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Short curly hairstyles give ladies an original and trendy look, but most women hesitate to try them out thinking that they will be tricky to style. Contrary to what many women believe there are many styling options for short curls, and sometimes some color is all that you need to look elegant. However, to look good in the short curls, you also have to get the cuts or trims right. Having your locks reduced by a professional is a good idea as it will make things easier for you but if you have the skills you can also do it. To give you an idea of the many options available below are 80 great hairdos for short curls.

# 1 Messy Tapered Bangs

Waves are very versatile, and you can make them into almost anything that you can think of for your hair. In this headdress, the strands are creatively trimmed to create some messy short bangs at the crown while some neat tapering is done on the rest of the hairs on the sides and back.

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# 2 Grown Out Curls

The grown out curls are an example of creative trimming of your strands to make an outstanding look. In this design, the hairs are cut uniformly throughout, and only a couple of inches is left. Apart from the cuts, the style hair is spiced up with brown and blonde shades to finish the look. The hairs on this style are cut to appear as if the strands are just growing out, and this is what makes it a beautiful design.

# 3 Magma Curls

With short curls, you have to do little to stand out and so provided you are creative enough you can always be sure of an elegant look. In this style, the curls are tucked in to create an awesome pattern after being given some amazing bright highlights.

# 4 The Curly Bob

A Bob makes a fantastic headdress for short locks, and it is also very easy to wear and maintain. The short bob will look more incredible when created with curly hair like in this style. For this style almost no maintenance at all be required as all you will need is some styling gel and probably a clip to hold everything in place.

# 5 Stunning Bouncy Curls

These stunning curls can take your casual looks a notch higher. The texture, color and the fact that these strands have an extra length make it a fantastic outdoor look. And the longer face-framing bangs caress your face for a more refined finish.

# 6 Blonde Pink Highlights

Apart from the cut some color can also spice up your short hairs and make them look more outstanding like in this style. Here balayage is used to create some amazing pink highlights on the wavy blonde locks. Only a few strands have the pink highlights, but their effect is immense.

# 7 Polished and Fine Strands

Even if you have fine, thin strands, you can still get a fantastic short curly headdress. Here the curls are moderately trimmed and given some colors but what makes the style top notch is the styling. It is simple styling where the curls are a little messy and pushed forward to frame the face on the sides.

# 8 Cute Purple Curls

This style is best suited for ladies with natural curls as they will look better. The headdress starts with trimming the crown to a decent length while the sides and back are tapered short. Purple highlights are then introduced to finish the look.

# 9 Afro Massive Curls

Curly locks make a fabulous afro, and so this is also a perfect idea that you can try on your natural strands like in this style. Here the afro massive curly hair is cut short on the sides and given a very attractive golden shading to make it a beautiful headdress that works perfectly fine with the skin tone.

# 10 Asymmetrical Bangs

This style is all about an intricate haircut on natural strands to create some nicely textured bangs. The locks are chunky asymmetrical curls, and they look charming especially when they are pushed forward over the forehead.

# 11 Shirley Temple Locks

If you have an asymmetrically shaped head or an elongated forehead, you do not have to keep a long hair to conceal it since there are also some short styles that will work even better for you. The Shirley Temple locks are a perfect example of this, and the strands have a fabulous texture and color. They are also designed forward over the forehead to create an incredible face framing design.

# 12 Chic Curly Short

Adding some color to your curly locks will help give you a fabulous and natural look that you can rock every day. With such a beautiful hair styling is easy and you only need to get creative like in this style where a headband bandana does the trick.

# 13 Trendy Locks

Whether you keep long or short strands the idea behind an eye-catching look is to have a beautiful texture and color. These stylish locks get both things spot on, and you will hardly even notice that the strands are short as their beauty, and perfect styling will steal all your attention.

# 14 Vintage Natural Curls

This design will take you a few decades back when a headdress was all about keeping this simple. The curly strands are short on the sides while a couple of inches left on the crown are made slightly messy. There is nothing too fancy with this hairdo and no effort at all is made to style the longer top or spice it up with some color and hence making it a perfect idea for ladies who like to wear simple styles.

# 15 Curly Voluminous Locks

To wear this headdress, you will need to have a voluminous hair and also an extra length. You should then use some hot tools to create the curls but make sure that you make them uniform as they will look more attractive this way. For the color, you can keep them natural or have some shades of brown highlights.

# 16 Pixie Curls with Side-Shave

The pixie curls with side shave is a perfect headdress for ladies who want to have something fancy. And it involves creating some small curly locks and giving them an excellent hold. The sides are then neatly shaved to create nice undercuts to finish the look.

# 17 Deep Brunette Curls

The color in this style does all the magic since the curls are very simple as all that they need is trimming and a shallow center part. Brunette is a fantastic color, and it brings out the femininity in a woman, and it is sufficient enough to make the design appear fantastic even without any other highlights.

# 18 Short Ombre Locks

Some hairstylists can create some headdresses that will leave anyone that looks at you perplexed, and these short ombre locks are a perfect example of this. Here the beautiful blonde locks have the roots darkened to create the ombre contrast. Apart from the shading, the locks also have a perfect texture and the locks are also very uniform.

# 19 Thick Natural Dark Curls

Nothing beats keeping things natural no matter what style or look you want to pull, and this design clearly demonstrates this. Here it's all about thick natural curls that are styled up and forward over the forehead. What makes them unusual is the fact that they look very voluminous and go well with dark skin tones. They are also perfect when you want to conceal some facial features since they have a nice face framing effect.

# 20 Delicate and Super Cute

If you do not have trouble maintaining headdresses, then this one is perfect for you. The curls are very firm on the head, and so you do not have to worry about them coming over your face. Apart from this, the color is also perfect and goes well with the skin tone. However, this style looks good on round or oval face shapes without protruding foreheads.

# 21 Urban Redheads

Most ladies love colors, and if you are one of them, this is one of the best designs you can have for your short curls. However, this will only be suitable for those that like to keep the strands extra short and in an intricate design. Here they are trimmed short on the sides and back while they are a couple of inches long on the crown. The strands should then be styled all red to finish the look, but you should choose a shade that will go with your skin tone.

# 22 Gorgeous Short Pixie Curly Blonde

The strands in this style are as easy as they can get since all that you need to do on them is trim them short to a couple of inches. However, the design looks outstanding, but this is mainly because of the color used. The light blonde makes this headdress standout, and the wearer looks even more fantastic due to the contrast created by her skin tone.

# 23 Classic Highlighted Strands

These hairs look old school but are still attractive by all definitions. Although they are not as short as you would expect the shades used for the highlights are perfect and make it a top notch look. The different shades of brown and blonde blend in perfectly to create a classy old school look.

# 24 Dark Blue Finger Waves

Although the choice of color in this hairdo is incredible, the style would not look this good without the intricate design of the hair. The headdress brings out the best of both curls and finger waves to create a stylish feminine look. Coils are maintained at the crown while the back and sides are tapered to create subtle finger waves.

# 25 Passionate Curls

If you have a thick hair, then you can wear this headdress by simply combing them into an afro design. The hair will look brushed out, but the curly look will still be present. For this to look attractive, you should have some nicely colored strands.

# 26 Wavy Natural Bob

As intricate as this style may look it is just a short natural wavy bob that has been done correctly and with an excellent color choice. The hairs have also been designed nicely to frame the face and accentuate it for a prettier look. However, to replicate this style you should choose a shade that will go well with your skin tone.

# 27 Cute Sombre Locks

This hairdo is all about the cuts and the coloring as it gets both perfectly well. The locks are scissor trimmed short and given some lovely texture, but the design could not look this pretty without the colors. For the color, a sombre technique is used to dye the different shades of brown and to create the smooth transition from the dark roots to the lighter ends.

# 28 Thick and Short Curls

Ladies with thick strands need not do much to wear a fabulous style. In this hairdo, for example, all that is required is scissor trimming the strands for some texture and uniformity. For some styling, you can push a few locks over your face to create the face framing effect that ladies love to wear.

# 29 Perfect Windblown Curls

The windblown curls are set up with the traditional trims and simple styling. For this style, you should use some gel or any other hold product on your strands before pushing them back. Use your fingers when styling so that you can be able to create the distinctive windblown look.

# 30 Retro Curls

The retro curls form a fantastic headdress for ladies with a round or oval face shape. What makes them unique is that they emphasize your beautiful facial features and femininity. And the retro is also one of the easiest to wear provided you have some thick curly hair as it only involves some trimming and a simple styling.

# 31 Sassy Wavy Pixie

Pixie is perfect for short wavy or curly strands because apart from looking very attractive the hairs will also be self-styling. In this style, for example, the only thing that you will need to do when styling is to apply some hair product and arrange the curls at the top over your forehead. It also means that you can keep it for longer than other designs.

# 32 Wispy Bob with Back Swept Locks

This style is all natural with some perfect color combinations, but the bob cut and styling is what makes this a top notch. A generous amount of gel is also used on the locks before they are pushed back to complete the look.

# 33 The Teasing Curls

This style is best suited for girls who have long faces as it does not have too much volume at the top and the curls are also moderate. It is also a fun solution for ladies on the go since it does not involve any complicated styling and it will only take a couple of minutes to style it for its elegant look.

# 34 Casual Curly Rolls

Whether you want to go to the beach, or you are simply an outdoor person this headdress will work correctly for you. The locks are as simple as they can get with an almost disheveled appearance, but they still maintain some decency. What defines them is the styling to the sides with a center part. Apart from the cuts that you make to wear the style, there is no other maintenance that you will need with this hairdo.

# 35 Shaggy Girls Taper Bob

Tapering has slowly become trendy with ladies who like to keep their locks short, and this is justifiably so since you can totally transform your looks with this cutting design. For this headdress, the curls are only at the crown where they have a rugged look. Tapering should then be done on the sides to enhance the design at the top.

# 36 The Loose Fringe

With short haircuts, something very simple can totally change how you look and make you stand out. In this headdress, for example, what makes it look outstanding is how the locks have been trimmed and designed to form a loose fringe. The fringe is then pushed over the forehead and hence making this style ideal for ladies who want to conceal certain facial features.

# 37 Platinum Roller Set

The best thing about curls is that you do not have to have a naturally curly hair to have them since there are many ways that you can get them. And contrary to what some people think they can look even better than the natural ones like in this style. The platinum color of these curls and the fact that they come from electric rollers makes this a top notch style that any woman can wear.

# 38 Pixie Thick Curls

If you like to keep shorter strands than the typical sizes, then this is a perfect look for you. It will be more so if you have thick locks, and it is also a simple headdress to wear. Here it is all about the pixie cuts, and so you should use the services of a person who knows how to do proper ones.

# 39 Glamorous Swirls

Natural hair is beautiful and can help you get great looks if you know how to work with it. In this style, all that you require is to design the locks intricately, and there is no need to use any color. You should also create the strands into some nice bangs with a few of them pushed forward to cover one eye.

# 40 Cute Short Blondie Waves

The cute blonde waves will make a lovely face look even more beautiful, and they provide you with a solution to wear a something that does not have too many curls. Although the strands in this hairdo are still curly, they are brushed out to create a wavier look.

# 41 Blonde Balayage Bridal Curls

If you want to get the feel that one gets as they are walking down the aisle, then this is what you should have on your hairs. The strands in this headdress have been neatly balayage-colored to create a warm look in the medium length blonde style. Apart from just being neat, they have an incredible texture that also adds to the beauty.

# 42 Crop Wavy Hairdo

Curly strands can be unruly, and you may have trouble trying to style them or finding something that works well for you, but you should not struggle with you locks as you can trim them short like in this hairdo. A short crop cut looks slightly messy but it is also classy and mind-blowing, and you can wear it as both a casual and formal look.

# 43 Wig Curly Look

When looking at this style, you would think that the lady has a wig, but this is natural hair that has some perfect trims. Here the locks are cut uniformly and in equal length throughout the head. The styling of the hair is also incredible since the strands are all over the face to create a very sexy look.

# 44 The Afro Locks

Short does not have to be a couple of inches as you can still maintain slightly longer cut locks. To make the free flowing hairs even more fantastic, you can make them into an afro inspired design like in this headdress for a uniquely feminine look. For this headdress, the colors are also perfect, and the strands have a fantastic hold and shine.

# 45 Kinky Coils

Kinky coils are one of the simplest short curly hairstyles, and you can even make them yourself at home if you have the right size and texture. However, in this design, the kinky strands have been spiced up a little bit with the introduction of blonde shading and a rugged styling for a natural finish.

# 46 Short Curly Afro

The volume of this hair will make even ladies that have never thought of keeping short curly strands change their mind. Even if you do not like the afro, there is no way that you will not like this style. The long strands surround the face to create a distinct design that you will want to keep for many days. And as if this is not enough the tones used on the headdress are also stunning.

# 47 Natural Black Beauty

Naturally curly hairs with a good color like black will look more elegant than many other colors. The thick strands will also need some creative and neat styling so that they can enhance your beautiful dark skin tone as in this headdress. If you have a different skin tone, you may want to use a different shade on your locks.

# 48 Casual Medium Curls

Sometimes you may just want something that gives you some freedom and a look that you can wear for any occasion and also with any attire. The medium curls are a perfect example of such a style and what makes them even more unique is that they are easy to wear. Although the style looks good best with blonde locks, you can still rock it with any other color that you wish but try to stick to one shade.

# 49 Layered Sombre Bob

Ladies with naturally curly hair or those who can be able to maintain them will benefit most from this style. It is a medium length bob with some thick strands but what makes it fantastic is the coloring design used. The perfect sombre pattern is used to create a smooth transition from the darkened roots to the lighter blonde tips.

# 50 Short Mongolian Kinky

The short Mongolian quirky style is a fantastic curly headdress that works well for ladies with a dark skin tone. Although the curls are small, they are very firm and detailed. However, for this style, you will need to use some quality gel to maintain the hold and to give them their characteristic perfect shine.

# 51 Gray and Lovely

You do not always have to go with the traditional hair shades to look good because even other tones like gray can give you a fantastic look. For example, in this hairdo, the gray does all the magic since the strands have nothing else besides from regular trims. And the best thing is that you will not need any additional sophisticated styling on this headdress.

# 52 Neat Textured and Shaped Bob

If you like to keep short locks, then one of the headdresses that will always work well for you is the short bob. However, it might look dull or very simple as it is a very widely used style. But you can easily change this by giving yours some lovely texture and shaping it nicely. Cutting the Bob should not be a problem as you only need to make it accentuate your face and then give your natural curls some excellent hold.

# 53 Elegant Modern Curls

The modern woman keeps things straightforward and neat for a more elegant look, and this style demonstrates this. Here everything is neat and direct, and the brown shades used on the strands are also perfect, and they transition smoothly from dark to light to create a polished look.

# 54 Messy burgundy Streaks

Burgundy hair will always look lovely provided you design it with a little creativity and this style is a perfect example of one that is just correct. And it is also very easy to do because apart from the burgundy shade the only other thing that you should do is to push back the coils and make them slightly messy. For this headdress to look beautiful, you should have some fine strands to avoid frizz.

# 55 Meg Ryan's Short Curls

Curls have different effects on various people and how you design and cut them will influence how they look. Meg Ryan's coils are not as complicated as you would expect in a celebrity hair. And apart from cutting and using some products everything else is natural and the styling is also moderate since all that she does is to give them a shallow center part and make the bangs slightly messy.

# 56 Voluminous Vintage Waves

Vintage looks are still very popular and will continue to be for many years and so you can be sure that you will always look trendy with one such headdress. The vintage waves in this style have the characteristic blonde shade that women used to adore a couple of decades ago, and they have also been pushed back to complete the look.

# 57 Untamed Curls

An explosion of perfectly curled strands like these one will make you the center of attraction everywhere you go. The strands only have slight trims, and so they preserve most of their natural features. Mixing the different shades of brown also helps to spice them up, and you can also let a couple of them flow over your forehead.

# 58 Glamorous Blonde Layers

To wear the glamorous blonde looks, you should have some significant length and also thick locks. You should then cut and arrange them into layers for a fabulous look. It is also a good idea to push a few of the blonde locks forward over your face for an incredible finish.

# 59 Short Sassy and Fierce

Ladies with a lighter skin tone and a round or oval face shape will be better suited to this style as it enhances their looks. The curls in this style are very short and neat, but they are not equal in length because the back and sides are shorter than the crown. However, he styling is what gives them their sassy and fierce look.

# 60 Shirley Temple Curls with Deep Part

Shirley Temple curls are one the best ways to rock your coils whether they are natural, or you make them with hot tools. However, you can still spice them up further and make them even more eye-catching with the introduction of a beautiful part. Although you can have them in any color that you wish or in multiple colors, black always looks perfect.

# 61 Chloe Moretz’s Messy Coils

A celebrity with a beautiful face and some lovely hair will always steal the show effortlessly. Chloe's messy curls are perfect since they have an excellent length and perfect blonde shade. A center part is also added to make things more interesting.

# 62 Cool Bob with Layers

The Bob in this style has some well-cut bangs that are layered to create a messy look. Since the locks have an excellent length styling them should not be a problem, and you can choose to have them styled forward and shaggy like in this style, or you can make the neat for a formal look.

# 63 Silver-Gray Swirls

Some colors seem a little bit extreme, but they can also make a fantastic short curly hairdo if you use them correctly. In this headdress you do not even have to do much to stand out as all that is needed is to dye your strands all gray or silver. You should also trim the ends and then style them by pushing them to the back.

# 64 Exquisite Curly Designs

Intricate styling can help you get a curly hairdo that will make you look sharp and trendy. In this style, the blonde strands are tapered at the back, but you should have some height on the crown. It’s a perfect style for any woman who wants to breathe some life into their natural curls.

# 65 Short and Stunning Bob

Whether you like the Bob or not this gorgeous hairdo will still catch your attention. Although the curly hairs have been trimmed very short, they still maintain enough length for a simple but still attractive style. When styling this headdress, you need to use a generous amount of gel to ensure that the design holds, and this is more important if you do not have a naturally curly hair.

# 66 Peruvian Bouncy Curls

The strands in this headdress are very thick and full, and although they are short, most people would think that they are long hairs. Their color and texture are also incredible, and you must have very fine strands to have this style. However, even if your locks do not have perfect qualities, you can still wear the style using extensions.

# 67 Luxurious Short Waves

Some styles add a touch of class to your appearance, and they assure you that all the attention will remain on you. These luxurious blonde waves are one such style, and the best thing about them is that they are pretty comfortable to wear. With this hairdo, you only need to create a side part and then side-sweep your wavy bangs in opposite directions.

# 68 Grown-Out Pixie Cuts

If you have a very short pixie cut, there are many things that you can do with it during the growing out phase. It is also very fun to work with these cuts. With these strands, all you need to do is use a quality product for styling and also to get rid of cowlicks. As the hair grows longer, you will have even more styling options than when the strands are short.

# 69 Calm Pixies

Pixies are probably the most popular short curly hairstyles, and this is because they always seem to work for most ladies. Whether you have thick or thin coils, you can still be able to wear this headdress as all that you need to do is to figure out something that works for you. For this particular one, the hairs are shorter at the back while those at the top are longer and styled into a delicate fringe.

# 70 Side Swept Bangs

This style is for the ladies who like to keep shoulder length locks and also prefer to have something simple. With this headdress it is all about the styling and the bangs are trimmed to create some uniformity. They are then given a side part at the front and finished with a side sweep.

# 71 Vintage Bangs with Floral Headband

This headdress looks very classic but still breathtaking. And this is particularly the case if you include the floral headband. The textured curly and short bangs also add a punch to the style, and they have some center parts that make it possible to sweep them to the sides neatly.

# 72 Tapered Cut and Popping Curls

The tapered cut at the back and sides, the popping curls on the crown and the perfect dye job are the three things that make this a top notch style. Although the strands in this design are very short, you will hardly notice the length due to the three things that define it. However, it can look good with almost any bright shade and so you have the freedom to choose a shade that goes well with your skin tone.

# 73 Short Coils with Purple Highlights

Some ladies prefer to go with more exotic headdresses that help to showcase their creative style, and this is a perfect example of such a hairdo. The short coils in this style are only at the crown where they also have some cool purple highlights while the back and sides are razor shaved short.

# 74 The Curly Afro

The afro is probably the easiest thing that you can do with your short locks. All you need for this headdress is to grow out your locks to a couple of inches. Once you have the right size, you should then trim it throughout to get rid of any split ends, apply some Afro styling product and then finish by combing it into an afro.

# 75 Tousled Platinum Bangs

A bright sparkling platinum bob can breathe some life even into the dullest hair and make you feel good about yourself. Since platinum is a beautiful shade, you need not do anything else to the locks apart from making them messy with your fingers.

# 76 The Stacked Bob

These short bangs have been trimmed and designed to create some attractive bouncy waves that will get you feeling like a superwoman. They have an excellent volume and also give your headdress some messy texture so that you can keep up with the current hair trends.

# 77 Disconnected Curly Cut

To create a unique hairdo you have to experiment with different things like in this style. This cut combines different textures in one cut to create a fresh disconnected look. The hair is also given a shallow side part to create a disconnection between the curly top and textured sides.

# 78 Lovely Blonde Coils

The fantastic blonde coils are a product of pixie cuts with the sides being shorter than the top. You can also add a simple styling that involves creating a slightly messy fringe over one eye.

# 79 Sultry Shaggy Balayage Curls

The secret behind a sexy hair is that it should be soft, effortless and also have the right shade. For this style, the layered pixie curls hit the mark in the way they frame the face casually and also from their perfect balayage dye job. This headdress is one of the many that will make you have pride in your coils and give you a reason to flaunt them every time you have the opportunity to do so.

# 80 Stunning Pixie Curl Updo

Short curls can also create a nice updo that you can wear to the prom or for any other formal event. In this style, the curls are more detailed at the crown where they are designed to create a neat look while the sides and back are combed back or tapered short.

There are many things that you can do with your short curly locks, and you only need to think of the look that you want to get. The length that you decide to keep will ultimately decide what you can wear, but the 80 styles above provide many options for you regardless of how short your strands are, their texture and also your skin tone.

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