50 Most Delightful Little Girl Hairstyles – Specially For Cute Angels

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They may be tender but the little angels know what beauty means and they want little girl hairstyles by trying to copy all that they see on their mommies only to do it wrong. Young girl’s hairstyles should not be as intense and complex as those of older ladies but they deserve to look gorgeous in whatever choice you make for them. Do you want something that will make your little one look impressive and beautiful? Here are 50 stunning young girls’ hairstyles that you could give a consideration.

# 1 Strand Ribbon Braids

This is the best look she would want for her birthday party. It is parted in the center and then braided into two fine lines. The addition of the colorful ribbon gives it a decorative appeal and you cannot deny that she is an angelic beauty. The thick brown hue makes it even more attractive.

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# 2 Crown Braids With a Bow

It is such an outstanding appearance for her formal events and her day at school. The addition of the colorful bow adds a statement of beauty and you cannot deny that she is a queen in waiting. It is braided around the head and such is a creative finish that you can have on her. It is a good option for all lengths and should be able to make her a center of attention.

# 3 Glorious Twists with Bangs

Yes, the little darling can have a way into bangs at an early age. She had two twists one running low while the other going around the head. The bangs at thinly done at forehead but they give the stunning aura that predicts what a beauty she will be in a matter of a few years.

# 4 Attractive Side Knots

The hair is equally parted in the middle. It drops sideways into a thick smooth blush. It is loosely knotted at the ends and you can see that it ended up to be a top style that you would want to have on your baby girl. The simplicity is very compelling and she will insist that this is what she wants on her.

# 5 Twisted Ripples

For the bigger girls, you would want to go bold with her hair and this is one of the designs you may consider. The hair is twisted into a curling line that ends in a tight knot at the back. The other part is designed with waving appeal that complements general appearance.

# 6 Knitting Impressions with a Ponytail

Here is a blend of 3 effects that make her hair a glorious attribute. The larger portion is coiffured to lie over the head in a thick bundle. The back is the most attractive feature that will make this a top choice. It is styled into knitted mat appearance and then end in a ponytail. It is sleek and attractive for your small angel so give it to her.

# 7 Wrapped Braid Ponytail

At the low end, the hair is combed into a glaring smooth blush. It ends in a ponytail with a braid at one of the sides. This is what will define a lady in making and you would want this on your young girl if you want her to develop knowing what a lady wants. It is such an impression that will make you a proud mother knowing that nothing misses in your young gal.

# 8 Cute Top Knot

Top knots are a favorite choice for the young princess. The hair is pulled towards the top and then knotted to form a simple stylish lump. It is decorated with an ornamental bow and this will make it stand out in a group of kids.

# 9 Tripple Braids Beauty

She can have her hair long and free as long as that is her wish. The addition of 3 finely braided lines is an extraordinary feature that makes it pleasing. The braids run around the top of the head in the grooving way. It is exotically impressive and your girl will be adorable.

# 10 Flower Banded Bob

She is ready for a red carpet thanks to her hairstyle. It falls over the back and sides but trimmed at the front not to cover the face. It is banded with a floral ring and that is why she is a beauty to admire.

# 11 Radiant Braids

A caring mother knows what her daughter needs and these braids will make her lovely and happy. Some colorful strands are added into each braid and this is the final results you have. She is exuding confidence and you will always be sure that your baby looks great for school and other occasions.

# 12 Triple Knotted Ponytail

She is a diva even at her tender age. The ponytail is knotted 3 times and finally ends if a free bloom. It is a beautiful messy design that will make your kid a darling that other kids want to be.

# 13 Round-Rope Braid

You do not need much convincing to make this your small daughter’s hairstyle. The roped braid goes around the head leaving a flat smooth bed at the center. It is exclusively gorgeous and you want it on her.

# 14 Vanilla Blush with a Braid

The choice of color is in sync with her skin tone. The hair is parted into 3 portions: 2 sides and the back. There is a curving braid from one side and it is an excellent finish for this style.

# 15 Glowing Layers

For those who are big enough to manage a complex style, this is something you can try on her. The hair is styled into layers that are intensely colored and you can tell the intention to give it a glowing effect. The top layer is knotted to keep it intact. From the back, it looks like a lion’s mane and that tells you how beautiful this is.

# 16 Triple-Knotted Portions

The knots styles are common with the small girls. Here the hair is divided into 3 parts and each is knotted at the back. The knots are like knobs and they make this a must-have choice for her. It is simple for her age and will at the same time make her stand out.

# 17 Bridged Braids

Of all the little girl hairstyles, this is one that will get noticed easily for its outstanding features. There are 2 braids each ending as a tail at the back side of the head. The rest of her hair is left to in a smooth tone to make it simple for someone who may not be able to tend to it every other time.

# 18 Dalliance Rope Twist

The hair is drawn towards the back and knotted. It is brushed to a smooth tone and you can see its shiny luster from a distance. A loose rope twist descends from the top to the knot and sinks into it completely. Everything is right for a young girl who will not need much attention to keeping her hair in shape.

# 19 Simple Stranded

There is an attracting appearance about this style despite its simplicity. It is finely combed towards the back and knotted with a twisted tail. It is a pick from the best of young girl styles. She has all that it takes to be a beauty and that is why she will be the star in her school.

# 20 Butterfly braid

The most noticeable attribute of this piece is the butterfly-like braid. It is fitted on top of the smooth mop and your girl will be proud to have it. The other portion of hair is a smooth bloom that is dyed to be in resonance with her skin tone. No doubt that she will be the adorable queen among her age mates.

# 21 Double Buns

This bun style is a favorite among many young girls. It is simple for them and they will still feel beautiful. The hair is centrally parted and then brushed to a fine tone. Each side is then finished with a knot giving it the bun nickname. The intense golden hue makes it an appealing scene and you will be happy when you see your baby.

# 22 Chocolate Breeze

The chocolate hue is one of the best choices you can make for your child’s hair. It is moderate and gives her a shiny and healthy looking hair. In this one, it is partitioned into 3 layers. The top one produces a ponytail that has multiple ties. It is no wonder that you will like this style on the first sight due to its elegance.

# 23 Brown Bubble

All her hair is drawn towards the back. The light brown color makes it a must-have design and it is simple for the young ones. At the back, it ends in a knotted bundle. It is meant to make your young girl feel comfortable and be admirable at the same time.

# 24 Undercut Inspired

The top layer lies over the under section to create an impression of an undercut. There are two braids from the sides that are later brought together to one bundle ending in a short tail. There is no variance of shades and you can see all the reason why many of parents would want this for their girl.

# 25 Wild Side Tail

There is no reason why you should not let your kid have fun sometimes. Giving her this style will make her some sort of a celebrity among her peers. The top braids end up at the side forming a tailing end. The thick hue makes it even more outstanding and will definitely make her a top kid.

# 26 Cute Top Bun

The little girls can never have enough of the buns. Here is another one that you can give her. All hair is drawn to a semi-vertical arc and ends up in a smooth cute bun. It is the cream of all bun styles and you will be a proud mom to a gorgeous baby. For the event you are attending over the weekend she will be a sight to admire.

# 27 Wedding Tiara

If she is the flower girl at the forthcoming friend’s wedding then you need to give her hair a nice treat just like this one. All hair is swept vertically and tied at the top. It is combed to a fine texture but some strands are left to hang at the head edges. The addition of the floral band makes it a perfect choice for a flower girl.

# 28 Impressive Toddler Loops

Isn’t she an adorable scene to watch? The loops over her head make you keep looking her direction. They are acutely designed and they make your toddler a beauty that you cannot take your hands off.

# 29 Beautiful Furrows

Free sides and braided rows running across the head make a stunning combination. It gives this little baby the beauty and confidence she needs. The decoration of a bluish bow is such an inspired idea making it even prettier. She will be the spot to watch in her friend’s birthday party.

# 30 Princess Crown

With this one on her head, every other small girl in your neighborhood will want to have it too. The hair is rich and dark in hue. It is shiny and those are the best attributes you can give to her style. There is a thick round roll on the lower sides. A rising formation that ends in a falling tail covers the top part. The bow makes it a scene you want to keep looking.

# 31 Blonde Curls with Bangs

She is not so young that she cannot have the wonderful curls. The hair is let into a free run and ends with curls. The front is banged and she is the lady you want to see as she grows up.

# 32 The perfect Bride

You can give her the inspiration from a bride with this hairstyle. Have it combed into a smooth texture. The lower section makes a groove around the head and it is succeeded by a top bun with natural curls.

# 33 Wavy Bundles

For a typical day in school, she will appreciate what this design gives her. The back is covered by a long tail that is made of thick strands. It is sleek and even for a young child she is cute for anyone to notice.

# 34 Pearled Bun

The smoothness and intent to make it a top style is not in vain. The addition of the white pearls at the beginning of the bun defines her sense of prettiness. It is a smooth and simple piece that you should have on her.

# 35 Crown Braid

Little girl hairstyles have a tendency to borrow from the grown women types. The crown braid was made famous in the Star Wars and now you can have it on your young daughter. The braid goes around the head seemingly holding the hair in its place. The rest is portioned into 2: the front and back and each is drawn to the opposite direction.

# 36 Showing the Hearts

The little ones can have a lovely style that will keep strangers turning their head. The braid makes an ovate pattern and it is guarded by another thick circular braid. The other hair is combed to a fine finish and it all gets loose towards the low ends. This is one of the best baby styles that you can have it for your child.

# 37 Trimmed Bowl with Decorations

She is probably not young to have a bowl cut. It is trimmed at the ends to a short impression. It is made even better with the colorful floral additions and she will be noticeable from far. At the back, there is a knot that is filled with beautiful curls. She needs nothing more to be pretty as this timeless piece has taken care of that.

# 38 Zigzag Braid

This is an inspiration from the ponytail and you can see it is even better than the former. At first, it is combed into a fine blush secured at the back in a decent tie. The braid begins at the front and ends at the tail. It is such a sensational style that she will be happy about.

# 39 Double Pig Tails with a Glowing Headband

She has a defined appearance that makes her a beautiful baby. The pigtails are left spiky to add a rough taste for the young ones. The other portion is combed towards the back. Everything fits where it is and this is a unified creation that will be a perfect choice. The decorated headband is such a genius addition and your small girl will always want it.

# 40 True Beauty with Sideburns

If she was to win the global crown for a gorgeous baby girl, she will get all the votes. It is simply drawn to the back and tied into an impressive knot. The hair is not tightly held at the low sides and that is why it makes a sideburn impression. This is the top hairstyle that you can have on her and make her happy every day.

# 41 Red Pretty Curls

This is a bold step towards color and would be better for a bigger girl. The hair is side swept and the longer side falls way below the shoulders. It is curled at the edge and this is what you need for a long hairstyle.

# 42 Bubbled Ponytail

You may have seen all the kinds of ponytails but this is not what you may have expected. It is knotted at multiple points and it looks like bubbles drops of water from a tap. Here is the best choice you can make for your little angel. If unique is your thing for the child then here is all that you want.

# 43 Artistic Braids

You are guessing right: she is shy because she cannot stand the sight of her beauty. Here is the chance to have a defining moment for your baby’s hair and you will not regret that you made the choice. The two braids at the sides are what make it an outstanding design.

# 44 Hearts of Love

The theme of love is what defines her style and she has everything in its right place. Apart from the bangs drawn to the front, all the hair flows to the back and knotted into a sleek pigtail. Two ovate decorations are placed on the hair and the final result is what you are seeing now. Here is your opportunity to give her the chance to shine over her friends.

# 45 Kissing bun

She is a deserving princess and her smile tells you she knows that. The bun-like creation is what defines this style. The mouth emoticon decoration on it tells you a story of her trendiness.

# 46 Stars in the Sky

She is losing her front teeth and a smile may not be a thing she wants to flaunt. But having a good choice of hairstyle will cover for her smile and she can have it as wide as she wants. The backward draw of her hair leaves the face beautifully lit. The 2-star shapes added give it a more beautiful touch and you know she is headed to be a star.

# 47 Back Brown Roll

For her casual weekend, this is what you could give her hair. It is parted at the top in the middle and then a roll-like bundles are made on sides. It is an easy creation to have and you do not have to worry about keeping it in place.

# 48 Dense Blonde with Rope Braids

There are no other better braids done than what is here. Her blonde hair is divided at the middle and then styled to form veins. The crowning feature is the addition of the rope braids at the top sides. It is an excellent choice and defines your daughter’s sense of fashion.

# 49 Fish-Tail with Heart Impression

It is just like a typical back draw but this one has more than that. The back has a long fountain that ends in curls. The heart impression covers the cliff at the head drop ending as a short tail.

# 50 Queen of Simplicity

A simple knotted back-push has given this little girl the fame of a celebrity. She is the epitome of how you can define your baby’s prettiness by getting it right with a hairstyle. The flower decoration gives it a wild touch.

For your little daughter, you do not have any reason why she should not be adorable. Get hold of one of the styles here and make her the queen she is meant to be. All the styles discussed here are easy and flexible. You can have a new one each morning and keep her hair looking healthy and fresh.

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