50 Upscale Layered Bob Hairstyles – Amazing Haircut Designs

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It is hard to find a woman or girl who has no tried a layered bob haircut at some point. The Bob comes in a variety of sizes and finishes, and so there is something for every woman regardless of their face shape or hair type. Of the many designs and finishes, the layered bob is one of the most popular as it allows ladies to have more control over the volume that they want to keep. Apart from these layering also offers many styling options and it is one of the easiest styles to maintain. However, the best thing is that there are many styles to choose from, and they vary in length, texture and colors and so you will always find something that works well for you. Below are 50 of the most popular of this fantastic style.

# 1 Extra Light and Straight

The layered A-lines in this headdress are just splendid, and they give the hair a perfect volume. One of the things that make the locks look even more breathtaking is the light blonde shade used and the trimming of the strands to an almost asymmetrical pattern. The face framing style also helps to spice up the look.

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# 2 Short Black Layers

Black makes a perfect hair color, and the best thing is that you do not even have to do much to create a fancy look with such a dark hue. For this style, for example, the strands are cut into a very short bob and arranged in layers with a simple design on the back to finish the look. A shallow center part and the face framing design also help to enhance the look.

# 3 Graduated Layers

The graduated bob is perfect for ladies with round, square and oval face shapes. And what makes it look this fantastic is its trims that create some beautiful layers. The layers are so perfect that they look effortless and if you add in some highlights like in this style you can be sure of an impressive look

# 4 Inverted Bob

Although this is a typical inverted bob with a short back and long bangs in the front, it does not appear like any regular style due to the texture of the strands and the layers. There are very few strands in the style, but layering makes it look voluminous. The ash gray shade also adds to the beauty of the hairdo.

# 5 Modern Textured Waves

With a neatly cut hair, you will not need to do any fancy styling to look good. The only thing done to design the locks is to create a shallow center part and push the strands to the sides. However, the texture from the cuts and arranging the strands makes this an eye-catching look.

# 6 Balayage Undercut

The color used in this style is fantastic since the different shades of brown blend in perfectly, but the fact that they are hand painted is what makes them look this charming. Apart from this, the hair also has some fabulous undercuts that also help to enhance the appearance of the nicely colored and layered locks.

# 7 Light Blue Pixie Cut

Some haircuts are simply amazing as they get everything from the color to the cuts right. The light blue hue in this style is fantastic, and it enhances a fabulous pixie cut that has some undercuts for a nice disconnected finish.

# 8 Clipper Cut Bangs

A clipper can also help you get a fantastic look, and you only need to come up with a unique design like this one. In this style, you should use the clippers to trim the front part of the short bob to create the amazing face framing and layered bangs that are the focal point in this headdress.

# 9 Color Melt Layers

The shades of pink and purple used in this style blend in perfectly to create a tone that you will not want to get rid of for a long time. Although the strands in the hairdo are very short what makes them amazing is how they have precise cuts to for an added texture and the volume created by the thick layers.

# 10 Weave Bob with Golden Highlights

Even if you do not have perfect strands, you can still wear this style with a weave. A weave bob will save you a lot of time and effort in trying to get the cuts right, and it makes it possible to get a style you would not have with your natural locks. The golden highlights also help to spice up the weave design.

# 11 Soft Waves

Even with the layered bob keeping things simple can make you look polished and refined. The textured waves in this style do not need any fancy or sophisticated styling to look great, a center part and side sweep is more than sufficient to give you a perfectly layered design.

# 12 The Classic Layers

Classic styles always make a beautiful hairdo and also a very easy one to wear. The design starts with a decent short bob haircut then some highlights are introduced to the style. Here the shades have the classic from dark to light look, and different shades of brown and caramel are used to create a perfect color melt.

# 13 Cute Blonde Bob

Some ladies have some fabulous locks that can form distinct layers effortlessly without too much styling and minimal cuts. In this style for example very few trims are needed to create the look and for the styling, you only need to create a center part from where you can be able to push the locks back and to the sides.

# 14 Edgy and Angled Bangs

This style should start with a dye job to get a deep shade of red if you do not already have it. After this, the locks are then trimmed to create some nice bangs and then you should also have some undercuts. The back should be shaved short and then given some razor patterns. For styling, the bangs should be pushed to the sides.

# 15 Fantastic Coppery Blonde

The layers in this long bob are amazing as they have a perfect texture but what will draw your attention to this style are the colors used. Copper works well with almost any hue, but this style proves that it looks unique with some hints of blonde.

# 16 Wavy Long Bob

If you prefer some length, this is the style for you, and it works well for most face shapes and hair types. The long bob in this headdress has a copper shade and wavy locks that have curly tips. What makes it a fantastic hairdo is the fact that it has some nice length and texture that makes it ideal even for ladies that do not like short styles.

# 17 Dramatic Chop

This fantastic style is a product of creative scissor trims, and it is a top notch headdress by all definitions. The layers created by the cuts are simply amazing thanks to the volume that they help to create. Some bold highlights also add to the beauty. They also make styling easier as you will only have to create a shallow center part.

# 18 Angle Balayage Bob

This Bob has all the essential elements that define a good style, and it would look fantastic on any woman. The length of the locks is perfect, and the texture makes them look very classy. As if all these characteristics are not enough the strands also have some excellent hand painted highlights.

# 19 Gorgeous Graduated Bob

Graduated bobs are not as common as the other types, but they still make fabulous styles. In this hairdo, the locks have a moderate shallow part and are designed to face frame over one eye. The colors used are also incredible especially due to their contrast with the shadowed roots.

# 20 Divine Pink Strands

No other color will make you feel more feminine than pink and apart from this it is also very cute when used on an unusual hairstyle like this one. The shoulder length bob in this style has some creative trims particularly in the front where the pink strands are pushed over the forehead and cut at the eyebrow level.

# 21 Intricately Designed Red Hairs

Red hairs seem to work well for almost all ladies, but you can take yours a notch higher with intricate designs and patterns as in this style. Here the strands are shaved very close on one side and some complex patterns introduced on the short sides. The longer side with the red highlights is then side swept to finish the original look.

# 22 Sun Kisses Caramel Bob

Caramel makes a fabulous hair color, but you will hardly find anything that looks better than this. The highlights in this hairdo are splendid, and they blend in perfectly with the skin tone. But what makes the headdress fantastic is the neatly layered strands that have been creatively designed to frame the face.

# 23 Blended Blonde Layers

When most people think about getting highlights the first color that comes to mind is blonde as it seems to work with most skin tones. However, in this designed it has been blended with the light brown base color to perfection, and it helps to make the long layers more detailed and attractive.

# 24 Thick Natural Curls

Natural hair is the best especially if it is healthy and it has a dark color like this. In this style, a curling wand is used to make the curls more detailed, but the volume is what most people will like, and it comes from arranging the long natural curls into layers.

# 25 Downy and Crispy Ombre Streaks

The strands in this design look sweet, fragile and fluffy thanks to the regular trims and dye job. It will be best suited for ladies with thin strands or for those who want to make their locks look less voluminous. The color contrast created between the blonde hues and darker roots make this a perfect everyday headdress.

# 26 Square Curly Layers

The square, curly layers in this style are from an all-natural hair with very moderate trimming done to make them uniform. Apart from this, the only other thing that you have to do in this headdress is to create a soft part at the center as this will make it easy for you to design the locks.

# 27 Messy Golden Streaks

With some beautiful golden streaks on your short strands, you do not have to make an effort to style them as they will look fantastic if you leave them messy. The strands are very straightforward and short but what makes them look fabulous is the shiny look created by the golden hue dye job.

# 28 Graduated Short Pixie Cut

This style is a classic scissor cut because you will not need to do anything else apart from the cuts. However, the trims will require some skills to get right especially given the fact that the hairs are very short. Getting the layers of very short strands may be tricky, and so you should have a professional do it to get the look right.

# 29 Violet and Silver Ombre

Some ladies will prefer to keep long locks, and this is a good idea as it will offer them a variety of styling options for their Lob. For this style, long layered locks already have some excellent texture, but some color is still necessary to spice up the look. The choice of hues is also fantastic because the silver streaks with violet roots look fabulous.

# 30 Straight Sombre Blonde Streaks

This headdress gives you the option to wear your locks in either straight hair or wavy depending on what you prefer. The sombre coloring technique is spot on and it creates a smooth transition from the darker roots to lighter ends and a perfect blend between the blonde streaks and brown base color.

# 31 Pretty Undercut Bob with Side Bangs

Undercuts are the new trend especially for ladies who like to keep short hairs. In this style, the pretty locks are given a shallow center part and swept to the sides. The undercuts on the sides help to give the short locks some lovely shape and make them look voluminous.

# 32 Cool Red Layers

Red hues are magnificent especially for short bobs, and they can transform even the simplest styles into fantastic designs. This style is a perfect example of this because apart from the red tone use there is nothing fancy about it. The locks are only cut short and layered, but the addition of the red tone makes all the difference.

# 33 Relaxed and Shiny Bob Cut

Relaxing the hair creates a very smooth and detailed look, but you can enhance the looks by giving the strands a shine with some balayage highlights. Golden and blonde highlights are used to bring out the best of this cut and to give the hair some shine. The undercuts used help to take things a notch higher.

# 34 The Voluminous Lob

The volume of this long bob is fantastic, and it creates a mature look for the wearer. A deep shade of red also used to enhance the appearance of the dark base. Styling the hair is also simple since it has a perfect length and volume. You can go with a fancy hairdo like this one or have a simple push back.

# 35 Wavy Lowlights

These wavy locks are only a couple of inches long, but they have all the detail and beauty that you would expect to get from long hairs. The short beach waves are a product of balayage painting on blonde hair. Apart from the balayage lowlights, the roots are also darkened and the strands given a shallow center part.

# 36 Smooth and Voluminous

Layering your locks will help you get a full volume no matter how long or short they may be. To get this look, you should trim your short bob neatly for some texture and then arrange the locks smoothly to create the perfect volume.

# 37 The Red A-Line

Keeping hair short is easy as you only need to trim or have a professional do it for you but making it look this good will require some effort. In this style, the gorgeous looks are achieved by giving the strands a red dye job then finishing with a side part and layering the locks.

# 38 Inverted Ombre Long Bob

The hues in this hairdo are splendid and even without any additional styling or layering it would still make a great design. This perfect color comes from combining a dark brown base with some blonde and light brown streaks using an ombre technique. The textured locks are then layered neatly starting from the shallow center part.

# 39 Purple Ombre with Undercuts

Purple hue is fun to work with, and it can help you create an eye-catching look if you know how to use it on your locks. For example, in this style, the fine bangs are long and front swept at the top while the sides have some undercuts. Purple and light blonde are then used to give the bangs a beautiful shade.

# 40 Long Blonde Perfection

Whether you like the Bob or not, you will love this style as it is nothing short of perfect. The texture of the hair, the colors and also the length make this an ideal headdress that will be splendid for any woman who can wear it right. Although the blonde is the most dominant color the dark roots exposed by the center part, also add to the beauty.

# 41 Fashionable Caramel Bob

Apart from the layers and the hues used to create this hairdo what makes it unique is the size as it is neither very long nor short. The Moderate size makes this design very fashionable and hence suitable for most ladies. Caramel always makes a good style, and you can almost never go wrong with it provided you have a good length like in this style.

# 42 Gorgeous Multidimensional Locks

Nowadays it is not uncommon to use more than two colors in one style, and it is also a perfect style especially if you choose your hues well. These long locks have been nicely textured and then given shades of purple, blonde and brown. Using the different tones creates the multidimensional looks, but the design looks more attractive when the locks are layered and pushed back.

# 43 Chocolate Brown Hairs

If you have some nice volume, then you can wear this bob cut with ease. It is a classic bob style, and so you will not have to do any fancy cuts as you only need to trim the locks slightly depending on their size. The chocolate brown tone is a perfect color especially for ladies who like dark shades. You should finish the look by arranging the strands in layers.

# 44 Shaggy Fringe

A fringe does not have to be neat to look fantastic as you can leave it shaggy and still look great like in this layered bob. Here the light blonde fringe is trimmed asymmetrically and pushed forward to create cute face framing design.

# 45 Silver Grey Asymmetrical Bob

This sweet design is a product of ombre coloring and a creative asymmetrical bob cut. Although the cut and the design are fabulous, the hues used, and the ombre technique that darkens the roots also make this a beautiful headdress.

# 46 Fabulous Brushed Out Curly Layers

The colors utilized in this hairstyle seem to blend in perfectly, but it would not look this good without the wavy strands that are a result of brushing out curls. A center part will also be necessary to style the locks for a perfect finish.

# 47 Vibrant Candy Tones

A layered haircut is already a fantastic headdress, and so vibrant colors are enough to spice it up. However, you should choose hues that are not only lovely but also work well together. In this headdress the tones used are purple, pink and blonde, and they make the strands look fabulous and classy.

# 48 Creative and Funky

It's hard to settle on one thing that makes this style super hot because everything done on it is top class. The asymmetrical layered locks on one side and a shortly shaved side combine well to create a funky look that a woman can rock with pride. Apart from the beautiful cuts, the hair also has some fabulous colors with darkened roots.

# 49 Artistic Face Frame

This headdress is from a razor shave, and it proves that it does not necessarily matter what tool you use to cut your hair as the skills of the person doing it are more important. The long dark strands in this style have been neatly razor cut to create a fabulous and also unique face framing design.

# 50 Deep Violets

Violet has a unique effect on the hair, and this will be more evident if you have a dark base. Introducing a few highlights of violet on your short locks and a center part like in this style makes a big difference. The violets make the hair sparkle and look more sophisticated than when left plain.

The 50 styles above are just a few examples of the many things you can do to create a layered bob. Whether you like something simple or sophisticated fancy designs, there are many options to choose from regardless of your tastes. With a little creativity and the services of a skilled hairstylist, you can give you short strands fantastic layers that you will want to keep for a long time.

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