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Strawberry blonde hair is a top pick color among women who want to look great at any occasion. It comes in an array of hues that make it fancy and flexible. These are the things that the fair gender look for and that is why you will spot a variation of the strawberry hair shades every block you are walking. To show how famous this type is, quite a number of celebrities have made it their trademark. The likes of Sienna Miller, Nicole Kidman, Isla Fisher, and Cynthia Nixon, among others have found favor in the berry color and you should give a try on one from this top list.

# 1 Double Tone

How would you describe a mixture of dark brown and light golden? It is simply a perfect match for hair tonal variation that will be as impressive as any lady would wish to be. The top has the dark impression while the falls are light. It is like looking to the setting sun and it is such a scenic appearance.

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# 2 Textured Brown

From a far, the hair looks like it is laced with sand gritties and that you would feel some roughness once you touch it. The choice of color is blowing hot and complements her skin tone. It is perfectly befitting that she has a close shade to her skin color and so she will not have a clashing of the two. It is subtle to the finer details and for a lady who would want to be a center of attention (of course positive attention), this is the best choice. 

# 3 Glowing Fountains

The hue goes deeper and it looks like an overly painted job. But no, it is the intensity of the tone that makes this a popular shade that ladies would give all just to have it. It has a glowing effect on the upper layer and it is such a graceful appearance for any woman who knows how to shine but not overdoing it. There is a mild effort to vary the intensity of the color density but it does not make any considerable alteration. 

# 4 Red-Back Pearls

This is not what would pass to be the conventional red but you are seeing some resemblance here. Fall to the back and leaving the face looking radiant and gorgeous, the close-to-red hair makes sure that you will notice it. It is rich in color for the lady to make a statement about her preferences. She wants her hair bright and nothing short of that. Still, you cannot blame her for you can see how exclusively beautiful she looks. 

# 5 Golden Curls

Gold is precious but golden is invaluable. This lady must have been inspired by this phrase when she chose this for her hair. It is thick and rich in color as you see from the back. The impression is even made better when the hair acquires natural curls towards the end. It is a superb design that would make it to the top of any beauty contest.

# 6 Light Bob

Who said that you have to go for conspicuous colors to make your hair outstanding? What you are seen is a blurred hue that gives her the fairest of looks. It makes the hair a center of attraction by its alluring effect and it does not have to shout for attention.

# 7 Angelic Curls

The radiance of this hairstyle will be the first thing to attract your attention. The not-so-intense sort of color is darker at the top but fades as you move down. The addition of curls at the back makes it a must-have creation. 

# 8 Side Flip

The two sides are different in 2 ways: the color intensity and the point at which the drop begins. The longer and flipped side had a darker complexion than the other one. It looks like an intentional mistake from the stylist but it is all about creating something unique.

# 9 Blatantly Gorgeous

If you never believed that color can turn your style into a rocking one, it is the confirmation for you. It looks freshly done but that is the way it will stay even weeks without a retouch. The uniformity in appearance is only broken by the styling on the top and back.

# 10 Sunrise Glow

On eastern horizon when the sun breaks out, this is the kind of formation you see. It is glowing with beauty. The lady knows how pretty her hair is and she will not be an easy one to hit on.

# 11 Blonde Craze

It is 'messy’ right from the top to the bottom. It is layered in curling chops and they become more entangled at the ends. The shade is attractive hence it is an easy choice among women who consider beauty in its simplest forms.

# 12 Copper Transformations with Bangs

Ladies are crazy when it comes to the copper hue. They want it to define their stylish hair just like it is with this one here. It is prettiness at its peak and you will find yourself looking back to admire her striking mane.

# 13 Stunning Waves

The styling will leave you in admiration but it is how expertly the color has been chosen that will leave in awe. With the falling waves, you can clearly see each bundle of strands and how they belong where they fall.

# 14 Strawberry Honey

They never got it wrong when they said: "The dark the honey the rich the flavor". That is exactly what this hairstyle says. It is glorifying the feminine features and hair is such an important aspect.

# 15 Orange Prettiness

It never goes wrong for a lady who chooses the bold colors for her hairstyle. Because of the guts to go bold, this is an example of good results that can come from it. The hair is eye-catching and would not miss the attention of guys. 

# 16 The Beautiful Blend

If you look keenly, you will notice that the hair is in 3 different colors. The top is dark, the middle faded while the bottom is bright. It is a top style that exudes boldness and the will to be a go-getter. 

# 17 Sparse Bangs

This strawberry blonde hair looks like millions of ripples in a slow running stream. It has the right tone and texture and will definitely tempt those around you to touch it. The bangs are short and sparse probably to keep the facial features undeterred. The way the color had been distributed is such a creation of a genius and will make it one of the most popular choices the ladies will make from this list.

# 18 Straight and Trimmed

The hair has been treated to a fair complexion and everything fits in like a jigsaw. The blurred tone makes it seem like a hidden beauty but the idea is to have it moderately impressive. It will not be noticed from far but once someone is close to you they will notice what a great hairstyle you have. The trimming at the ends also goes further to bolster the statement made by this shade.

# 19 Wildly Beautiful Curls

The combination of expertly done curls with an excellent choice of tone will definitely be a match-winner for any beauty pageant. With the wild curls running low at the back and glowing in beauty, you will get a million of stares wherever you go. It is beautifully glowing and an easy choice to make for the women because what they are seeing is what will be on them. 

# 20 Blooming Rose

They love roses and they would go to any depth to have something in their (roses) resemblance. And what would be a better choice than having a hairstyle that looks like a flourishing rose? The shade is bright and noticeable from a distance. This added to the acute waves and curls leads to an unrivaled appearance. She is a winner thanks to her 'rosy’ head and it does not need much effort to have one on you too. 

# 21 Smooth Feather

It is a sideway flip but that is not the most outstanding feature in this design. The texture and brightness make it to be outstanding in a pool of blondes. It can be spotted at any distance thanks to its shiny and smooth form. Nobody would doubt what such a look will bring her way since she will always stand tall in terms of exquisiteness. 

# 22 Snow Peak

A blonde that is not shouting in terms of tone is a favorite choice among many women. This one here has tamed its showiness to attract minimum attention. But that has not finished off its attractiveness; it will still pass for a snow cap. Its beauty is at maximum when viewed from far and that is the puzzle of such a simple style. 

# 23 Sweet Strawberry

It is a truth with berries that the thicker the gloom the sweeter the sap. Here the color gets intense at the origin and ends. They are darker than the middle and it creates a myriad of colorful show. The addition of the flawless waves makes it more appealing to the lady wishing to bring something new to her hairstyle this year. 

# 24 Straight Beige

Having it done in uniformity removes the chances of ever getting it wrong with any aspect. It is not what you would refer to as colorful but isn’t it a tempting shade that you would also want on you? There is a fight over dominance of the blurred white and brownness but none of them makes it. It is a half-half sharing and the end results confirm that it would not have been better than it is here. 

# 25 Pinkie Side Sweep

If she wants to be a lady to the finer details then here is the pink answer for her. It is sparkling glorious to show up for the fundraiser in such a design. You will earn the respect for being trendy and keeping it real with the feminine colors. Nothing defines a lady’s aptness more than having her hair do the talking. 

# 26 Short-Red Princess

Of all the strawberries, none has been as short as this. But that is not what makes a unique; it is the redness that distances it from the rest. It makes a strong statement about going bold with the conspicuous colors that the womenfolk can do without. It is more concentrated at the top patch and the sides have a lighter intonation to create a good contrast. 

# 27 Long Intensity

It can get long and at the same time be rich in the strawberry flavor. The long fountain at the back does not show any fading and it goes that way to the tips. It is a uniformity of shading from top to the bottom and it makes a mark among the best blonde hairstyles.

# 28 Simple Layer

It is yet another from the single variation. Parted to a long and short side, the balance of tonal variation is impressive. There is no any chance for differentiation and it ends up as a simple definition of what a lady should have on her head. 

# 29 Tangerine Butterfly

It is beautiful with the intense tangerine shade that goes deep into every strand. It demarcates the line for just-a-hairstyle from the cream of strawberry creation. It does not earn its top position by being overly noticeable but it does it by creating a composed scene.

# 30 Golden Inverted Bob

Once more the golden flair finds its way into a shorter version from the bob family. It is saturated all over the hair leaving it glowing in natural yellowness. If you love that shiny impression on your head, here is the excellent match.

# 31 Fencing Plait

Both the braided and free hair are synchronized in color and texture. There are no variations of the intensity and it ends up as a preference for those who just want beauty in a natural way.

# 32 Copper Blonde With Curls

Copper is a favorite choice to many women. They like the sense of superiority that comes with it. Here it is done to a light touch and then coupled up with curls at the low ends. It is exotically beautiful and that would be you.

# 33 Varying Intensity

It is dark at the top and lighter at the sides. It creates an attraction that would compel people to look at it all before passing a judgement. It is a unique choice with the promise of being smart. 

# 34 Magnificent Twists

The choice of tranquil color and the artistic twists make it worth the try for you. It is stylish in every sense and you would not regret that you went for it. The smoothness also adds to the overall outlook giving you one more reason to try it out. 

# 35 Queen Dalliance

You can tell that this strawberry blonde hair is well taken care of from how it looks. It is rich in color and does not show any signs of negligence. Every strand is adequately nourished and the final result is a refined lady who is ready to take the world of beauty with a storm. The stylist tried it to be smooth but some waves remained defiantly intact and they make it even greater.

# 36 Strawberry with Cream Touch

Whenever the strawberry flavor is touched with an equally calm tone, it becomes a foundation of prettiness. Adding the cream touch to this style was a well-crafted idea since it makes the hair bolder. Nothing misses the natural curves and composure for a hair that is left to its wild tendencies. With this one, you can beat anyone else who had to make lots of efforts to have their hair done while it only took a few minutes to get yours done.

# 37 Tempting Honeycomb

Those who deal with bees, they can tell a nourished honeycomb when they see one. The appearance in this design is of rich nourishment and shade. It looks strong and ready to take on any weather. The portion around the shoulder gives it an attractive edge with a floral appeal.

# 38 Heavenly White

From the middle to the tips, the hair has a dominating white lustre. There is also a concealed effect of pink but it does not come out as strong as the white. The blending is creatively done and fits to be in the top charts of excellence.

# 39 Bold Blonde Accent

By the virtue of color, she is bold since she goes for the intense taste and it comes out excellently. It is smooth at the start and only gets rough towards the ends. One thing made sure of is the uniformity of color from top to bottom.

# 40 Gingerly Aura

She knows that her hair is an essential decoration and that is why she will go to any depth to make it attractive to the last strand. The dominating hue is the deep brown that looks like the outer covers of ginger. There are also some shreds of white but only where it matters.

# 41 Gray Flavored

Strawberry is such a generous color that would blend with any other shade that comes its way. The gray addition at the inner layer depicts a healthy foundation of the hair. The brownish coat adds climax to the look and she is gorgeous and ready to party.

# 42 Falls of Love

There is love in the tone of hair and it is well said in this one. The thick uniform fall towards the back is deep with the hue. Nothing misses to grab the attention of passers-by and that was the intention all the way. 

# 43 Slight Tilt and Short

Having her hair darker on one side is such a top idea that she had to make to this list. One side passes over a section of the forehead and its whitish hue complements her natural skin tone. The other side is long and with a darker shade thus creating a stark difference from the other.

# 44 Chocolate Knot

It would never be complete for the ladies without a taste of the chocolate flavor. Here the hair is darkly rich with chocolate taste and it is such a temptation to have your hands on it. The knotting effect at the back is such a glorious addition that underlines her sense of fashion. 

# 45 Admirable Flip

A side flip with a groove over the foreline is such a catch among women. The dark shades of gray and whitish at the ends make this an outstanding creation. It is easy to accomplish but unmatched in the overall beauty.

# 46 Layered Smoothness

The vanilla tone gives this style an exaggerated smoothness that is a typical feature in strawberries. The thick smooth strands are adequately shaded and they end up showy and inviting. She has the looks of a queen thanks to the efforts to have the entire mop in a single tone. 

# 47 Medium Side Chops

It is neither long nor short but the outstanding attribute is the mix of colors. The top begins with dark shades, followed by a lighter version in the middle. The low ends fade into almost a white shade but not far away fetched from the other two. 

# 48 Light Strawberry

You are seeing a picturesque view of the hair from the back. The all-brown appeal runs from the top to the bottom. It does not show any signs of relenting as each strand and bundle is as colorful as the previous and next. The mild trims at the ends make it a better finish and uniquely genius.

# 49 Twilight Glow

She is glowing and beautiful and that is why she will not need any further addition to confirm that. With a run over the sides, the hair is shaded with a not-so-defined hue (you cannot say whether it is pink, ginger or cream). The stylist ensured that whether in light or darkness, the hair will be radiant and that is superb creativity. Nothing is missed and this is simply beauty at its peak form.

# 50 Matrix of Strawberries Shades

It is not one or two shades used in this one. It borrows almost all the major hues of the berries and the results are mesmerizing matrix of colors. There is the cream, ginger, brown, golden among others. With a not-defined finish, the hair befits such a collection and that is why this will be a must-have style for many ladies.

There is beauty in the strawberry blonde shades. You have seen how flexible, astounding and irresistible each of them gets. Ladies do not have any reason to have their hair scruffy or less radiant when all they have to do is make a pick from the top list. This is the platform that shares the hot trend hairstyles and fashion topics. Do not miss the chance to know what is new and be ahead of others.

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