70 Magnificent Updos For Short Hair – Perfect Choice

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# 2 Glamorous Low Bun

The Glamorous low bun is another design that is hard to believe that it was done on short locks as it has all the characteristics that you would see in a long updo. For this style, the strands are neatly combed and pushed back where they roll into a simple low bun for a fantastic look.

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# 2 Glamorous Low Bun

The Glamorous low bun is another design that is hard to believe that it was done on short locks as it has all the characteristics that you would see in a long updo. For this style, the strands are neatly combed and pushed back where they roll into a simple low bun for a fantastic look.

# 3 Messy and Curly

Curls will always look fantastic regardless of the length, and this headdress proves that most of the times you have to do little to style it. Apart from the excellent scissor work and the use of a curly product the only other notable thing that is to make it slightly messy.

# 4 Simple Knots

If you have short, thick locks, then this is one of the best headdresses that you can wear for formal events. To wear this, all you need to do is to push the locks to the back and then design them into some simple loose knots at the back. You do not have to make the knots impeccable as they look better when left loose.

# 5 Curly Loose Braids

Curls also make lovely braids if you are creative enough, but for them to look good, you should try and maintain the curls even after braiding. The best way to do this is to make the braids loose and to have only a few of them. In this style, the braids start at the crown, and they are loosely pulled together to create a simple curly mess at the back.

# 6 Fancy Layered Design

You can create almost any style that you wish with your short layered strands, and you only need to get a little creative. In this hairdo, the design involves an intricate braid in the middle of the head that is enhanced by a fancy pattern at the front. However, you have to use a lot of pins to hold everything in place.

# 7 Curly Bangs Updo

The color and texture of this short hair are what makes it easy to work with in creating different headdresses. Here the strands are generously gelled to give them a perfect hold and then they are styled up to create some curly bangs at the center of the head. The strands also have an incredibly dark color that makes the headdress more fantastic.

# 8 Double French Side Braids

French braids are gorgeous and also easy to make. These twists can provide you with a way to get an updo for your short strands, and you only need to come up with a unique design like this one. Here the hairdo is created by two French side braids that join at the back to finish the look.

# 9 Braided Voluminous Center Bun

Short strands can also be made voluminous and look incredible. The strands in this style are pulled to the center of the head and styled up for some extra volume. A couple of braids should then be created around the voluminous center bun.

# 10 Side-Braided and Curly

To create this look on your short strands, you should start by first creating two braids on the side that should end at the temple. The braids should then join the curly hairs that have been slightly pushed to the side to create a unique updo design.

# 11 Cool and Funky Twisted

Twisting and braiding provide the easiest way to make amazing hairstyles for short locks. And the best thing with twisting and braiding is that the options are endless, and you only need some little creativity. In this style, the hair is twisted in a funky design with the braids starting at the back and finishing on the sides, and the hairdo is made more attractive by a fresh top design.

# 12 Romantic Bob Length Updo

This elegant headdress is achieved on straight hair, but it can also work on curly strands. To wear this headdress, you should slightly backcomb and sweep some of the strands into a shallow side part. You should then grab random sections and pin them, then finish with a small braid at the back that starts just behind the ear.

# 13 Soft French Twist

French twists will always create an eye-catching look whether they are on short, medium or long strands. This hairdo spices up things a little by only having the twists at the back rather than throughout like in most others. The strands are backcombed then pulled together to create a soft French twist.

# 14 The Curly Low Knot

Some headdresses will only take you a couple of minutes to wear, but several things work together to make it an incredible design. For this hairdo, the size and balayage coloring play a crucial role. With such perfect strands, all that is needed is to push them back and tie them into a low curly knot.

# 15 Easy Messy

The easy messy is one of the simplest updos for short hair ideas as it involves little styling. Here the strands are loosely pushed back to create a natural appearance, and they are then rolled and pinned into a loose bun. Some locks are also left to flow freely to complement the look.

# 16 Braided Mohawk

You will probably not want to wear this hairdo for your prom night, but it is still a fantastic idea for your short strands. It is made by closely trimming the sides and leaving a longer middle section. The longer part should then be intricately weaved to create a look that will help you draw all the attention anywhere you go.

# 17 Soft and Pretty

What makes this perfect is the incredible texture given to the strands. The locks are then twisted neatly at the back to create a soft and lovely look. For the twisted section, you do not have to make things immaculate as this will not look natural. You can also leave a few locks free for a more natural finish.

# 18 The Tousled Updo

Tousled designs look very natural, and they also involve less styling than other headdresses and hence this makes them very easy to wear. Here the short bangs are pushed back and then roughly rolled into a messy bun. The strands do not follow any strict pattern, and this is one of the things that make this a fabulous idea for your short strands.

# 19 High & Twisted

This headdress is best for ladies who have short, thick hairs. The locks are pulled together to the center to create a full high top. To make the design more intricate the locks at the back a given a fancy twist. Although you can wear it with any color, it looks particularly well with blonde.

# 20 Upside Down Braid

Creating an upside down braid at the back of your head will help accentuate any design you have in the crown and it can make even a very simple hairdo look outstanding. In this particular hairstyle, the reverse braid is only a few inches long, but it is enough to make the messy top look more detailed and to give it an excellent shape.

# 21 Side Curly Bun

The curly side bun is a fantastic headdress, and it makes short locks look magnificent as you will not even notice its size. To create the curved sides you have to sweep sideways. To make it look attractive and for some firmness, a braid is added on the side. The braid stretches from the front all the way to the bun.

# 22 Slick-Back and Twist

Slicking-back is a simple way to create an elegant look. For an updo headdress, the strands start with a center part before being slicked back. The slicked hair is also twisted to create a fresh finish and also to form a bun at the back that brings everything together.

# 23 Elegant Nape Knot

The technique used to create this hairstyle is what makes it amazing and perfect for ladies with thin and short strands. Backcombing and tucking are the techniques used to create this headdress, and it makes the locks look longer and fuller than they are. It is also very tight at the knot, and so you can be assured that you will keep the style in place all day even on a very active one.

# 24 Super Chic Look

You can never go wrong with your headdress if you keep things simple like in the super chick look. The strands in this style are smooth, and are neatly combed back but what makes it a fabulous look is the design created by twisting at the back. The sides braid combines perfectly with the smooth strands at the back to form a great V-shape at the back.

# 25 Classic Bangs

This hairdo proves beyond any doubt that short strands can still go up effortlessly. The bangs are thick and are styled up to give them an excellent height at the center where they are held in a bun. To spice them up and to make the design look more appealing the bun is made curly and slightly messy. What makes this a unique headdress is that it goes perfectly well with any type and color.

# 26 Floral Chic Bun

The chick bun is usually pinned on the side, but this is one is unique in many ways. First the locks are not just pushed to the side and tied into a bun but are instead tucked in to create an intricate pattern. To further enhance the design, a flower clip is added. Despite looking very exquisite, this is still a very simple hairdo to wear.

# 27 Updo with a Headband

A headband is one of those accessories that a lady must have if they want to wear different headdresses. Apart from holding your strands in place, it also adds some beauty especially if it has some jewels. Although the design in this style is just a push back that is tied into a loose bun, the headband makes this an attractive look. The messy bangs are also crucial for the amazing hairdo.

# 28 Buttery Purple Curls

Elegant and lovely are the two words that best describe this hairstyle. The purple highlights are just one of the things that make this an incredible hairdo, but the styling is what will make it outstanding. The curls have some very nice texture and they are created in a unique design that will probably take more effort to get right, but it is worth it.

# 29 Multi Braided Updo

If you are good with braids, then this is one of the best things you can do to your short strands. The short bob length strands are weaved into a series of braids starting at the center of the head and flowing back. Although the pattern looks complicated, if you know how to twist you should not have trouble with these updos.

# 30 Lovely Blonde

Blonde is the perfect hair for short locks, and it makes any headdress look brighter and more detailed. In this braided updo, it adds a nice twist to the massive loose side braid. However, to look best in this style you should have some firm and nicely textured bangs.

# 31 Messy Low Chignon

Although chignon is just a fancy word used to describe a bun in most instances, it is mostly used for classy ones. The low chignon here is made lovely by the balayage coloring and the fact that it is left messy. It also looks very natural, and so it will be effortless to maintain.

# 32 Textured Side Sweep

Although there are many upstyles for short hair that you can wear, if you want your strands to give you some versatility you should give them some nice texture. In this style, the texture does everything and all you will only need to part the hairs at the center and push them to the sides. However, they are joined at the back and layered to create a unique textured bun.

# 33 Undercut Bob

Undercuts and shoulder length bob can also create short hair updos, and you just need to figure out how to design them. And it is also pretty simple because the first thing that you need to do is to push your locks back so that you can cover the undercut. To finish the updo, you should then tie them into a fancy knot at the back.

# 34 Colored with Pins

This hair demonstrates how fabulous a short locks can look with the right colors. The dark red highlights have been created very keenly and with this type of hair is hard to go wrong with any headdress. For the headdress, the strands are pushed back and to the sides and then put together to form a curly bun that is made more eye-catching by the introduction of some beautiful pins. The pins also help to hold it in place and hence maintain the style for long.

# 35 Wavy Loose Knot

A healthy natural short hair will give you any style you wish without doing much, and sometimes you even don't have to do anything. In this design, the short wavy locks are pulled back and then tied into a loose knot. A couple of them are left out of the knot to create a fantastic natural look.

# 36 Tucked Upstyle

It does not get more natural than this upstyle, and it is also one of the best that you can wear with your short strands. In this headdress, a couple of inches long strands are pushed back and tucked in to form a messy chignon at the back. They are also not very tightly held, and this helps to maintain a shaggy but still elegant look.

# 37 Soft Updo with Flowers

Some romantic flowers are perfect as they add a nice twist to the style and spice it to make it even more fantastic. The strands of this design are pushed gently to the sides and tied into a soft bun with some nice wavy locks left to protrude. Some flowers are then added to make the knot fabulous.

# 38 Twist Short Black Tie

When going for a black tie event, you have to look your best with a distinctive headdress. However, keeping it natural will always do the trick for you. If you have some short strands, you can maintain an exquisite look by keeping a few twisted locks at the front to flow to your face. The rest of the strands should be pushed back and twisted to create a tight finish.

# 39 Curly Half Up

Half up designs are incredible especially if you want to maintain some free flow in your hair. However, this one is unique as it is very different from what one would expect with these types of the headdress. Instead of using a band to create the style the hair is made curly at the center and some pins used to hold them in place.

# 40 Scissor Trimmed Natural Waves

Making your short hair even shorter and uniform can help you get the incredible updo that you want. It will be especially so for ladies with wavy or curly locks because scissor trimming contributes to eliminating any excess flows and makes the strands look fuller and firmer. For this design, the color also matters and even though you can wear it in any shade that you like, dark brown and blonde look much better.

# 41 Simple Caramel Highlights Updo

Having some good dye on your strands makes things easier for you. Highlights have a way of enhancing even the most straightforward style especially if they are very attractive like Caramel. Although the locks in this headdress have a lovely texture, there is no much styling done except pushing them back and so it is the Caramel highlights that make it an excellent look.

# 42 Splendid French Braid

The French braid in this style blends in perfectly well and brings some uniformity. Although it is not the focal point, it makes everything else look wonderful and so the overall appearance is just perfect. The nicely twisted bun at the back is also lovely and very tight hence making this an even more interesting headdress.

# 43 Dutch Braid Upstyle

A Dutch braid is usually very massive, and when you have it, you do not need any further styling as it provides all the beauty you desire. It ties up everything, and you can choose to make it tight or loose depending on the look you want to pull. However, color also matters because it goes well with brighter colors.

# 44 Low Roll Up with a Headband

This style will only take you a couple of minutes to wear, and so it can be a good idea for your everyday look. You should start by combing back the strands to get an excellent length at the back. After this, you only need to twist and roll up the strands before tucking then in a bun. You can finish with a lovely headband.

# 45 Back Braided Platinum

Most ladies prefer to have a braid or two on the sides if they are not weaving all their hairs, but there are also other creative ideas besides from this. The back braid is one of them and as the name suggests they involve pushing the strands back and instead of tying them into a bun you weave them into some intricate braids. For this style, the platinum color also helps to enhance its beauty.

# 46 Blowout Low Updo

Blowout is one of the most popular hairdos for ladies due to its simplicity and ease of maintenance. However, you can make yours stand out from the rest with a nicely done low updo. You can choose to make it neat or loose depending on the look you want, but regardless of what you choose, it will still look great.

# 47 The Perfect Mess

There are many ways to wear the messy headdress, but few of them will look as good as this. What makes it unusual is the color, texture of the locks and the loose bun created on the back. The locks are very loosely tied, and you will hardly even notice the knot, but this is what gives it the perfect messy look.

# 48 Braided White Blonde

Some updos like this one redefine creativity as they take things a notch higher. The design combines a perfect hair color and an excellent choice of braid location to create a look that you will want to show off at any opportunity. White blonde is a superb color choice, and the placement of the braid in the middle of the head makes this an attractive design. As if this is not enough, it is finished with an elegant ponytail at the back.

# 49 Simple Side Parting

Except the single braid that runs diagonally through the strands, there is probably nothing fancy about this hairdo, but this does not make it least attractive. Apart from the braided strands, it is given a deep side part and then pushed back and so it still makes a simple but beautiful headdress.

# 50 The Four Strand Braid

If you know how to or can figure out how to make the four strand braid, then you can create a fantastic headdress with this weaving design. However, even if you do not have these skills, there is always the option of using the services of a professional stylist. You can have it on the side or back but the best way to wear it as an updo style is to weave it into a big braid at the middle of the head to create a Mohawk inspired design.

# 51 French Lace Braid

The French lace braid is a perfect idea if you are thinking of growing out as it creates the perfect look as you transition from short to long strands. It comes from a single medium length French braid that runs over your forehead. The rest of the sleek strands are then relaxed and pushed back. Adding a lovely headband will also make your style more fantastic.

# 52 Braided Faux Hawk with Neon Undercuts

This headdress is for the carefree ladies who are willing to experiment with new designs in their pursuit to get a unique look. The short hairs are trimmed on the sides and left high in the middle to create the faux hawk, but the design does not stop there. There are double braids on the sides, and then it is finished with some amazing neon undercuts also on the sides.

# 53 Mohawk with Intricate Cornrows

To create this style you should leave your strands messy and push them back with your fingers slightly. To create the Mohawk, you should weave some intricate cornrows on the sides. There are no restrictions to the cornrows as you can have them in any design that you like. The messy hairs will also look better with some highlights.

# 54 Inventive Plaiting

As common as plaiting hair may be not everyone gets it right, and those that do always have the same characteristic patterns. This inventive weaving shows that you can have an eye-catching look just by using your creativity. The braids start at the back and move diagonally to the sides before curving towards the center of the head just below the crown where they meet to fish the design.

# 55 Trendy Dutch Braids

The trendy Dutch braids are two braids on the top that end with a ponytail like a knot. They are the center of attraction in the headdress, but the rest of the hairs on the sides and back are also creatively styled by straightening them and having them flow freely over the neck.

# 56 Novel Hairband

This headdress is very easy to create, but it still makes one of the most elegant updos. To create the style you need to have neat and well-combed strands. You should then create two crisscrossing Dutch braids on your crown to form the hair band. The rest of the strands are then pushed back to finish the design.

# 57 Natural Half Plait

Natural hair is the best, and if you can keep your strands this way, then you will be able to wear different style regardless of its size. The half plaited braids on the sides of this headdress help to showcase the thick and natural curly hairs in the middle. To prove just how fantastic natural locks are the only thing that is needed to create this incredible style is to use some products.

# 58 The Classic Headdress

Vintage looks are always spot on, and the best thing about them is that most are simple to wear. For this style, all you need to do is have an excellent balayage coloring on you short strands and make them wavy. If you already have natural waves or curls, then you will not even need to do anything else apart from the coloring.

# 59 Super Edgy Hawk

This Mohawk comes from one massive messy French braid in the middle and some intricate cornrows on the sides. What makes it unusual is the teased French twist in the middle. Just by looking at this you would be tempted to think that it is just some messy Mohawk hair, but it is a perfectly done plait enhanced by others on the sides.

# 60 Classic Copper Updo

Copper is a classic color that was more popular a couple of decades ago, but it still makes a great hairdo if you know how to style your strands. In this updo, the strands on the sides are uniquely weaved to create a fantastic pattern. What makes it even more fabulous is that this pattern goes around the head at the back, and you cannot spot any brake.

# 61 Simple & Sweet

Sometimes you do not always have time to spare to get an elaborate headdress, and so something simple will come in handy as you can wear it fast and still look elegant. In this style, the updo is created by side parting the locks and then sweeping them to the sides and back. You can leave them as they are for a natural look or pin them if you prefer them firm.

# 62 The Faux Bob

A bob is the most common style for ladies that have short strands, and this is rightfully so as it works pretty well for this size regardless of the type or color. The faux bob is simply a more extreme variation that involves some nice texture and color.

# 63 White Updo Bangs

The strands in this hairstyle are only a couple of inches long, and so this makes them easy to style as you will not have to worry about holding the style. For this design, the strands are colored white and trimmed into bangs that are styled back to make it a unique headdress. For a more impressive look, you can accessorize with a lovely chain.

# 64 Elegant Beehive Twist

The beehive is one of the easiest styles to wear with short hair, and this explains why it is very popular. Although the strands are arranged and folded in layers to looks more succinct, it still makes a great headdress. In this design, the beehive twist is more enhanced because rather than leave it plain like the common variations an elegant twist is created to wrap around the style.

# 65 Rope Braid Chignon

Rope braids cover a section of the forehead to make the strands look longer and fuller than they are, and so they go well with short hair. In this style, the rope braid is made messy, and this makes it perfect for a natural or casual look. The rumpled rope braids are also rolled into a chignon at the back to make the headdress more detailed.

# 66 Textured Half up Half down

Even if you do not have any idea of what to do with you short hair, you can use a scissor to give them an excellent texture, and this will be fantastic enough as your hairdo. However, this style takes the nicely textured strands a little further to create an incredible look. To create the half up half down look the locks at the top should be styled over the free, easy ones at the back.

# 67 Blonde Bridal Locks

The color of these strands already makes it an incredible headdress. Even without any extra styling, it would still make a splendid hairstyle. However, it is further enhanced with a twist that starts from the front and moves to the side, and it also has a lovely floral clip. The rest of the locks are pushed back to create a fantastic look.

# 68 Dark Brown Bob Curls

It’s amazing how you can transform a rather simple bob into an outstanding headdress. To modify the dark brown short bob you have to introduce curls from the crown going back. Although curls are cute, this one appears more attractive and also firmer due to its dark color.

# 69 Soft Updo with Curls and Pinned

This design is perfect for ladies who have very short strands. It will also work very well for those who have soft colors such as different shades of blonde and brown. The style features sleek textured curls and the amazing and classy pompadour bangs. And so the center of attraction in this hairdo will be the perfect and very noticeable curls that have been accentuated by lovely flower pins.

# 70 Twisted Messy Upstyle

You will probably not find anything easy and faster to wear for your short locks than this. With this style, you only need to roll a few strands to form a rope braid around your head. It does not involve any intricate weaving. The hairdo also does not have to be neat, and so you can have it in just a couple of minutes.

The options are endless when it comes to creating updos for short hair, and you only need to figure out what you want to look like and also what will work best for your hair type. Regardless of the type of strands that you have, you can wear almost all the 70 hairdos above. However, the only way to look perfect is getting the updo right no matter what you choose to have on your head.

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