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The bob is timeless, and it is one of the few designs that will always be in trend. Short bob hairstyles can work for any woman no matter their face shape and hair type and so it is one of the best designs that you can wear when keeping short strands. However, the best thing is the fact that there are many designs that you can choose from, and they vary in color, styling, length, and texture. If you are growing out your locks or you want to trim them short, then the following 81 styles for short bobs will give you ideas on what you can wear.

# 1 Rugged Bowl Cut Perm

When wearing any headdress, you should always aim at looking unique because it will make you feel great. The rugged bowl cut in this hairdo is very different from what you would expect in other styles since the bangs that create the fringe are messy and layered to make them look voluminous.

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# 2 Blonde Pixie Cut

A pixie cut is neat and straightforward but still makes a great headdress especially when given an excellent color like in this style. Here the short pixie cut is blonde with darkened roots, and the styling involves creating a shallow part and pushing one side to the front to cover one eye and the other to the back.

# 3 Extra Short Blunt Bob

The blunt design in this cut is fabulous, and you will hardly notice just how short the strands are trimmed. Apart from this, an undercut is also created, and the strands brushed over to the sides. The color is also fabulous, and it helps to make the blunt bob more detailed.

# 4 Funky and Stacked Bangs

Although the locks in this style have a fantastic burgundy color the magic in the style comes from creative trims. The locks in this headdress should be cut into bangs for some excellent texture, and then they are pushed to the back and stacked for a stylish finish.

# 5 Curly Face Framing Bangs

The design of these strands is just incredible, and the bangs are trimmed to create a perfect face framing design. What makes this a top notch style is how the curly strands flow over the face. A fringe is excellent for any face shape, and you do not have to leave it blunt as you can make it interesting with some wavy curls like in this style.

# 6 Straight Bob with a Center Part

Rihanna has a beautiful face, but this style makes her look lovelier as it goes very well with her face shape and skin tone. The center sectioning on the straight bob makes it easy to design because all you have to do to brush the two sections to the side to create the face frame. Straight locks are easy to wear, and so this design will work for most ladies.

# 7 Edgy and Graduated

The shape at the back is what gives this style the graduated look. Ro replicate it you should stack the locks in layers. Unlike other bob haircuts the design at the back does not involve hard angles and this makes it a natural look. The colors used for the highlights and the peek-a-boo effect created by the dark base also help to spice up the look.

# 8 Soft Pink Highlights

Although this hair has a lovely design, what makes it stand out is the colors used. Soft pink hues look fabulous on a blonde base, and they are perfect for the light skin tone. Even though the locks are extra short, most people will only notice the fantastic color and fresh design.

# 9 Tapered Chin-Length Bob

This design looks effortless and cute making it ideal for every woman who does not have a lot of time to style her hair. For this style, you have to taper the bob towards the ends to get that neat rounded shape. The arched bangs on the forehead should also not be flat ironed to maintain a natural finish.

# 10 Chopped with Layers

You do not have to complicate your Bob to look fantastic as you can still stand out with one that is chopped short and neat. In this haircut, the simple bob is pushed back into layers and then tucked in at the back for a simple but still stylish finish.

# 11 Sweet Ombre Waves

Colors and creative dyeing can help spice up any look, and you do not even need any extra styling as this is more than enough as demonstrated in this short bob. Here the shoulder length wavy locks have detailed ombre shading with the roots having a dark brown hue while the rest of the hair is blonde. This contrast makes this hairdo very stylish and trendy.

# 12 Trendy and Short

Although this hair is only a couple of inches long, it has a very attractive design that makes it perfect for ladies with small heads and light skin tone. The short strands are then arranged to create a compact face framing design.

# 13 Bright Ash Blonde Highlights

Some ladies always seem to get their colors right, and this helps them look trendy and polished. The bright ash blonde highlights in this style are an example of perfect color choice, and they contribute to making the layered bob look very elegant.

# 14 The Blue Bob

If you like bright styles, then this blue headdress is a good idea for you as it is not only dazzling but also has a feminine look. The blue design is very simple because apart from the bright hue there is nothing fancy about it since all that you need to do to the short hair is to give it a center part and push the two sections to the back.

# 15 Classy Blonde Lights

The strands in this headdress have been trimmed very short and neat to create some amazing layered bangs. However, the style would not look this good without the blonde highlights one a dark base. The size of the design and the color makes this a very mature and classy look.

# 16 Fierce Fine Hair Bob

Ladies with fine hairs can also look elegant in a short bob, and they only need to figure out what style works best for them, and this headdress is a perfect example of one of the many headdresses. Here the fine strands are given some beautiful highlights and then designed with a center part and an arched fringe.

# 17 Blunt Undercut Bob

The dramatic angles in this style are what will catch the attention of most people since they are the most visible aspect of the style. However, there are also some beautiful undercuts in the style and some purple highlights on a dark base.

# 18 Angular and Asymmetrical Bob

There are many short bob hairstyles that you can wear, but this is one of the best of them all as it perfect in both design and color. The arched fringe is the focal point of the style, and it combines well with the straight strands to create a fancy face framing design that every woman would with to wear. Apart from the smooth flowing locks the choice of color is also fantastic.

# 19 Thick Blonde Mess

If you have a good volume and healthy strands, then you can wear any style you wish. The thick blonde locks in this style have some moderate trims to create uniformity and ombre shading helps to create some contrast. Apart from this, the thick locks are given a shallow center part and then made slightly messy.

# 20 The Copper Bob

Copper makes a perfect hue, and it looks lovely even without using any other shade to highlight it. In this style, it is all that is needed to make it attractive since this is a simple neatly cut bob with brushed out curls.

# 21 Sexy and Wavy

Simple cuts always make the best hairstyles, and this short and dark headdress proves this beyond any doubt. Here the wavy locks are trimmed to just a couple of inches and then given a shallow center part to finish the design. The dark hue and the wavy locks are enough to make it attractive even without any sophisticated styling.

# 22 Face Framing Asymmetry

The asymmetrical bob is one of the most popular short hairstyles, and this is because it looks pretty on all ladies regardless of their face shape and hair type. In this style, it is designed to create a lovely face framing design with the locks also given some highlights to spice up the look.

# 23 The Spiky Fringe

This headdress looks very messy and unkempt, but this is what makes it a lovely idea to try out. The locks have some nice volume, and a spiked up fringe over the forehead make it look intricate. Apart from the spiky fringe, the strands also have an excellent color thanks to the dark brown highlights.

# 24 Caramel and Blonde Bangs

The texture of these bangs and the color combination are enough to make this a top notch design since little effort is made to style them. Caramel and blonde highlights blend in to give the locks a fantastic tone and the perfectly textured bangs are then roughly pushed to the sides and back.

# 25 Textured and Brushed Out Curls

With this style, it is hard to tell what makes it look this fantastic because it is very simple. For this headdress, the strands are scissor trimmed to give them their incredible texture and then the curls brushed out to create a wavy look. To finish the style all you need is a center part and to sweep the locks to the sides.

# 26 Highlighted Curly Updo

There are many things that you can do with your curls, and you only need to be bold enough to experiment with your locks. In this style for examples the curls are styled into a short updo but what makes it look marvelous is the golden highlights on the curls.

# 27 Purple Somber Bob

Using sombre to color the strands in this headdress is what makes it stand out. Although the hair is straight and layered, it would look very ordinary without the purple hues. Sombre creates a soft transition from the darker roots to the brighter tips.

# 28 Angled Pixie Cut

Although this is a simple graduated bob, it has been spiced up with some critical angles on the fringe and also get a shine from some highlights. The pixie cut also helps to create a fancy pattern around the head for a younger and modern look.

# 29 Modern Geometric Bob

This design will require the services of a very skilled and experienced stylist since it is quite sophisticated. To look good in this style, you will not only have to get the angles and asymmetry right but also the color and texture. Apart from this, you should also have some undercut on your design to add a modern touch to the design.

# 30 Round Graduation Bob

Short fringes also make beautiful hairdos, and so you do not always have to trim your locks to look great. In this round graduation, the fringe is only a couple of inches long, and it fits in perfectly to the design used on the hair. This design looks almost like a bowl cut but what makes it different is the fact that the hair is longer on the ears.

# 31 Classic Smooth Texture

Getting a smooth texture should not be a problem for most ladies as you only need to use hot tools to straighten your hair and then apply some products. However, to wear this classic style you will also need to get an excellent color and trim your strands intricately to create the ideal angles at the back.

# 32 Blunt Lined Blonde Bob

The face framing design and the smooth texture of the blunt cut are the two things that make it an incredible headdress. In this style, it is enhanced further by shadowing the roots to create some contrast with the blonde strands. There is also a center part in the design that helps to create the face frame and also to expose the dark roots.

# 33 Natural Gray Undercut Bob

Natural gray is the hue that most people get as they age but any lady can have it using different color combinations. With such a lovely tone you should also have a nice cut like this smooth asymmetrical bob with undercuts.

# 34 Asymmetrical Deep Red Bangs

A short fringe, side bangs, asymmetrical cut and a dark red hue are the four this that make this design awesome. The bob accentuates the face nicely and makes the wearer look lovely and elegant. However, getting the same look will require you to choose the right shade and also get the cuts from someone who knows how to do them correctly.

# 35 Platinum Blonde Lowlights

This hair has the traditional bob look, but the introduction of blonde lowlights makes it look classy. The subtle texture of the locks makes the highlights look more detailed than when used on other hairdos. For this style, you should push the strands to the back with a minor part in the front to finish the look.

# 36 Natural Shag Look

To wear this style you only need to have a short curly hair that has excellent shading and nothing else as there is nothing complicated about it. The design is created by trimming the curls and sweeping them to the side while making them messy with your fingers.

# 37 Flirty Bob Crop Cut

A razored bob crop is impressive especially for ladies who like to keep unruly hairs for a natural look. For this headdress, the back and sides are shaved short with a razor or clippers, and the length is tapered neatly to end at the nape. You can then sweep the nicely textured bangs to the sides.

# 38 Volume and Waves

The thickness of this hair is just perfect as it is not too voluminous or thin. This moderate size makes the hair suitable for most ladies no matter what their preferences might. Since the hair is already gorgeous due to the volume, a soft center part is enough to create a fantastic design.

# 39 Growing Out Blondie

Blonde is one of the most common female hair colors and this is not by chance as it enhances not only the look but the overall appearance of a woman. For this style, the growing out blonde locks only need a slight darkening of the roots and making them messy to create a polished look.

# 40 Layered and Colored

Layered bangs make fantastic hairstyles, and you do not have to keep very long locks to wear the style. Some ladies have thick strands that are easy to design into bangs but even if you have thin hair, you can make it into some fantastic strands by trimming them. To get this particular hairdo, you just have to color them with a bright hue and arrange them in layers.

# 41 Pink Purple Ombre

Ladies that love dazzling designs will love this style as it is not only brilliant but also very charming. Pink and purple hues color melt to create an eye-catching look and to make the style more interesting the roots are shadowed to create an ombre contrast. To finish the style you should have a side part and sweep the locks to the sides.

# 42 Light Brown Balayage Baby Lights

Baby lights are perfect if you want to give your bob a soft and fresh finish. And this will be especially true if you use balayage technique to paint your locks. Here the soft light brown baby lights should be added on the tips and in moderation as they look attractive that way.

# 43 Crispy Natural Bob

With natural curls, you never have to worry about styling your strands as they make things easier for you. For example, in this curly bob, all that you need to create a fabulous design is to trim the curls into an asymmetrical pattern and push them to the back. Using some products will also be helpful to give the style some hold and shine.

# 44 Stacked Bob for Natural Waves

It is not necessary to have long locks to enjoy the beauty of a Bob since you can make a lovely headdress with your natural waves. However, you should keep things simple and be keen when styling to avoid common nuisances such as creating a triangle head. For the waves to look lovely, you have to give them a good color like this brown hue and also style it moderately. But, side sweeping the waves into a rugged design like in this headdress will be sufficient.

# 45 Emo Inspired Bangs

Even if you do not like Emo looks this cut will work well for you as it is very cute and also very simple. In this cut, the bangs are textured and then styled into the Emo inspired fringe. You can also have an undercut and then brush back the textured bangs from the crown.

# 46 Trendy Side Swept Fringe

Any hair can look great regardless of its size or texture if you style it well. The smooth strands in this design are very straightforward, but the middle part and side swept fringe spice up the look. Rather than have the traditional edge, side sweeping makes it diagonal to flow over one eye for a unique look.

# 47 Violet Magic

Violet is an amazing color, and it can add a touch of class and style to any hairdo. In these short bangs, the color makes all the difference, and the fact that they are stacked enhances the design. The design also has a fancy undercut.

# 48 Brunette Color Melt Bob

The color melt in these brunette locks is fantastic, and it makes the bob look more intricate than it is. For styling, you should create a side part from where you can have a side swept fringe. You can then finish by pushing the rest of the strands to the back.

# 49 Blonde Pixie for Thin Hair

Ladies with thin strands have trouble styling them, but this should not be an issue if you know how to work with this type of hair. A pixie cut looks great on any woman, and so you can use it to create your Bob and spice it up with a side part and by combing over the thin locks.

# 50 Chocolate Brown with Parting Designs

The tone of this design is splendid, and it will make you stand out even without doing any other fancy styling. For this particular style, the diagonal part helps to create a fresh design as it makes it possible to have a short wavy fringe and cute side swept chocolate brown waves.

# 51 Black Hair Charm

Black is not the most common hair color by chance as it looks lovely with all hairstyles. The bangs in this particular headdress are textured and stacked to create a unique bob updo. Stacking the bangs creates a distinct look over the forehead and since the style is very compact it will be ideal for ladies with oval, square or round face shapes.

# 52 Thin and Cute Strands

A simple hard side part line and a comb over will make your thin strands look nice and very few people will notice how thin they are. However, you still need to choose a good hue for your beautiful locks since some colors will make them look smaller than they are. Blonde, like in this style, and different shades of brown will be the best fo thinning strands.

# 53 Asymmetrical Sombre Bob

The color melt in this asymmetrical bob is marvelous, and this is because the dye job is a soft ombre. Volume and texture of the chin length locks also help to spice up the design and the asymmetrical shape makes the different hues visible.

# 54 Gorgeous Purple Strands

Purple is another fabulous color that you can use to make your thin hairs lovely even without trying to give them some volume. In this style, the thin strands only require a purple hue with a hint of gray and side sweeping to look elegant.

# 55 Fringy Contours

This long bob is very refined and also classy without any extremes making it suitable even for the most conservative ladies. It maintains long locks at the front that also have light blonde highlights on a dark base. The sides and back of the design are tapered short to make sure that all the attention remains at the top.

# 56 Subtle Balayage Curls

Curls look fabulous with a messy style but for your short bob, they will look better with some color. However, you should go with darker hues like in this style as they work better with curly hair and paint them with balayage rather than using foils if you want to keep a natural look.

# 57 Super Razored Haircut

This short bob comes from razor cutting your strands rather than using scissors. A razored haircut is what gives it the pointy bangs. The locks also have an incredible texture that makes styling easy. All you have to do is to layer the bangs by side-sweeping. Adding highlights can also add some beauty.

# 58 Short and Wispy

If you choose to go for an extra short bob, you should spice it up and make the right cuts to make it look stylish. One way to do this is to have razored ends and angled bangs to frame your face. You can also shadow the roots like in this style to add some radiance.

# 59 Stacked and Bright Locks

Stacking your locks will not only help you get a nice volume but will also make it easy to show off your beautiful tones. In this style, the strands have a bright orange tone, and they are also trimmed to create textured bangs. You should then layer the strands for a gorgeous look.

# 60 Pretty Platinum Strands

Platinum is slowly becoming a trendy color as more ladies discover just how attractive it can be when used in the right style. The asymmetrical bob is perfect for platinum since this hue will enhance the design. In this style platinum is used on a dark base and although it is the dominant color you can still see the natural color peeking from below by sweeping the locks to the side.

# 61 Bronde Side Sweep

Brown and blonde will always work well when used on any hair, and they create the perfect color melt for a fancy hairdo. If you use the two shades to create a bronde you can be sure of an outstanding tone especially if you have wonderfully cut and textured bangs like these.

# 62 Perfect Cut and Texture

If you get the cut right and have some lovely texture, then you can never go wrong with short bob hairstyles. An excellent cut makes your locks easy to style, and it also gives you many options. In this design, for example, the locks have a center part and are brushed in different directions to create a fantastic pattern.

# 63 Adorable Messy Bob

The arched fringe in this headdress is perfect, but it is not the only thing that makes this a top notch style. These chin length locks also have some fabulous highlights, and they are stacked and swept over to the sides to create an adorable messy bob.

# 64 Trendy Brown Locks

Dark brown is a beautiful color, and it can help you get an incredible look buy you still have to trim your locks nicely. In this style, the thick strands have been carefully cut to create a uniform length and lovely texture. You can then finish the dark brown headdress with some light brown ombre highlights.

# 65 Wavy Graduated Bob

Apart from the center part and the cut, there is no other styling done for this wavy graduated bob. Even the color is natural and so this makes it perfect for ladies who prefer to keep a natural or simple look. However, the waves are still very cute, and the hair is also healthy.

# 66 Retro Shaggy Fringe

This style is all about the fringe, and it is evident that the wearer spent a little more time in designing it as she wanted it to be the center of attraction in her hairdo. The fringe comes from pushing the medium length locks over the face and then trimming the strands over the eyes to the level of your eyebrows. Apart from the cuts, the golden brown highlights also help to spice up the look.

# 67 Dark Gorgeous Pixie

The pixie cut in this hairdo is excellent, and it is made even more fabulous by the razored edges and the dark tone. Apart from this. there is also a fancy fringe that adds some detail to the cut. Styling this hair is simpler than it looks since all that is needed is a simple part at the middle of the head.

# 68 Amazing Red Streaks

If you want to make a statement with your locks, then you can go with red highlights as they will always draw attention. Apart from the fantastic tone, the other thing that makes this a top notch headdress is the asymmetry in the locks and their fancy styling.

# 69 Choppy Bright Bangs

Some color on your textured locks will help you look refined, and this applies in particular if you go with bright colors. Bright colors are beautiful, but you also have to dye them creatively to ensure that you maintain some uniformity in your headdress.

# 70 Classic Swirls

Although these fantastic curls are not natural, they are still very attractive, but this is true if you make them well. There are smaller coils than the typical ones but with a skilled stylist and some rollers you should be able to have them. There is also the option of getting a weave if you have trouble curling your natural strands.

# 71 Side-Swept Burgundy Bob

Burgundy hair is lovely especially if you have some thick textured strands. There are many ways to wear a bob with this type of hair, but this simple side swept one is of the easiest and most attractive. The fancy diagonal part in the design helps to add a twist and take it a notch higher.

# 72 Chic Messy Brushed Out Curls

Although ladies want to look sharp at all times, sometimes time is a big constraint due to busy work and life schedules. But, with a straightforward design like this, you will never have to compromise on how you look since it is easy to wear and still gives an elegant look.

# 73 Chin-Length Asymmetrical Cut

Asymmetrical bobs are very common, and most women prefer them due to the face framing design they create when styled. If you give this design an excellent color like in this style, you will look fabulous, and you can further enhance it with a center part and razored ends.

# 74 Extra Thick Short Bangs

Although the hair in this headdress is only a couple of inches long, it has an incredible volume that makes it look magnificent on the head. The texture is also excellent and with such as a lovely hair you have the freedom to keep it as short as you wish and still stand out.

# 75 Vintage Blondie Swirls with Undercut

This vintage look will take you a couple of decades back, but it still makes a fantastic hairdo. The blonde swirls in this style may be retro, but they are also not very common and hence you will have a unique look. Blonde may be one of the most common hair shades especially with women who have light skin tone, but this particular hue is old school and very few ladies still have it on their designs. Apart from the beautiful blonde shade, the design also has an undercut on the sides. Undercuts provide a modern way of looking stylish without having to keep long locks trough out your head. However, in this style, the undercut is concealed by side-sweeping the locks, but you can choose to reveal it by styling the hair differently.

# 76 Glamorous Diva Look

The thick curls in this hairdo also have an incredible texture and fantastic dark tone that make them look sophisticated. However, there is virtually nothing too fancy in the styling since the natural curls are attractive enough. Contrary to what some ladies think natural curls are very versatile, and they offer you many styling options especially when it comes to the bob cut, and you only need to think of the design you like most. With coils styling is also simple than with many other types, and you only need to figure out what works for you. For example, all that is done to create the short polished bob is to part the locks at the center and sweep them gently to the sides.

# 77 Layered Bob with Highlights

A short bob is one of the simplest hairdos that you can wear, and most designs will not even require you to use the services of a professional. With standard styling tools such as a comb and the other usual things that you use on your hair at home, you can have a layered bob in a matter of minutes. This style is a perfect example of this because all that one should do on the naturally straight strands is to razor cut the ends to make them pointier. The color is also important in this look and so you can create some nice highlight to compliment your design, but you should always choose the colors keenly. For the styling, you should start by creating a center part on your thick strands, and you have the option to make it shallow like in this style or have a distinctive line using a comb. You should then finish the look by spraying your locks and letting them flow freely.

# 78 Short and Classy

This sweet casual look comes from thick wavy strands that have subtle chocolate brown highlights and off-center styling. The hairdo is all about getting the right haircut and color because the styling is very straightforward. For this style, you will not even need to use a comb when styling, but you have to create some pretty parts in the middle since they will form the base from where you will design your locks. For the highlights, you can use any other shade of brown since most of them look good with a dark base. However, avoid bright hues as they will not work well with the base color and they will also limit you when it comes to styling. If you are not sure what to use it is a good idea to stick with chocolate brown

# 79 Edgy Blond Crop Cut

Although this style has an overall charm that will draw most ladies to it, there are a few specific things that make it look fantastic. Of all these things the tone and the edgy locks are the main ones as they are what define the style. Blonde looks fantastic in almost any hairstyle, but in this particular one, it seems to be lovelier than in others. The locks also have some beautiful texture that is also a result of creative and good scissor trim that you can easily replicate with the services or a professional stylist. The strands should then be layered to create an exquisite blonde haircut.

# 80 Sleek and Polished Collarbone Bob

This sleek A-Line bob is timeless iconic and elegant but what makes it unique is the fact that it fits for an office, casual or party look. You do not even have to alter the styling for this headdress to fit a particular occasion since it has a design that will never make you feel out of place no matter what the event may be. It can also work with either thick or fine hair, and you only need to adjust how you make your trims. Regardless of your hair type, the design has a fantastic silky texture and a polished finish that will catch the eye of any lady. Finishing it with a side sweep also adds some flavor to the design.

# 81 Red Elegant Short Bob

Red hues are now more widespread than any other time, and this is because they help women look modern and trendy. The short bangs in this headdress have been trimmed perfectly to create an excellent texture. They are then styled with a center part that gives them some nice flow to the sides. Although they are very short a center part is still important as it would be tough to design the bangs without one. The bangs may be fabulous in size, texture and volume but in this cut, it is the red dye job that takes the hairdo a class higher. For this style, you can choose to use any other bright color that you like but very few if at all any will look as good as red.

With the above 81 short bob hairstyles, you have many options to choose from for your short hairs. Whether you are growing out your strands or simply want to keep something short, there are many designs that you can try, and only need to choose what looks best on you. The best thing with short bobs is that you can almost never go wrong with any style provided you do not overdo things, and you spice up your locks with some color.

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