110 Amazing Ombre Hair Color Trends – Improve Your Appearance

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# 2 Blue Green Highlights

Ombre hair looks cooler on curly locks. For this style, you can keep your natural color, and then highlight your hair ends with some bright colors, such as green and blue.

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# 2 Blue Green Highlights

Ombre hair looks cooler on curly locks. For this style, you can keep your natural color, and then highlight your hair ends with some bright colors, such as green and blue.

# 3 Purple Fade

Professionally done work is always appreciated. The style involves medium length locks with dark roots dyed in saturated purple color. The hue transition is very smooth hence it was made by a skilled master.

# 4 Green Playfulness

You can make your look even more noticeable with bright light green hair ends. The locks above can remain in your natural colors, or you can dye it in the dark green shade.

# 5 Three Levels

Black, red and white colors are forming a three leveled ombre. The style looks sunny and summery, especially with the wavy, unkempt hair. This look is perfect for a beach vacation.

# 6 Pink on Black

This style is very simple but also looks unusually beautiful. Hair is black throughout the head, and only 5 to 7 inches of the tips are dyed in bright pink color.

# 7 Caramel Tips

Straight fringe is covering the forehead entirely and makes the hair encircle the lovely face. Strands have natural dark-brown color, and then the tips are dyed in a caramel shade.

# 8 Turquoise Half

You can do anything you want with your long hair, so why not try to dye half of it in brown color and the other one in turquoise. The style looks bright and cheerful. The ombre color technique is very versatile and can come in different colors and lengths, so you have an enormous pool of choices where you can find the best style for you.

# 9 Classic Shades

The smooth transition from darker to lighter tones of brown is a classy example of a perfectly made ombre. If you do not want to change your hair color completely, you can ask your hairdresser to dye only tips, and you will become a happy owner of a stylish effect.

# 10 Color Melt

Shy girls who do not like make critical changes can choose a color melting effect. For an inattentive eye, the transition is almost invisible, but if you are more attentive, you can see a beautiful lighter caramel shades mixing with dark brown natural color.

# 11 Dark Ombre

In this style, hair is uniformly scissor-cropped to a shoulder length. It is very straight, and it has a nice dark texture. The hair ends are dyed in a rich burgundy shade adding sophistication to the look.

# 12 Free Hand Painting

Dark brown tones make the hair look shiny and healthy. But the thing that particularly highlights it is an ombre, which is dyed in a lighter shade of brown, almost caramel. This feature makes the whole style look fantastic.

# 13 Smoky Hues

It is a beautiful brunette ombre that seamlessly slips from pure brunette to smoky gradient hues. Then, the hair is styled in waves accentuating on the splendid color technique. It is a great look for the lady who knows how to sell herself.

# 14 Light Sombre

If you have long brown luxurious hair, then these colors are perfect for you. Ash blonde strands are well mixing with the rest of the mane. They start from cheekbones leaving the hair on top in natural shades. Then the dyed locks have been curled with a curler iron.

# 15 Darkened Roots

In this style, the main goal of the coloring technique was to make the softest transition possible. Brown hairs with some red on them are flowing freely to the back, with the darker roots which are smoothly changing into lighter shades of orange hair color.

# 16 Copper Finesse

The girl with this style will always catch envious glances from her friends because a nice copper color makes the hair look incredible. This style is for cute brunets who want to add a hint of creativity to their style.

# 17 Classic Shadow

This choice of colors clearly demonstrates the classic version of the famous ombre. It was the first try among chic ladies when this color technique had appeared for the first time. The hair on top is left untouched with its natural colors, and the half of the length is dyed in soft caramel.

# 18 Three Colored Grace

It has become very popular to take three dyes that mix well together. Skilled hairdressers are always improving and trying to think of something new. This style is very versatile because you can try the different color combination, and you will never be disappointed. The only thing that is essential is a professional who will make everything perfect for you.

# 19 Playful Balayage

If you are tired of a classic ombre and want to try something new here is an excellent option for you. Trendy technique that is called balayage is a great complement to the ombre style. The highlighted locks are dyed randomly throughout the hair, enlivening long strands and making each one of them look fantastic.

# 20 Gray and Ash Combination

This amazing ombre is achieved by a combination of three fashionable colors – dark blue, ash gray and a light shade of purple. Their overflow shows every beautiful angle of the long mane. This style looks even cooler in the sun because under direct sun rays all the colors play and mix beautifully together.

# 21 Blue Beauty

Black long and straight hair is a dream of many girls because it is very versatile and you can style it in different variations. One of them is a bright blue and low ombre. For this fresh color, you will need a high-quality product. You can do the dyeing by yourself or ask a friend for help, but make sure that the demarcation line between two colors is perfectly blurred because it is the central feature of a well-done ombre.

# 22 Black and Copper

Copper is one of the colors that is very attractive regardless of the hair length, face type or skin tone. It looks even more beneficial on the hair ends with the dark hair background. This style is very trendy, and every girl will look gorgeous wearing it.

# 23 Messy Teal Pony

Teal shade is especially popular this season. Girls buy clothes and accessories in this color. But you can go further and dye your strands in it. The most important thing is choosing the right tone, but make a note that teal ombre looks awesome on black hair.

# 24 Blue Up High

Starting from the temples, teal and blue shades are mixing and nicely covering dark hairs. For a better look, you can dye the very ends of your hair in the lightest shade, that it looks almost white, of blue. If you choose this style, you will feel confident and sexy at any party.

# 25 Pale Blue Curls

The main idea behind this style is a contrast. The first proof to that is perfectly straight hairs on top and curly locks below. The second one is in the color: the top is dyed in black and moving downwards smoothly transforming in pale blue hue. It is a very artistic implementation of a creative idea.

# 26 Rich Rombre

Black hair on top goes well with rich, saturated red hair ends. The waist length of the locks looks very beautiful. This style can be worn for any occasion, starting from the formal events and ending with a high-school party. You will look fantastic on any of them.

# 27 Cherry Cola

Cherry Cola color is amazingly melting along the strands. The gorgeous ombre has been brightened up with rich red color. For the girls who are blessed with a full head of incredible hair this style will only enhance their beauty.

# 28 Red and Black

You probably won’t find the combination of colors which looks as elegantly together as red and black. They are a perfect match. The important thing in achieving this sexy effect is in melting which should be as smooth as possible.

# 29 Laced Hair

For this style, long hair is folded in a wide braid on one side of the head. It finishes in the middle with a messy knot. The half of the braid is black, and the other one has caramel shades on it. Some dark strands in the caramel section of the hair make the look even more incredibly beautiful.

Ombre for Blonde Hair

# 30 Pink Cuteness

This style involves short bob which is dyed in a pink color with dark roots. The color starts with black and then nicely melting into bright pink. It looks sunny and adorable.

# 31 Blonde Beauty

In this style, hair is styled in waves and has a face framing effect. This coloring is a perfect choice for natural blondes. The hue is moving downwards and nicely changing its shades. This is a very professional work done by a skilled hairdresser.

# 32 Platinum Highlights

It is never a bad idea adding some subtle highlights to any color, especially when you are dealing with platinum one. Hair color smoothly goes down in a beautiful flow, and gray strands highlight the whole image.

# 33 Hype Caramel

This look will be a great supplement for girls with thick and short hairs. Of course, you can choose any color you like, but you should consider trying dark brown roots with caramel melting and moving downwards. Even if you do not have a long mane, you still can look fabulous.

# 34 Purple Locks

This look is a choice of a brave woman. It is bright and blatant. It involves gold strands moving downwards in a generous flow which ends with bright purple tips. You probably should not wear it for any formal event, but at a party, you will look like a goddess.

# 35 Summery Locks

Perfect blonde fading into lovely lavender and making the whole image look outstanding. Dark roots play the role of a beautiful background which keeps the attention on subtle coloring below.

# 36 Perfect Waves

Bright and long wavy locks are freely falling to the shoulders creating an excellent view of beautiful coloring. Dark brown balayage strands increase the beauty of this image.

# 37 Famous Trendsetter

Usually, the idea of a crazy hairstyle or a cut comes from the glossy magazines. Girls are looking and falling in love with the incredible images of famous people. Ombre is not an exception. In this style, Drew Barrymore wears a nicely done dark brown ombre with milk chocolate strands. You can try this style and be a celebrity at any party.

# 38 Lavender Softness

These colors will definitely make any girl look like a sweet angel. Mane due to its soft lavender hue and blonde highlights looks astonishing from every angle. It is a great hairdo for the medium length locks.

# 39 Adorable Turquoise

This is an excellent example of dip dyed hair ends. The technique actually speaks for itself – hairs have just been dipped into the bright turquoise color. It is the style for the girls who like changes because it washes out quite quickly allowing you to be onto another hair color.

# 40 White Ponytail

Waist length hair has been dyed in clean white color, and moving upward it is changing into dark caramel hue. The beautiful colors and long mane are a perfect combination for a trendy girl. Attentive eyes will notice a very soft transition from one shade to another. Blonde girls should definitely try this look on their beautiful long locks.

# 41 Luxuriant Crown

Ombre allows you to enhance the beauty of your updo, especially in this style. The hair on sides is plaited in two messy fishtail braids and one big braid on the back of the head. Strands on top in pair with smaller bindings are forming a vibrant and a little bit chaotic crown.

# 42 Natural Waves

In this style, colors are shining beautifully in the sun, showing all shades of brown and blonde and their skillful combination. The dye is melting in a various mix of copper, caramel, and fair strands.

# 43 Dimensional Color

If you have thin hair, do not get upset because with this dimensional color technique your locks will look thick and voluminous. Each strand is dyed separately and in a different shade that is why somewhere color starts changing at a higher point on the strand and this versatility creates a dimensional effect.

# 44 Glittering Gold

Gold locks are falling freely to the shoulders and have a medium length so you do not need to wait for years till your hair grows long. The colors have been picked very wisely, because in order to achieve this glittering effect you need to know the formula, so you should definitely find an excellent hairdresser with a good reputation.

# 45 Anime Princess

Nowadays anime style is very popular among young ladies, but you can speculate on that and instead of wearing the whole lustrous look choose only cool colors for your hair ends such as silver and purple. If you match it with eligible makeup you will be like a superstar.

# 46 Braids and Balayage Collab

First, lovely long hair is plaited in two French braids on the sides, after that they move downwards and intertwine in one thick and artistic braid. Roots are dark and play the role of a fancy background for a platinum color with cream balayage.

# 47 Cute Bob

Let’s face it, bob haircuts are great but in collaboration with bright ombre, it’s the best look for a trendy lady. In this style, blonde shoulder length bob has dip-dyed locks. The light purple hue mixes well with light top, but you can try any other color and you will not be disappointed.

# 48 Modern Bowl

This cut was very popular in the 90s, then later everyone forgot about it but now they have returned bringing new variations of a hairdo. You can make it trendier adding some soft ombre to the hairs underneath. In this look, the professional used light gold colors with a hint of red.

# 49 Dipped Bob

Drew is an icon in fashion and in the movie industry, and this image is perfect for a chic lady. Black tips look good on a thick crown of blonde hair. For this coloring, you can choose any haircut you like, starting from bob and ending with long wavy locks.

# 50 Metallic Streams

The perfect combination of nice colors is essential, and in this style, it has been mixed divinely. Hair streams have shiny metallic glitter and it demonstrates how finding a skilled master is important. Roots are dyed in a soft platinum color so the transition between two hues is sweet and gentle.

# 51 Platinum Obsession

It is very easy dyeing blonde hair in pastel and light shades and you should definitely try this look. The locks have been left long and wavy and beautiful platinum color evenly spreads along the strands, in the middle it smoothly changes and mixing with pink color. The idea and performance are made to the best advantage.

# 52 Bun for Shoulder Length Hair

Girls with shoulder length hair are convinced that they cannot fold their locks in a bun, but they are mistaken and this style is a proof to that. To pull this hairdo off, you need to use a couple of wefts pinned into the bun. The great coloring of dark brown on the roots and sunny blonde on the hair ends makes this look even cooler.

# 53 Straight Bangs

In this style, dyed locks look natural and sweet, a long and straight bang is falling to the forehead blocking the eye view. The ombre involves classic colors such as caramel and dark-brown. It is the favorite style among celebrities because it looks natural and sexy at the same time.

# 54 Sandy Waves

If you like the beach and sunny days and you miss them very much this is a great style that you call pull off. Blond-brown locks starting from the roots are melting along their length into sandy-brown and bright blonde shades. The girl wearing this style will look amazingly sweet.

# 55 Pretty Layers

Hair is styled in layers that are neatly separated from one another and have beautiful shades of brown and blonde. In this style, locks are uniformly trimmed and then nice waves were made with a flat iron.

# 56 Half Up Half Down

There are a lot of different options which will help you brighten up your image and saturated colors of your hair, and the best one of them is a diagonal half up half down braid. It is neatly made and looks very sophisticated.

# 57 Purple Dalliance

In this style, the stylist has decided to make a high ombre and he was right about it because this look is gorgeous. Long purple strands with pink highlights are plaited in wide luxuriant French braid which accentuates clean blonde roots and lengthy purple locks.

# 58 Rose Glaze

This style involves a modern inverted bob with rose glaze and pink highlights in the hair. The locks are made wavy and a little bit messy so the whole image shows the confidence and fashion. Bangs upfront are long and side swept flirtatiously falling to the forehead when the wind blows.

Multicolored Ombre

# 59 Vivid Hologram

If you are brave and bold enough and you love shocking those folks of yours then this style is for you. Awesome ombre hair has been dyed in fabulous and crazy colors such as saturated blue on the roots, sweet pink in the middle and teal-green with a hint of yellow on the neon hair tips. This hologram image is adorable and very futuristic.

# 60 Punky and Short

Dark saturated burgundy roots are transforming into pink and lovely strands. For this look, you need to find a skilled barber which will come up with an excellent combination of two colors. The style looks great with a short and punky haircut that is similar to a shortened bob.

# 61 Pink and Bold

The hair in this style looks gorgeous due to its thick and voluminous texture hence the style will be perfect for African American women who are blessed with such strands. Roots are kept in dark tones and medium long strands have a bright saturated pink color. Add some professional makeup and you are the best-looking gal out there.

# 62 Unicorn Shades

When you want to keep your dark brown hair but at the same want to be a mystical colorful creature like unicorn you can ask your hairdresser to dye each your strand in rainbow colors. Only imagine how this coloring will look on a ponytail or high bun.

# 63 Prismatic Pastels

This color on a beautiful blonde hair appears like a precious stone. Tints of blue, green, pink and white resemble a shine of a diamond. This style is for the real lady who likes her things shiny and splendid.

# 64 Blue and Burgundy

Usually, girls like to keep their natural hair color and only dye the tips in some bright and bold hue. But in this extreme hairstyle, roots are dyed in rich blue color and then it breezily transitions into maroon. Then the beautiful locks are curled with an iron curler and the lady with such cool look can go to any party and attract awe glances.

# 65 Undercut Imitation

How can the girl not shave the sides of her head and still get an undercut effect? It is very easy, all you need to do is to plait neat multicolored cornrows on the side and the hanging strands fold into a twirl. In this look, roots are black and the other hairs are dyed in the shades of purple and blue.

# 66 Super Hero Look

Dip dyed ombre looks fancy especially when professional is using bright colors. In this style, hair is cut uniformly and straight even fringe that is covering half of the forehead is cropped. Wearing this image you will look like a harsh and sexy superhero at the same time.

# 67 Twisted Locks

Hairs are been curled and aren’t brushed afterward so they are keeping the form of neatly twisted strands. The very tips of the hair (about 1 inch) have been dip dyed in bright pink color, the rest of the hair has shades of pink and blonde on it. Half sized fringe adds sweetness to this fun and lighthearted look.

# 68 Rainbow Braids

Hair coloring technique dictates its rules and one of them is natural hue on the roots and multicolored frenzy on the locks. What makes this style unique is the hairdo designed on the nape where one wide braid is moving from one side and meets in the middle with the smaller fishtail plait. They entwine and create an astonishing combination of rainbow colors and perfect braiding.

# 69 Sparkly Champagne

A combo of platinum, cedar, and caramel makes an excellent combination on the neatly cropped bob haircut. Darkened roots add a stylish feature to the image. It is a great work of a skilled colorist so you should spend some time looking for one, or you can ask your friend with well-dyed hair. Strands are side parted and fall in straight and beautiful locks.

# 70 Grape Crush

This artistic ombre is the result of some creative approach and skillful hands. Hairs on the roots are dyed in sweet blonde color, but if you have your natural hue like it, you can keep it untouched. After that, locks moving downwards are dyed in bright grape purple color. French braid is made across the head in a form of a gorgeous crown.

# 71 Metallic Hair Painting

This amazing dimensional color melting is taking dyeing technique to a new professional level. Cool watercolor hues were used on these lovely strands. Different shades of purple, blue, and green create an adorable palette on the green and wavy locks.

# 72 Green Stripe

This is the demonstration of another approach in a cool coloring. The stylist has chosen 2 bright green and blue colors. After that, he dyed all hairs in blue and made the green stripe that is moving across the hair flow. It is very unusual and creative design where strands look luxuriant and glossy.

# 73 Dip Dyed Bands

This inspirational look is perfect for stylish and bold women. But in order to achieve it, you need to find a great colorist because the technique is too complicated and you probably won’t be able to repeat it at home. Precisely chosen colors in pastel shades and stripes moving across the head are the main magnificent features of this hairstyle.

# 74 Rebellious Princes

This style is for sweet girls who like to add some revolutionary hints to their image. In this look, hairs are dyed in gentle pink hue, but what make it special and a little bit rebellious is rainbow colors on the hair ends. After all the dyeing you can make adorable curls on your multicolored locks and be a princess at any party.

# 75 Stony Silver

This is an example of a great color art and in order to do this kind of work the colorist should be a real professional. In this style, long hair is dyed in three cool colors – blue, turquoise and silver. You should be very careful with formula in order to achieve this stony effect on the hair ends.

# 76 Blue Lumens

Locks are beautifully layered in thick and luxurious waves. The hairs above are dyed in natural hues such as blonde or hay color, and the hair ends are made blue and green. It is a perfect look for young girls who do not need to go to the office or attend official meetings.

# 77 Child’s Painting

This bright and artistic style reminds a child’s art when he or she takes all the rainbow colors and wildly mixes them together. Only as opposed to child’s art this colors and their position are very strict and professionally made.

# 78 Hairdresser’s Magic

In this look, long hair is styled in sweet curls which start on top and moving downwards. Locks are dyed in pink color which smoothly transitions in bright pink hue. If you add some cool head piece or accessories to this image you will become a magical being in this world.

# 79 Long Designed Bowl

Black colors can look a little bit dull nowadays, but if you combine it with a great bowl cut and some bright ombre it will become a stylish do for a posh lady. In this image, colorist used some yellow and green hue to highlight black crown of hair.

# 80 Dyed Undercut

Undercut hairstyle is very popular these days due to its fresh and sexy appeal. In this style, one side is close-cropped leaving the hairs on the other side long. Then some cool coloring was added involving blue, pink, and white hues.

# 81 Matrix Hues

Cool asymmetrical bob has been designed in this style, after that, hairs have been dyed in matrix colors. It is definitely not a classic ombre as it usually is, but characteristic features of darkened roots and multicolored strands are here.

# 82 Manic Panic Coloring

Nowadays girls are trying to find new ways how to look unique and gorgeous and the easiest one is coloring your hair strands in trendy hues. Green one comes first and it covers the roots for about 3 inches, then it transitions in superb purple and blue shades.

# 83 Faded Design

This style is great inspiration for chic ladies who want to stand out in a crowd. Long bob with straight fringe is dyed in dark stony color which transitions downwards in pastel shades of green. Fringe has a distinctive demarcation line with the rest of the haircut and makes this cut look a little bit futuristic.

Ombre for Red Hair

# 84 Dream Locks

This adorable style involves two bright and saturated colors. The hair on top is dyed in rich burgundy and when moving downwards it is changing into caramel blonde. It is a perfect option for the confident lady and who knows how to attract men’s attention.

# 85 Bright Soul

Everyone likes cheerful and happy people, and you can prove that you are one of them by dyeing your natural hairs into the vivid red. The roots are kept more natural and have dark brown with red shades on it. You should know that this coloring must be refreshed every once in a while due to its quick fading.

# 86 Natural Flames

These beautiful locks are nicely layered and resemble never-ending flames. For this style, you should find a great colorist who will be able to achieve this flowing play of red and orange shades.

# 87 Maroon Curls

Everything about this hairstyle is great, starting from wavy locks and ending with highlighted bangs that are falling on the forehead. These colors will especially look good on African American women’s hair due to its coarseness and sweet black natural hue.

# 88 Sea Sunset

This is precisely the view of the sun when it is setting down behind the sea horizon. Luxuriant waves sparkle with orange beauty and darkened roots drive all the attention to the hair flow.

# 89 Sombre for Nice Nelly

If you are too modest but you still want to look stylish, this is a perfect option for you. In this look, soft ombre on the roots has sweet red hues, and hair ends are dyed in natural light-brown color. Then the locks are curled and the lovely image of a shy girl is ready.

# 90 Falling Leaves

This hairstyle reminds of late autumn when brown and orange leaves are falling from the trees and creating a colorful bed on the ground. It is the same deal with this look; hairs are flowing richly downwards and forming a brownish and orange curtain.

# 91 Thin Hair Solution

Sometimes a girl has no thick mop on her head and it upsets her, but it should not be this way because there is always a hairstyle that will only highlight all the merits of the look. In this image, straight and uniform fringe is covering the forehead; black roots are following by bright red hue.

# 92 Rocking Red Ombre

The luxuriant shock of hair is falling at the back and finishes only by the waist. It is very long and rich and the colors of it are incredible. The whole mop of hair resembles a body of flames.

# 93 Purple Tips

Bright ombre is not very appropriate for office jobs or some formal events, but this style is perfectly suitable for business ladies who have a very busy day and attend a lot of formal events. Hair is dyed in very dark, almost black, hue and only hair ends have a rich purple color which resembles a beauty of rose petals.

# 94 Parted Length

It seems like hair in this style is visibly parted into two sections: the first one is lower and dyed in bright red hue, the second one is higher and it is pitch black. This coloring is very easy to achieve, if you have a careful friend whom you trust, and she will be able to give you this reddish ombre.

# 95 Brown Red Sombre

Extra soft ombre, or how the professionals call it – sombre, was made on a cool short bob. There are 3 layers of hair color - the natural black one, brown, and red. The red is on the bottom layer so it is slightly hidden. It is quirky but not too bold - the perfect style for modest girls.

# 96 Hairy Bun

This look was created with the 1-inch rotating styling iron. It is easy to notice nice artistic coloring which combines platinum, caramel, and burgundy hues. All hair is picked in a high ponytail, after what locks are backcombed in order to create the hairy effect and then a messy bun is created.

# 97 Delicious Melting

In this style, wild orchid color is melting into rose gold and creating a nice transition between them. After that, hair styled in gentle waves. This is a bright image for a lovely lady.

# 98 Halloween Hair

These strands have such beautiful and real colors that it seems like it is on fire. The style involves three layers that are dyed in different hues. The first one is the darkest and partially covered by the other ones, the second one has a color of a fire, the last one is the lightest and it has been made blonde.

# 99 Balayage Ombre Combo

The mane is long in this hairstyle and has a side sweep creating the long bangs on one side which are covering one eye. Hair is dyed in bright and dark burgundy hues, some balayage was added to the style in order to make it even trendier.

# 100 Hot Style

This is another variation of ombre for the red-head girls who is lucky enough for having this cool natural hue but who can also enhance its beauty by adding some coloring transitions. Wavy locks are light and very sunny so this image suits sweet girls well.

# 101 Fall Hair

Rich, saturated and colorful are the words that can describe this beautiful season that we call fall and also this amazing hairstyle. In a way, it is somber because the transition is barely visible so we can only applaud the master for such an excellent job.

# 102 Blazing Melt

The girl with such coloring will get attention from afar because it is very blazing and noticeable. Although, it will require your regular visits to the colorist in order to keep this brightness fresh and alluring. Red hairs on top are moving from the roots and melting all the way, and, in the end, they are showing a flaming shade of orange.

# 103 Shining Beauty

For this style, you should have a healthy and thick hair because with such hues each strand from every angle becomes visible and it supposed to look great. Nice waves are made of this long mane enhancing the magnificent and skillful style.

# 104 Spiced Up Look

If you want to spice up your style then this is the perfect time for you, the only thing you have to do is to find a great hairdresser and explain to him that you want to brighten up your red hair with a fiery ombre.

# 105 Bloody Streams

These colors are a little bit extreme because under the particular light they look like bloody streams. So if you are a bold woman and you like to shock people then this style is for you.

# 106 Reddish Roots

Usually, hair ends are made more saturated in order to drag attention to themselves but in this design roots are dyed in bright red colors, and some strands were kept in blonde, so this style also involves white highlights. It looks unusual and boldly.

# 107 Messy Bob

Gorgeous red hairs which are smoothly changing into gold tones were uniformly trimmed, after that the locks were curled with an iron curler so the light strands look beautiful and sweet. This image is perfect for the girls with short hair and who still want to have a trendy ombre.

# 108 Copper Fishtail

This style is pure perfection because not only colors were picked wise but also the haircut is very artistic and chic. The hair on top is short and layered in messy voluminous bangs and the strands on the side and the back of the head are left long. The top crown was dyed in fiery-red hue, long locks are copper and plaited in an untidy fishtail.

# 109 Black Shadowy Roots

The roots are dyed in very dark shades and it perfectly resembles the whole meaning of ombre. The rest of the mane is dyed in orange shades and the color melting looks fantastic.

# 110 Strawberry with Highlights

If you have natural red hair color then you can be creative and ask your stylist to dye your strands in strawberry color and pastel shades of purple. They mix well together and the red tone will play the role of a beautiful background.

Ombre hair color technique is very popular, and you should try out one of the 110 significant variations on your locks. You can have short or long hair; it can be dyed in any color and you as a chic lady should pick one or two options given above.

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