40 Gorgeous Styling Ideas For Light Brown Hair With Highlights

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# 2 Blonde Tips

Creativity has no boundaries in hair styling, and this style demonstrates this perfectly. Although the hair starts off as a simple light brown balayage, it slowly transitions to a different color. The ends of the hair are bright blonde, and this creates an amazing contrast with the roots. Apart from the fantastic look of the blonde tips, the transition from the root hair color as you move towards this makes this an incredible hairdo.

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# 2 Blonde Tips

Creativity has no boundaries in hair styling, and this style demonstrates this perfectly. Although the hair starts off as a simple light brown balayage, it slowly transitions to a different color. The ends of the hair are bright blonde, and this creates an amazing contrast with the roots. Apart from the fantastic look of the blonde tips, the transition from the root hair color as you move towards this makes this an incredible hairdo.

# 3 Full Highlights for Brighter Strands

Although most people would prefer to go with simple hair transition or have some patches of other hair colors to go with their light brown strands, having full highlights can also give you a perfect style. What makes the full-highlights excellent is that they brighten your strands and hence making your hairs more attractive.

# 4 Elegance Long Layers

Although the light brown coloring makes these locks look beautiful, the long layers also play an integral part in the creation of the elegant look. The color blends in well with the long layers, and they look like they are two almost distinct hairstyles that have been brought together. Although you can still wear this with shorter hairs, long strands will look much better since they make the hair color more visible.

# 5 Curly Ends

Curls make an amazing hairstyle, but they can also be used to enhance different styles. In this design, they are used to make the hair color more visible. Curled locks appear to have more color than the other flat areas. Even if you do not like to go fancy with your brown hairs, you can have an incredible hairstyle by just creating curls at the ends.

# 6 Dark Blonde Roots

This is another fantastic idea that you can use to make your long brown hair look incredible. In this style, the hair is kept dark at the roots while the color slowly transition to more light shades towards the tips. Long locks look more voluminous when given a dark color at the roots and so this hairdo will not only give you a fantastic look but will also make your hairs look healthier.

# 7 Simple Caramel Hair

Some ladies prefer to keep things simple as it is easier to maintain the hair this way. Apart from this, a simple caramel hair like this is also very simple to color and style, and you can even do it at home without any professional help. However, this does not make it least fantastic as it is as attractive if not more eye-catching as other hairstyles for brown strands.

# 8 Baby Lights for a Natural Look

Natural hair looks are the best, and you can never go wrong with them as you are almost guaranteed that you will look fabulous even with minimal styling. The baby lights are a creation of balayage, and they are very soft and hence making your strands appear like those of a baby.

# 9 Free Hand Painting

Nowadays more women are breaking away from the tradition of using foils and caps to paint their hair and are instead going for freehand. Using this technique to style your light brown long locks comes with many advantages. Key among these merits is the fact that it makes coloring easier. Apart from this, you also get some lovely tones as you are in better control of the results that you want.

# 10 Faceframe Ash Blonds

This is by far one of the best styles you can have for your light brown strands, but it is also tricky to color. Getting the ash blond shade right will require you to choose the right color combinations and also have enough time to spare as it can take up to six hours to finish dyeing and styling if you have long locks.

# 11 Lowlights Mid Length

Mid lengths provide ladies with an ideal option if they do no not wish to keep long locks or trim their hairs very short. After cutting the strands to the preferred size, they should be some lowlights with high graduation to create a perfect sun kissed look that every woman will look gorgeous having.

# 12 Multi-Tonal Shading

Adding some various shading on your light brown hair will spice it up and make it more attractive, but you have to choose the right tones to use as not all go well with brown. This style demonstrates a perfect choice because pink, purple and lavender blend in well to the style to create an incredible hair shade.

# 13 Long and Curly

Excellent length provides enough room to experiment on the hair with different tones and shades. The strands of this particular style are long and have been colored in an ombre design with the roots being kept very dark and the ends lighter. Some blonde highlights are also peeking from below the curls at the back

# 14 Darker Shading

This style is more colored than most other light brown hairdos, and it has some cool blonde highlights that help to create a faint but very attractive contrast. The hair is thick and voluminous, and the darker shading contributes to enhancing these characteristics further to create an elegant everyday look.

# 15 Balayage Color Transition

This hand painted hairdo creates an incredible transition from dark brown to light brown. The change is very gradual, and you can hardly tell where the two colors become distinct. By comparing the roots and tips, you can see the amazing contrast created by the color transition.

# 16 Purples and Blues on Light Brown

Highlights always go a long way in creating a perfect light brown hair look but choosing the right shade combination is vital in getting the look you desire. Purple and blue are an example of amazing colors that you can use to create an incredible hairdo. Here the two colors are blended in at the lower end of the hairs to create a bright and equally attractive style.

# 17 Gingerbread Delight

This style features a dark red base that has some brilliant light brown highlights to create a fantastic contrast between the two distinct hair colors. To spice up the look further the ends are given some beautiful curls that not only make it more stylish but also add some detail to the light brown highlights at the ends.

# 18 The Bronde Look

It’s hard to figure out whether some styles are blonde or light brown because they have the characteristics and appearance of both. This type of look is referred to as “Bronde” because it is both brown and blonde. The transition between the two shades is so smooth that you cannot tell where each of the two colors has been applied. What makes this style, even more, attractive is that it is on a medium length hair and hence making the color blend fantastic.

# 19 Dark Caramels for a Youthful Appearance

Dark hues of caramel wok well with light brown hair and they can create a very attractive if you have the right length and use them creatively. These shades create a very youthful appearance and make your strands look firmer than they are. This hair idea will work particularly well on long straight strands and women with a lighter skin tone look best in it.

# 20 Streaked for Short Layered Strands

A short layered cut is a typical mom hairdo, but you can enhance yours and give it a modern look that you can wear confidently. One of the best ways to do this is by adding thick streaks of smooth, bright colors such as white blonde and light blonde. These highlights will help make your light brown base attractive. You can finish the look by using a product to make the strands shiny and condition with hot oils to keep the colored hair healthy.

# 21 Peeking Pink

There are different ways to color the hair and how you chose to do it will determine how good your style will look. In this hairstyle, the pink colors are added to the locks in a very creative manner. Although there are a few pink strands on the hairs more, strands at the back are dyed all pink and then covered with the rest of the locks when they are pushed back to create an interesting peeking pink style.

# 22 Long Granny Hairs

Granny hairs are slowly becoming trendy as ladies try to come up with different and unique shades for their hairs. This hairstyle comes by combining ash blond and light brown with the former being the most dominant. It can be worn for any length, but most people prefer to have it on medium and long strands. What makes this an incredible style is the blending in of the two shades to create a very uniform appearance.

# 23 Long Perfect Waves

Thick, voluminous strand makes it possible to wear any style that you wish effortlessly. The quality of the stands in this hair is amazing, and it is one of the things that make it easy to design. Naturally looking highlights throughout the head create a perfect combination with the nicely combed wavy strands.

# 24 Dark Chocolate Streaks

This hairdo combines different shades of brown to create a look that you would want to keep for a long time. The nicely trimmed locks form a good base for the hair color, and so you will have no trouble dyeing the hair or making each of the shades visible. This style combines dark chocolate lowlights and icy blonde highlights to create a gorgeous and fresh hairstyle.

# 25 Multicolor Elegance

Although it is common to use many colors on a light brown hair, the biggest challenge is usually in making all the colors visible without one being too dominant and still ensure that the base color is visible. This hairstyle gets this spot on as it manages to create a perfect balance between all the colors used and you can easily recognize each of them but what makes it, even more, appealing is that light brown still maintains its dominance in the style.

# 26 Silver Locks

Silver goes well with most colors as it is quite neutral and so it can offer you an exquisite style for your hair. In this hairdo what makes the strands look even more amazing is their size and how they have been formed into a couple of locks at the back.

# 27 Dark Shades for Vibrancy

Before wearing any style, it is important to start by scissor trimming your strands to add some texture and also to add some uniformity. To make the hair fuller and more vibrant, you should add some dark shades to the brown hair. Apart from this, the highlights will also play up your features and hence making you look more radiant and youthful.

# 28 Glamorous Curls

Even if you are not sure of the right shades to use to style your hair having some curls makes it possible to look fantastic with any highlights. Here the hair is colored using a sombre technique where the roots have a darker shade of brown while the ends have a softer color and look to make the curls, even more, attractive.

# 29 Chestnut Brown

Chestnut brown helps to keep things simple and sexy as it is a soft and subtle hair with a light brown base. Although chestnut is the most dominant shade, there are also traces of dark brown as it also plays an important part in getting the style right. You can keep the hair straight like in this style, or you can have some soft curls at the ends.

# 30 Gold Streaked Brown

Although this style will take you longer to dye, it is worth the wait as it is one of the most attractive things you can do to your light brown strands. To look best in this hairdo you should make sure that the golden streaks blend in perfectly with the brown strands and no color should be overdone so as to maintain the balance that makes this style elegant.

# 31 Light Blonde to Brighten Thick Hairs

Voluminous hair is perfect by all definitions as it offers you an opportunity to wear many styles and it also looks great without any style. However, the biggest and perhaps the only shortcoming with this type of hair is that all this volume can make it look dull especially if you have a soft color like light brown as the base. Coloring the strands is the best way to brighten them and the best color to use for this is light blonde.

# 32 The Grey and Curly Perfection

Although curls look splendid in any color, gray seem to bring out a unique and equally beautiful look that no other shade can achieve. And instead of having some gray highlights or lowlights you can go all gray to get a more eye-catching look. Making gray the dominant color in your hairs will help give you a unique look that also makes your locks look mature.

# 33 Sombre Hair Loose Waves

Sombre not only makes the hair beautiful but it also prevents it from looking messy. Although this coloring pattern is the center of attraction the locks are also nicely cut and so, this also adds to the beauty. The hair design starts with the light brown at the roots then transitions to lighter shade highlights at the ends of the hair.

# 34 Delightful Mix of Shades

Mixing different shades is a modern hairstyle, but not all of them look attractive due to the wrong choice of colors and failure to apply them correctly. In this hair, the dark colors are used on the brown base, and they blend in perfectly to create a beautiful hairdo. The shades of dark blonde are more dominant than the other colors, but this just makes the hair more attractive.

# 35 Multiple Shades for a Perfect Finish

The beautiful silver toned colors used in this hair help give a perfect finish. It is a brilliant hair idea especially for women that love bright styles. The color choice for this style is what make this hair look attractive because the colors are not only gorgeous but each also appears to enhance the appearance of the other. Curly ends also play a significant role in making this hairdo perfect.

# 36 Lighten Up

Although the base of this hair is dark things lighten up just a couple of inches from the roots. The hairs drastically transition from the dark color to a brighter blonde look and things get even better as you move to the tips. This style can help brighten your face and make you look more attractive than when wearing most other hairdos.

# 37 Deep Blonde Grown Out Curls

If you have a naturally curly hair, then this is one of the classy styles that you can wear. Even for ladies with flat or straight hairs, this is still a perfect idea as it is easy to get the curls. The curls are very thick and cover the entire head all the way from the roots. Apart from the curls the color used on them is also fantastic. The dark blonde highlights blend in well with the base color, and it enhances the appearance of the grown out curls.

# 38 The Sweet Latte

The Sweet Latte is a simple demonstration of the beauty is blonde shades if they are used creatively. In this hair, a brown sugar base is used to create the foundation for the different shades of light blonde applied to the hair. What makes this an elegant hairdo is that the sweet latte highlight can brighten any face.

# 39 Pretty and Classy Long Hairs

Just by looking at this hair you can tell that it was done by a very skilled person who knew the exact look that they wanted. From the color to the styling everything is flawless, and if you have this style, you will probably want to show it off a lot. The long hairs are curled at the back, and the combination of light brown and gold highlights make it an amazing work of art.

# 40 Braided Dark Red

Colors are a must have for any hairdo to look fabulous, but you also have to style it to finish the look. The dark red locks in this particular hairstyle are weaved into an amazing side braid to complete the look. However, the braid looks more fantastic thanks to the different tones on the hair.

Provided you get your light brown color right the options are unlimited as you can wear many different styles. From the 40 styles above there are many that you can try for your hair, but when combining different colors in your styles, you should always get the right shades for a perfect hair design.

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