55 Fantastic Styles For Red Hair With Blonde Highlights — Must-Have!

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# 2 Sunset Scarlet with a Binding Impression

The first thing you will be attracted to is her hair thanks to her choice color. It is glowing hot and you will get a few questions about where you got it done. The front is bound on the scalp with a banding impression and it adds to the creativity.

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# 2 Sunset Scarlet with a Binding Impression

The first thing you will be attracted to is her hair thanks to her choice color. It is glowing hot and you will get a few questions about where you got it done. The front is bound on the scalp with a banding impression and it adds to the creativity.

# 3 Medium Side Fall Ombre

The side fall creation is common with ladies but you will rarely see them with the fiery embers hue. You now have a chance to add that glowing confidence to your hair by giving it the reddish tint of beauty just like it has been done here. 

# 4 Radiant Angelic Curls

You will be a neck turner wherever you go if you have these curls on you. They fall tall over your back and the refined curls twists will be a stunner. The choice of color is another feature that will be an exceptional choice and you can walk boldly knowing you are exceedingly hot.

# 5 Scarlet Brown Fountain

Her natural hair color is light brown but the choice to give it a red effect from the roots works some magic in it. You can see the oozing beauty in every strand. It is a go-all event style and you will never need a change if your schedule is tightly crowded.

# 6 Pretty Feather Balayage

The smoothness of her hair can be related to a peacock feather. It is finely done and drawn to the sides for a clear view. The varying spray of redness gives it an outstanding appeal and it will be a must-get hairdo for many ladies.

# 7 Deep Gold Auburn Balayage

If you never knew that gold can get a reddened touch then this is how it looks like when it is done on your hair. It is a fresh looking hue that will portray your blush as healthy and well maintained. The fading towards the lower curls is the actual color of her hair and the way it blends with the highlights is uttermost creativity.

# 8 Deep Red Highlighted Perfection

If you are not out for the warm colors, there is a way to bring the red theme to your hair. Have it deeply touch with dark chocolate brown making it lighter towards the tips. It will be an easy style but one that will be an attention grabber wherever you go. 

# 9 Red-Light Brown Fusion

If your hair is naturally red then you can find a better way to spicy it to a warm effect. A light brown hue in alternating positioning is your perfect ticket to a warm blush. The 2 fit into each other like a jigsaw and you are left a proud lady.

# 10 Vanilla Red Hoodie

You know that vanilla is a tasty flavor in food but you did not know that its shades in your hair will be a perfect pick for your big day. Here you have it as the dominating shade on your head with dark brown roots and vanilla highlights. It is expertly styled and falls over you like a wild canopy. 

# 11 Wild Horse Tail

If you have had a close look at the dark brown horses then you can tell how admirable their tails are. Here that inspiration can be borrowed for your hair to give a glowing effect. You can have it curled but the choice of color has every angle covered.

# 12 West Horizon Beauty

Whenever the sun sets over the western horizon, everyone admires the brilliance and shining that comes with it. This is what has inspired her hair and she is a definite hot lady who will cause a stir among men. The glowing hue says it all in simplicity.

# 13 Blooming Brown Bird

The newness of her hair color is eye shattering. The smoothness of her every strand makes it more striking and every lady would want to go to her hair stylist for an adjustment to such a style. 

# 14 Super Golden Glow

The golden color with an edge towards redness is a perfect fit for any lady's hair. It is seemingly like a burning fire. It is the kind of hairstyle that will raise your stakes as a queen of beauty. 

# 15 Burgundy Blonde Ocean Waves

When the ocean gets furious, the turbulence of is waves is exactly what you are seeing. It is touched with a reddish hue and that makes it even more admirable. 

# 16 Red Blonde Beauty

She is truly gorgeous and her bold choice of hair color makes her a perfect queen. It is like hell fire while the icy color at the front quells her hotness. It is simply the best of the red inspiration.

# 17 Strawberry Blossom

It is just like a flower on its first blossom. The hue is exceptional and the bold lady will not think twice about having it. This is one of the wonders that the red shade can bring to your hair.

# 18 Deep Ginger Perfection

Ever heard of the phrase “fake it till you get it right”? Your brown hair can be given a red taste by going deep with its hue. The final results will be a scene to behold. 

# 19 Fine Brown with Gray Shadows

Brown is versatile and you can adjust it to any shade you feel like. You can have it border on the red hue and contrast with dark roots and tiny highlights. It is a simple mix that will give a perfect sense of style. 

# 20 Red Thick Embers

Red hair with blonde highlights gives you the promise to make your hair colorful. Here it is like your head is on dimming wood fire. It is smoothly brushed and that goes well with the warm hue. Just in case you wanted a style to go out and show how you are sensitive to your hairdo then here you have a way to cover that.

# 21 Red Thirst with Blonde Ombre

Going deep with your red shades can bear excellent fruits just like you can see it all here. It is blood red on the top with the only change of hue at the tips. The tips are touched with a strawberry blonde shade. The low curls are superbly done and you will be a scene to watch from the back. 

# 22 Dancing Waves with Deep Red Roots

The hair is divided into 2 regions: the upper red and the low dark blonde. The red is so deep and explicitly shows how healthy your hair is. It is then succeeded smoothly by a brown hue that runs to the tips. It is an expertly done blend and you are the beauty of your town that every lady wants to emulate. 

# 23 Scarlet Definition

For those who would not want a shouting red illumination then going for the scarlet hue is one of the best ways to get your wish. Here you have something mild and you will be as impressive as it gets with the warm red variations. The low ends are differentiated with a highlight touch and they blend well with the rest of the bloom.

# 24 Brown Chocolate Dalliance

There is nothing that goes wrong with the chocolate color. Here it is touched with a light brown tint to give a pronounced effect that you will love every day. Here it is easily done and given a red edge but not in a big way. The curls at the back and the trims with warm highlights give an excellent finish and you are ready to rock your day knowing that you are beautiful. 

 # 25

She is the darling of the red highlights and no one will beat her in the beauty turf. The front arcs are styled like ram horns but they fall downwards leaving a radiant red trail. The upper section is knotted and the red trail is also ensured. This is a mono-hue style that will be the talk of your town. 

# 26 Slippery Dark Red with White Shreds

It is not an easy ordeal to have a combination of 2 warm colors but here that is made possible with a dark red and throws of white. It is a well-done job and gives the lady the confidence she will need everywhere she goes. The dark red effect is the actual catch of your hair and the white only serves to break the monotony in a pleasant manner. 

# 27 Highlighted Ginger Illumination with a Braid

Your long hair is already an attribute worthy the praise but choosing a perfect match color for it is a plus. It is ginger all the way with subtle highlights, and you will not be bored to admire yourself at the mirror for hours. There is a try to have a braided tail but it only takes care of a minimal portion. 

# 28  Soft Red Blonde Highlights

You must have seen this kind of hairstyle on ladies taking on the red-carpet. One thing that makes it such a high stake choice is because of its brown color that borders close to red. Its fine texture gives it all the brilliance that you would be proud of in your hair. 

# 29 Red Blonde Combo

You can see that the reddish effect is the first impression you notice in this hairstyle. She has the sides faded and the top swept to one side. There are some efforts to make it darker at some sections but the overall red theme takes dominance in a good way. It is for the wild lady and the next party you will the center of attraction. 

# 30 Sleek Chopped Locks

It is sleek and seems like it will slide on your hands. That is the effect of the appropriate hue for you hair. It makes the hair ever moist and easy to maintain and 1 minute is all you need to get ready for an outing. The hair is bundled into what looks like chops. The top is richly dark and that creates a noticeable contrast with highlighted ends.

# 31 Ginger Blonde Braids

You can have broth tastes of the free mop and the braid if that is all your desire. They key feature is having your shades in the right composition. Just like the typical side falls, your hair follows the simple guidelines but a small braid for a flavored taste. 

# 32 Banged Red Copper

The bang effect has a way with many styles but here it is not the only genius idea as the copper-red taste steals the show. It is blended well with a touch of fading blonde and the final product is all brilliant to the last strand. 

# 33 Thick Reddish Bob

You do not have to struggle to bring the shine on your hair. A simple thick bob would be your ticket to having a great and trendy hair that will be the envy of your lady friends. Give it a trim at the low ends and you are ready for whichever event is in your schedule.

# 34 Burning Sensation Bowl

The legendary bowl style can be a perfect match with a reddened theme and sift highlights. Here it is all treated to a shiny finish and it will be a reflective mirror in the sunshine. It is elegant in every way and an easy choice for the lady who wants class. 

# 35 Flames and Highlights

The color of your hair can be effective in making your lady statement. Here it is bright for love and you will be a scenic display wherever you go. 

# 36 Alternating Hue Illusion

Each bundle is distinct from the next. The dark red is alternated with bright blonde. It creates a duo-rainbow show and you will love what you see.

# 37 Layered Side Fountains

The bigger section is deeply rich in a red chocolate tone. It is then at the front toned down to light blonde. Such is a flawless mix that tells a story of someone who knows to make her hair do the talking. 

# 38 Strawberry Cloud

It is not strongly defined in terms of its color but you can tell that it is a choice for someone who knows to make good use of natural hues. It is simply done and the overrunning strawberry tint keeps it looking fresh and healthy. 

# 39 Daring Brownie Feather

The hair is light as a feather but that is not the most prominent feature. The cool brown color closer to the red hair with blonde highlights is what will amaze you. It falls over the back with grace and the lady is in perfect appearance. The intention to make layers gives it a more alluring look and you will not hesitate to make the choice. 

# 40 Glaring Sun Beauty

The mid-day sun during summer is blinding but very appealing to the eye. This style borrows that shiny and glaring expression and puts it on hair. It is calm but sits on the potential to be the best highlighted redhead. It is a free long style that many ladies will have itchy fingers wanting it on them. 

# 41 Crossing Dimensional Rows

They are not plaited rows but just a side fall with bundled strands. It is touched with some red shade and blonde highlights that fits in well with the lady’s brown hair. It gives your hair the shining feature that will keep staring on your head. It may be a simple hairdo but hot enough to take fashion to a higher new level.

# 42 Dark-Rooted Ombre Balayage

The rolls on the back are glamorous but wait till you see the full extent of the color. It is deep brown at the roots signifying a very healthy scalp. There are speckles of light blonde among rich red hues and it gives your hair a brilliant aura. Such is the taste of a queen hair that will not need every minute attention. 

# 43 Hot Red Flame Beauty

Going for a bold and colorful brown for your hair will never disappoint. It keeps looking fresh and in its natural state. It is easy to add a touch of brightness with highlights for you only have to increase its intensity and you have burning flames on your head. It is attractive to the last strand and every-lady choice.

# 44 Bright Red Bloom

It is easy to go for a dull effect on your hair but not when you can give it a lively touch just like this lady has done. Her hair is naturally shiny but she goes ahead to twist it towards a red theme. It acquires the striking beauty that will be irresistible for those who know when they see an impressive hairstyle. 

# 45 Beautiful Partial Ombre

If you are not for the bright hair theme then you can have something that will cater for your needs. A mild blonde touch will not be way too bold to have it on your ginger hair. When that is done you go ahead and add some white touches on the tips. It is a well-thought mixture and will be adequate to revitalize your new hairstyle. 

# 46 Highlighted Honey

Brown honey is not only sweet but also impressive in appearance. It is the shade chosen in this hair and it is exceedingly attractive. Each bundle of strands looks fresh and healthy and those are 2 crucial features in any lady’s hair. You can tell that it is a befitting choice with the face of contention. The bangs and highlights make it even a better impression. 

# 47 Eye-Catching Auburn Blonde Ombre

A first look at her hair will be enough to tell how beautiful she is. It is such a perfect choice for the color that not only matches with her skin but her entire complexion. The sun-redness gives it a shiny appeal and it will not be a hard decision to go for.

# 48 Banged Ultra Ginger

Ginger is the choice of all the ladies who know how to get out in style. This is a brighter pick that complements your hair in all ways possible. It is smooth in texture and eye-alluring in tone and you can tell why the elite ladies cannot keep their hands away from such a choice.

# 49 Stunning Deep Burgundy Shade

The burgundy tone is the easiest way to bring the shine on your hair. It easily blends with your natural hair color giving it a bright aura. You do not have to give all of your hair the red hue but you can leave some of the strands in their natural element together with honey highlights. 

# 50 Blooming Rosy Aura

At their tender age, roses are timidly beautiful with their rich natural color. Here is how to achieve such a look with a rosy touch on your medium hair. Just giving a light tone and styling to cling over your head is a perfect combination. 

# 51 Canopy Impression with Red Theme

Having your hair run around your head is a good choice to be unique. But it is even glorious if you choose a red theme that will give it the shining appeal. It is distinctively beautiful and you will be in trouble as other ladies want such a style on them.

# 52 All-Free Brown Inspiration

A brown towards red gold hue is a choice that many ladies of substance will have on their heads. It is blinding colorful and you will not have the trouble to keep it in line with your natural hair color. The shiny and attractive lustre is one thing you will want in your new hair revolution. 

# 53 Self-Love Radiant Coiffure

Giving your hair a personalized treat is a rewarding deed. It will be as glowing as you see here and you will be a beauty on-the-go anytime you will want to look impressive. The red theme with blonde peek a boos is what gives this style an exotic look. 

# 54 Wild Braided Backrun

It is scarlet in every strand and you cannot blame her for wanting such a bold hue. She is a perfect fit to take any beauty stage and floor any competitor. The wild flower band in the same color as the hair finishes it off with class. 

# 55 Brave Curls

Your long hair deserves the glory and shining to give it the ever impressive appearance. Here they are curls from the root to the tip and they are touched with the 'bleeding’ tangerine highlight. It gets as bright as you can take and you are assured of your looks.

There is everything you would wish for in blonde highlights. Rise and shine with your hair and tell your beautiful story. A lady’s style says so much about her. Make that happen today and be the envy of every other lady. Keep your watch on this website as it brings the entire trending and hot hairstyle topics.

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