.

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