50 Popular Trends for Rose Gold Hair Styling — Choose Your Color

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# 2 Short Sweet Crimson

This next set of hair locks is short and sweet. This incredibly gorgeous colour rests naturally on her shoulders and falls naturally on her face. This is a look that is simple, yet astounding, drawing attention to the feminine allure of the colour itself.

This simple hairdo is done up with the crimson colours along her neckline. The shade is refreshing, fresh, brilliant, and trendy. The look is simple, yet magnificent at the same time. With just the right hues of makeup to go with this look, it is sure to be the eye-catching look of the season.

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# 2 Short Sweet Crimson

This next set of hair locks is short and sweet. This incredibly gorgeous colour rests naturally on her shoulders and falls naturally on her face. This is a look that is simple, yet astounding, drawing attention to the feminine allure of the colour itself. This simple hairdo is done up with the crimson colours along her neckline. The shade is refreshing, fresh, brilliant, and trendy. The look is simple, yet magnificent at the same time. With just the right hues of makeup to go with this look, it is sure to be the eye-catching look of the season.

# 3 Shimmer Gold Hue

This hairstyle is in a solid golden hued colour with a nice pinkish shade from tip to end. The golden shimmer is apparent in the light and it brings out the sparkle of her smile. This is a cut that sweeps just past the shoulder length with gentle curls and waves, creating a playful look for the spring and summer season. In anticipating the increasing amount of daylight, this shimmer will be perfect for going out to parties and events. This look also highlights the eyes if you put it with golden sparkle makeup.

# 4 French Balayage Gloss

This balayage effect has a sheer sheen to it which is spectacular when the sun hits its smooth glossy surface. The visual effect is absolutely stunning. Balayage is the number one more requested hair coloring technique in beauty, spa, and hair salons today. This is a popular French hair colouring technique that was in style in the 1970s. It has certainly lasted through the test of time and the colour is applied in painted strokes of the hand versus by foils. The effect is best done for hair that is just past shoulder length or longer.

# 5 Swedish Rose

This Swedish girl has done her rose pink gold hair just right for a more dramatic, yet feminine effect. She's young, she has attitude, flair, but yet she has pizzazz. The hairstyle has a light bouncy fling to it that is both playful and stylish at the same time. The pink shows just enough attitude but does not overpower. This hairstyle makes anyone look younger and more energetic if that is the effect they are looking for.

# 6 Ombre Oriental

This ombre look on an oriental female is drop dead gorgeous. The brown hair at the top is faded into a light brown, then a blonde brown, which turns blonde, then pink blonde, pinkish gold, and fades into a light pink at the ends. This look is unbelievably artistic and works so well with her facial features and skin tone. The concept is daring, however, it looks surprisingly so lovely. This skin tone and colouring are the perfect match.

# 7 Alluring Rich Rose

This is a deeper more rich rose brown colour, with ombre styling. This starts in a deep rich brown, with magnificent volume in the hair, and blends nicely into a rich rose pink all the way to the tips. This is not a drop less than gorgeous. Catherine Zeta Jones would love this one with that full set of locks and deep alluring look featured in some of her movies.

#8 Curly Gold

A little less daring is this gold girly curl style at shoulder length. This still looks very natural, as if there had been no hairstyle dye job, yet it gives a beautiful glow to it which of course is that great rose tinge colour. This gives a fresh, blazing cute look. Curls give it a bit more flare and a bit more bounce. It allows for a more playful and flirty look.

# 9 Glowing Gold Ends

It's nice to see a rose smile with a great golden hair colour job. Long tints of red and pink are faded into the ombre with the ends glowing in gold. There is nothing else that could bring out her smile better than those locks! If you have long hair, this may be a great option for you. This hairstyle really brings out the length of the hair around the face, shoulders, and back. It's hard not to notice that pretty head of hair with coloured locks like that.

# 10 Rich Brown Balayage

This stylist does it right. The hairstyle keeps a deep and natural rich brown at the top, but paints on a beautiful artistic balayage all along to the tips, styling the hair in beautiful loose curls to fall along the shoulders. This is designed to perfection! The French style of balayage is done just right with sexy darker undertones. There are many celebrities right now sporting this look, and this look will be sure to get more attention by the opposite sex, and by celebrities in the spring and summer season!

# 11 Rose Pink Punk

This rose pink brown has more of a punk Avril Lavigne effect. It is nicely cut in a close to shoulder length bob cut, with clean lines. The pink hues bring out the rose hue undertones. The pizzazz of this cut makes it feel like the person wearing this hairstyle has a bit more to their personality than you would think. It gives a mysterious look that makes you want to find out more.

# 12 Fantasy Dark Ombre

If you love fantasy hair colors, this shoulder length dark rose ombre is perfect for you! It blends girlish fun flare with deeper rose tones. The shoulder length gives it a bounce. I love the fantastical look of this hairstyle. It is right out of a medieval movie or princess Disney storyline.

# 13 Doll Girl

This is a total barbie doll look and you can even see it on her face with her sly and knowing smile! This is a toss up between the Avril look and barbie with the blondish pink gold curls. It is fun and glamorous at the same time. This look would definitely work for any girl wanting to be flirty and playful, yet glamorous and elegant. The princess dollhouse look is how I would describe this hairstyle.

# 14 Lovely Layers

This layered shoulder length look takes a rustier approach to pink gold, making it more golden, and a darker pink. It falls with layers just around the shoulder line. Most layered looks frame around the face and shoulders just like this one, however, this one gives a little bit more of a punch with its rusty pink gold undertones.

# 15 Red Berry

This look is just past shoulder length and it sports a red berry colour base with golden highlights. It also has a brown undertone straight from the roots. The flip style by the shoulders makes it light and bouncy. The red berry colour brings out the gold highlights by creating a contrast. This look glows in the sunlight like a pinkish auburn tinge. It makes you smile due to its feminine charm.

# 16 Half Dark Half Rose

This incredible look combines natural dark brown locks with daring auburn gold ends. The crazy thing about this look is that although the look combines two different hair colours on the same strands of hair around the head, it actually works. If someone was to ask me if I would want my hair blended in two different distinct colours, dark brown and red, half and half, I probably would never say yes, but when you see this photo, it actually convinces me to say yes! It looks great!

# 17 Blonde Pink Hues

This is definitely the look of a rock star. It combines dark undertones with light blonde/gold locks and blends just a touch of pink colour in between the curls. You can barely tell there is a touch of pink until you toss your hair and can see the blended light touches. It's mysterious, playful, and boisterous. If you want the look of a rock star, this one is for you!

# 18 Big Gold Pink

This hairstyle is unlike any other because it actually gives a crop of short very curly hair with golden pinky highlights. This gives a very dynamic look that highlights the bob look with bounce. If you have a beautiful jaw and neckline, this is a great style to bring those features out. The beauty industry has many ideas for bringing out your best angles and this hairstyle is one of them!

# 19 Crawford Gold

This look reminds us of Cindy Crawford's gorgeous brown gold look. This is a tried tested and true look that has always aimed to please. It almost never goes unappreciated in the world of fashion and hair. It also flows nicely, with a straightened feminine touch. It has a bit of French balayage effect with a touch of barely there pink.

# 20 Light Lady

This look is extravagant because it brings out the best of the blonde colour without neglecting that gorgeous rose colour that is perfect for a spring seasonal blend. This hairstyle has a bright fresh approach and look that is sure to please and bring smiles to your face when you look in the mirror. It also has a cute air to it which is irresistible.

# 21 Redhead Glare

If you've always wanted to be a redhead but have soft golden blonde hair, now you have the perfect solution through this hairstyle called the Redhead Glare. The best thing about this style is that you get to keep your natural blonde colouring and you get to simply layer golden rose throughout the hair in a balayage effect. This style reminds me of Ashley Simpson and her funky approach to life.

# 22 Slight Pink

Whether you have dark, light, or blonde hair, you can always add a slight touch of pink to the ends of your locks as in this hairstyle. It adds some fun to your day without being too overwhelming. It also allows you to keep your natural hair colouring from root to tip except for a few strands that go wild with pink. The curls on the ends add that extra touch that allows others to see the pink locks. They also allow the pink to pop a bit as a part of the style.

# 23 Babe-licious Pink

If you have really long locks and want to do something a little bit different with them, this is the look for you. The curls on this hairstyle are magnificent! They start just above shoulder length and curl all the way down to the tips. The full head of hair has added volume using these curls, and these curls truly stand out because of the touches of pink all along the way down to the lengthy roots.

# 24 Pink Blonde Dangle

This slight ombre style starts off dark at the top and fades into pink and blonde at the tips. The hairstyle is thick, full, has volume, and it stops just before shoulder length, leaving dangling curls in the air. This gives a great bounce to the hairstyle and a toss gives a sense of liveliness.

# 25 Auburn Gold

I have never seen another dark auburn red gold look this dramatic and gorgeous. This long set of locks reaches all the way down her back and is absolutely stunning to look at. The look stays similar in colour all the way down her back but glows in gold wherever the light hits. This is a surefire success for going out and looking great!

# 26 Brown Gold Bob

This is a layered brown gold bob cut with slight hues of pink. This is great for a simple feminine look, especially if you want to bring out your natural facial features, jawline, and necklines. The ends are wispy, light, and feathery. They softly frame the face in hues of pink brown, and blonde.

# 27 Long Looks

This is a long straightened hair look that has both sheen and clean lines. It also features the blonde look while having a very subtle hue of pink and slight ombre shades at the roots. If you love long straight hair, this one is a great choice for you. I love the way this style hides the face slightly and the hair can be brushed forward or back for a sexy and alluring look.

# 28 Barbie Braids

This is definitely the look that Barbie would love best. It combines a beautiful braid which shows off the 3 tones of colours in this golden pink tinged look. I love this look because of how the three tones fall from the roots to the tips in a sweeping balayage. It is absolutely wonderful to behold and easy on the eyes. The curls add a delicate touch.

# 29 Crazy Curls

This look has crazier curls that are a bit bigger than usual. This look is good for when you are going for modern, chic, light hair. The large curls create depth, and everyone is going gaga for this look. The curls fall in big waves just around the shoulders which give a glamorous feel to the hairstyle. The colour in three shades of interwoven strands is perfect to go with the glamorous look.

# 30 Pink Punk

If you are going for a bit of a crazier punk rock look, that still can pull off classic, this look is for you. The colour is a vibrant blonde yellow. The pink highlights give it a bit of edge. Pink does it right, no doubt. This is high fashion punk rock spring flare at its best.

# 31 Mermaid Rouge

This is a perfect hairstyle for those who love the redhead allure. So many men love this look, and it most certainly pops with the girls! Any woman wearing this hairstyle and set of locks would definitely be able to move around with confidence because it looks so spectacular. This darker pink gold rouge colouring is eye catching. The locks fall in natural looking waves around the small of the back in this very long hair look.

# 32 Rusty Rose

This rusty rose gold look is so sweet and elegant. The rose tinges are soft and give a beautiful sway through the coloured curls and waves near the ends. The hair colour is soft and elegant, the colours twist around each other highlighting each of the tinges nicely. The hairstyle is long, but not to the small of the back. It is relaxed and comfortable.

# 33 Auburn Rose Gold

  This hairstyle is for very long hair to the small of the back. The Auburn Rose Gold look is perfect for the red head who wants something a little bit darker and a deeper red pink. The hair is cut in a V-shaped back, and balayage strokes create a vibrant deep red rose look. The hair is straightened and then trimmed and layered to fall softly in the small of the back.

# 34 Ombre Contrast

This is an unforgiving ombre that puts its nose up against anything subtle. The roots are a deep red, that fade into a natural brown and then move into a complete contrast of yellow gold. There's a punk feeling to this look and if you choose this look you've got to wear it with utter confidence! It is sure to turn heads.

# 35 Happy Golden Pink

If you're sporting a shorter bob haircut, you might really like this style that is light, fluffy, and happy. It is truly a great hairstyle for a bob cut. There are curls that make it very interesting and playful. The pink is splattered throughout like a great piece of hair art. The cut is moved higher at the back for a bit of shape around the neckline. Wear this with confidence and flaunt the style!

# 36 Redhead Highlights

This bob cut is less curly but has just as much flare. It's a more voluptuous look with the edges layered into the neck and chin area. The bangs are absolutely perfect, falling nicely around the forehead and face. The bangs are the most highlighted area of the hairstyle, which brings attention to the face in the way the bangs fall around the face and are tossed back.

# 37 Ruffled Rose

This short ruffled bob haircut is so pretty. Brown ombre roots and undertones are overlaid by mostly blonde hair and slight pink hues. The look is layered and tousled around the shoulders and it is cut just above shoulder length. This gives a sexy messy look that is so attractive. Just a toss of the head would draw some attention for how cute this hairstyle looks. A sweet smile would go well with this sexy cute blonde rose look!

# 38 Barbie Pink

Only Rachel McAdams could look so cute in this look, yet she might just be setting a trend for those who dream of a similar Rachel McAdams look. Her fans absolutely loved this look and she somehow gets away with being able to look stunning in it. This contrast of bright pink and light blonde is a look that many would be surprised looks so great on someone. If you're daring enough to try it, you should go for it! You might even end up looking as awesome as she does in this photo.

# 39 Pink Ombre

This ombre style for long locks is amazing. The hairstyle is actually very simple, with evenly cut clean ends, straightened hair, and a glossy finish. The plain long hair looks great when it's dazzled up with ombre brown to gold to pink ends. This is the perfect look for a bit of subtle mystery. Everything else looks normal, but then there're pink ends to boot!

# 40 Leah Locks

This hairstyle is fun and would go well with any Star Wars fans. This is called the Leah Locks because of the twisted braids around the top of the head. The bangs are elegantly and slightly curled and the braids show just some tinges of orange gold. The rest of the hair is a red-brown copper tinge.

# 41 Barely Blonde

You can barely tell, but there actually are a few blonde streaks in this ombre red-brown look. The roots are kept a dark brown. The mid areas and ends are a mix of blonde and red splotches. Very artistic! This hairstyle is wavy and tousled. It is both professional and sexy at the same time.

# 42 Punk Pink Ombre

Wow is all I can say about this look. This look truly pops. It is a real trend setting look that could define the hairstyle looks for 2016. I love the way the bright pink creates a stark contrast on the blonde and how it fades out quite quickly from the roots to the blonde contrast. I like how slight tinges of pink lay lightly on the blonde all around this short cute bob cut.This is totally rock star stunning.

# 43 Blonde Gold Layers

This curly lock look that goes just below the shoulders has layers of waves as if you were surfing on blonde gold waves made by sunshine. The waves move to just about under the shoulders looking so pretty. It is a girly flirty look that will look great with the toss of the head in the sunshine. The tinge of rose is just barely there.

# 44 Rose Gold Highlights

More rose than gold, these highlights are found from root to tip on this naturally looking gold-brown head of hair. The highlights are spread evenly via foils and fall lightly on top of the rusty gold undertones. It looks natural and sweet both at the same time.

# 45 Soft Pink Giggles

This very playful look twists rose curls onto blonde curly tips. The top of the head is a dark brown with purple that turns into playful curls throughout. This is a great hairstyle for the spring, especially if you've got locks that last the length of the small of your back.

# 46 Pink Gold Curls

This bob shoulder-length cut is full of large pink gold curls. This is sophisticated, full of volume, and feminine. The underlay is deep brown, the rest is a beautiful shimmer of pink gold. The look is playful, irresistible, and full of liveliness.

# 47 Soft Pink Blonde

This just past the shoulder length hairstyle is a mostly blonde look with soft pink hues. It has a tousled effect, which is messy and sexy at the same time. The laid back feel of this actually brings a sense of vitality to the look. In the sun, the shades of the curls glisten giving a sense of confidence and beauty.

# 48 Marilyn Ombre Rose

Think Marilyn Monroe with Ombre Rose hair. The look is glamorously Marilyn, and famously sexy. It starts with a bob cut, then big massive curls that frame a delicate face. If you've got a pouty girl look that's even better. The look is a classic beauty look that will never ever fade. The rose touch is nothing short of romantic.

# 49 Luscious Bounce

This is a long haired luscious curly bounce look that features the gold rose honey kissed blends of colour. The pink stands alone near the tips showing off a very feminine light pink rose colour matching the exact shade of pink summer roses. The hair is curled to have a party girl bounce to it. The roots are slightly ombred brown.

# 50 Soft Pink Fade

Katy Perry wears this look well as it starts with pink ombre into a really light blonde bob cut that is layered to perfection at the ends. It shows off her chin and neckline and gives a fun youthful girlish look that is definitely going to be a hit! Rose gold is all the craze this season and after seeing these styles it is easy to see why!

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