25 Amazingly Beautiful Shades of Red Hair Color – Find Matching You

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Red is not just a color, but it is an attitude! Shades of red hair color are bright and most impressive. Redheads simply enjoy life, and they need not participate in the absurd discussions of ‘who looks more beautiful’. Women look just divine with their bright red hair color. Deep burgundy hues and fiery reds can be recommended for women of all ages. Different varieties of red color attract women with different skin tone. Many women can find unique shades of red for their hair.

# 1 Delightful Fire

Fire is the symbol of brightness. It is a solace in the darkness. Fire looks great for those who want to keep their hair bright and warm. This color is ideal for girls with fair to medium complexion. This shade has the power to change you as a movie star. The shade is really cool and it works well with blue eyed girls. This rich shade has the power to light up the face of super-pale skin. Delightful Fire looks most beautiful when you keep your hair at a sophisticated length. Just look at the stunning photograph of famous model Alena. You will surely like this shade.

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# 2 Gorgeous Grayish Red

Do you want to get a natural, Irish looking red color? Then try this shade, it is ideal for girls with fair complexion. It does not have overtly yellow, pink or olive undertones. To keep this color shiny and fresh, you can add a gloss treatment over the color. Your colorist can do it at the salon. You can also try some home treatment as well. This color is really gorgeous especially if you have long hair. Cooper looks gorgeous with this hair, it looks so pretty and natural.

# 3 Sexy Reddish Pink

You will surely look so edgy and fun in this color. It provides you a stunning look for the whole day and night. It can create a nice contrast with women with fair skin tone. If you have some bright pink lips, you can really draw attention to your beautiful features and face. In order to add fullness, you can leave the hair straight. Run your fingers through the hair to get more relaxed and natural looks.

# 4 Deep Cherry & Merlot

The Cherry & Merlot color is bright and beautiful. This style heralds your easy going nature. You will surely look awesome in this elegant, casual hairstyle. This is suitable for women with peach skin undertone with green or blue eyes. This vibrant color can make your skin tone a bit paler. This hair color is ideal for women with short hair.

# 5 Deep Reddish Brown with More Contrast

This cool reddish brown color is ideal for women with oval shaped face. You can put hair by covering a part of your face. You can experiment with a range of different reds. However, this brown-based shade is popular for all the seasons. It resembles an Irish setter red. Red and light brown is mixed together to get this gorgeous color. It can add beauty in your face if you have a pale olive complexion. The end of the hair should be kept curly. This shade is perfect for women with medium hair. You will surely love the style of actress Amy Adams.

# 6 Midnight Melody

This is a deep red brown seductive tone for women with pale skin. You can try this shade if you have pale skin with slightly warm or neutral tones. The perfect eye color for this shade is dark brown. It is because the brown color in your eyes will surely match the undertones of your hair. This shade is best for hair with medium and long lengths because the length softens the contrast between light skin and dark hair. If you have shorter hair, you should keep in mind that this color may lend itself toward an edgy feel. You can keep your hair parted to the side if you use this color.

# 7 Vibrant Red

Vibrant red is best for those with rocking attitude. This shade has the power to turn the heads of everyone for a second. If you have olive/tan or medium neutral complexion, this shade is best for you. This color is also amazing for women with pale skin. This style works perfectly with medium to thick hair texture. A bit of brown can be mixed with your chosen color. You can do a neutral makeup along with this style. Warm and cool tones of outfit can be used. This shade is more suitable for women with long hair.

# 8 Golden Red

Look, how beautiful the Australian Actress Nicole Kidman in this stylish shade of red! Golden red is amazingly perfect for women with fair skin complexion with golden olive undertones. If you have this skin tone, you can use different variations of red such as golden, rich copper or dark red. This is a cool red like crimson or scarlet. You can leave your hair little bit curly at the end. It is suitable for hair with long or medium length. Hair can be separated on the side and one part can be placed by covering your face a little. This color matches perfectly if you have blue eyes. Use red lipsticks if you wish to go with this color.

# 9 Soft Red

This color is suitable for those who have darker, more olive-toned complexion. You can really draw attention from others if you have blue or green eyes. Sharp V cut is perfect with this color. The tip of the hair must be left pointed. You can wear dark and white outfits along with this color. This hair color and style provides you a genius look. Simply wear specks, you will surely get much attention from others.

# 10. Red Velvet Riches

This cool red-brown beautifully improves cooler complexions. This hair color helps to brighten up and provides more color to your face. This is perfect for long, straight and thick hair. But you can also try this color if you have curly hair. You can select a cool or warm tone along with this shade. A lot of blue and purple outfit can be used. If you are a person with a warmer complexion, your wardrobe will surely have yellows, oranges, and reds.

# 11 African Red Hair

Look at the black ginger mate of this model, how beautiful it is! Curl, red hair with an African style is suitable for women with oval shaped faces. African style is really amazing, the red color increases the beauty of it. Different shades of red hair color are available in the market. You must select the perfect color and style as per your skin tone, personality, the color of your eyes, the shape of your face, etc. This style is perfect if you have a small but lengthy face. You can curl the hair from top to bottom. Medium sized hair is perfect for this style and it can provide you a celebrity image. You can keep the hair freely.

# 12 Red Rebel

Do you want to achieve this look? It is really seductive and beautiful. Red Rebel can be used if you have a slightly dark complexion. But, it is also perfect for women with fair skin tone. Just like this model, you can wear white color earrings along with this hair style. Hair must be curled a few inches away from the top. This style is good for women with thin hair. Separate the hair from the side and use the larger part to cover your forehead if it is broad. This vibrant red look is also great for women with pale skin tones. However, it is more suitable for those with a soft dark olive tone. Red hair of Rihanna has a seducing beauty.

# 13 Red Silhouette

Like a dream, just flow like a feather in the crowd! This Red Silhouette can provide you an amazingly attractive look. To achieve this, you should have long hair. The black and red complexion is equal with this style. It is simply elegant for people with fair and medium complexion. Separate the hair from the side and leave it freely. Let it just spread on your back. The hair will not frolic much on your face. You can try this style if you are dreaming of getting a stunning hair color.

# 14 Soft Red Velvet

This cozy, medium copper red hair can beautifully enhance your warm skin tones. Styling is very easy on the naturally straight hair. You need not need a dense hair to get this style. Those with fair complexion can try this shade. Your warm green eyes look best and pop with this makeup. The soft golden color enhances the beauty of your hair. Heat-setting spray can be used for protecting your hair from heat locking in your style. You need not create a cut on the side of your head to make this style. Instead, you can comb your hair backward without a cut.

# 15 Delightful Golden Red

This style appears perfect for people with fair and medium complexions. You can try this super cute bob cut if you are a cool girl. It makes its way to top this season with beautiful, cool style. This is also perfect for women with light skin types with neutral or warm tones. A balance of gentle contrast of cool color can also be seen in this shade. You can separate the hair into two equal parts. This is a lengthy bob and you can maintain your hair effortlessly.

# 16 Deep Ginger Red

This is a quite style, which gives you ginger red hair with a vibrant and fluffy look. The color is very common, but the style is little different. It looks really appealing and attractive. You can make it fabulous if you have thick hair. You can comb your hair backward and place the bottom part by covering your face a little. The length of the hair can be medium or long. This is also a favorite color of lots of celebrities and models.

# 17 Fire Ombre with More Contrast

Fire Ombre style is equally beautiful for all hairstyles including long straight and curly ones. You can adopt this style if you have long hair. However, while selecting the color, you must be accurate. The color of your hair must match your skin tone as well. There are two color tones in this shade. The upper part of the hair is shaded with brownish red and the lower part is colored with Fire Ombre. The melt copper, yellow and red is really gorgeous. This color is perfect for women with fair and medium complexion. You can simply put your hair backward. This stunning combo is perfectly complemented by healthy, long hair. The look of this hair is pretty versatile and it really works with any skin tone.

# 18 Deep Red

If you want to get some big, sexy hair, then just try this color. It looks stunning throughout the day. It can create a nice contrast with fair to medium skin tones. If you have bright red lips, you can surely attract the attention of others with your beautiful face and features. You can use a slightly curling iron, which helps to add fullness. Slight curling also makes your hair relaxed and natural. This color requires high maintenance. Therefore, you must be prepared to keep up with it. Just separate the hair into two parts to get more attraction.

# 19 Natural Red Highlights and Lowlights

Just turn your hair into the amazing redhead like the rocking star Jenn Rock. This natural shade helps her to make a strong impact in the minds of onlookers. This color also helped her to make her hair healthy and strong. You can make it moderately curly. The length of the hair can be little longer from your shoulder. It has a black shade, so the color is perfect for all types of skins tones. It is really stunning in highlights and low lights. Just leave the hair freely, it will really frolic around your neck.

# 20 Curly Red and Blonde Ombre

You can accept this shade if you have moderately long hair. This is really mesmerizing and appealing. You can do it in a number of ways depending on the texture and size of your hair. A slightly bright color can be applied for the upper top. The edges can be slightly velvet. Moderate curling can increase the attraction of this style. You can also shape your hair in the form of the letter V. So, you will get a somewhat pointed edge.

# 21 Fire Red Ombre

Look at the stunning photograph of this model. Do you want to achieve this color? Katie Smiles' Fire Red Ombre is a real attraction for millions of people around the world. Just ask your stylist to change your hair into this color. Fire red with a slightly black undercoat can attract the attention of people around you. This is also suitable for women with a medium complexion. Moderate curling increases the beauty of this shade. If you have longer hair, it looks more beautiful. Your hir stylist can transform your hair very beautiful. Just visit a modern salon.

# 22 Red Head Delight

Red Head Delight can provide you with a natural redhead style. It works perfectly for women with long hair. Every girl would like try the style of this model. The red hair of this model flows in front of her face. Just like a dream girl, she attracts the attention of all. She looks pretty in her long red hair. This shade works everyone with long hair. Just ask your stylist to transform you gradually from dark to red delight. Then, just allow your hair to create a wave in front of your face. This is suitable for women with fair complexion. Your accessories should match the red shade of your hair. You can wear different colors of earrings and other accessories along with your natural redhead color.

# 23 Cozy Copper

Do you want to achieve the style of this model? You can also change your hair like this if you have long hair. When it is separated from the side and put it down carelessly, you will surely get the elegant look of this model. Just cover a part of your face with your hair. It will surely make your look mysteriously attractive. This style is suitable for women with fair skin tone. If you have brown eyes and red lips, you can increase the effect. This shade and style perfectly work for women with long hair and elongated face shape.

# 24 Sunny Cinnamon

Look at the vibrant face of Piaget Ambassador Jessica Chastain. She became stunning once again. Her earrings are amazing. But the shade and style of her hair dazzle even more. You can also achieve this style and shade. You will also get lots of applause from onlookers if you achieve this style. Even if you have a medium complexion, you can achieve this style. Just ask your stylist to transform your hair in a subtle way. This is also the best way to make your hair healthy. Shoulder cut works perfectly with this style. You can use mild curling to attract the beauty of your hair.

# 25 Creative Brownish Red

If you think that beautiful art can be created only by using clay, brush and paint, you have mistaken. Just look at the hair art of this model! How beautifully she arranged her hair! To increase the beauty of her hair, she hanged some feathers in her hair. This is perfect for those who want to achieve the beauty of celebrities and models. You can also become very stylish with this shade and braiding. Just find a good stylist, you can surely achieve this effect. Tegan Solomon looks perfect in this style. You can adopt this style if you have long hair.

This is the time to recollect the color wheel you have studied in your art class. When you determine your hair color, just remind these lessons. Th chosen color olor must go well with your skin and eye color. Some general rules can be applied for getting the shades of red hair color. Cool reds look great on women with cool brown or light blue eyes. But, you should select warm reds if you have warm brown, hazel or green eyes. Don't be afraid, just follow these tips. You can surely select the perfect red hue for your hair.

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