80 Sexy Short Hairstyles For Stylish Women – Genuinely Feminine

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# 2 Color Frenzy

Bright and brave the girl will be with the sunny colors. Cool combination of rich yellow long bangs, dark wavy undercut, and strawberry highlights will make you one of the most popular and stylish ladies out there.

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# 2 Color Frenzy

Bright and brave the girl will be with the sunny colors. Cool combination of rich yellow long bangs, dark wavy undercut, and strawberry highlights will make you one of the most popular and stylish ladies out there.

# 3 White Locks Fountain

Perfection in each strand is everything that you deserve. In this look, textured hair is laid in a free fall, like a beautiful fountain of snow-white spurts. The neat undercut adds to the form accuracy, so you will never regret choosing this style.

# 4 Messy Boyish Look

This simple but cute cut involves short sides and a messy blonde top. All you need to do in order to maintain this look is to blow dry your hair and then fluff it with your fingers creating untidy waves on top.

# 5 Short Pixie

It is all about uniform hairs and long sideburns. Along with the fringe they are cropped in a round form, opening a beautifully shaped face. Textured locks on top and nape make this cut look sweet. For this image, you should apply some hair gel and then style your hair with fingers.

# 6 Barber Cut

Disconnected pompadour looks great on both, men and women. In addition, the faded undercut is made on sides. The long top is peaked in a shape of a big wave and fixated with a high-quality hair product. The haircut has a nice and smooth transition from long to very short hairs.

# 7 Edgy and Colorful

In this style, hair is scissor trimmed and long bangs are left falling to one eye. The cut is very popular, but this one has a special feature - green highlights that are covered with black coloring. If the wind blows, it will reveal a special effect made by a professional.

# 8 Balayage Perfection

Every girl wants to feel special, and this hairstyle will help you with that. Inverted bob and skillful coloring will make you look like a fairy-tale princess. Shades of blue and violet are perfectly mixing together.

# 9 Ideal Pixie

This haircut is easy to maintain and it can be worn naturally. Some pixies can be very short; others can vary from two to three inches long. It all depends on your preferences and desire. This cut is very popular among celebrities because it looks sweet and alluring.

# 10 Side Sweep for Thick Hair

Dark brown color is basically always beneficial. Try adding some nicely textured short haircut and your image will be incredible. At some point, you can even call this style a little bit messy. Hair has been cropped almost uniformly, then it was side swept, leaving a top nicely textured.

# 11 Modern Hitler Youth Haircut

Who said that ladies can’t wear Hitler youth haircut? They can and they do because this old-school style is returning. For this look, hair is scissor trimmed and long bangs are swept to one side. The do has strict lines and edges, but the main trait is a distinctive difference between black lower part and blonde fringe.

# 12 Natural Strands

Natural and healthy hair always looks amazing. In this style, chin-length bob has highlighted layered locks. The caramel balayage adds sophistication to the style. You don’t need much time for maintaining the hairdo. You only need to blow dry your hair and let it encircle your face with natural strands.

# 13 Wavy Bob with Bangs

It is a perfect style for redhead ladies. Soft waves falling to both sides of the head, and cute bangs will make you look like a nice and sweet girl.

# 14 Dark Roots

This is another version of a modern bob. It is neatly and uniformly scissor trimmed. But what makes it special is coloring. You always have to be very careful when you are considering dyeing your strands. First, you need to choose your style and to understand what you want for yourself. Second, you should spend some time searching for a great hairdresser, who will be able to make everything perfectly.

# 15 Spiky Top and Short Sides

Girls look sexier wearing men’s haircuts, and this is the proof of that. Hairs on top are spiked in a messy manner. Fading under shave is made on the sides and nape, so the prying eye will be concentrated on the rich top. For better styling you should use high-quality hair product.

# 16 Sleek Bowl Cut

Bowl cut can come in different variations and this one is the most appealing. It has precise lines and uniformly scissor trimmed hair. Bald lower part of the head gives all the attention to the neat bowl. This kind of haircut looks especially good on the ladies with oval face shape.

# 17 Artistic Haircut

Don’t try this at home. The cut is difficult and positively artistic. Nice strawberry hair color combines with shaved sides and long bangs at the back of the head in the mullet style. The bowl-like top is mixed with spiky nape and asymmetrical fringe.

# 18 Fashionable Mohawk

The greatest desire of each lady is to look like no one ever looked before. And they come to extremes in pursuing this goal. Two-colored Mohawk is firmly standing on top. It is wide and luxurious. The cut has three distinctive layers: the first one is the lowest and the shortest, the second one is around 1 centimeter long and uniformly cropped, the third one that is separated from the second with a shaved line is a black and white Mohawk.

# 19 Buzzed Zigzag

It is another great haircut from a very skilled master. Hairs are dyed in sweet pink color, and then zigzagging lines are shaved in circling direction. The haircut reminds of an orange being peeled, but it looks very stylish and unusual. It is for a brave lady and there is no doubt about that.

# 20 Inverted Bob

You can never look bad with bob, especially, with inverted one. But with a straight fringe it will look even better. This style has a great dark chocolate hair color with violet highlighted strands. The mop of hair looks healthy and shining so do not forget about taking care of your natural locks.

# 21 Luminous Red

It is pointless spending tons of money on coloring and cut if you have damaged or uncared-for hair. Any hairdo will look astonishing on shining, beautiful and healthy locks. In this style, the color is picked very wisely, because it is fifty percent of success. Chaotic waves are falling forward, covering the eyes and making this do one of the sexiest out there.

# 22 Layered Rose Petals

In this style, pastel shades of rose color are picked for a designer’s masterpiece. It is a Goth style that will be perfect for a chic lady, who likes everything out of the ordinary. Long sideburns are looking naturally in pair with the short layered top. The top looks like light rose petals laid in a beautiful manner.

# 23 Tuft on Top

Platinum dye is becoming more and more popular nowadays, so you should definitely try it out. It especially looks good on short hairstyles. This cut has a demarcation line in the middle that separates the scissor trimmed top and the lower part of the head. The tuft of hair that is pointing forward on the top adds finesse to the look.

# 24 Green and Straight

It is yet one more option how to make your bob haircut stand out from the rest. You should combine two bright colors such as yellow and green. The hair is perfectly straight and looks very fashionable due to the green stripe below.

# 25 Extreme Architecture

Two colors and hair cropped in different length are everything in this hairdo. Light bangs look like soft feathers and they are styled on top, where they resemble a very expensive forage cap. Long strands are falling to the neck from the back of the head. You can also take notice of a red wide shortly cropped stripe that divides top and sides. The girl with such a haircut will look like a sweet gentle bird.

# 26 Voluminous Curls

The girls with straight hair have always envied the ones with curls and vice versa. But there is always another solution to a feminine problem, and it is an iron curler. There is an enormous amount of devices with different sizes and functions. For this style, you need to choose one which will do thin accurate strands. It takes some time and skills but eventually you will get the hang of it.

# 27 Buzzed Side

Asymmetric bob and short side meet together in an alluring style. Come to think of it, it is not that difficult to leave one side straight and long, and the other one cropped and buzzed, but when it comes to actual hair cutting, you should definitely find a skilled and professional barber in your city or town because you would not want some amateur messing with your hair.

# 28 Vintage Returns

Women in 20s were all about fashion and beauty, and, of course, sexy hairstyles. In this look, edgy bob and partial bowl are mixed together in an old and sophisticated style. Hair is closely covering ears and forehead. Hairdresser must be very accurate and do not leave any strands sticking out from a smooth perfection as this cut is.

# 29 Street Fusion

In a few years closely shaved sides on ladies' heads probably will not be such a shocking surprise for passers-by. But now it looks distinguishing and very trendy. In the style, hairs have an unusual structure: they are stuck together in thick strands. This effect is achieved by applying a large amount of a high-quality hair product. Neatly shaved sides and nape, and a pink wide Mohawk is making a great style for a lovely lady.

# 30 Pastel Transition

Hair color can brighten up any hairdo. For this short bob with side swept bangs hairdresser chose shades of violet and purple colors. The special appeal of it is in a smooth transition from the more saturated purple to a pastel tone of violet color. With this hairstyle, you will look like a girl from the future.

# 31 Two Leveled Bowl Cut

It might seem that this is a wig, but no, it is just a very accurately done cut. With this hairstyle, you will definitely be the lady of the evening. The cut represents a pure uniformity in each strand, there are two special features, though: one eye is covered with the curtain of hair and there is a small green spot on the orange background.

# 32 Chaotic Mop

Nowadays it is easy to be unique and make the haircut the mirror of your personality. You need two things for that: creativity and professional help. Strands are styled chaotically on top forming a crazy Mohawk.

# 33 Twisted Fringe

In this style, fringe is twisted in an unfinished circle showing off the owner’s esthetic creativity. Short buzzed sides have a nice shine due to the beautiful gray color.

# 34 Rich Purple Mohawk

This is another beneficial combination of purple and violet shades. These two trendy colors are very popular this year, so you should definitely try it out. Wavy partial Mohawk is a wonderful complement to the look.

# 35 Green Curtain

It is probably not a very good idea wearing this haircut while you are driving the car, but you can draw your inspiration from this precise lines and color combination. Bright green dye makes the haircut stand out from the rest out there.

# 36 Alluring Buzz Cut

This is a simple, but nevertheless sexy and stylish cut for the confident and sophisticated women. Short and spiky fringe adds playfulness to the image.

# 37 Mushroom Head

This is another great combination of a bowl cut and bob. In this style, hair is uniformly trimmed forming a perfect beret. After that, you should carefully choose a rich and saturated colors, such as burgundy or other shades of red. You should visit your barber occasionally in order to keep the length at one level.

# 38 Disheveled Bangs

If you have blonde, fine hair then this hairstyle is perfect for you. Sides are close-cropped, the hairs on top are peaked in a messy manner. Some styling product has been applied on locks, in order to keep it in place. It is a great style for girls who do not like living by the rules.

# 39 Orange Highlights

Bright highlights can lighten up any haircut. Sometimes they are essential because the cut can look just normal, but with them, it will be gorgeous. Short pixie cut with brown main color and orange strands will look great on girls with oval and pretty faces.

# 40 Shaved Nape and Green Mohawk

For this look, two different hair colors have been used, but it looks like it has three of them. The third and the lowest section of hair on sides and the back of the head is cleanly shaved. The second section in-between dyed in black and the highest one on top has been made green and it is in a Mohawk-like shape. With this haircut, you will definitely get the attention from the boys.

# 41 Dark Blue Beret

Perfect as it is dark blue beret resembles vintage haircuts. The hair thoroughly covers the top, the sides and the back of the head; it is styled in a thick and impeccable bowl. Dark blue hair with cobalt strands looks luxuriously and fine. Try this cut and you won't be disappointed.

# 42 Bushy Mohawk

Bushy and finished Mohawk stretches along the head and finishes at the back of the head. It is peaked and looks a bit messy, but that was the idea. Shortly cropped sides are dyed in pastel tone, along with a spiky top. A special feature in this haircut is a purple and violet strands above the forehead.

# 43 Rebellious Style

Only brave girls go for a short buzz cut, but the bravest choose extreme hairdos, and the result is not disappointing. Diagonally shaved side is bald and has a distinctive border with the platinum another side. It is also divided into two parts with a shaved line. Everything about this look screams fashion. The lady will look sexy with it.

# 44 Cute Pixie

Pixies are ideal for ladies with a round face shape. Sideburns and front bangs are forming a textured frame for a pretty face. This cut is very easy to maintain and style. You will only need some high-quality hair product and artful fingers of a skilled hairdresser.

# 45 Adorable Craziness

For this style, you should find a skilled professional. The distinctive feature here is short sides and sideburns that are left long. But in this cut, it is everything about coloring. Like the masterpiece of some famous artist, the colors are chosen thoroughly and mixed divinely.

# 46 Artistic Cut

In this style, close-cropped sides are dyed in bright orange color. The cap on the top has burgundy and dark cyan shades. One side is more open than the other, so in some way the cut is asymmetrical. Hair is swept frontward and it is covering the forehead. With this cut and coloring you will look like a superstar at any party, and the boys will not be able to take their eyes off of you.

# 47 Hair Tattoo

Edgy strokes are shaved on the sides, making this haircut inimitable in its beauty. Locks are gathered into high and short pony-tail, and a straight fringe covers half of the forehead. Everything is good about this haircut, especially the fact that you can unbind your hair and still look fantastic.

# 48 Silver Helmet

This do has such precise lines that in a way it looks like a helmet. Shaved sides and back of the head are covered with silver perfect locks. Hair is very straight, and for keeping the haircut as it is, you should regularly visit your hairdresser for refreshing.

# 49 Angled Sideburns

Pretty waves are pushed forward the forehead and they are covering it. On the sides and nape hairs are faded and they finish with great angled sideburns. Exactness is in every part of this masterpiece. It will not take much time setting the hair in this cut, all you need is a high-quality hair product.

# 50 Dark Shadows

This style is a result of the thorough accuracy of a skilled designer. Sides and nape are neatly scissor trimmed and dyed in gray color. The crown on the head has sensual shadows in it, achieved by dark hue. Spiky top and uniform fringe make this cut one of a thousand.

# 51 Alluring Softness

In this style, the effect of overgrown dark roots accentuates the sweet blue top. Hairs are swept to one side, the sides are close-cropped. This cut doesn’t require much of styling, so it will take you no time to be beautiful for any event.

# 52 Arc on the Side

The section above the ears and temples are closely shaved and it resembles an arc with a dark upper level. The long hair on top is blow dried, then raised in a high pompadour. It is a cool haircut for a brave lady.

# 53 Milk Chocolate Balayage with Pink Ombre

If you are a sweet nature then you can never go wrong with pink color. This look proves that pink mixes well with pastel tones, such as light caramel or a color of milk chocolate. This style involves medium long bob with wavy strands. Try it out and you will notice envious looks from your girlfriends.

# 54 Shining Retro

In this style, locks on the back of the head left long, the hair on the crown is a voluminous and flowing downside; lower it has a nice curve at the nape. Bright red color is always beneficial, no matter what cut you choose.

# 55 All In One

This hairdo combines every fine feature of the great cuts. It has long bangs that are falling to the forehead, partial undercut with bald sideburns and spiky top. If you are bold enough then this is a perfect look for you. It will look best on black strands.

# 56 Simple Double Lines

Nice faded side with two short shaved lines on it will add a hint of creativity to your image. In this style, hairs are side parted and have a pitch black color. The look will be good for girls with voluminous locks. Even if you do not have such, you can achieve the effect by blow drying your hair and applying some hair gel or any other product for strong hold.

# 57 Cream Color for Short Strands

In this style, hair is nicely textured and has two colors – black on sides and creamy on top. The locks are swept frontward, covering the forehead. This cut will look good on young teenage girls because it adds some sweetness to the image.

# 58 Perfect Semicircles

In this style, we see a precise work of a master. The strands on top are perfectly laid in multiple semicircles. Some high-quality hair product is applied for a strong hold. It will take some time to do it at home by yourself, but the result is worth it.

# 59 Black and Sexy

Long straight bangs are freely flowing from the top in this haircut. It shows off the healthy hairs and their beautiful owner. Arc-shape line above the ear separates lower part of the hair-covering from the black perfection on top and side. It is a very popular haircut among ladies.

# 60 Tapered Curls

Girls with naturally curly hair do not have to do much to maintain their strands. High-quality product for styling and talented hands will deliver an amazing image for you. The curls look shiny and healthy because it is very important to take care of your body.

# 61 Posh Wavy Crown

African American women are blessed with luxuriant natural strands. And they can do pretty much everything with them, starting from dreadlocks and various braids, ending with styled curls on top. Try adding some purple highlights to the dark crown and the result will be amazing.

# 62 Blue Long Hawk

In this style, long hawk and sideburns are almost in uniform length. Sides are made short and they are dyed in black. Long sideburns are divided into two strands, one of them is blue, and the other one is black. Long bangs are falling on the forehead and covering one eye. It is a perfect rockabilly look for a chic lady.

# 63 Horseshoe Shape

This is an exquisite variation of the inverted bob. Locks are dyed in dark chocolate color and highlighted with gray strands. The horseshoe shape of the nape is curved and it ends with long bangs falling to the shoulders. The cut especially looks great on the thick hair.

# 64 Extreme Designs

Sometimes all you need to do to make your haircut look unique is ask your hairdresser to trim some neat patterns on your shaved nape. But if you dye your hairs in bright red color, then you will definitely be the trendiest girl in the gang. Messy strands and precisely done undercut will make you very popular.

# 65 Superstar Look

One of the most famous actresses nowadays, Jennifer Lawrence, is not afraid of trying something new. She is especially well known for her different hairstyles. This short haircut involves chaotic strands on top and long sideburns. Great coloring makes the haircut bright and stylish. If you want to look like a superstar, you should try this do for yourself.

# 66 Torn and Edgy

This cool haircut at first sight may seem a little unkempt, but it supposed to look like that. Short fringe is scissor trimmed in a torn manner, some strands shorter than the others. Edgy nape and sideburns also give an impression of an unkempt haircut, but overall it looks swell.

# 67 Black Volume

It is a very sophisticated hairdo that is perfect for any formal or informal occasion. For this style, you should apply some hair holding product on your damp hair and then blow dry it. After that, you should style it in voluminous layers, which will cover ears and forehead.

# 68 Peaked Green Finesse

Gold strands are folded nicely in a thick crown on the top. In this style, peaked fringe is dyed in green color, adding some special feature to the image. Sides are short and they visually elongate face shape, so this look is also suitable for ladies with a round face shape.

# 69 Blow Cut with Ombre

Usually, ombre is made with the long hair, but what if you have a short hairstyle and still want this nice effect? You can easily have it. In this look, bowl cut has sweet blond color on the crown and caramel outline. It looks nice, and the most important thing is to find two colors that mix well together.

# 70 Curly Pixie

Short hairstyles for women add some cuteness to the image, and pixie cut is not an exception. If you style long waves on top and let them fall to your forehead, the hairdo will look even better. Beneficial short on sides long on top style looks great on brunettes and blondes.

# 71 Messy Bob

Every girl wants to feel special and cherished, and let’s be honest, looks matter upon first meeting. In order to make yourself noticed you should start with your hair setting, and what can be cooler than a bob cut? In this style, it is uniform in length and a little bit messy, but that only adds chicness to the image.

# 72 Granny Hair

Those times have passed, when gray was the color of grannies. Now almost every posh lady asks her stylist to dye her hair in gray color, or just highlight it with gray strands. You can even go further and choose a purple color with gray balayage. The style looks great on short pixie hair with some shaved lines on the nape.

# 73 Short and Sassy

In this style, rose gold hair laid in the rich curly crown on top of the head. The nape and sides are shortly cropped, letting the strands freely fall from the top. If you are a chic lady then this lovely cut is for you.

# 74 Rainbow Hair

Beautiful shades of purple, violet and blue are perfectly mixing in this rainbow hair. The style involves pixie cut with covered ears and side swept long bangs. It is bright and cheerful, with this look you will make everyone smile and be happy.

# 75 Cute Caramel Bangs

This haircut is messy and stylish. Long caramel bangs are spurting out from the top, and encircling the face in a nice manner. The roots are darker than the rest of the hair, and it adds some uniqueness to the style. It is cute from every angle.

# 76 Orange Mohawk

For this style, sides are closely trimmed and then precise designs are shaved on it. Full orange Mohawk is styled on top and nape. This haircut looks great, especially with massive accessories. The color in this image plays a very important rule, so be careful choosing it or you can trust your hairdresser with the task.

# 77 Multicolored Fringe

Hairs on top are divided into two sections; the first one that is falling to the forehead is dyed in multiple colors. One side of the head is neatly shaved; the other one has shaved figures that look like a football pattern.

# 78 Pink Pixie

This is a classic undercut with the laid long Mohawk-like top. The sides and nape are dyed in saturated pink color, and the top has a lighter blond rose hue. Long bangs on top are falling to one side resembling a lazy Mohawk if you’d like you can apply some hair product for strong hold on the locks and make them stand.

# 79 Layered Pixie

In this style, layered strands are essential. The first layer is at the bottom and it is dyed in dark chocolate color, the second layer is in-between and has three bright sunny colors on it, such as yellow, orange and red. The third layer is the shortest and it is partially covering the second one. There is also a very short fringe, which is covered with long locks. It looks like sunrays bursting out of the shadows.

# 80 Designed Hair Tattoo

Two-colored Mohawk is divided into two parallel sections. The one that has purple and silver coloring is standing, and the yellow one is swept to the side. Sides are also separated by shaved lines and they also have two colors on them – gold and purple. This outstanding haircut will make you stand out in the crowd.

If you have short hair and it is difficult for you to grow out long mane, don’t give up. Our 80 examples of short hairstyles for women described above will give you needed inspiration. All you should do is figure out what you want for yourself, and then the skilled hairdresser will make your dream come true. Either it would be a lovely pixie or short curly cut, you will look hot and sexy.

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